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The packers were pretty banged up coming into this game with 5 starters out.  Davante Adams put on a show with almost 200 yards receiving and 2 TDs.  Aaron Rodgers had 4 TDs/no INTs and the defense actually showed up for this game. OFFENSE: The Packers once again scored on their first possession of the game - they have been a machine to start every game this year. The Packers were missing Aaron Jones, Alan Lazard, Tyler Ervin & David Bhaktiari but the offense still was humming for the most part. The play where Jace Sternberger caught a short TD on the goal line was one of Lefluer's best goal line calls since he became the Packers head coach - it was perfect. We got a decent look at rookie AJ Dillon in this game and he was ok. Jamal Williams might be the most underrated player on the Packers roster - he is outstanding in his role. The offensive line held up remarkably well given they were missing their all-pro left tackle.  Billy Turner did very well after being named the interim LT. I have no idea what the Texans secondary was doing in terms of guarding Davante Adams because he absolutely destroyed them this game. DEFENSE: The defense actually played pretty well this game - the final score was not as close at it was in the end. Preston Smith finally showed up and made a few plays.  The stop of Jackson on 4th down was easily his best play of the season that has basically been a disappointment for him. Mike Pettine looks like a Florida retirement community version of the Batman villain "bane". Kamal Martin got his first snaps this season after coming off of short term IR.  He looked pretty darn good in his first game. It will be very interesting to see how he develops this year if he stays healthy. SPECIAL TEAMS: It was not a banner day for the punting/kicking game.  JK Scott had a punt blocked and the kicking team unit completely biffed on an onside kick at the end of the game that made the game tighter than it should have been. PREDICTIONS vs. VIKINGS: Andy 31-17 Packers Jeremy 30-16 Packers Elliot 35-7 Packers  
Packers jumped out to a 10 point lead in the first quarter dominating time of possesion, but then Rodgers explicably threw a pick six and then another interception on the next drive that led to a touchdown and a quick TB 14-10 lead mid 2nd quarter.  The pick six was the beginning of the end led to a complete collapse by the offense and defense.  The packers can feast on mediocre/bad teams but they get their pants pulled down way too often against upper tier teams. Far too often they are not even competitive. OFFENSE: Guys got pretty banged up early - Tonyan and Irvin both went out in the first quarter. Tyler Irvin got hurt early and basically all pre-snap motion disappeared. Rodgers - who was playing out of his mind coming into this game, threw INTs on back to back series, with one going for a pick six...very odd. Rodgers then missed a WIDE OPEN Marcedes Lewis for what would have been an easy, long TD. Rodgers was lost the entire 2nd quarter and the remainder of the game - LOST. Rodgers was getting pressured on almost every snap from the 2nd quarter on - that didn't help anything. Trying to look at some trends that are showing up with Lefluer - lots of good trends, but here are a couple bad ones: Multiple HORRID, non-competitive losses on the road. Not figuring out how to get Davante Adams to help the offense when he comes back from injury. David Bhaktiari suffered a "chest injury" in the 3rd quarter, which effectively ended any chance of keeping the game close, let alone winning it. DEFENSE: The defense actually started the game with a 3 and out of Tom Brady - I almost fainted. The pick six on Rodgers and additional interception did not help the defense, but they stunk today again. 104 year old Rob Gronkowski destroyed the packers defense - it was embarassing. Tom Brady was NEVER under duress - basically played the game clean without having to deal with any pressure. The safety play on this team is not good...what else is there to say? Josh Jackson was AWFUL - commited a +40 yard PI penalty in the end zone and gave up an easy TD to a rookie WR for Tampa Bay.  He should not be playing any meaningful snaps anymore, but Kevin King was injured so he was forced to. It is stunning to see how much better and faster the linebackers are/were for Tampa Bay.  They were flying all over the place and running so fast sideline to sideline. SPECIAL TEAMS: Nothing to report here, except that Tyler Irvin got hurt. Texans Predictions Andy 30-24 (Packers) Elliot 35-15 (Packers) Jeremy 33-28 (Packers)
The Packers came into this game pretty banged up actually - Davante Adams was held out of this game moreso for precautionary measures (and they were playing the Falcons) and Kenny Clark still remained out for the 3rd straight week with a groin injury.  Alan Lazard is also out for at least 3-4 weeks with a core injury. In the end the Packers dispatched Atlanta to the tune of 30-16 dropping the Falcons to 0-4. OFFENSE: Aaron Rodgers remains razor sharp - he's playing at an MVP level right now.  Missing his top two WRs, Rodgers relied heavily on his RBs and TEs and they delivered. Aaron Rodgers has 13 touchdowns, zero interception and the offense has commited ZERO turnovers the entire year - amazing.  Rodgers SHOULD have 16 touchdowns, simply due to WR/TE drops too. Big Bob Tonyan had a breakout game, catching 3 Touchdowns. He is their TE 1 right now, with Jace Sternberger basically a distant TE 2. Aaron Jones and Jamal Williams are running great AND catching passes like WRs. Williams had an incredible catch along the sidelines where he looked like a full blown WR. Opposing defenses should be scared to think about what this team will look like after the bye with the offense kicking butt and Davante Adams will be back. DEFENSE: The Falcons have a good offense, so the defense holding them to 16 points should be viewed as a win. Julio Jones was banged up for most if not all the game so that helped our defense. However, our defense held Calvin Ridley to ZERO catches - that is great. Mike Pettine plays way too much zone - what is going to be done about this?  Play some man defense at least some of the time. Jaire Alexander had a great game - he's a borderline superstar CB in the league.  However, Adrian Amos probably had the play of the game on defense with a last second TD pass break up to Calvin Ridley in the end zone. SPECIAL TEAMS: Mason Crosby still hasn't missed a field goal, but he did miss an extra point - that was a little weird. JK Scott was on the injury report coming with illness(?) He ended up playing but only punted 2 times I think without any incident. BYE WEEK: Get Healthy Get Healthy Get Healthy
This was supposed to be the first "real" test for the Packers this season as it was on the road against a perennial NFC power, that being the New Orleans Saints.  It did not disappoint, as the game itself was back and forth with a lot of lead changes.  Ultimately the Packers are and were the better team as they prevailed even without their #1 WR Davante Adams. Matt Lefleur is now 16-3 as the Packers head coach - the best start to any Packers' coaches career in the history of the franchise.  He appears to be the real deal. OFFENSE: Aaron Rodgers is playing lights out football - he is getting the ball out MUCH quicker and dumping it off a lot more. He's got 9 TDs and no interceptions...he would be the early favorite for MVP if Russel Wilson wasn't breaking NFL records Wilson is really the only other QB playing better than Rodgers 3 weeks in. The amount of pre-snap motion and misdirection that the Packers have adopted post-Mike McCarthy is stunning. In reality the Packers are just keeping up with the rest of the league, which shows how stale and predictable MM's offense had become late in his tenure. Jace Sternberger finally showed up and caught a couple big passes - he desperately needed it and this offense could really use a threat in the middle of the field. Aaron Jones was good, not great, but he was fine.  The offense did miss not having Davante Adams, but the other WRs stepped up and played solid if not spectacular football. The Packers went for it on 4th down a few times in this game, once on the goal line.  I believe they were 2-3 on 4th down.  Again, more stuff that MM would never do. The one area where the Packers need to improve on offense is the red zone - they are kicking ass between the 20s, but when they get to the red zone they are not sharp yet.  Way too many wasted plays or just plain poor play calling. DEFENSE: The defense basically played bend but don't break football, which is probably the best we can hope for. Alvin Kamara is an incredible running back...he is fun to watch.  Aaron Jones is really good, but Kamara is even better.  It's hard for us to say that being a Packers fan but it's true. Drew Brees is washed up - the offense basically consisted of getting the ball to Kamara by any means necessary.  Brees cannot throw a pass longer than 10 yards right now. The run defense is not good, it's not god awful but without Kenny Clark they really don't stand much of a chance. The Smith bros. have had a very ho-hum start to this year, probably more a product of teams running vs. passing so neither of them can completely pin their ears back and rush the QB. Z'darius is being exploited in the run game - teams run right at him and he gets washed out way too frequently. Jaire Alexander is SO close to becoming great, but he drops every INT thrown his way it seems and he inexplicably gives up easy long passes too often. ILB is in big trouble...Christian Kirksey left with an injury so they have two guys named Dave playing ILB right now - yuck. SPECIAL TEAMS: This unit has been very solid and consistent to start the year.  JK Scott has only had to punt a handful of times and Crosby has made every field goal. Hooray! PREDICTIONS HALF-TIME: Andy: 24-17 Packers Jeremy: 20-17 Falcons Elliot: 17-14 Falcons PREDICTIONS FINAL: Andy: 35-24 Packers  Jeremy: 37-34 Packers Elliot: 42-17 Packers  
APP #63 - The Lyin' Lions

APP #63 - The Lyin' Lions


Game flow was very weird to start - the Packers defense looked like their usual self and gave up 2 TDs on the first two drives.  Rodgers and the offense kept up for a bit, then the damn broke and a Packers victory was basically sealed when Packers CB Chandon Sullivan had a pick six at the Detroit goal line early in the 3rd quarter. Also: Matt Patricia looks like a human nesting doll on the sidelines. Andy quickly sent a Slack message "miss it you asshole" a second before the lions kicker missed his kick to close out the first half...a new tradition was born. OFFENSE: Offense started off well and actually went for a fourth-and-long on the first drive where Rodgers threaded the needle to Allan Lazard. The offense through 2 games looks pretty good - spreading the ball around to a lot of different folks and showing a lot of pre-snap motion. MVS had an overall solid start to the game but got crunched by a safety on an incompletion late in the 2nd quarter. Jace Sternberger had two awful drops in this game...he's had a terrible start to his 2nd season. DEFENSE: The defense, collectively, is a big, big problem this year already only 2 weeks in to the season. The Packers simply do not have the collective horses on defense to get things done so Pettine MUST do some scheming, which he simply has not done. He plays so much zone's as if he doesn't trust his own players (maybe he doesn't?) Defense allowed a wide open 29 yard passing gain on the 3rd play of the game. Yuck. The first big stop of the game for the defense came on 3rd and 25(!) The loss of Kenny Clark will loom large if he is out more than one week. Rashan Gary flashed in the late 3rd/4th Quarter - Packers look to still be easing him in but he is improving and he is quick. SPECIAL TEAMS: Not much to report here other than this unit has been very solid to start the year. JK Scott punted very well today, and Mason Crosby kicked a couple field goals without issue. Predictions: Andy: 30-24 Packers Jeremy: (is Michael Thomas Playing?) Yes: 37-30 Saints No: 27-23 Packers Elliot: 27-24 Saints
Year two of the Matt LaFleur era started off surprisingly well putting up 43 points on the road against a division opponent. Let's not kid ourselves though - it wasn't exaclty a "hostile environment" considering there were ZERO fans in the stands due to Covid 19 restrictions. OFFENSE: The offense started with an 8 minute drive that ended in a field goal. Hell they threw in a reverse on the opening drive too. Aaron Rodgers was a man possessed today - he finished with 4 passing TDs and should have had a 5th but Davante Adams dropped a short quick slant on the goal line earlier in the game. Speaking of Rodgers: he had at least 2 (if not 3) unbelievable, vintage Rodgers throws in this game.  An absolute dart to Davante for a TD in the end zone and a scrambling bullet to a tiny window to Allan Lazard.  Outside of Patrick Mahomes, nobody in the league can make those throws. MVS was and is an enigma - the guy had a brillant long TD catch and then had back to back absolutely brutal drops right off his hands.  Rodgers continued to feed him though and he had a couple more nice catches because of that. Davante Adams played great, save for his dropped TD.  He is easily the best WR on this team and he may very well be a top 3 WR in the league right now. Packers RBs caught an array of short passes too. Honestly, it's good to see alot of screens and dump offs from Rodgers at this point in his career. The running game was serviceable, which is a bit odd because I think we all thought that the Packers would lean on the run game heavily vs. passing.  However, with Aaron Rodgers on fire and slinging it all over the joint you don't mess with that formula. DEFENSE: The defense started off basically where they left off to end the season last year - they could not stop anyone running the ball with Vikings. In fact, they gave up an easy, quick 2 minute touchdown drive right after the Packers ate up 8 minutes to start the game. Jaire Alexander played well - he had a delayed blitze early that resulted in a safety on Kirk Cousins and he had an INT later in the game as well.  He did give up a TD to Adam Thielen late in the game. Kenny Clark injured his groin early in the game and did not return - if that is a multiple week injury the packers are in even more trouble with their run defense because Clark is easily their best D-lineman and he might be their overall best defensive player. Darnell Savage is an enigma - he has his moments but so far he hasn't lived up to his draft status.  They need better play out of him. SPECIAL TEAMS: Not much of anything to report here, which is a good thing I guess.  Crosby made a couple field goals and the coverage and return units seemed ok. PREDICTIONS: J 30-24 Packers, A 30-21 Packers, E 24-21 Packers
The Packers are now 14-3 and playing this coming week for the right to go to the Super Bowl - UNBELIEVABLE! The Packers are the DREAM WARRIORS! This was a great home game at Lambeau Field on a cold but calm Sunday evening in Green Bay. Andy and Elliot were lucky enough to be able to get a ticket and see the game live! Andy's Usher Story: As a side note, there was an usher that told our entire section in the 3rd quarter that we had to sit back down when every play was over Some old crotchety fans behind us were complaining non-stop... I (Andy) have never experienced this at a Packer game at was ridiculous. Seattle came into this game pretty banged up and they got down early. The Packers went up by 3 scores going into halftime. Brian Bulaga was a last-minute scratch due to the flu. He was like the 9th guy on the team that was on the injury report this past week because of the flu Back-up swing tackle Jared Veldheer was called upon and played great The Packers should have gotten the ball back immediately after their first touchdown early in the first quarter after they forced a Seahawks fumble, but the officials couldn't determine who had possession of the fumble after reviewing the play...whatever the hell that means. Davante Adams had a fantastic game with two long touchdown catches. He is an exquisite route runner - it's pretty special to watch him off the line of scrimmage. Davante might be emerging as the 2nd coming of Jordy Nelson, in that he and Rodgers have developed all-world just the right time. Jimmy "Ed West" Graham had the game of his life for the Packers.  He had 4 catches, and 3 of them went for big 1st downs.  Great to see him show up when it really mattered. Aaron Rodgers had a QB sneak for a big first down late in the game - his first QB sneak in a long, long time. Za'darius Smith had another great game, however, his partner Preston Smith might have had the defensive play of the game (or season) with his big third-down sack of Russell Wilson late in the 4th quarter. J'aire Alexander had a GREAT 2 point conversion "sack" late in the 4th quarter as well. The 2nd half saw Russell Wilson take over the game - he scored 3 straight TDs in the 2nd half by masterful play, escaping the rush and just making plays. Jeremy's Packers v. San Francisco Game Plan: Keep Adams away from Richard Sherman Other backs are very beatable Susceptible against the run The Packers HAVE to run ...but go with what's hot! Andy asked whether Rodgers should retire. Predictions: Andy: Packers will score less than 30 points. 24-2 Packers Jeremy: 26-24 49ers 😨 Elliot: 17-16 Packers 💚💛
The Packers moved to 10-3 (can you believe it?!) after narrowly beating the hapless Washington Redskins 20-15 at Lambeau Field. Andy attended this snoozefest (errr game) at Lambeau Field. The weather was beautiful for this time of year... The game was a mess in terms of the Packers' offense. Yikes. It's pretty amazing that this team is 10-3...I (Andy) picked them to be 8-8 at best - the fact that they have 10 wins with 3 games left in the season is astounding, in a good way! The offense has morphed into a Frankenstein version of the old late-term McCarthy offense with some things sprinkled in with Aaron Jones...more often than not the offense has looked completely out of sorts. The 800 lb gorilla in the room is the play of Aaron Rodgers - we can't really tell where his sub-par play ends or begins, but Rodgers hasn't been playing well for at least a month. Rodgers missed a streaking Jimmy "Ed West" Graham (lol) on a throw that would have been a TD. He also missed a wide open Aaron Jones on a wheel route later in the game. He refuses to take the short dump off's becoming a big concern. Geronimo Allison is not long for this team - he has been a major disappointment this season. He's been worse than pedestrian this year. The defense actually did it's job this week...they weren't lights out but they more than held their own. The special teams kick/punt return game FINALLY woke up...they are back to positive yardage for the season! JK Scott punted well for the 2nd straight game...Mason Crosby continues to kick at a pro-bowl level as well. Predictions for Packers vs. Bears: Jeremy: 19-16 Andy: 17-14 Elliot: 17-10
9-3 is pretty darn good all things considered. Unfortunately wasn't game isn’t going to tell us anything unless they lost. Even a blowout win tells us nothing. The Packers did score a TD on their first possession, which was nice to see. It was a game that saw Aaron Jones mis-used (again) for whatever reason - granted he couldn't get much going in the ground game but given conditions the Packers should have just kept pounding him but they didn't.  They continue this odd thing where they have one offensive series with Aaron Jones, then they pull him and give the next series to Jamal Williams Speaking of Jamal Williams - he played very well, he always plays hard no matter what is at stake. Brian Bulaga played a week after an MCL sprain and played pretty well - very impressive. Davante Adams quietly has 3 touchdowns in the last 3 games after having zero for basically the entire season (although he was hurt for a number of games). Alan Lazard had a nice game with a big 3rd down catch and he had a long TD reception too.  He is the team's defacto No. 2 WR Geronimo Allison had a couple catches but he is very frustrating to watch - there was a sideline pass that went right through his hands - you've got to catch that! David Bakhtiari is having a down year - he had his 12th penalty today on offense. Not exactly all-pro... This defense leaves so much to be desired - they basically have had all 11 preferred starters for the entire year and they rank in the bottom 1/4 of the league in every major defensive category.  Don't let the 31-13 score fool you - this is a terrible Giants team and the Packers defense was their usual self for about 3 full quarters. Kevin King is an incredibly inconsistent player - he flashes a lot of potential, but gives up way too many big plays considering it is his 3rd year in the league.  He is what he is at this point - inconsistent. Kenny Clark played better today and had a great 3 yard run stuffing TFL in the 1st quarter.  They desperately need him to emerge down the stretch. Mason Crosby is having a very good year, good for him - the rest of his unit is shitting the bed every week.  ST is a disaster JK Scott had a much better game today vs. his past 3-4 games.  Good to see him punt well in crappy weather too as he has struggled with that in his first two years in the league. Predictions: Andy 27-17 Elliot 28-14
The APP gang had some personal stuff to attend to during the past few weeks, but we're back at it! The Packers suffered a humiliating defeat the weak prior against the LA Chargers - a game which saw them get their asses handed to them in all 3 phases of the game...the beginning of this game saw them pick up right where they left off with a flat first quarter full of pre-snap penalties, mistakes or whatever. The Packers defense is a real concern right now - the unit that was dominating the first 3 weeks has been replaced with a defense that is hemorrhaging yards and explosive plays. The run defense was not solved. Game predicated Carolina to pass more in the second half. The run defense needs to work at keeping down and distance in their favor. The defense needs a yard to convert situations to set up pass rush which is their best asset. Defense dedicated manpower to stop the run. Lancaster and Goodson were in on the majority of early downs. Kevin King plays zone while the rest of the D plays man. WTF? The Packers can't cover a tight end to save their lives - crossing routes are always, always wide open vs. this defense. The offense got going with the now lethal 1-2 punch of Aaron Jones + Jamal Williams at RB. Aaron Jones leads the league in TDs - 14 this year already! He is a GAM. Rodgers did miss wide-open receivers. Davante Adams might be the best route runner in the NFL - he is sooooo smooth off the line and breaks CBs' ankles all the time.  Good to have him back. Speaking of Receivers: Geronimo Allison and MVS have completely disappeared in the passing offense. Jace Sternberger played a decent amount and actually help up ok in run blocking.  He was just recently activated of the IR return designation Rodgers downfield touch is suspect. Bahktiari is playing hurt. He needs to get healthy. Special teams coverage units on special teams still are a concern. The Packers have NEGATIVE YARDAGE on punt returns this year - that is beyond pitiful.
APP #57 - We're 3-0!

APP #57 - We're 3-0!


Jeremy, as always, had a great recap HERE. Andy was actually at this game at Lambeau Field, his first since attending the Packers vs. Vikings last year. It was rainy and dreary for basically the entire contest but the conditions weren't bad enough to inhibit any game plans from either team. The Packers scored a TD on a free-play/offsides on the opening series, with Rodgers connecting with MVS for a long touchdown in the endzone. The Packers had a sort of bend but not break approach to their defense against the Broncos, but they did give up two +7 minute TD drives. The Packers' run defense has been suspect vs. the Vikings and needs to be shored up quickly Andy counted at least 15 missed tackles midway through the third quarter - they probably had +20 missed tackles in the entire game(!) On a super-positive note: Jaire Alexander is an all-pro CB right now - he is incredible. 1st Round Pick Rashan Gary had his first sack and he had a fumble recovery. The Packers have a speed & talent issue on offense and it reared it's ugly head in this game: Davante was double-teamed and had a pedestrian game (Zero TD's in the first 3 games this season) MVS constantly teases us, but he was basically 0-3 on plays in this game that could have allowed him to take the next step Jimmy Graham is worthless and might be in the top 3 of overpaid players in the entire NFL - he really should be benched at this point, regardless of his $12MM salary. Geronimo Allison is who he is - a UDFA receiver who struggles to get open Rodgers himself hasn't had a hot start to the season, he needs to play better as well.  We've seen glimpses of greatness but on the whole the entire offense has been massively inconsistent. Misc Stuff: I (Andy) took notice of the crowd at Lambeau and how they interacted when prompted to "get loud" while the Packers' defense was on the field - while improved, the crowd could still be better. The jumbotron screens both showed "The Smith brothers" trying to get the crowd amped up on 3rd down, etc. -it's pretty amazing how quickly Za-darius Smith & Preston Smith have endeared themselves to the Packers and the city of Green's fantastic. JK Scott is officially a weapon for this team - he has had an incredible start to the season. Eagles @ Packers Predictions: Elliot 24-21 Packers Win Andy 24-17 Packers Win Jeremy 20-15 Packers Win
The Packers are 2-0 to start the year AND 2-0 in the division...that is a very pleasant surprise! The Packers started this game on a break-neck pace offensively jumping out to a 21-0 lead on 3 straight TD drives, 2 passing and one rushing. While the Packers are 2-0, much of their early success has been because of their defense.  The offense is maddeningly inconsistent and still needs a ton of work. This was the exact opposite start when compared to the previous game against the Bears where the Packers' offense had MINUS 17 yards of offense on their first 3 drives in that game(!) Everything on offense basically went away after the first quarter...there were stalled drives, poor play calling, turnovers, you name it and it happened from the 2nd quarter deep into the 4th quarter... The Packers' defense played pretty well, but they did give up a few big plays: Long rushing TD to Dalvin Cook on a really poor tackling angle taken by Darnell Savage Long TD pass to Stephon Diggs, the ball probably should've been intercepted by Jaire Alexander but it went right through his hands and into the waiting arms of Diggs for a TD. The Packers offense did their defense no favors by going 3 and out on almost every drive after the first quarter (It seemed they went 3 and out). ODDS & ENDS: Raven Greene was lost to season-ending IR There were like 3-4 OPI calls in this particular game, 3 of them on the Vikings alone with one call negating a touchdown - I don't recall seeing a game with that many of those types of calls on offense in a long, long time. Kirk Cousins is terrible - had the Vikings had competent QB play they win this game...Cousins missed 2 or 3 wide open throws and also threw an absolutely terrible INT on 1st and goal late in the game. The Packers offense has struggled for years on short-yardage situations - they are NOT a run-blocking offensive line but both MM and LeFleur seem to think that they can pound their RB into the line on 3rd-1 or rarely if ever works. Jimmy Graham continues to be left alone to block defensive ends 1-on-1 for reasons that astound - he is a mediocre blocking TE at best, why oh why do they continue to ask him to single-block elite rushers?!  Jimmy Graham has a huge cap number on this team and he is well past his prime - his contract makes no sense. LG Layne Taylor was pulled a few times to allow Elgton Jenkins some playing time - Taylor might not be long as the starter and for good reason...he is getting bulldozed way too much. Breaking: Sources: Steelers get DB Fitzpatrick from 'Fins Shout-out to MIKE JACQUART; author of "A Century of Excellence: 100 Greatest Packers Of All Time" book) We were going to bring Mike on, but we had some last-minute technical difficulties... A Century of Excellence: 100 Greatest Packers Of All Time" was self-published in May 2019. It was written by Mike Jacquart and designed by Shawn Williams. It is designed as an easy-to-read book for all types of Packers fans. In conjunction with the Packers' and now NFL's 100th season, A Century of Excellence: 100 Greatest Packers Of All Time features snapshots of the 100 greatest Packers ever, while also noting the accomplishments of other standout Packers, including unsung players, special team greats, and others. An A-Z list of nearly all Packers past-to-present, trivia, and other surprises are included! Buy on Amazon: Facebook Page:
The Bears had quite a hyped-up offseason and managed to only put up 3 points(!) against what, at first glance, appears to be an actual, competent NFL defense by the Packers! Jeremy had a great recap HERE. The Packers' offense on the other hand, needs A LOT of work - their first three drives netted a grand total of NEGATIVE 17 yards or something. Let's face it - this game (for the offense) was basically the 5th pre-season game. Aaron Rodgers looked pretty darn average for most of the game, his mechanics and footwork are still really suspect for whatever reason... The collective offensive line, save for Brian Bulaga, had a rough night against the formidable Bears defensive front.  Some of this is to be expected, but Layne Taylor got lit up all night and even David Bhaktiari gave up a few pressures. Aaron Jones was kept in check all night - he ran for maybe 30 yards the whole game Davante Adams was, at times, TRIPLE COVERED by the Bears.  Somebody else has got to get open outside of Adams - it didn't happen last night.  They have a huge drop off in talent & speed at WR after Adams...that could be a problem as the season rolls on. Back to the defense: Zadarius Smith was an absolute beast - early returns are very positive. The safety play might have been the best it has been since the days of Nick Collins.  Adrian Amos and Darnell Savage were everywhere and playing really fast. Kenny Clark is going to get PAAAAAAAIIIIIIIDDDDD and very soon - he made one play where he was in the backfield tackling the RB as the snap happened(!) Blake Martinez had a really good game too. Special teams: JK Scott might have been the highlight of the game, which isn't good on one level since he's your punter but he was money - booming punts all over the place and switching field position with relative ease for the Packers' defense Crosby made a field goal! Other stuff: Mitch Trubisky stinks - he can't throw to his left to save his life and his overall accuracy is extremely suspect Why oh why does Aaron Rodgers continue to run the play clock to zero before he snaps the ball - it's killing the rhythm of the offense and gives an unnecessary advantage to defenses... League stuff: Antonio Brown basically worked his way from the Steelers to the Patriots sort of like Brett Favre worked his way to the Vikings in 2009.  It is absolutely sinful that the Patriots continue to get great (albeit head case) players from other teams who make stupid PP has to stop at some point.  Inept teams and owners continue to basically enable the Patriots. Speaking of the patriots - they are absolutely loaded AGAIN this year and crushed the steelers 33-3 last night on SNF.  That team is playing Chess while everyone else in the league is playing checkers. The Dolphins are terrible.  They got beat 59-10 yesterday and apparently, half the players have requested that their agents seek trades to other teams ? The Vikings looked pretty good the other day - their running game is really, really good - should be a good test for the Packers and the new look defense.
It's Bears Week! The roster is basically set going into the first game - thoughts on the final cutdown, waiver wire pick-ups, etc? Deshone Kizer was cut in favor of Tim Boyle - they are only carrying 2 QBs into the season Darrius Shepherd made the roster over Allen Lazard Packers traded for ILB Darrius Shepherd from the Giants! Sam Ficken got cut so the Packers are going with Mason Crosby at Kicker J'mon Moore (WR) a 2nd-year draft pick got cut Rookie TE Jace Sternberger was placed on IR today Matt Lefleur is getting tired of the media narrative about giving Rodgers the ability to audible at the line in the new offensive system.  He had a little "dust-up" with the local beat reporter crew today. Vegas odds are being pretty generous to the Packers (probably due to Aaron Rodgers), but the Bears are picked to win this game
#53 Wonky in Winnipeg

#53 Wonky in Winnipeg


• 3rd pre-season game is in the books!   - Packers lost to the raiders, but who cares…   - that game should never have been played and was a disaster   - The field had issues with turf coming up in the end zones only hours before the game   - not a good look for the NFL   - Andy watched the game (believe it or not) he actually watched the whole thing too!   - There were a fair amount of injuries in the game     + ESB suffered a severe ankle injury and will be out 4-6 weeks     + Rashan Gary suffered what looked like a neck stinger or something to that effect he has had a VERY nondescript pre season thus far     Jeremy's blog post about Gary:     Andy's wrote a blog post about the field conditions: • Josh Jones was released the other day   - This wasnʼt all that surprising but itʼs still very disappointing   - he was a 2nd round pick just like Jayson Spriggs   - While very athletic, he was a tweaner at his position (ILB or Safety) and it became obvious that Pettine/Lefleur didnʼt trust him in the defense • Dexter Williams, 6th round pick, looks very good except he canʼt catch the ball   - something Lefleur REALLY wants in his RBs.   - Tra Carson is ahead of Williams on the depth chart as the 3rd RB   - not good for Williams at the moment  • Tim Boyle   - he played half way decent in the raiders game   - not sure what that means though  • Kizer   - Had one great throw where he led a receiver really well   - other than that he was his usual inconsistent self  • WR discussion   - Trevor Davis is having a really nice camp     + He played well and had two great catches in the Raiders preseason game     + He looks great as a returner too   - Jake Kumerow is an enigma     + heʼs savvy and gets open     + if he is anything more than your No. 3 WR that doesnʼt say much   - Darrius Shepherd should make the roster     + Heʼs not the fastest but he is very smooth     + I would take him over J'Mon Moore (Andy) • ILB is a serious concern - lather, rinse & repeat   - Blake Martinez is their best player, but heʼs still average   - Injuries have left a huge dearth of talent at the opposite ILB spot • BONUS!!!   -   - full, complete hi-res Packer Photoshop image for the opening game against the Bears!
First pre-season game is in the books! Packers won 28-26 but what does that really mean lol I (Andy) didnʼt even watch the game - had other commitments Oren Burks has a torn pectoral muscle and will likely be lost for the season(!) No other significant injuries to speak of Jason Spriggs got cut - he was a HUGE bust of a pick This wasnʼt all that surprising but itʼs still very disappointing He really seemed like a canʼt miss type of draft pick - it just goes to show how fickle the NFL draft really is. Both starting RBs are hurt, although Aaron Jones returned to practice today Dexter Williams, 6th round pick, looks very good except he canʼt catch the ball - something Lefleur REALLY wants in his RBs. The most impressive player during all of training camp so far is probably Danny Vitale - the fullback lol   Aaron Rodgers isnʼt a fan of joint practices & Trevor Davis got injured on a live kick-off return drill during one these joint practices There seems to be this goofy narrative that LeFleur & Aaron Rodgers are feuding lol Apparently the Packers were in the running to trade for the Ravenʼs kicker
#51 Oh, Hi, Zoë!

#51 Oh, Hi, Zoë!


Packers released their financials the other day, highlights include:  Profit from operations fell from $34 million a year ago to just $724,000 for the fiscal year that ended on March 31, 2019, a decline of 98%. While revenues increased a healthy $23 million (5%), expenses grew at a substantially greater rate.  An increase of more than $56 million in expenses (13%) was due mainly to three factors – significant player contracts, the overhaul of the coaching staff, and the teamʼs obligations to the concussion liability reserve, which funds the legal settlement being drawn upon by former players.  Total revenues reached $477.9 million, with total expenses at $477.2 million. Davante Adams - is he a true, elite WR or did Rodgers make him? Lots of talk about the Packers having the best pass-blocking Offensive line in the league, with DBhak being the best LT in the league…thoughts? Fascinating article by Greg Bedard about the Patriots not asking a lot of their rookies in the BB era:  “Patriots draft picks, even if they're taken in the first round, are not relied upon to start a season unless it's complete desperation at their position. This is very much by design. "Good teams can take players in Round 1 and develop them. The bad teams have to rely on them," said a team source. The looming CBA…might be time to discuss in general.
#50 Half a Century!

#50 Half a Century!


Quick recap of our own busy schedules (Just to let everyone know why the long delay?) It is the offseason, so it shouldnʼt be that big a deal - but nonetheless… Aaron Rodgers/Matt Lefleur issue with audibles - much ado about nothing or something to worry about(?) Lefleur apparently really wants to run the ball, which is fine, but… Will Aaron Rodgers allow that to happen? Can Aaron Jones stay healthy as an every down back? Brett Favre got his instagram hacked - apparently he teased that he was coming back to the NFL… Brett Favre / Aaron Rodgers appear to be besties now - they played a golf tournament together and were seen chumming and laughing it up…my how things have changed. Overview of proposed APP sponsorship tiers
#49 Bart Starr 1934-2019

#49 Bart Starr 1934-2019


APP #49   •   Ted Thompson revealed that he is suffering from autonomic disorder   •   Josh Jones request for a trade   •   Kevin King finally healthy and practicing at first OTA practice   •   Are the packers angling to host an upcoming NFL draft in 2022, 2024 or       after that.   •   Packers third pre-season game will be in…Winnepeg?   •   Aaron Rodgers cameo as an extra in Game of Thrones   •   David Bakhtiari pounding beers at bucks games went viral           o Speaking of the Bucks, they went out with a huge dud in the              ECF…Wisconsin sports are gut wrenching.   •   Bart Starr passed away at age 85 – open discussion along with a review of       his career during the Lombardi era           o Apparently Bart Starr was hazed like crazy when he was at University              of Alabama
5th year option pickup for Clark Estimated around $8 million Draft is complete 8 new players #12 Rashan Gary DL/OLB #21 Darnell Savage Jr Safety #44 Elgton Jenkins OL #75 Jace Sternberger TE #150 Kingsley Keke DL #185 Ka'Dar Hollman CB #194 Dexter Williams RB #226 Ty Summers LB Clark younger than Hollman/Jenkins!!!! Rookie minicamp completed today OTA's May 20-21, 23, May 28-29 May 31, June 3-6 (voluntary) Mandatory minicamp June 11-13 Ted Thompson Hall of Fame Tyreek Hill situation? Bears floundering through kickers Most improved NFC North team? Other thoughts/topics/ideas?
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