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Author: Brian R. King, MSW

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Filling in the gaps between what you do know and need to know about showing up confidently and productively while living with ADHD.
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Listen for one of the best descriptions you'll ever hear of "Onmidirectional hearing". It's the way people with ADHD hear and one of the main reasons a traditional classroom will forever be a poor fit for these students. Not to mention a workplace for an adult who has no idea the role her hearing plays in her inability to focus. This knowledge is game changing. You can watch the video version of this podcast here Send in a voice message:
You are NOT Dumb!

You are NOT Dumb!


Having difficulty expressing yourself by talking can lead to insecurity because this world still places disproportionate value upon it.Ever been moved by a poem or novel? My point exactly. Let’s get a little deeper in this episode.Join the conversation in my FB Group at --- Send in a voice message:
While driving my wife to work this morning I made 4 observations about life. The lessons were prompted by the life around me. Have a listen as I share these lessons with you.Want the transcript to this episode? You'll find it here Send in a voice message:
When you live with ADHD, socialization can be daunting, overwhelming and a source of pain. Resulting in many giving up on them altogether. Enter social media and it's simple, concrete way of transmitting information between people. It's revolutionary and has changed my life along with the lives of countless others. Listen now and learn to be more empowered by what works best for you. --- Send in a voice message:
“No thanks,” “Not interested,” are phrases often uttered by those with ADHD when invited to do something new. The fact is they are interested, but there’s something not being said that’s the key. Listen and I’ll explain. --- Send in a voice message:
 “I don’t know,” Is a common refrain from kids with ADHD. Let me explain how to get a better answer. --- Send in a voice message:
How do you help your child see the value of changing their negative mindset? Here is one suggestion. --- Send in a voice message:
It isn't hyper focus or passion for things that interest us that is the true SUPERPOWER of living with ADHD. I believe its something else, and I discuss it at length in this episode. It's a power we're often discouraged from using but one you must reclaim to make your full contribution to this world. Take back this power and you can change lives. --- Send in a voice message:
Below is an overview of what I share in this episode. Of course when the recording started I had a lot more to say. Enjoy!Context: Mom (client), texted Coach (me) because young child was throwing a tantrum and kicking seats in the car because she didn't feel heard.Phone handed to child so they could text me. I asked strategic questions to get to the bottom of what the trigger was (not feeling heard).I offered the following strategy to the child,Think about making suggestions or sharing your thoughts like a game of go fish (the card game). The whole point is to see if they have what you’re looking for.Let’s say one of your ideas for lunch is McDonald’s. So your goal isn’t to make them want McDonald’s, your goal is to see whether they want to go to McDonald’s or not. Do they have the same interest/same card as the one you want, with me on this?All you want from them is a yes or no answer.If it’s yes, GREAT! That’s what you want to, if it’s NO you have to go fish. Fish for another option until you find one they have an interest in too.Make sense? Great! The child loved it to.--- Send in a voice message:
Many of our kiddos don’t subscribe to the tradition of blind obedience to authority. Here’s why I think that’s a good thing for all of us.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Send in a voice message:
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