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The AWS Podcast is the definitive cloud platform podcast for developers, dev ops, and cloud professionals seeking the latest news and trends in storage, security, infrastructure, serverless, and more. Join Simon Elisha and Jeff Barr for regular updates, deep dives and interviews. Whether you’re building machine learning and AI models, open source projects, or hybrid cloud solutions, the AWS Podcast has something for you.
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How can you implement DevSecOps effectively in your organisation? What are some of the key steps and potential pitfalls? Simon is joined by Raisa Hashem (DevOps Security Specialist) and Paul Hawkins (Security Specialist SA) to discuss practical steps you can take and lessons learned.Shownotes:Security at the speed of cloud (GRC304): Security Invariants with AWS Organizations (SDD314): Permissions Management in AWS with Attribute-Based Access Control (SDD350):
Simon wraps up AWS re:Invent 2019!Amazon Builders Library | DataStore | for iOS and Android | API Gateway | ARM Preview | Supports AD Authentication | Meetings App for Slack | Video Streams WebRTC Support |
It is the third update show! Simon takes you through some quick updates in the domains of Compute, Data, ML and Business Productivity.AWS Lambda Provisioned Concurrency | ECS Capacity Providers | ECS Cluster Auto Scaling | Fargate Spot | Step Function Express Workflows | Direct APIs | RDS Proxy | Query Accelerator for Redshift | Rekognition Custom Labels | Sagemaker Deep Graph Library | Java Library | Chime Regions |
Simon gives you a summary of all the new announcements from Andy Jassy's keynote!Topic || AnalyticsAnnouncing Amazon Redshift data lake export: share data in Apache Parquet format | Redshift introduces support for federated querying (preview) | Redshift introduces RA3 nodes with managed storage enabling independent compute and storage scaling | for Amazon ElasticSearch | || ComputeAnnouncing New Amazon EC2 M6g, C6g, and R6g Instances Powered by Next-Generation Arm-based AWS Graviton2 Processors | Amazon EC2 Inf1 Instances, high performance and the lowest cost machine learning inference in the cloud | AWS Compute Optimizer | AWS Local Zone in Los Angeles, CA | AWS Wavelength for delivering ultra-low latency applications for 5G | General Availability of AWS Outposts | RDS on Outposts is available in preview | Serverless Kubernetes Pods Using Amazon EKS and AWS Fargate | || StorageAmazon S3 Access Points makes it simple to manage access at scale for applications using shared data sets on S3 | Access Analyzer for Amazon S3 to review access policies | || DatabasesAmazon Managed Apache Cassandra | || Machine LearningAmazon Sagemaker Studio | Sagemaker Debugger | Sagemaker Monitor | Sagemaker | Sagemaker Autopilot | Sagemaker Experiments | Amazon SageMaker Support for Deep Graph Library (DGL): Build and Train Graph Neural Networks | Amazon Augmented AI: Easily Implement Human Review for ML Predictions | Amazon Fraud Detector - Now in Preview | Amazon Kendra: Reinventing Enterprise Search with Machine Learning | || Networking and Content DeliveryAWS Transit Gateway now supports Inter-Region Peering | Web Services Announces AWS Transit Gateway Network Manager to Centrally Monitor Your Global Network | IP Multicast Workloads in the Cloud Using AWS Transit Gateway | Accelerated Site-to-Site VPN for Improved VPN Performance | VPC Ingress Routing Makes it Easy to Insert Virtual Appliances in the Forwarding Path of VPC Traffic | || Security, Identity and ComplianceIntroducing AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Access Analyzer | Amazon Detective | || Customer EngagementIntroducing Seneca for Amazon Connect | || Developer ToolsAWS announces Amazon CodeGuru for automated code reviews and application performance recommendations |
Simon kicks off the coverage of re:Invent 2019 with some really interesting announcements in Quantum computing and more - as well as a catch-up on all the previous week's updates!Chapters:00:12 AWS re:Invent11:42 Analytics17:08 Application Integration17:46 Business Applications18:08 Compute21:48 Cost Management22:09 Customer Engagement23:00 Database27:10 Developer Tools28:26 End User Computing29:24 Internet of Things32:02 Machine Learning34:56 Management and Governance38:24 Media Services38:39 Mobile39:00 Networking and Content Delivery40:32 Security, Identity and Compliance42:41 StorageExtended Shownotes:
It is a massive episode of updates this month! Simon takes you through over 200 updates.Chapters:00:55 Storage04:04 Compute13:08 Network14:39 Databases19:43 Developer Tools24:41 Analytics29:08 IoT29:47 Customer Engagement31:16 End User Computing33:08 Machine Learning36:08 Application Integration37:03 Management and Governance46:38 Media47:05 Security49:34 Gaming49:58 Training50:11 Public Data Sets50:31 Robotics50:49 AWS Marketplace51:23 Quick Starts51:49 Satellite
#344: AWS Storage Day 2019

#344: AWS Storage Day 2019


November 20th, 2019 is our first ever AWS Storage Day. Just over a week ahead of re:Invent, we are making the first round of important announcements, and all of them are related to storage. Regardless of the AWS storage services that you use, we think you’ll find something interesting and useful with the news we are about to share.We are launching significant new storage and data transfer features for:• Amazon S3• Amazon EFS• Amazon EBS• Amazon FSx for Windows File Server• AWS DataSync• AWS Storage GatewayThese launches will help improve security, increase, scalability, reduce costs, and deliver an enhanced feature set for you to utilize.Check out our blog summary chronicling all the recent AWS storage launches and make sure to check the blog throughout the day, as well as leading up to re:Invent. We will continue to add updates as new launch material becomes available.
Building lasting relationships with your customers is tough, though it doesn't have to be. On today's episode, Simon speaks with Product Lead Zach Barbitta and Lead Front End Engineer Austin Nevins about their new launch, Pinpoint Journeys. Pinpoint Journeys is an outbound engagement orchestration tool, designed to help product, growth, and marketing teams build lasting relationships with their customers. With Pinpoint Journeys you give independence to your non-technical teams, via the no-code required functionality of Pinpoint Journeys. To learn more and watch a short video, follow the link:
Simon speaks with Annie Hancock and Jill Fagan about how to get the most from your 2019 re:Invent experience!
Simon and Nicki share a broad range of interesting updates!00:48 Storage01:43 Compute05:27 Networking16:07 Databases12:03 Developer Tools13:18 Analytics19:06 IoT20:42 Customer Engagement21:03 End User Computing22:31 Machine Learning25:27 Application Integration27:35 Management and Governance29:17 Media30:53 Security32:56 Blockchain33:14 Quick Starts33:51 Training36:11 Public Datasets37:12 RoboticsShownotes:Topic || StorageAWS Snowball Edge now supports offline software updates for Snowball Edge devices in air-gapped environments | Topic || ComputeNow Available: Amazon EC2 High Memory Instances with up to 24 TB of memory, Purpose-built to Run Large In-memory Databases, like SAP HANA | Introducing Availability of Amazon EC2 A1 Bare Metal Instances | Windows Nodes Supported by Amazon EKS | Amazon ECS now Supports ECS Image SHA Tracking | AWS Serverless Application Model feature support updates for Amazon API Gateway and more | Queuing Purchases of EC2 RIs | Topic || NetworkAWS Direct Connect Announces the Support for Granular Cost Allocation and Removal of Payer ID Restriction for Direct Connect Gateway Association. | AWS Direct Connect Announces Resiliency Toolkit to Help Customers Order Resilient Connectivity to AWS | Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring Now Supports AWS CloudFormation | Application Load Balancer and Network Load Balancer Add New Security Policies for Forward Secrecy with More Stringent Protocols and Ciphers | Topic || DatabasesAmazon RDS on VMware is now generally available | Amazon RDS Enables Detailed Backup Storage Billing | Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Supports Minor Version 11.5, 10.10, 9.6.15, 9.5.19, 9.4.24, adds Transportable Database Feature | Amazon ElastiCache launches self-service updates for Memcached and Redis Cache Clusters | Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) adds additional Aggregation Pipeline Capabilities including $lookup | Amazon Neptune now supports Streams to capture graph data changes | Amazon Neptune now supports SPARQL 1.1 federated query | Topic || Developer ToolsAWS CodePipeline Enables Setting Environment Variables on AWS CodeBuild Build Jobs | AWS CodePipeline Adds Execution Visualization to Pipeline Execution History | Topic || AnalyticsAmazon Redshift introduces AZ64, a new compression encoding for optimized storage and high query performance | Amazon Redshift Improves Performance of Inter-Region Snapshot Transfers | Amazon Elasticsearch Service provides option to mandate HTTPS | Amazon Athena now provides an interface VPC endpoint | Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose adds cross-account delivery to Amazon Elasticsearch Service | Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose adds support for data stream delivery to Amazon Elasticsearch Service 7.x clusters | Amazon QuickSight announces Data Source Sharing, Table Transpose, New Filtering and Analytical Capabilities | AWS Glue now provides ability to use custom certificates for JDBC Connections | You can now expand your Amazon MSK clusters and deploy new clusters across 2-AZs | Amazon EMR Adds Support for Spark 2.4.4, Flink 1.8.1, and the Ability to Reconfigure Multiple Master Nodes | Topic || IoTTwo New Solution Accelerators for AWS IoT Greengrass Machine Learning Inference and Extract, Transform, Load Functions | AWS IoT Core Adds the Ability to Retrieve Data from DynamoDB using Rule SQL | PSoC 62 Prototyping Kit is now qualified for Amazon FreeRTOS | Topic || Customer EngagementAmazon Pinpoint Adds Support for Message Templates | Topic || End User ComputingAmazon AppStream 2.0 adds support for 4K Ultra HD resolution on 2 monitors and 2K resolution on 4 monitors | Amazon AppStream 2.0 Now Supports FIPS 140-2 Compliant Endpoints | Amazon Chime now supports screen sharing from Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome without a plug-in or extension | Topic || Machine LearningAmazon Translate now adds support for seven new languages - Greek, Romanian, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Thai, and Urdu | Introducing Amazon SageMaker ml.p3dn.24xlarge instances, optimized for distributed machine learning with up to 4x the network bandwidth of ml.p3.16xlarge instances | SageMaker Notebooks now support diffing | Amazon Lex Adds Support for Checkpoints in Session APIs | Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth Adds Built-in Workflows for the Verification and Adjustment of Data Labels | AWS Chatbot Now Supports Notifications from AWS Config | AWS Deep Learning Containers now support PyTorch | Topic || Application IntegrationAWS Step Functions expands Amazon SageMaker service integration | Amazon EventBridge now supports AWS CloudFormation | Amazon API Gateway now supports access logging to Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose | Topic || Management and GovernanceAWS Backup Enhances SNS Notifications to filter on job status | AWS Managed Services Console now supports search and usage-based filtering to improve change type discovery | AWS Console Mobile Application Launches Federated Login for iOS | Topic || MediaAnnouncing New AWS Elemental MediaConvert Features for Accelerated Transcoding, DASH, and AVC Video Quality | Topic || SecurityAmazon Cognito Increases CloudFormation Support | Amazon Inspector adds CIS Benchmark support for Windows 2016 | AWS Firewall Manager now supports management of Amazon VPC security groups | Amazon GuardDuty Adds Three New Threat Detections | Topic || Block ChainNew Quick Start deploys Amazon Managed Blockchain | Topic || AWS Quick StartsNew Quick Start deploys TIBCO JasperReports Server on AWS | Topic || TrainingNew Training Courses Teach New APN Partners to Better Help Their Customers | New Courses Available to Help You Grow and Accelerate Your AWS Cloud Skills | New Digital Course on Coursera - AWS Fundamentals: Migrating to the Cloud | Topic || Public Data SetsNew AWS Public Datasets Available from Audi, MIT, Allen Institute for Cell Science, Finnish Meteorological Institute, and others | Topic || RoboticsAWS RoboMaker introduces support for Robot Operating System 2 (ROS2) in beta release |
Simon sits down with Adrian De Luca (Head of Partner Solution Architecture, Asia Pacific, AWS) and Mark Promnitz (CTO, ITOC) to discuss how to get the most out of the AWS Partner Network. Solutions Finder: Partner Network:
Did you know that you can combine Batch and Spot for up to 90% cost savings? Simon speaks with Chad Schmutzer about how you can make the most of it!
What are your choices when it comes to storage in a Hybrid world? Simon speaks with Chris Rogers about the considerations that customers should make and how to get the best out of their storage options.AWS Hybrid Cloud Storage: Storage Gateway: DataSync: Migrating hundreds of TB of data to Amazon S3 with AWS DataSync: SFTP: Snow Family:
In this latest episode, we interview John Harrison, Senior Principal Applied Scientist with the AWS Automated Reasoning Group. John describes his experience helping to shape innovative applications of automated reasoning to pressing technology challenges. He talks about his time at Intel, how he transitioned from a research scientist to technology product teams, automated reasoning techniques that he has used in his career and at AWS, his theorem prover called HOL Light and his 702 page book, Handbook of Practical Logic and Automated Reasoning.Byron Cook, Director of the AWS Automated Reasoning Group, interviews John and will be featured throughout the miniseries. Byron is leading the provable security initiative at AWS, which is a collection of technologies that provide higher security assurance to customers by giving them a deeper understanding of their cloud architecture.
Did you know .NET users have great support and tooling on AWS? Simon speaks with Steve Roberts about how you can make the best of .NET and AWS together..NET on AWS homepage Source .NET tools up the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio SDK for .NET Developer Guide .NET Developer Blog
Simon and Nicki take you through the latest and greatest updates! And remember that AWS Podcast listeners get access to a $25 discount tickets to the Intersect festival using the discount code 'awspodcast'. Note that tickets are limited.Topics:01:14 Storage03:21 Compute10:04 Networking11:37 Databases15:27 Developer Tools15:46 Analytics19:46 IoT23:45 Machine Learning25:54 Application Integration28:44 Management and Governance31:43 Media33:39 Gaming34:13 Quick Starts35:17 Marketplace
Simon speaks with Girish Nesaratnam (AWS Professional Services) to learn more about how customers use AWS Professional Services, and what it is like to work for that team. How ProServe helped Woodside develop the Intelligent Asset:Fusing IoT, Robotics, and AI to create an immersive experience where operators can move through the facility remotely in real-time or back in time. They can see and hear the environment, with advanced analytics providing the continuous insights only to those things that are important or require attention. NAB Transitions to the Cloud with AWS Professional Services:National Australia Bank engaged AWS Professional Services and Partners to help the bank migrate 30 applications in 50 days. A major element is a mass migration of applications to cloud to help unlock the cost, risk and agility benefits, and enable their teams to deliver better customer outcomes. Apply for a role with AWS Professional Services:Amazon Web Services is passionate about creating technologies and services that help customers succeed. Our global Professional Services team delivers high-touch assistance to guide enterprise customers as they shift to a cloud-based operating model and incorporate AWS services into their overall architecture. We work hand-in-hand with customer teams and AWS partners to provide deep expertise in the architecture, design, development and implementation of cloud computing initiatives that result in real business outcomes.
Simon and Jeff get together face-to-face to discuss a new capability of the AWS Global Accelerator, AWS Community day and lots of other things! This was recorded "on the move" so apologies for the less-than-optimal audio.
Join Simon and Nicki on a journey through updates large and small! And remember, Podcast listeners can get access to a $25 discount on tickets for AWS Intersect: (tickets are limited!)Chapters:00:38 Storage03:37 Compute08:55 Network10:52 Databases14:31 Developer Tools15:14 Analytics17:31 IoT19:11 End User Computing20:23 Machine Learning27:46 Management and Governance30:41 Customer Engagement31:32 Security33:07 Training and Certification34:19 AWS Quick Start34:59 Robotics
Have you ever wondered about what happens at an AWS Summit? What about the things that happen behind the scenes? Simon takes you on a potted tour of the recent AWS Public Sector Summit in Canberra.
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