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Author: Lauren Standley

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Lauren, a correctional officer by day and the founder of Abnormal Arkansas by night, delves into stories of haunted locations, urban legends, true crime and the unexplained across Arkansas and the Mississippi Delta states.
4 Episodes
Tonight...we are taking a step out of Arkansas and a step into the wonderful state of Louisiana. This episode covers the plantation home that has earned the title of "The Most Haunted Home in America." Why don't you stay for the night?
Hello strangers! Go on a true crime journey with me this week as I discuss Arkansas's notorious serial killer, Ronald Gene Simmons... a truly twisted piece of garbage who decided to murder his entire family.
Hello strangers! Welcome to the first official episode of the Abnormal Arkansas podcast. This week, I am discussing the history of "America's Most Haunted Hotel," the Crescent Hotel of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Book a night at the Crescent.. if you don't want to sleep alone.
Well hello strangers! Welcome to the world of Abnormal Arkansas! Enjoy this mini introduction episode explaining how Abnormal Arkansas was born.
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