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Aaptiv: At-Home Workouts
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Aaptiv: At-Home Workouts

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This is a tough time for everyone. We have curated our best sleep, meditation, and at-home classes and made them available for free. Stay safe. Workouts updated every week.
21 Episodes
This guided meditation is created to help ease you through some thoughts and practices on how to prioritize your mental health.
In this workout we will start with a 5 minute AMRAP. Yes I said it, 5 minutes!  Then we finish with 8 minutes of core. Build your self motivation and drive.  Come out sweatier and stronger
Work your lower body with this 18 minute strength class with bursts of cardio to keep your heart rate elevated.
This workout is a progressive flow. Build heat with a dynamic flow on the floor, and then move into sun salutations followed by a balancing sequence.
Yoga - Heal Your Mind

Yoga - Heal Your Mind


Let go of your daily stresses, practice finding the beauty in everything, experience gratitude. All shifting your mental state, allowing you to find inner peace, connect with your best self and allowing you to think and see clearer.
In this workout we will infuse some elements of boxing with strength and cardio moves to create a full body workout. You’ve got 10 exercises that you will perform for 2 rounds. Round 1 will be 40 seconds of work + 20 seconds rest. We will use the 20 seconds to recover and prepare for the next move. Round 2 will be a nonstop body attack, since you will already know what to do. Are you ready to work on those gains?
A peaceful sleep story that allows the mind to take a journey through a magical forest, distracting the thinking mind from the days worries and fears. Suitable for children and adults as a bedtime meditation.
Strength - Able AMRAP!

Strength - Able AMRAP!


In this quick core workout you’ll work song-to-song through 3 songs. In each song you’ll do two moves at different tempos. You’ll be encouraged to connect the movements with the beat of the music, leading to a connected, fun, and rhythmic experience! This workout is meant to boost your abdominal engagement, your circulation, and your mood!
Time to get fast and furious with these quick intervals! Each run is quicker than the last with the longest interval lasting 2 minutes. Use this as a part of your speed training and to diversify your running workout plans.
Strength - Quick Core

Strength - Quick Core


There are three solid circuits, 35 seconds on and 25 seconds rest. 9 various movements specific to strengthening your obliques, lower back, and overall core.
You know tabata and you love tabata...will you feel the same when we turn it up? This workout has three rounds of tabata won't run very long but you won't rest very long. Time to Turn It UP!
After a two song warm-up with drills, you’ll work song to song focusing on 30 second tempo, threshold, sprint, and recovery intervals! This is a Fartlek run, meaning you’ll be encouraged to retain a jogging pace for your recoveries instead of walking. This run is about celebrating the good in life, and is meant to leave you feeling energetic, enthusiastic, and strong!
This is a vinyasa flow taking on a full body approach with a centered stretch of the spine. A practice of breath, balance and postures leaving you feeling strong, stretched and balanced.
Make the most of 10 minutes with this high energy beat-based cardio meets strength training workout.
For a quick stretch and an energizing boost you can take this short and sweet workout using only the chair you are sitting in.
When we prioritize sleep we are prioritizing one of the things guaranteed to help us recover, not just physically, but emotionally. Release your body, breath, and mind to set yourself up for the deepest sleep.
This stretch is great to do at the end of the day to wind down and loosen up. Add this to your nightly routine for more restful sleep. Grab yourself a mat or a comfortable space and get ready for the perfect stretch before your perfect night's sleep.
We all carry so much stress in the head, neck, and shoulders. Use this 10 minute stretch whenever you need to get blood moving and find a sense of release. It’s great after a workout or in the middle of your work day. No props needed.
Workout at home in this full body compound movement workout to feel the full effect of your exercise. This is a great way to workout at home in 20 minutes and focus on bodyweight movements. Baby steps overtime to achieve big results.
Kick your core into high gear with this 10 minute workout. In each song, you’ll move with the beat and gradually progress in intensity.
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