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With tech layoffs sweeping the industry and investment bankers calling a crash for Austin's residential real estate market,  we turn to our panel of local economic experts for perspective. In this episode, ABJ Editor Colin Pope leads a candid discussion with a trio of experts who don't pull any punches when it comes to the year ahead, and beyond:Moderator: Colin Pope | Editor, Austin Business JournalPanelists:Angelos Angelou | Founder & CEO, Angelou Economics & International AcceleratorJon Hockenyos | President & Economist, TXP Inc.Lila Valencia | City Demographer, City of Austin
Rising interest rates poured a bucket of cold water on what was Austin's red hot housing market. The effect has been much the same in the start-up community, where getting funding is no longer a given. In many cases, investors are rationing their funds or sitting on the sidelines. In this episode, ABJ Managing Editor Will Anderson explores the current state of the tech start-up community with entrepreneur Cotter Cunningham, who founded RetailMeNot and is active in Austin's tech scene.
Austin's exponential growth over the past decade has been good for business. But the resulting housing crunch put downward pressure on our most vulnerable, low income citizens. In this episode, ABJ Assistant Managing Editor Paul Thompson invites Alan Graham, Founder & CEO of Mobile Loaves & Fishes, to share what he and his team are doing to help address this crisis.
In a special edition of the podcast series, the Austin Business Journal editorial leaders convene, sharing their personal experience and perspective on Austin's exponential growth. Editor Colin Pope moved here as a kid in 1987, Managing Editor Will Anderson is now a native after 21 years here, and Assistant Managing Editor Paul Thompson is a relative newcomer, arriving in the past five years. Together, they share an in-depth conversation about the past, present and future of Austin.
As Austin's suburbs continue to grow, this question is one that evokes a variety of responses, both positive and negative. Regardless of your take, there's no question that The Domain has become an alternate epicenter- minus the music scene, of course. In this episode, ABJ's Cody Baird explores this hot topic with the man who's had a hand in the development of both locations, Tim Hendricks, senior VP  and managing director of Cousins Properties.
Austin's exponential growth has certainly created challenges. But it's also opened the door for inspiring leaders to step up and offer creative solutions. In this episode, ABJ Managing Editor Will Anderson invites Code2College Co-Founder & CEO Matt Stephenson to share how he and his team are engaging, and challenging, Austin's tech community to support and inspire low-income and minority students to pursue STEM careers.
While exploring Austin's exponential growth, we've covered the housing shortage and affordability issues from all angles. In this episode, we shift our focus to the business side and Austin's growing roster of public companies. ABJ Managing Editor Will Anderson welcomes Disco Founder & CEO Kiwi Camara, who shares why he chose Austin, insight on his company's IPO, and what's driving his commitment to foster a friendly and collaborative office environment for his team.
With the stock market sinking, crypto crashing and the price of food, gas & energy skyrocketing, is Austin's red hot housing market in for a cold dose of reality as rates continue rising? Nope. In this episode, ABJ's Real Estate Reporter Cody Baird invites Austin Board of Realtors Secretary-Treasurer Brandy Wuensch to the podcast. She explains what's driving this unique market, and why there's no bubble to burst this time around.
EDITOR'S NOTE: This podcast was updated on July 19th. A previous version incorrectly described the status of the Mayor's Health & Fitness Council of Austin. Once an annual favorite on a popular list of "Best Places to Live", Austin is falling in the rankings, mainly due to quality of life scores. With home prices skyrocketing, the homeless population growing, and public & private leaders struggling to keep up with growth it begs the question: Is Austin Now a Victim of Its Own Success? In this episode, ABJ Managing Editor Will Anderson welcomes Kathleen Lucente, CEO of Red Fan Communications, and Tim McClure, iconic branding man who coined the phrase "Don't Mess with Texas". They each provide unique perspective on the messaging, and reality.
While Austin and surrounding suburbs grapple with the high cost of land and housing, outlying communities are poised to welcome growth. The most notable example is Samsung's $17 billion investment in a new fab site in Taylor. In this episode, ABJ Reporter Justin Sayers welcomes Taylor Mayor Brandt Rydell to share how the deal came together, its impact, and his expectations for managing future growth.
Our series continues with an innovative start-up and a local homebuilder taking different, but plausible approaches to solving Austin's housing crisis. ABJ Managing Editor Will Anderson meets up with KIRO ACTION HOUSING Founder Sam Haytham at SXSW. Haytham takes on the homeless crisis at its root cause: lack of accessible shelter.  At the other end of the spectrum, ABJ Residential Real Estate Reporter Michelle Pitcher invites Brohn Homes Co-President Aaron Boenig to share what he and his team are doing to drive down the price of new construction homes across the region.
In this episode we continue our conversation, seeking solutions to Austin's housing affordability crisis. Reporter Kathryn Hardison invites Nora Linares-Moeller, who tackles the topic on many fronts as the Executive Director at HOUSINGWORKS AUSTIN. Linares-Moeller shares her perspective and experience.  Meantime, Reporter Michelle Pitcher calls on Robert Lee, CEO of Pearlstone Partners, who clearly defines his company's mission to offer "attainable housing", detailing many projects completed and in the works across Austin.
Austin's exponential growth provides exciting new opportunities for career advancement and income growth, along with civic and cultural expansion. But there's also the challenges these opportunities present- first and foremost, housing affordability, or lack thereof, as the population swells, inventory is scant, and salaries continue rising. In the opening episode of The Austin Business Journal's ATX Next podcast series, Managing Editor Will Anderson checks in with Reporter Katherine Hardison to set the tone for the series. Later,  ABJ Residential Real Estate Reporter  Michelle Pitcher goes one-on-one with Habitat for Humanity CEO Phyllis Snodgrass, who shares shocking statistics and insight on the issue.
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