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AWS Insiders is a fast-paced, entertaining and insightful look behind the scenes of AWS and cloud computing. Hosts Rahul Subramaniam and Hilary Doyle dig into the current state and the future of AWS by talking with the people and companies that know it best. It’s a show full of opinions, takeaways, and untold stories about the challenges, innovations and the mind-blowing promise of cloud computing.
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Over the last 16 years, CloudFix has analyzed over a billion dollars of AWS spending. Having looked at so many different AWS bills, we’ve learned a lot of lessons about how to get the most out of each dollar, from storage, to networking, to compute – and in today’s episode, Rahul is sharing these lessons. He’ll even analyze Hilary Doyle’s AWS bill from her start up, Wealthie Works Daily, to see how she can get the most out of her AWS spend. 
Formula 1 races have always been intense, with drivers reaching speeds over 200 mph on the track. But fans wanted to see closer racing and more overtaking – so F1 Lead Cloud Architect Ryan Kirk had a challenge ahead of him in designing a new F1 car. Hear how he and the F1 cloud team used the supercomputing power of AWS to overcome massive aerodynamic forces to speed up the design process and the race itself. 
When Netflix Bet On AWS

When Netflix Bet On AWS


Right from the start, Netflix understood the potential of the cloud and embraced AWS. But this wasn’t just one company using another’s services. There was a deep collaboration between Netflix and AWS that literally helped shape AWS and its services. We’ll hear the detailed, behind the scenes story of how Netflix helped make AWS from Adrian Cockcroft, tech adviser, former Netflix cloud architect and former AWS VP of Sustainability Architecture.
Amazon invented a holiday that’s now one of the biggest international shopping days in the world: Prime Day. What powers it and how do they use AWS? We take you behind the scenes with AWS’s own Vice President and Chief Evangelist Jeff Barr to talk millions of requests per second, billions of products sold, and demands on AWS that keep getting bigger each year. 
The Future of AI and AWS

The Future of AI and AWS


AI is much more than ChatGPT — and this week, we're diving into all things AWS and Artificial Intelligence. Join us as we go behind the scenes (and beyond the hype) with an exclusive interview with Ankur Mehrotra, general manager at AWS Machine Learning. We’ll also speak with analyst Benedict Evans about the bigger picture around AI and the future of business.
CloudFix has deciphered hundreds of thousands of AWS bills, and can sniff out problems, suggest solutions and improve cost optimization. Join gamemaster Hilary as Rahul and AWS enthusiast (and CloudFixer) Stephen Barr explain some of those "FinOps smells" by playing a game we're calling "The Price is Wrong."
David Heinemeier Hansson is no stranger to controversy. But recently, the co-owner and CTO of 37 Signals, the software company behind Basecamp, announced his companies are divesting themselves of cloud technology. We find out why as well as what companies committed to staying on the cloud can learn from his story.
Moderna, mRNA and AWS

Moderna, mRNA and AWS


Today, Moderna is a household name — but few people know the leading pharmaceutic and biotech company was born in the cloud. Join Rahul, Hilary, and Moderna's Carlos Peralta (Director of Data Engineering and Cloud Architecture) to hear how Moderna's lifesaving innovations depend on AWS and the cloud.
IaC has been around for over a decade but has only recently become common practice, thanks to the growth and adoption of the cloud itself. Looking to tame their sprawling infrastructure, developers returned to what they were most comfortable with: code. But code comes with its own problems. When it comes to IaC, however, people just aren't talking about all the pitfalls and the best practices like they do with code.In this episode, a conversation with the CTO for the CIO at IBM and published author, Kyle Brown.
Staffing your cloud team with the right resources is probably one of the most critical steps right now, and also possibly one of the hardest. Rahul and Hilary speak with folks at both ends of the spectrum -- Jared Reimer of Cascadeo and David Brassor from Accenture -- for solutions to finding, retaining and leveling up cloud talent.
Season 2 is here!

Season 2 is here!


AWS Insiders is back with season 2, launching April 17. Rahul and Hilary return to your ears with big names, top companies, and leading ideas from every aspect of the AWS world. They’ll dig deep into the stories and technology that matter to you most as an AWS customer. And they’ll be questioning assumptions, challenging ideas and of course, voicing strong opinions!
In this episode, do old school compliance rules from the data center have any business in the new school cloud? Is compliance in the cloud really like some version of Die Hard or Mission Impossible? Making it hard for Tom Cruise, hanging by a thread, to steal your data? Rahul invites Steven Woodward, CEO of Cloud Perspectives, to debate the growing friction between physical and non-physical security and compliance rules. 
In this episode, we are moving stacks. That’s right, bouncing, leaving the data center behind for a new life in the cloud. The only problem? You have to choose between two approaches. Do you wanna lift and shift (sounds very Schwarzenegger)?  Or do you wanna go fully cloud native (sounds very… Marianne Williamson)? Rahul and David Mee, Principal Consultant, Carbonite, debate the merits of building a skyscraper on top of a log cabin.Brought to you by CloudFix.
In this episode: conflict, controversy, subterfuge, secrecy. Most people we approached didn’t even want to speak on the record. What we want to know is: is AWS eating up the open source landscape? And, if so, is that a good or bad thing? Rahul, Hilary, and guest Matt Asay, Vice President, Partner Marketing, MongoDB, debate whether AWS is poaching or playing fair, when it comes to open source software from partners. 
High availability is an expectation in business today — and Rahul shudders to think about what parents (and kids) would do if Disney Plus or Youtube went down for 15 minutes. Joking aside, it’s the cloud: so why all the focus on old, complex disaster recovery solutions? In this episode, it’s High Availability vs. Disaster Recovery, and it’s Rahul vs. Eamonn O’Neill, a disaster recovery expert and Co-Founder and CTO of Lemongrass. This episode won’t be a disaster, but it is highly available on all podcast apps. 
Rahul is getting pretty tired of people chirping about the unfulfilled promises of serverless, as articulated by Corey Quinn. So he invited Jeremy Daly, host of the Serverless Chats podcast to set the record straight: “Corey is wrong,” says Rahul. Serverless is not going anywhere. It’s a journey, not an end goal. Tune in to hear the vibrant debate around just how far we’ve come from manual server management — and how far we still have to go.
Rahul says code no longer matters because it has such a short half-life. He is obsessed with cloud APIs instead. Says they are fully managed, more efficient and cheaper and they can help you get from a million lines of code down to 10 thousand per app. So Rahul invited Alex Hudson, CTO for hire, on the show to debate “to code or not to code.” That is this episode’s question.   
We had a lot of expectations for Dr. Werner Vogels’ re:Invent keynote and he delivered. Whether it was about advances in 3D design, data-informed simulation work, simplifying how to build and build fast, or just knowing how to tell a good story, Werner gave us a lot to chew. Dan Hopkins, VP of Engineering at Stackhawk, joins Hilary and Rahul to offer the engineers’ view on the Werner Matrix and wrap our coverage of this year’s conference. Let us know what you think at
Tuesday’s keynote from Swami Sivasubramanian - AWS VP of Data & Machine Learning, leaned much more into the “data” part than the “machine learning” part of his role. Data is a major theme at re:Invent this year. Rahul, Hilary and special guest Alex Kearns, AWS Consultant at Inawisdom (an AI/ML company), chat through why they think AWS is focused on data, and review their unfilled wish lists on further artificial intelligence and machine learning integration into the platform. Let us know what you think at
Great explorers through history defined the theme of Adam Selipsky's re:Invent Keynote this morning. But what caught Rahul and Hilary’s attention wasn’t what was being said, but what didn’t get explored on stage. Along with special guests J.R. Storment and Joe Daly from FinOps Foundation, they unpack Selipsky's announcements, and dive into what they wish they’d also heard. Let us know what you think at