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Author: Abby Llorico/5 On Your Side

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Abby Llorico tells the story of St. Louis based on what’s on the table. From the hunger for local ingredients, to the booming brunch scene and the craving for creative cocktails, Abby dives into the nitty-gritty of how St. Louis grew to become the foodie town that it is.

Abby Eats St. Louis is hosted by Abby Llorico of 5 On Your Side.
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We indulge in the stories of St. Louis’ sassiest businesswoman and two sandwich dudes who turned the city into a frozen cocktail oasis.This episode was first released on July 3, 2019.As a note to our listeners, this is the last Abby Eats St. Louis podcast episode that will be released. THANK YOU to everyone for all of your support over the years.Seize the Plate!
For more than 50 years, Lion’s Choice has specialized in delicious, fresh perfectly seasoned roast beef sandwiches. They were even named one of the best fast food chains in the country, according to Food and Wine magazine. We sit down with the company’s CEO to find out what made the guy literally give up his dream life to come run this company. Plus, we hold him to his pride… in St. Louis.This episode was first released on Jan. 9, 2020.
You can't have summer in St. Louis without serving up pork steak! So we're talking to some of the folks who do it best: Kenrick's Meats & Catering and Beast Craft BBQ. Why they say the staple cut is a St. Louis essential, how it came to be and how to do it better. This episode was first released on June 10, 2021.
On this episode, we’re going to introduce you to Fran Caradonna: the woman tapped to run Schlafly. Find out how coming up in a beer bro’s world made her such a boss babe, and her advice for ladies looking for a seat at the table.This episode was first released March 12, 2020.
There’s one place that truly celebrates the different cultures, nationalities and countries that thrive below the St. Louis flag: Global Food Market in Kirkwood. A Thai family runs the place. In their 30 years of entrepreneurship, the family’s always had a taste for the world. Hear how they keep a sense of food trends and palates from so far away. And, why someone who’s sampled so many of the world’s flavors still sees St. Louis as a great place to bring them all together.This episode first aired Jan. 30, 2020.
St. Louis is a heck of a beer town, and there are so many options to choose from. But sometimes you just want something more… spirited. We set out to do an episode about canned cocktails, but the story tasted so good, we couldn’t max out at 7%. So, we’re sipping on a little liquid courage to learn how the beer mecca of the Midwest is getting harder… as in, our drinks. And no, we’re not talking about those flavored seltzer waters here.This episode first aired Aug. 21, 2019.
It's long been called "St. Louis' Signature Sandwich," and now the sauce that really makes the Amighetti's Special is available in bottles. Now that you can take the sauce home with you, we decided to visit the home of Mrs. Amighetti herself. How the strong-willed woman invented it, how love became as much a part of her business strategy as her recipes, and what she says about the state of the restaurant today.This episode first aired on Sept. 3, 2020.
Before David and Jerri Hoffmann were developers investing (and making) money into transforming businesses and even communities, they were just a couple of kids from Washington, Missouri. Now, they're getting back to their roots and buying up new ones: the vineyards of Augusta, Missouri. Hear how they're planning on making the community an international destination, why they think even "wine snobs" will love what they have to offer and the one complaint they've heard from Augusta residents.This episode was first released on May 27, 2021.For a spring 2022 update on the progress happening in August, check out our recent coverage here.
Don't knock it 'til you try it — and when you try it, good luck putting it down. A hot salami sandwich from Gioia's Deli is a quintessential St. Louis food... that doesn't technically exist. Find out what we mean by that, plus how owner Alex Donley keeps the family business going 103 years in and why he's so excited about what they keep in the deli's safe.This episode originally aired on Feb. 18, 2021.
Abby Eats St. Louis is going back to school! We packed our backpacks and headed to a St. Louis area middle school where we knew we could find friends to let us sit at their table for lunch. We cut through the noise (a lot of noise) to hear what kids really think about middle school stereotypes, how changing guidelines have really changed their menus, plus the real scoop on the drama that actually happens in the lunch room.This episode originally aired Sept. 18, 2019.
Choosing between going out to eat and picking up something from the grocery has never been tastier, thanks to a partnership between Schnucks and local restauranteurs and purveyors. We'll tell you which celebrated St. Louis eats you can find in a grocery aisle near you, how the program came to be and what the plans are for the future. This episode originally aired Aug, 27, 2020.
"Nobody drinks gin, and you certainly can't open a gin bar in St. Louis – a beer and bourbon town." That's what Natasha Bahrami said she was told over and over again when she set out to open The Gin Room on South Grand in St. Louis nearly a decade ago – and thankfully, she didn't listen. Hear how her induction into the Global Gin Hall of Fame puts this city on the map, why non-drinkers have always been part of her business model, and what she can tell about your personality from your spirit of choice.This episode was first released July 15, 2021.Check out our story on Eater's 26 essential St. Louis restaurants:
An early oldie but a goodie! This was our first experience trying to record audio with a handheld mic in a warehouse, so give us some grace lol. Always one of our favorites because we got Red Hot Riplets t-shirts we both STILL get compliments on.This episode was first released Sept. 4, 2019.
This is a look back at the first episode of the ‘Abby Eats St. Louis’ podcast, we’re sticking to our roots. Literally… the ones in the ground. And learning about how the farm-to-table locavore movement is reshaping our food culture.
Plate seized

Plate seized


This one is bittersweet as host Abby Llorico prepares for a new adventure in Washington, D.C. But before she leaves she wanted to chat with the people who are working hard to cover and promote the St. Louis food scene on the world stage. George Mahe, Holly Fann and Cheryl Baehr dish on why STL is such a big food city and where it goes from here. This is our last new episode of Abby Eats St. Louis. We will still be in your podcast feeds for the next several weeks sharing our favorite episodes and updates, along with updates about how we'll continue to bring you interesting food stories at KSDK.THANK YOU to all the loyal listeners who’ve followed along, all the restaurant owners who’ve opened their doors and their hearts and all the hospitality industry folks who’ve shared their stories.Thank you for joining our table, be good, and as always Seize the Plate!To keep up with Abby, check out her Instagram here: for the latest food news and happenings in the St. Louis area, check
Gooey in St. Louie

Gooey in St. Louie


If it’s good, it’s gotta be gooey butter, an essential slice of this city’s food scene. Why a food historian says the recipe is so enduring — despite its variations — and why love is truly a special ingredient for some of our area’s favorite spots for the treats, plus where Abby will be getting her gooey butter fix soon.Then, we have your guide to Mardi Gras, Fish Fry season and the restaurants scoring top culinary awards in your food news and weekend planner!For more information on the James Beard Award semifinalists click here.For 5 On Your Side's Fish Fry Map click here.Follow us on Instagram for food news and updates all week: Abby Eats St. LouisContact us anytime by emailing next time... Seize the plate!
Must love T-Ravs

Must love T-Ravs


Meet STL's newest Toasted Masters: Matthew and Brittany, who are opening the city's very first toasted ravioli restaurant in the City Foundry. Hear how their idea was both years in the making and a product of the pandemic, what sets their t-ravs apart, and their unconventional advice for starting a business with your spouse.Abby taste tests a new restaurant in town, and Dori invites a gold-medalist over for chili. The weekend planner is here to help you celebrate the best things of February, doggos welcome. This episode is STUFFED!Follow us on Instagram for food news and updates all week: Abby Eats St. LouisContact us anytime by emailing next time... Seize the plate!
From the ground up

From the ground up


If you're trying to eat healthier in 2022, but just don't know where to start: how about the earth? We sit down with the cofounder of a growing new St. Louis business, Rootberry, which aims to help you eat healthier and make plant-based choices easier. How he believes meatless meals will change the world, what the company doesn't want you to do, and how St. Louis is just the beginning.Plus, we have a weekend planner to get you out of the house — and yes, puppies are involved.For more details on the fundraiser for The Very Asian Foundation, click here.Follow us on Instagram for food news and updates all week: Abby Eats St. LouisContact us anytime by emailing next time... Seize the plate!
A #VeryAsian new year

A #VeryAsian new year


Dumplings: they're delicious, they're considered good luck in many cultures....and they're not ok, according to one 5 On Your Side Viewer. How anchor Michelle Li took an angry call and launched a movement, what we're all learning about talking about food, and how you can eat a #VeryAsian meal around St. Louis this week. Follow us on Instagram for food news and updates all week: Abby Eats St. Louis Make your own snow ice cream with this recipe from Check out more of Michelle's story on, and watch a recent special "Race: Listen. Learn. Live." featuring both Abby and Michelle, talking about AAPI experiences in St. Louis today. Contact us anytime by emailing us Stay warm out there, and seize the plate!
Sandwiches can be emotional, sparking fierce debates and drawing intense loyalty. Don’t believe us? Guess you haven’t been online in awhile! Today, we'll introduce you to Joe and Mike, two of the three brothers behind a popular Facebook group that's guaranteed to get your stomach rumbling. How the south county natives have created a community of thousands in just a few months in ‘Sandwich Connoisseurs of St. Louis.’ Our musings on why the group has become so hot, and the next ideas it’s fueling. Plus, we have a very STL-beer-scene-centric edition of the food news roundup, and the weekend events to help you embrace or escape the wintery weather. For more on Gioia's recent sandwich recognition, check out our coverage here! Follow us on Instagram for food news and updates all week: Abby Eats St. Louis Contact us anytime by emailing Until next time... Seize the plate!