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Author: Ahmed Ibrahim Metawee

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Real estate and resorts events
13 Episodes
The Christmas is so much happy day to soul mates and family. The most important to deliver this to your people. Everything must be ready for all the time and place. So, you have a service for that.
How laughing and poking are so much good for events!
Calendar and new year beginnings
One of the most important things which may serve together as one is "builders of scenarios for events and trend analysis"?
I am conforming confidential information and privacy policy.
In 2020 events, The best way to summarize what you have in the event and events reporting.
Destination choices and venues
The marketing calendar for the near year. The calendar's second episode.
A Vendor who supplies the event's fundamentals is so important to be chosen. So who will be your next vendor?
An outline for concepts, visions and some reasons for planing.
What's wrong with the people who went to events in the new urgency of coronavirus condition?Everyone who infected with the virus was not sure about his own way to be in a place where he was infected.Sure, they were going to their work with no intention to be infected.Can you proceed to be an infected person in an event? Or you can choose online events and stay at home for your future events.What's the new results of have a danger of being an attendant or special organizer of the event?Who will be able to present in the future?Who will promote the intended business as in an age of Internet?
So it's a plenty of time for all people to stay at home and work remotely. I saw a lot of online meetings and webinars for business and investments.
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