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American History at it's finest... Intro: Aaron Gomez
Episode 23: Spaceballs

Episode 23: Spaceballs


May the Schwartz be with you! Intro: Aaron Gomez
We may look like sissies, but watch what you say or else we'll put out your lights! Intro: Aaron Gomez
RANT - Movie Trailers

RANT - Movie Trailers


It is what it is...
In this episode, Brayden and Logan do a quick overview of The Mandalorian, Cobra Kai, and WandaVision, Then we get down to the nitty-gritty and cover the classic romantic adventure comedy The Princess Bride. Intro: Aaron Gomez
The Contender returns in this New Year Showdown! Intro: Aaron Gomez
Episode 20: Dominique Dunne

Episode 20: Dominique Dunne


This tragic story will make your blood boil... but will also hopefully inspire change... Intro: Aaron Gomez Outro: soradotwav
On this episode, Brayden and Logan interview John "Jack" Dorsey, who has worked on many big projects from House of Cards to Wonder Woman 1984. IMDB Credits: Intro: Aaron Gomez
For this episode, Brayden and Logan chop up some behind the scenes karate action! Intro: Aaron Gomez
Today, Brayden and Logan return with a banger!
We are back! Today, we need YOUR input. Listen now and let us know what you think of the Lady of the Dunes mystery. Intro: Remix Maniacs
Today, Brayden is joined by Brendan from the podcast Talk Ag to Me to delve into the science of the Disney/Pixar movie Up. Intro: Aaron Gomez
Today we discuss this 90's classic with some special guests Intro: Aaron Gomez
Today's episode unfortunately went unfinished because of some technical difficulties... We still hope you enjoy! Intro: Aaron Gomez
On this week's episode, we discuss our love for the Iron Giant with a mysterious being joining our show... Intro: Aaron Gomez
Today we discuss this classic comedy. Intro: Aaron Gomez
Heroes get remembered, but Legends never die... Intro: Aaron Gomez
By Grabthar's Hammer, what an episode... Intro: Aaron Gomez
Los Guapos are here to discuss the 80's version of Nacho Libre Intro: Aaron Gomez
Episode 10: Judith Barsi

Episode 10: Judith Barsi


Everyone needs to hear this story... Intro: Aaron Gomez
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