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A Podcast by and for fans of the Green Bay Packers. APP provides recaps, insights and interviews from the local Green Bay fan perspective. Andy, Jeremy, and Elliot all live within miles of Historic Lambeau Field and bleed green and gold. Go Pack Go!
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It's a slow news week in Titletown, so we dig in on discussions about off-season needs. Join the conversation! Voicemail Line: 508-535-5468 Twitter: @absolutepacker or show questions/topics to #askapp Facebook: absolutepacker or show questions/topics to #askapp Email us questions or audio clips:
APP #83 - Crunch N' Cap

APP #83 - Crunch N' Cap


The salary cap is on the minds of all of the Absolute Packer Fans From Bakhtiari to Rodgers to JJ Watt, the Packers have loads of salary cap questions to make in the off-season!
APP #82 - Go Away Tom Brady

APP #82 - Go Away Tom Brady


Subtitle: "The Deraileur Returns" Super Bowl Recap New Special Teams Coordinator Maurice Drayton Defensive Coordinator - Joe Barry from Rams Aaron Rodgers engaged MVP Jeremy’s Blog Post!
APP #81 - Help Wanted!

APP #81 - Help Wanted!


Discuss the Lefleur / Gutekunst Press Conferences Mike Pettine is out Special Teams Shawn Mennenga is also "canned" Pack was 29th in the league for special teams gave up 2 punt returns for TD's promoted Maurice Drayton We discussed the Wade Phillips Twitter comments Rodgers Comments on Stafford - Goff Trade + 'ton of draft picks" NFC Championship game - much made with the situation 4th down "Grandpa Bowl Predictions" J: 33-31 Bucs A: 35-25 Chiefs E: 35-27 Chiefs
The Packers supposed season of destiny came to a jarring, screeching halt at the hands of the Tampa Bay Bucs in the NFC Championship game this past Sunday at Lambeau Field. Jeremy's Blog Post:
Like much of the viewing public, the APP team voiced concern for Pam Oliver, recapped today's STELLAR win over the Rams, and we made our predictions for the remainder of the Playoffs! Predictions: Saints vs. Bucs Andy: 35-27 Saints Jeremy: 20-17 Bucs Elliot: 29 - 24 Saints Ravens vs. Bills (winners only) Elliot: Bills Andy: Bills Jeremy: Bills Browns vs. Chiefs (winners only) Elliot: Chiefs Andy: Chiefs Jeremy: Chiefs Bills vs. Chiefs (assuming no upsets, winners only) Elliot: Chiefs Andy: Chiefs Jeremy: Bills Packers vs. Saints Andy: 35 - 21 Packers Jeremy: 23 - 20 Packers Elliot: 35 - 23 Packers Packers vs. Bucs Andy: 30 - 24 Packers Jeremy: 37 - 31 Packers Elliot :40 - 16 Packers
APP #78 - Ram Jam!

APP #78 - Ram Jam!


Jeremy, Andy, and Elliot break down the Packers' 2020 Regular Season along with comparing how our predictions panned out! Super Nerdy! We also discuss some of the "Super Wildcard" games, and then we preview a bit of our thoughts on the first Playoff Game vs. the LA Rams! Predictions: Andy: 27 - 21     Jeremy: 27 - 17 Elliot: 33 - 20
Not much else to say here.  There are two empirical facts: The Bears still suck. The Packers secured the Number 1 overall seed in the NFC which means the road to the Superbowl goes through Lambeau Field.
In this game we finally got to see some extended playing time for 2nd round draft pick, running back AJ Dillon and he certainly did not disappoint. This was the most complete game the Packers have played this season and might be the most complete game played under Matt Lefleur. OFFENSE: It's almost hard to believe that Aaron Rodgers would be an afterthought when he threw for 4 touchdowns, but the emergence of rookie running back AJ Dillon should scare the bejesus out of opposing defenses. Starting center Corey Linsley came back from a 3-week absence from injury and played outstanding. You know it's going well when your right tackle (Ricky Wagner) left the game due to injury and the offense didn't miss a beat. Davante Adams is in cheat code right now - it's hard to find any more superlatives for his level of play. He had 3 touchdowns in this game and now has 17(!) touchdowns on the season.  It is very possible that he could not only tie but break Sterling's Sharpe's Packers single-season record of 18 touchdowns from 1994. Hell, even ESB got in on the fun catching his first TD of the season. Aaron Rodgers did have a head-scratching, Brett Favre like INT in the 2nd half - throwing late across the middle of the field for an easy pick by the Titans secondary. Aaron Jones got the nod on the first offensive series and did well, but on the 2nd series AJ Dillon was unleashed and his coming out party began. Let's be honest, Dillon probably doesn't play much at all in this game if not for the injury to Jamal Williams. AJ Dillon had 21 carries for 124 yards in his first meaningful snaps of the season.  He was a big bruiser as advertised, and he even looked good catching a screen pass later in the game.  He also scored his first TD of the season on a 4th and 1 play late in the game. DEFENSE: This was the best defensive performance of the year for the Packers collectively.  The front 7 played great and held the best RB in the league to UNDER 100 yards - that in and of itself was very impressive. Rashan Gary played the best game of his young career.  Hell, even Preston Smith got in on the action and made some plays. Jaire Alexander is an all-pro right now - he may be the best CB in the league. Darnell Savage had an INT, a great delayed blitz, and almost had another INT late in the game.  He is playing fantastic, and Amos is not far behind. The biggest gaffe of the game was the entire defense getting caught on a fake hand-off to Derek Henry that allowed Titan's QB Ryan Tannehill to go 45 yards for a rushing TD. SPECIAL TEAMS: Mason Crosby had a very odd game - he missed his 4th extra point of the season (although the conditions were pretty poor with snow and wind).  He also had a late field goal blocked, which was his first "miss" of the season. The rest of special teams was good enough. PREDICTIONS Andy 24-17 PACKERS Jeremy 33-24 PACKERS Elliot 39-7 PACKERS
The Packers dominated the first half on offense and defense getting out to a 21-3 lead, only to see the offense completely self-destruct in the 2nd half leading to 5 straight punts and 5 sacks.  The defense ended up sort of holding it's own to help preserve the win. Mason Crosby contributed a clutch 51-yard field goal in the 2nd half to help put the game away. OFFENSE: Aaron Rodgers and Co. first 3 drives: 197 yards, 21 points. The stats ended up very odd though based on this, Rodgers only passed for a little over 100 yards on the entire night, due mostly to the 5 straight punts in the 2nd half. Aaron Jones was stellar in the 1st half, amassing almost 80 yards in the 1st quarter alone. Davante Adams had a very ho-hum game and even had a couple of drops.  He was basically taken away in the 2nd half entirely Unfortunately, nobody else stepped up once Carolina started keying on Adams.  Allan Lazard had a terrible drop on a great, tight sideline throw by Rodgers on a key 3rd down in the 2nd half. Jamal Williams got hurt in the 1st half and didn't return - it ended up looming large as the offense basically stalled right after he got hurt. The offensive line was a sieve in the 2nd half - they surrendered 5 sacks in the 2nd half alone.  For context, Rodgers had been sacked a combined 3 times in the prior 4 games total. Lucas Patrick had the worst game of his career. Even David Bhaktiari got whooped a few times. DEFENSE: The defense allowed Carolina to get a field goal on the opening possession - they seem to allow every team to score points on their first drive in every game. Krys Barnes could be their best ILB right now - he had a great game until he got hurt.  He forced a huge fumble on a goal-line stand that Kevin King picked up and returned to midfield. Kevin King was picked on in this game and he had some horrific tackling attempts.  He did scoop up the forced fumble caused by Krys Barnes. Rashan Gary continues to flash here and there, but he also got banged up again in this game. Adrian Amos had a fantastic game - he has really come on in the past few weeks.  I think he had 3-4 passes defended and he had a couple of great tackles for little to no gain. SPECIAL TEAMS: Mason Crosby is still perfect on the year - he drilled a clutch 51-yard field goal in the 2nd half that was outstanding. The rest of our special teams was a bit better, but that's not saying much because the unit as a whole is terrible. Oren Burks missed badly on a block that almost allowed for a blocked punt of JK Scott near the Packers' own goal line. OTHER: We learned that former OLB coach Kevin Greene unexpectedly passed away today at 58 years old. He was huge in the development of Clay Matthews III and won a Superbowl in 2010 with Mike McCarthy and his coaching staff. PREDICTIONS Andy 27-24 Packers Jeremy 23-24 Titans Elliot 31-21 Packers
OFFENSE: Aaron Rodgers was great again, throwing for 3 Touchdowns and rushing for one as well. What else can be said about Davante Adams?  He is one of the most dangerous offensive players in the league when the ball is in his hands...the move he put on a Detroit CB after a catch to take it to the house for a long touchdown was just disgusting.  This was probably MVS' best game of his career - he had an absolutely phenomenal back-shoulder catch for at TD early in the game - it was easily the best catch of his young career. Aaron Jones only had 4 touches in the first half, mostly due to the fact that the packers could throw it every down against a beat up Detroit secondary. Jones did end getting a bevy of carries in the 2nd half, helping to salt away the game. Robert Tonyan had another TD as well - it would be a shock if he does not make the pro bowl this year, he has been fantastic. DEFENSE: The defense started off exactly like we expected, by being awful!  They gave up 98 play, 10 minute touchdown drive to open the game.  Apparently the packers allow points ~95% of the time on opening drives on Mike Pettine. All kidding aside, the opening drive uses scripted plays and the Lions were being coached by interim HC Darrell Bevel so there were some unscouted looks for sure. Preston Smith loafs around way too much...he is becoming a liability out there more often than not. Rashan Gary continued his ascent until he was injured late in the first half.  There is no reason to start Preston Smith ahead of Rashan Gary (if RG is healthy). Jaire Alexander is a stud - nuff said. Kevin King is ok, but he doesn't wrap up when tackling, choosing to launch his body at ball carriers for whatever reason. Adrian Amos has been playing very well of late, as has Darnell Savage who had a great, timely QB sack in this game. SPECIAL TEAMS: Mason Crosby has been, by far, the only bright spot on special teams.  He kicked a career long 58 yard field goal in this game. (A couple years ago he missed 5 in one game in Detroit). The rest of the special teams are a clown car - right after the packers scored a TD late in the game the special teams immediately allowed a 58 yard return by the lions. PREDICTIONS: Andy: 31-21 Packers Elliot: 42-17 Packers Jeremy: 30-10 Packers
The game wasn't that close, until the defense gave up a TD on 4th & 16 late in the 4th quarter and then the special teams promptly allowed a punt return for a touchdown.  Carson Wentz started the game, but was awful and was benched for 2nd round draft pick QB Jalen Hurts in the 2nd half. OFFENSE: Aaron Rodgers himself looked really sharp in this game, as did the offense as a whole.  Davante had another TD The offense started with a 3 and out to include a fumble (recovered) by Aaron Jones and then a blown block for a quick sack on Rodgers. The Packers actually went for it on 4th and goal early in the 1st quarter and Rodgers threw a jump ball to Davante Adams for a TD. I think it is safe to say that Davante Adams is probably the best WR in the league right now, he had 2 TDs in this game. Aaron Rodgers hit another career milestone in this game, throwing his 400th career touchdown pass to just 88(!) interceptions. MVS had a brutal drop on a deep ball...he has barely been targeted since fumbling in OT a couple weeks ago against the Colts. ESB also had a brutal drop on a long 3rd down that should have been caught. Aaron Jones sort of re-emerged in this game, breaking a bunch of tackles and breaking free for a 77 yard TD run late in the game to put it out of reach. It bears repeating how well the Packers' offensive line has been playing, especially without their starting pro-bowl caliber center. DEFENSE: The opening drive against the eagles stunk, event though they held them to just a field goal.  The eagles chewed up like 10 minutes and ran 15 plays. After the first drive the defense settled down, but that was mostly due to the horrific QB play by Carson Wentz.  He is awful...he has no pocket awareness whatsoever. Wentz was so bad that he was benched in the 2nd half for 2nd round pick Jalen Hurts, who did ok. In typical Packers fashion, they had the eagles in 4th & 18 against a rookie QB playing his first snaps and they gave up a long touchdown. Just so dumb. SPECIAL TEAMS: Burn the tape PREDICTIONS: Andy 30-21 Packers Jeremy 24-21 Packers Elliot 34-19 Packers
The Packers came out and the offense was humming - Aaron Rodgers and Co. basically had their way with a Bears team that was missing it's best defensive lineman due to injury. OFFENSE: It was nice to see the Packers actually have some "juice" at home considering their past 2 games at Lambeau were extremely lethargic on all sides of the ball for whatever reason. Mitch Trubisky started and stunk up the joint - talk about a colossal bust of a No. 2 overall pick.  He might very well be the Bears' version of what Tony Mandarich was to the Packers. Aaron Rodgers had 4 touchdown passes in this game - he played very well and had some great throws. He also hit the 50,000 yards passing career milestone in this game. Robert Tonyan is running away as TE 1 right now, he had a nice TD catch in this game and might actually make the pro bowl...Jace Sternberger is a distant 2nd on this team now. Davante Adams had a receiving TD and caught his 500th pass as a Packer. The unsung hero this season has been the outstanding and versatile play of 2nd year offensive lineman Elgton Jenkins. He had to fill in a center when Corey Linsley got hurt again and the team didn't miss a beat.  He has now played at least one snap at EVERY position on the offensive line in his short career. DEFENSE: The defense played ok in the first half, even though they gave up a 56 yard run on like the 2nd play of the game. Rashan Gary got the start ahead of Preston Smith for the first time ever and played ok. There were 2 late, garbage time touchdowns that made the game seem closer than it actually was, but still the ease at which the Bears scored is just a microcosm of the defense as a whole.  The listless Bears offense still put 25 points and over 300 yards of offense - not good. SPECIAL TEAMS: Much better than the previous meltdown in Indianapolis, but Mason Crosby missed the first extra point attempt so there is still something to gripe about. PREDICTIONS: Andy: 31-20 Packers Jeremy: 31-25 Packers Elliot: 28-27 Packers
A defense that simply cannot get off the field without a sack or well-timed turnover. Soft Coverage all the time, even on critical 3rd downs. Can't stop the run - the Colts ran the ball 8 straight times to open the 3rd quarter. Blown coverages and mismatches - Preston Smith was covering a tight end near the goal line on one play(!) An offense, led by an MVP QB, that completely stalls for an extended period of time in-game. The entire offense disappeared for the entire 3rd quarter - it was extremely frustrating to watch.  They had two 3-and-outs in basically 17 minutes of play into the early 4th quarter. Worthless special teams play JK Scott sucks The kick/punt return units suck Everything sucks...except Mason Crosby is having a great season. PREDICTIONS: Jeremy: 23-17 Packers Andy: 27-20 Packers Elliot 28-20 Packers
A troubling trend seems to have emerged with this Packers team - a lack of energy and enthusiasm at home games.  The Packers were 13.5 point favorites coming into this game but they barely squeaked out a win at home against a bad team that traveled from a warm weather climate nonetheless.  The Packers lost two weeks ago at home to a division rival (Vikings) in similar fashion - lack of energy on all sides of the ball. OFFENSE: The Packers had scored on every opening possession of every game this year, but promptly went 3 and out to start this game - this was a sign of things to come. The Jags actually took the lead 3-0 early in this game...Rodgers then hit a bomb for a TD to MVS to get the Packers on the board. MVS had a really nice game - he was one of only a few bright spots in the game. Rodgers and the offense looked incredibly bland and low energy for basically the entire game - it really made no sense. He threw a terrible INT on a crossing route to MVS that practically looked telegraphed Davante Adams had one of his worst games since his miserable 2nd season - multiple drops and a bad fumble that was recovered by the Jags. He did have a great TD catch late in the game where he had to high point a ball in the end zone which he did. The game was basically a back and forth seesaw for most of the day - the packers offense never got going and just looked listless. DEFENSE: Both of the Packers starting CBs were out with injuries in this game and by and large the back-ups performed ok. Jacksonville had a rookie QB making his 2nd career start, he was very inconsistent and missed a fair amount of wide open receivers.  Had a competent QB been playing against the packers they might have blown us out. This defense still cannot stop the run with any sort of consistency - it's hard to watch.  Kenny Clark has been hurt for basically half this year, but all in all he has been underwhelming. Preston Smith has his own energy problem - that guys seems to be loafing more and more lately.  He gets taken out of way too many plays too easily. P Smith did make a couple plays late, but they have been few and far between this year. Adrian Amos had an easy gift interception, but given how rare turnovers have been for this defense they will take anything they can get. SPECIAL TEAMS: Special teams had a terrible game today...easily their worst game of the season. JK Scott is maddeningly inconsistent when the weather gets cold, which is a problem since he plays for the Green Bay Packers. Scott hit a low line drive on one punt that was easily returned for a touchdown - the returner caught it without anyone within 20 yards of him and then he made JK Scott look like Andy trying to tackle him. PREDICTIONS: Elliot 22-21 "Set the Tone" Packers Andy "Rivers Might Shred Packers" 27-24 Packers Jeremy "Game of Matchups - Bad Matchup For the Packers" 33-20 Colts
APP #69 - The Two Andys

APP #69 - The Two Andys


Andy interviews his dad (also named Andy!) about the road packer games that they've attended over the past +20 years.  Both Andys have been to a fair amount of horrid road losses, but there have also been some great road wins to include Super Bowl XLV in 2010. 1997 PACKERS VS. 49ers NFFCG - (Andy Jr only) 2003 PACKERS VS. RAMS PLAYOFFS - Brett Favre 6 INTs 2004 PACKERS VS. EAGLES PLAYOFFS - 4th & 26 2007 PACKERS VS. DALLAS COWBOYS - Rodgers almost wins the game in for an injured Favre (Andy Jr only) 2009 PACKERS VS. VIKINGS REG. SEASON - Favre hammers Rodgers (Andy Jr only) 2010 PACKERS VS. BEARS NFCCG - Packers eek one out to go to SBXLV 2010 PACKERS VS. STEELERS SB XLV - Packers win SB! 2012 PACKERS VS. 49ERS PLAYOFFS - Kaepernick destroys the Packers (Andy Jr only) 2013 PACKERS VS. COWBOYS - Flynn leads a comeback down 26-3 at halftime (Andy Jr. only) 2013 PACKERS VS. BEARS - Rodgers 4th down prayer to Randall Cobb on 4th down 2014 PACKERS VS. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS - Opening game Packers get hammered Predictions: Andy: 31-17 Packers AH2: 34-17 Packers Elliot: 37-11 Packers
Lots of rambling from the guys on this one about a brutal loss to the Vikings 28-22 today. Predictions: Jeremy 38-20 49ers Andy 27-20 49ers Elliot 28-27 Packers
The packers were pretty banged up coming into this game with 5 starters out.  Davante Adams put on a show with almost 200 yards receiving and 2 TDs.  Aaron Rodgers had 4 TDs/no INTs and the defense actually showed up for this game. OFFENSE: The Packers once again scored on their first possession of the game - they have been a machine to start every game this year. The Packers were missing Aaron Jones, Alan Lazard, Tyler Ervin & David Bhaktiari but the offense still was humming for the most part. The play where Jace Sternberger caught a short TD on the goal line was one of Lefluer's best goal line calls since he became the Packers head coach - it was perfect. We got a decent look at rookie AJ Dillon in this game and he was ok. Jamal Williams might be the most underrated player on the Packers roster - he is outstanding in his role. The offensive line held up remarkably well given they were missing their all-pro left tackle.  Billy Turner did very well after being named the interim LT. I have no idea what the Texans secondary was doing in terms of guarding Davante Adams because he absolutely destroyed them this game. DEFENSE: The defense actually played pretty well this game - the final score was not as close at it was in the end. Preston Smith finally showed up and made a few plays.  The stop of Jackson on 4th down was easily his best play of the season that has basically been a disappointment for him. Mike Pettine looks like a Florida retirement community version of the Batman villain "bane". Kamal Martin got his first snaps this season after coming off of short term IR.  He looked pretty darn good in his first game. It will be very interesting to see how he develops this year if he stays healthy. SPECIAL TEAMS: It was not a banner day for the punting/kicking game.  JK Scott had a punt blocked and the kicking team unit completely biffed on an onside kick at the end of the game that made the game tighter than it should have been. PREDICTIONS vs. VIKINGS: Andy 31-17 Packers Jeremy 30-16 Packers Elliot 35-7 Packers  
Packers jumped out to a 10 point lead in the first quarter dominating time of possesion, but then Rodgers explicably threw a pick six and then another interception on the next drive that led to a touchdown and a quick TB 14-10 lead mid 2nd quarter.  The pick six was the beginning of the end led to a complete collapse by the offense and defense.  The packers can feast on mediocre/bad teams but they get their pants pulled down way too often against upper tier teams. Far too often they are not even competitive. OFFENSE: Guys got pretty banged up early - Tonyan and Irvin both went out in the first quarter. Tyler Irvin got hurt early and basically all pre-snap motion disappeared. Rodgers - who was playing out of his mind coming into this game, threw INTs on back to back series, with one going for a pick six...very odd. Rodgers then missed a WIDE OPEN Marcedes Lewis for what would have been an easy, long TD. Rodgers was lost the entire 2nd quarter and the remainder of the game - LOST. Rodgers was getting pressured on almost every snap from the 2nd quarter on - that didn't help anything. Trying to look at some trends that are showing up with Lefluer - lots of good trends, but here are a couple bad ones: Multiple HORRID, non-competitive losses on the road. Not figuring out how to get Davante Adams to help the offense when he comes back from injury. David Bhaktiari suffered a "chest injury" in the 3rd quarter, which effectively ended any chance of keeping the game close, let alone winning it. DEFENSE: The defense actually started the game with a 3 and out of Tom Brady - I almost fainted. The pick six on Rodgers and additional interception did not help the defense, but they stunk today again. 104 year old Rob Gronkowski destroyed the packers defense - it was embarassing. Tom Brady was NEVER under duress - basically played the game clean without having to deal with any pressure. The safety play on this team is not good...what else is there to say? Josh Jackson was AWFUL - commited a +40 yard PI penalty in the end zone and gave up an easy TD to a rookie WR for Tampa Bay.  He should not be playing any meaningful snaps anymore, but Kevin King was injured so he was forced to. It is stunning to see how much better and faster the linebackers are/were for Tampa Bay.  They were flying all over the place and running so fast sideline to sideline. SPECIAL TEAMS: Nothing to report here, except that Tyler Irvin got hurt. Texans Predictions Andy 30-24 (Packers) Elliot 35-15 (Packers) Jeremy 33-28 (Packers)
The Packers came into this game pretty banged up actually - Davante Adams was held out of this game moreso for precautionary measures (and they were playing the Falcons) and Kenny Clark still remained out for the 3rd straight week with a groin injury.  Alan Lazard is also out for at least 3-4 weeks with a core injury. In the end the Packers dispatched Atlanta to the tune of 30-16 dropping the Falcons to 0-4. OFFENSE: Aaron Rodgers remains razor sharp - he's playing at an MVP level right now.  Missing his top two WRs, Rodgers relied heavily on his RBs and TEs and they delivered. Aaron Rodgers has 13 touchdowns, zero interception and the offense has commited ZERO turnovers the entire year - amazing.  Rodgers SHOULD have 16 touchdowns, simply due to WR/TE drops too. Big Bob Tonyan had a breakout game, catching 3 Touchdowns. He is their TE 1 right now, with Jace Sternberger basically a distant TE 2. Aaron Jones and Jamal Williams are running great AND catching passes like WRs. Williams had an incredible catch along the sidelines where he looked like a full blown WR. Opposing defenses should be scared to think about what this team will look like after the bye with the offense kicking butt and Davante Adams will be back. DEFENSE: The Falcons have a good offense, so the defense holding them to 16 points should be viewed as a win. Julio Jones was banged up for most if not all the game so that helped our defense. However, our defense held Calvin Ridley to ZERO catches - that is great. Mike Pettine plays way too much zone - what is going to be done about this?  Play some man defense at least some of the time. Jaire Alexander had a great game - he's a borderline superstar CB in the league.  However, Adrian Amos probably had the play of the game on defense with a last second TD pass break up to Calvin Ridley in the end zone. SPECIAL TEAMS: Mason Crosby still hasn't missed a field goal, but he did miss an extra point - that was a little weird. JK Scott was on the injury report coming with illness(?) He ended up playing but only punted 2 times I think without any incident. BYE WEEK: Get Healthy Get Healthy Get Healthy
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