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For complete Show Notes, visit: Chrome under attack for second time this month — here's what to do Grow with Google Discover professional certificates developed by Google and designed to connect you to over 100 top employers who are hiring for related roles. Recorder for Google Pixel instantly transforms audio into text so you can search, edit and share your favorite audio moments. And it all works offline too. Google Workspace for Education rebrand toolkit Learn to code with Grasshopper, now in Spanish More options for learning with Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals Free Basic Tools 100TB Total* (June 2022) Standard $3/student/year Advanced security, audits, rules, & BigQuery logs 100TB Total* (January 2022) Teaching and Learning UPGRADE $4/licence/year Google Meet Upgrades: 250 paricipants, 10k viewers, Q&A, Polls, Breakouts, etc. Classroom Upgrades: add-ons (coming soon), originality report, student work repository. Storage Upgreade - TBD Plus $5/student/year Standard + Upgrade Meet 100k viewers Enhanced domain search and support Google Cloud solutions can help schools improve the student experience, from matriculation to graduation. Run Photoshop or AutoCAD from a Chromebook using Virtual Desktops Provide support and answer questions using a virtual agent A peek at what’s next for Google Classroom Rich text formatting Originality reports in new languages Submit by Scanning to PDF Classroom Android app to work offline Track student engagement Google CS First integrates Scratch without having to go to a different website or create another account. Learn about new safety and engagement features in Google Meet. Coming Soon (Some are paid features0 End Meeting for all including breakout rooms Mute all & prevent un-muting More control on mobile devices Raise your hand with emojis Breakout rooms from Calendar Live captions in new languages Attendance reports Chromebooks get an education refresh New features for schools and educators, like a native screen recorder. Pre-Provision Tokens for Zero Touch Enrollment "Learn with Google Arts & Culture" brings together lesson plans, technologies and tips for educators in one place. Version History is coming to Jamboard! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
Livestream will be available by others here:    After editing, we will air the podcast. Guest info (anything you want to share, feel free to add): High School CTE Teacher Google for Education Certified Trainer & Innovator Leader for Google Educator Group of South Texas Ambassador to WeVideo, Flipgrid, Wakelet, & DonorsChoose Social media contacts: (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Website): Twitter @eduGOOGdroid ACEd.Tech Intro: Today’s guest is Mr. G, who will be talking to us about how to create a Choose your own Adventure slide deck or form. Tell us a bit about yourself, who you are, what you do. I have a podcast called ACEd Tech. I recently graduated from the Google Innovator Academy #VIA20 I’m just generally passionate about EdTech (If you want to change any of these questions, go ahead. Please add any questions you would like us to ask.) Example: Ask me about … garden….. Question: How are you doing? What would you like to chat about today? There are ways to create a choose-your-own-adventure games using Google Slides or Google Forms You created choose your own adventure with google forms tell us about that. At first, breakout edu was popular. Then, digital breakouts were created. On Google Forms, a breakout which may include a “password” may not work because it can be easily hacked. Instead, a choose-your-own-adventure would make it better. What prompted you to create this? Based on my Google Innovator project, I tried to create a game on Google Forms. How does it work? In Google Forms… In Google Slides ... How can others get involved in this? Here’s a link to one I made using forms: With Google Slides and Google Forms it will take practice and patience. Here’s a link to my student using Google Slides Do you have other topics you would like to chat about? Join your local Google Educator Group. If you want to investigate what a GEG is, GEG-SOUTX link is here: Please add the links to any resources here. END OF EPISODE: Podcast Outline: 1st week of the month: 2nd week of the month: 3rd week of the month: Let’s Talk about TED. Agree upon a TED Talk, new or old, then take two different perspectives. Discuss and analyze the Talk. Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed the show, please leave us a comment to let us know. Odd episodes: Please don’t forget to subscribe to hear more about what is going on in education - on both sides of the Pond. Remember we are always looking for guests to share the great things they are doing in their classrooms, so if you know someone who likes to chat, or if you’d like to be a guest again, please visit Guest form link and complete the contact form to let us know. Thanks! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
Dr. Bonnie Shaver-Troup Bonnie is the founder of LEXEND and the creator of the LEXEND fonts. She has a particular interest in reading performance, typography, perception, cognition, and the visual field. ACEd Topic Visit Lexend — Change the way the world reads. The tool is Lexend fonts. The purpose is to improve an individual's reading experience, including the experience of those with dyslexia, struggling readers, early readers, multi language learners, for eye strain, aging eye readers, visually impaired readers...and just simply you and me! Visit Google Fonts Making the web more beautiful, fast, and open through great typography Where Lexend fonts are available GSuite TextHelp Helperbird Canva ...Many More ACEd App Visit Helperbird: Accessibility & Dyslexia Software Google Read, understand and navigate the content of the web easier with Helperbird. Including immersive reader --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
FamilyBookform is an education technology product for Social Emotional Learning Projects. Children complete story collecting projects to create books and complete curriculum aligned SEL Projects. Ambassador code is: 6KFM6P Carey created FamilyBookform as a writing & communication tool for students to easily collect personal oral stories, family histories & photos, using speech-to-text & collaboration, to create polished books for personalized PBL. The process is educational, developing Social Emotional learning & 21st century skills. Their content enriches lessons & books can be graded, included in portfolios, gifted or sold to families. The books are emotional & valuable, for everyone involved. Sunrise TV 2018 YouTube Write of Passage pilot featured on Channel 7 TV. Students interview aged care residents to help collate their life stories into personalised memoir books. Pr... Teachers signup free & can create a free Collaborative class book, automatically collect student's content to create a printable digital book: Visit Family Communication Projects | FamilyBookform FamilyBookform is an education technology product for Social Emotional Learning Projects. Children complete story collecting projects to create books and complete curriculum aligned SEL Projects. FamilyBookform: integrated into Google Classroom, available on Chromebooks & any device connected to WiFi. FamilyBookform is an alternative to Word/Docs for scaffolding & documenting PBL. Students collect oral stories, using speech-to-text (any language) & collaboration, to automatically create printable digital books of great value. Student's have agency & the process is educational. Student's content enriches existing classes, and books can be graded, included in portfolios, gifted or sold. Businesses can sponsor projects, so it's free for schools. Free to try. The Collaborative Class book is proving very popular and would be a perfect blended learning project for schools returning in the Fall: COVID-19 & Me Automatically collect student's contributions into a Class book. Featured in ISTEs Spring Literacy Journal: Visit Blakehurst High 'COVID-19 & Me' Book Explore how the FamilyBookform online tool facilitates the framework of 'Universal Design Learning' to save you time in delivering personalised and differentiated Project Based learning to enrich curriculum-aligned lessons and assessments. Presented by Carey Furze, Fouder of FamilyBookform. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
Bruce Reicher Hawthorne, NJ USA Upper Saddle River Schools/ Cavallini Middle School Technology Teacher Computer Apps Teacher (Digital Leadership, Python Coding and Video Production) Google Level 1 and 2, Ambassador for Wakelet, WeVideo, Codesters and Brainpop Board Of Education Member for the Hawthorne Board of Education Since 2013. @breicher Google The Bruce Reicher PD page is all about sharing all the resources I have from various PD sessions. My philosophy is to learn, teach, share and repeat. I'm excited that I've written a book with Paula Neidlinger and Randy Tomes that's called Scripted "An Educators Guide to Media In The Classroom". @breicher Twitter 😁Dad, Husband😁, Author 🎥 Tech Teacher 💻Sportcaster 🎤 Presenter & BOE. Google Certified Teacher. Brainpop, Wevideo 🎬Wakelet Ambassador🏄‍♂️. My Own Views Bruce Reicher - Facebook Facebook Dad, Husband, Technology teacher, BOE member, trainer and author. breicher (@reicher) - Wakelet Wakelet Public Collections from breicher. Dad, Husband, Author, Technology Teacher. State presenter & BOE member. Wakelet Ambassador, Brainpop CBE, Google Certified Level 1&2. @icodeinschool Codesters & @Wevideo Ambassador Knick & Met Fan, My Own Views. Proud member of local board of education. Mr. Reicher (@breicher) - Wakelet Wakelet Public Collections from Mr. Reicher. Mr. Reicher has been a teacher at Cavallini Middle School for 13 years and teaching for 25 years. He teaches Digital Leadership, Python Coding and Video Production. His students produce a live daily news show called CTV. Bruce Reicher - Technology Teacher - Upper Saddle River Schools | LinkedIn Linkedin View Bruce Reicher's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Bruce has 3 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and... ACEd Topic WeVideo let's you create videos, screencasts, podcasts and GIF's. WeVideo works on any device including Chromebooks. Presentation - Show all the cool things that WeVideo can do @breicher - WeVideo Google WeVideo is an online website that makes creating videos and podcasts easy. You can use WeVideo on any device and it will remember the work you've done when you switch devices. It has simple tools like storyboard up to power tools like creating a green screen video with multiple tracks. #1 Online Video Editor — Start Editing Videos Free | WeVideo Wevideo Edit online faster & easier than ever. Use stock footage, animated titles & green screening. No software to download/install. Start now! 2018-2019 CTV Shows – Google Drive Google ScriptEd Visit Scripted Educators (@ScriptedEdu) - Wakelet --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
Kim Mattina Hi, my name is Kim Mattina, and I am a Google Certified Trainer and Educator, a Gold Product Expert for the Google for Education team, and the host of my own show, The Suite Talk. I am from New Jersey and I am a middle school technology teacher in southern New Jersey. ACEd Topic Visit my website, and click on the Jamboard page. You will see my Ideaboard 4 Jamboard, and my Wakelet Collection. Get on the Jamboard Train! - Wakelet Wakelet This collection will contain resources to help and support educators who are using or need inspiration about Jamboard. Jamboard Flywheelsites If you know me, you know that I LOVE Jamboard. I am so thankful that my district purchased one for me this year. Although there are a few features I still need to explore, I learn something new every time I use it, and I fall in love with it even more. Apps smash Jamboard with Google Keep, Equatio, and Screencastify. ACEd App Screencastify - Screen Video Recorder Google The #1 screen recorder for Chrome. Capture, edit and share videos in seconds. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
Alfonso Mendoza Jr. Edinburg, Texas Instructional Software Specialist for Sharyland ISD. Share Captain for GEG-SOUTX ACEd Topic Stay Healthy Visit COVID-19 Tips Google Here is some advice from the experts at the Child Mind Institute. Don't be afraid to discuss the coronavirus. Most children will have already heard about the virus or ... Hankerchiefs & Gloves Remote Learning Low SES No food No shelter Parents don't have the money for daycare Things to Consider No New Tech Tools Digital Divide Asynchronous Learning Difference Hangouts (all versions), & Zoom. Hangouts (old): Combination of the two new. Phased out. Hangouts Chat: Text chat platform. Hangouts Meet: Students can kick each other out Zoom for Education FERPA, not the free version? Ad Visit My EdTech Life Wakelet Visit --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
Kristina Holzweiss 2015 School Library Journal and Scholastic School Librarian of the Year, author of Scholastic makerspace books and co-author of Hacking School Libraries Location (Long Island, NY, USA) Syosset High School Job Title: Educational Technology Enrichment Specialist Subject or Department: Innovation Lab, Library, News Production (coming in September 2020) Blog/website/social media/etc Hacking School Libraries (and other classrooms!) Facebook group, twitter @lieberrian Credentials WeVideo Ambassador Flipgrid Student Voice Board Member and Ambassador Cospaces Ambassador Genially Ambassador Buncee Ambassador Wakelet Ambassdor and Monthly Chat Moderator Bloxels Ambassador Swivl Ambassador Year In the Making Expert MackinMaker Expert 1st Edmodo Ambassador ACEd Topic WeVideo Empower student voice 2nd year using WeVideo WeVideo Ambassador Types of videos: diseases and infections, weather in Spanish, yoga postures, forensics, Holocaust Remembrance Day (Lynn Ortlieb) WeVideo Community - lessons, badges, and rewards Videos, green screen videos, podcasting, screencasting Upload images and graphics created with Google Slides or Canva Can be used by teachers, students, and administrators Flip the classroom Tutorials ACEd Apps Free Video Editor for photos, clips, music ADD YOUR PHOTOS + VIDEOS from your phone or GoPro CHOOSE YOUR THEME CUSTOMIZE YOUR VIDEO PICK THE PERFECT SOUNDTRACK SAVE + SHARE YOUR VIDEO --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
STEM Summit 2020 In this episode, I attended the STEM Summit hosted by ESC Region One. This allowed me to have some fun conversations with some who attended. This is what they had to say: Conversations I'm going to start first with Gus Perez and would like to introduce yourself. Sure. So, my name is Gustavo Perez. I am a stem specialist for the original one education service center. I've been there about almost 11 years. Yeah. Do you have a Twitter handle? Yes, I do at. Gus underscore stem.And would you like to tell me how this stem summit got started. Okay, well how it got started was actually reaching one education center was awarded a nice little grant for seed money to support the locals to academies that we be supported throughout the state here regional we had about a good first we had three 2008 grew to about 10 or eight and currently we have about 19 centavities. So to support this schools and not just these academies, but all any school wanted to develop a student program, we thought that we needed a dedicated event.That targeted their needs and so that's how the stem it kind of kind of grew from that. Awesome, thank you appreciate it. No worries, thank you. --- So for my first interview, I have Claudio here would you like to introduce yourself?Thank you This is Claudio Caranza I work at La Feria High School, I'm at currently algebra one teacher but more importantly. I'm their East sports sponsor. You can find me on Twitter at Cadonza EDU. I'm presenting here at Region Ones South Texas stem summit 2020 on beautiful. South Padre Island, I'm presenting on the impact of esports on students particularly. I'm looking at the secondary high school level, but I'm willing to brainstorm all the way down to your elementary school to see how esports can impact your students on your campus. Thank you so much again, if you want to reach Claudio, that is at sea Carranza EDU on Twitter. Thank you. --- Next step, we have Maggie here. Would you like to introduce yourself? Hi, I sure will. My name is Magdalena. Maggio. Jeda my Twitter handle is at church Maggie and I am a specialist at Region 1.A little bit about my presentation or the presentations. I'm hosting at Stem Summit this year. It's an introduction into esports for education and what we've been doing regionally what's happening nationally was happening globally. I hope you come by and see us bye.Thank you so much Maggie and again, that is at Chirp Maggie. --- I am here with Mike Chuka. Would you like to introduce yourself? Hello. I'm Mike Chuka, I'm the director for instructional technology at region 1 educational service center.And your Twitter handle at Mike Chukka, very basic and what was your presentation about why I was just a little bit more of you know, being able to be aware of all the tools that are that are available for STEM tools that are available for educators, but most importantly is how to utilize them in the classroom how to be able to bring them in to their curriculum. You don't have to you know, reinvent the wheel just a matter of making sure that you know, you're bringing in those tools to what you already doing.Awesome. Thank you. --- Alright so if you don't mind introduce yourself, I'm a teacher at portable high school.And you have a tutor handle yes, it's a wrinkonis l.All right and also what was one of the key takeaways for stem summit 2020 key takeaway would be just the amount of participation in the schools and school districts that are participating in esports not just currently participating but the amount of interest there is in new schools entering that that motor competition is just it was surprising just the the the number of schools that were interested in it. Awesome, thank you. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
Apps of the Year Android: Live Transcribe Chrome: ColorZilla Visit 📱 Aced Apps Aced Check out ACEd Tech apps of Previous Years Google Updates Visit Propose a new meeting time or add a note to Calendar invites from Gmail G Suite Updates Blog Update (December 12, 2019): We've adjusted the rollout for this feature for Scheduled domains - rollout will now begin on January 13, 2020. Rollout for Rapid Release domains will continue as planned. Visit Send emails as attachments in Gmail G Suite Updates Blog Update (December 12, 2019): We've adjusted the rollout for this feature for Scheduled domains - rollout will now begin on January 13, 2020. Rollout for Rapid Release domains will continue as planned. We've heard from you that there are situations where attaching emails makes more sense than forwarding separate emails, like wanting to forward multiple messages related to a single topic. Visit Use an iPhone as a security key for 2-Step Verification G Suite Updates Blog We're adding an option to use your iPhone as a security key for your Google Account. Security keys provide the strongest form of 2-Step Verification (also known as two-factor authentication or 2FA) to help protect your account against phishing, and are an essential part of the Advanced Protection Program for the enterprise. Visit Use phones as security keys in the Advanced Protection Program G Suite Updates Blog You can now use your mobile phone as a security key in the Advanced Protection Program for the enterprise. This means you can use your Android or iOS device's built-in security key for 2-Step Verification, which makes it easier and quicker to protect high-risk users with our strongest account s --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
Stadia - Games, without a console or downloads - Google Store Google Play Stadia with Premiere Edition. Get access to Stadia at launch, three free months of Stadia Pro and play in up to 4K on your TV with Chromecast Ultra. Visit Stadia - One place for all the ways we play Google 1 Code needed to access Stadia will be sent upon shipment of your Premiere Edition. Codes must be redeemed within one year of shipment to redeem three month trial of Stadia Pro. Offer only available to new subscribers upon initial sign up. 2 Stadia Controller and Google Chromecast Ultra are required for play on TVs. Visit ACEd Tech Anchor FM Inc. Episode 26 with Attendees How to leave a recorded lesson Aaron AlvaradoCTE Instructor SHARYLAND ISD MOS in Word, Google Level 1 Notes Using Screencastify 3PR: Pause, Perform, Play, Review Using Podcasts Equipment for podcasting Don't Ditch That Tech Matt Miller Author Ditch That Textbook GEI, MIE Expert, Skype Visit Google Educator Groups Visit How To Enter Doodle for Google - Doodle for Google Google Use your imagination to create a Google Doodle based on what kindness means to you. We're excited to see some kind doodles this year! Students can work with any materials they want, but all doodles must be entered using the entry form. Visit Educator Resources Google Create In this video, students brainstormDoodle ideas and plan, practice, and create their Doodle using their chosen medium. Collaborate In this video, students write theintent behind their Doodle in an artist's statement and analyze their classmates's Doodles. Celebrate! In this video, students synthesizetheir learning by comparing their Doodle for Google art and writing to other school-based topics and themes. Visit --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
Episode 26 with Attendees How to leave a recorded lesson Aaron AlvaradoCTE Instructor SHARYLAND ISD MOS in Word, Google Level 1 Notes Using Screencastify 3PR: Pause, Perform, Play, Review Using Podcasts Equipment for podcasting Don't Ditch That Tech Matt Miller Author Ditch That Textbook GEI, MIE Expert, Skype Master Teacher @jmattmiller Notes Differentiating Instruction Change approach with technology Classroom management Adjusting instructions Students give peer feedback Google Applications in the Library Jason Galvan Librarian Vela Middle School Google Level 2 @jasgalvan Notes Using Google Classroom in the Library Book Club Google Forms Signing Sheet Personalized Blended Learning Julie Kelly Instructional Technology Strategist Weslaco ISD Google Certified Trainer, Blended Learning Live! facilitator @JulieKeefeKelly Notes Student Control Teacher provides the choice Augmented Reality Alfonso MendozaInstructional Software Specialist Sharyland ISD Google Certified Trainer @TechTeacher1381 Notes #ARVRinEDU Explore Different View Points See the world beyond the 4 walls Lyford CISD Student Tech Squad Samantha Torrez: Kacey Salinas, Heather May, Bailee Nieto School Librarian: Students at Lyford Middles School Lyford CISD @lyfordtechsquad Notes Tech Makes Class Fun Help people Osmo Sphero 3D Pens Podcasting in the Classroom Josue Pruneda Forensic Science Teacher PSJA ISD Google Level 1; Level 2; Microsoft Innovative Educator @kingofprunes Notes The use of a podcast to outreach to the parents through the use of Google Sites and Podcasts The use of a podcast to tell stories or at least in my class; give a "first responder's report" The use of a podcast to interview someone in the field, a professional or maybe even a student to "check for understanding."" The equipment and how to start a podcast and how to breakdown a podcast" --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
G Sweet Ideas Google for Educations Updates The first major announcement. Google Stadia will be available November 19th. $130 pre order Founder’s Edition 3 mo Stadio Pro + 3 mo buddy pass Chromecast Ultra Night Blue exclusive controller Founder’s badge Sold Out $130 Premiere Edition No buddy pass Non-exclusive controller (Clearly White) No mention of a badge. $10 / mo Pro Up to 4K 5.1 Surround sound Destiny 2: The Collection - with additional free games. Deals & savings Free Basic Up to 1080p Stereo No additional free games. No savings Both 60fps Great titles Only have free titles during Pro not free. Just dance? Motion or Cam? The pixel phone series will be the only one that will be able to play Stadia. Security - Titan Turn  off mics & cams Delete recorded data by asking Did not talk about the titan USB Google Home & Google Wifi is rebranded as Nest Home & Nest WIFI Deprecating Works with Nest to Works with Google Nest Home Max screen transfer by saying, “Hey, G. Move this to my living room tv”. Nest Mini starting $50. Wall mount. Deals on black friday? Better sound. Intercom system Home alert system Home phone Call from phone to home Nest Aware 1 rate for the whole home available 2020 $6 / mo - 30 day history 12 / mo - 60 day history incl. 10 day 24hr history With nest mini, basic home alarms become smart home alarms Nest WiFi Mesh Router & Point No need for IOT hubs coming soon It is also a home mini The google pixel buds will have google assistant without the need of your phone. It has a longer range than its predecessor. Up to 5 hrs continuous use. Up to 24hrs with the charging station. Adaptive sound: no need to raise or lower volume vent Available 2020 for $180 Pixelbook Go Low: Intel Core m3, 8GB RAM, 64GB Storage, $650 Mid1: i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage, $850 Mid2: i5, 16GB RAM, 128GB Storage, $1K High:  i7, 16GB RAM, 256GB Storage, $1,400 --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
Guest Star Jennifer Scott Bakersfield, California Compton Jr. High, Bakersfield City School District Classroom teacher English, history, yearbook, @JenTechnology Google Innovator with #MEX16, Google Innovator Coach #MEX18, and Google Innovator Mentor with #BRZ17, #MEX18 #LON19. Jennifer is competing the 59 Days of Code Project. Wish her luck! Luis Pertuz Barranquilla, COlombia Colegio Marymount Technology Integrator Credentials Google Certified Teacher (1&2) Google Certified Trainer Google Certified Innovator #NYC19 Federico Centeno Barranquilla, Colombia Credentials Google Certified Teacher (both levels) Google Certified Trainer Google Certified Innovator #MEX16 Dr. Mark Wagner Ph.D. Educational Technology CEO EdTechTeam ACEd Topic History Chris Walsh from WestEd in connection with CUE & Mike Lawrence Raising awareness about Google Top ideas were The Infinite Thinking Machine Show and Google Innovator Academy EdTechTeam joins lead learner and coach Colors instead of creative teams Before Google Apps recently acquired Blogger The first (1st) Google for Education Certified Innovator Academy was in California November 2006 under the name Google Certified Teacher Academy Dr. Wagner, Director of Google Teacher Academy Application Process Applications evolve from cohort to cohort. Make a copy of the new questions as soon as they are released. There used to be long presentations and formats and paperwork Then a 90 second video Now it’s a 60 second video The application is scored by coaches and Innovators using a rubric. Follow the directions to the tee. Jen’s mistake with #TOR16 was using the same answers she almost submitted for #COL16. Read carefully!!!! (I saw someone submit for NYC and SWE with practically the same video and didn’t get in; Adam Juarez with #SYD17 changed one line on his application) Do NOT give or even hint at a solution in your application or video. If you already know the answer, then why go to the 3-day Academy? Focus on the problem and be open to solutions at the Academy My mistake was talking about the solution I envisioned for #MEX18. How Might We statements must be crafted, they have to express the problem without being overly long. What have you done to sets you apart from others? Being innovative doesn’t come through the academy it comes from you, the academy helps. This is more of selling personality Show your passion, when talking about something innovative that you implemented in your work/whatever write it to show what YOU did... don’t write about what the school did, talk about YOUR role. YOU are the one applying, not the school. A presentation is not Innovative. As an EdTech bigwig to guest blog for them. Have two totally separate examples of your work with the EdTech community How much do you interact and share with the edtech community? Start now. The number of follows on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook is less important than what and how often you share, discuss, and collaborate. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
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NEWS: Google & Tech


G Suite Ideas Visit All classes moving to Google Classroom with the Classwork Page in September G Suite Updates Blog Last year, we introduced a new version of Classroom that provides additional features, including a Classwork page to help teachers better organize assignments. Newly created classes automatically include this Classwork page, with the option for instructors to revert classes back to the version of Classroom without Classwork. Visit Google for Education launches originality reports to curb student plagiarism VentureBeat Google is introducing a handful of updates to its Google for Education program today - including a new tool that helps teachers check students' work for po --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
Misbah Gedal Head of Partnership @MisbahGedal ACEd Topic Wakelet Quick history Jamil Khalil Curation for students Digital Storytelling Curation for teachers Share resources From social media Curation for administrators & other educators Newsletters Curation in the business world E Pluribus Unum From many links, share one Ambassador Program Educators guide the program Future: free is not a business model Current free features will remain. Future features are to be decided. Ad Break From Pre-K to PhD, Wakelet transforms the way schools, principals, teachers and tech coaches educate. Unlock the potential of student learning and education everywhere. ACEd.Tech/Amazon Do you shop on Amazon? Use this link to help the show. No extra cost to you, only to Amazon. ACEd Apps Review Previous Apps Wakelet Extension Type of use: EDUCATIONAL Is it available on iOS? YES Download on Chrome Web Store --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
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NEWS: Google & Tech


G Suite Ideas Visit Inbox by Gmail shutting down at the end of March 2019 G Suite Updates Blog Inbox by Gmail has been a great place to experiment with new ideas like snoozing emails to later, as well as try the latest AI-powered experiences like Smart Reply, Nudges and high-priority notifications to help you stay productive. Visit Create and insert image carousels in new Sites G Suite Updates Blog We're making it easier for site editors to share a selection of images in new Sites by creating a new image carousel. You can use this new content type to highlight images on your site, like a project page where you can feature concepts and designs, or share photos from a conference on an event page. Visit Enhance presentations in Slides with audio G Suite Updates Blog Update (May 16, 2019): Rapid and Scheduled domains will now follow an extended rollout (potentially longer than 15 days for feature visibility). We will update this blog once this feature has rolled out to all users. We're adding the ability for users to embed MP3 and WAV audio files from Drive into Slides. Visit View the edit history of a cell in Sheets G Suite Updates Blog "Show edit history" is a new feature in Sheets that will help you easily see the edit history of a cell, including who made the last edit, when that edit was made, and the cell's previous value. Tracking edits made by collaborators is important for keeping i --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
Kimberly Franklin Long Beach, CA Montebello Unified School District Teacher, Tech Mentor Author: “Max and The Mouse” Elementary 4th/5th Grade Google Certified Educator Level 1 & 2 ACEd Topic Topic Main Ideas QR Codes are very easy to generate or “make” - all you need is an QR app and a link to what you want attached to it - it can be an image, a message, something online. Ways to use at school School Garden - have students do their Google research. Using Google Lens and it image recognition technology to identify any unlabeled plants. Use gardening markers to put QR Codes on. Link to names of plants, recipes, or nutritional benefits. Classroom Management - students can scan a QR Code that is linked to a Google Form. They will record their “Missed Learning Times” = bathroom, water, nurse, office, etc. Crafts and Holiday Gifts - A poem can be saved as a Google doc, and then linked to a QR Code. The QR Code can be put on a construction paper card. Receiver must scan to get their special message. For special events like a Holiday Production or Science Fair science, the experience can be shared with a Google Site and a QR Code link. This will give parents, teachers, and students the ability to see behind the scenes and video or pictures of the actual event. QR Codes with Google Forms for Quizzes; can be used with grade level for pre and post testing a concept. Kids get excited to take the quiz… just because they get to scan the QR code. Google Slides for book reports! Put a QR Code with an image of the book. Place it in the library. Students can recommend or not! their book to other students. This is also a good way for their parents to view them. Ad Break Start Investing in your future ACEd Apps Review Previous Apps QR Code Scanner Pro --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
G Sweet Ideas What are the Google April Fools for 2019? Say: "Hey Google, April Fools" Gboard Spoon Google Files Screen Cleaner Google Maps Snake Game Google Tulip Not Cover In This Episode Google Calendar Playgame This only works on Gmail accounts and not G Suite --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
Luis Pertuz Colegio Marymount in Barranquilla Colombia Technology Coach Teacher and Integrator IT Twitter: @pertuzluisfer Google Certified Trainer Masters Degrees: Global Entrepreneurship Educational Management ACEd Topic Organizing Docs Mail Merge Google Sheets Add-on Docs Slides Sheet Ninja (pulling data from different sources) to Autocrat Certificates Ad Break Twitter: @pertuzluisfer ACEd Apps Review Previous Apps Chrome Remote Desktop Used to port into another computer from wherever Download --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
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