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Absolutely Gobsmacked

Author: Brayden Morales

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What happened behind the scenes of some of your favorite movies? What Brayden & Logan find may leave you absolutely gobsmacked!
22 Episodes
We are back! Today, we need YOUR input. Listen now and let us know what you think of the Lady of the Dunes mystery. Intro: Remix Maniacs
Today, Brayden is joined by Brendan from the podcast Talk Ag to Me to delve into the science of the Disney/Pixar movie Up. Intro: Aaron Gomez
Today we discuss this 90's classic with some special guests Intro: Aaron Gomez
Today's episode unfortunately went unfinished because of some technical difficulties... We still hope you enjoy! Intro: Aaron Gomez
On this week's episode, we discuss our love for the Iron Giant with a mysterious being joining our show... Intro: Aaron Gomez
Today we discuss this classic comedy Intro: Aaron Gomez
Heroes get remembered, but Legends never die... Intro: Aaron Gomez
By Grabthar's Hammer, what an episode... Intro: Aaron Gomez
Los Guapos are here to discuss the 80's version of Nacho Libre Intro: Aaron Gomez
Episode 10: Judith Barsi

Episode 10: Judith Barsi


Everyone needs to hear this story... Intro: Aaron Gomez
Today Brayden & Israel discuss their Top 5 Films of All Time based on True Stories. Intro: Aaron Gomez Outro: Marilyn's Theme by Alexandre Desplat
Brayden & Logan discuss a horrific incident that happened on the set of The Twilight Zone Movie... Intro: Aaron Gomez Outro: Tommy Lellan
The title of the episode says it all... Intro: Aaron Gomez
In this bonus episode, we discuss our five favorite film scores of all time. Intro: Aaron Gomez Outro: Nick Pitera
This indie gem is worth a look... Intro: Aaron Gomez
Episode 6: The Goonies

Episode 6: The Goonies


HEY YOU GUYS!!!! What a ride... Intro: Aaron Gomez
What happened to Rebecca Schaeffer??? Intro: Aaron Gomez Outro: When the Lights Are Out by Miles Avida
Join Brayden & Logan to see what happened behind-the-scenes of BTTF! Music: Le Grand Chase by Kevin MacLeod
Disney vs. Robin Williams? A Bug's Life vs. Antz?! What happened in the 90's?!?! Music: Ancient Tears by Etienne Roussel
Brayden & Logan discuss what's up with the 2005 remake Charlie and the Chocolate Factory & who's Deep Roy?!   Music: Aquarium by Kevin MacLeod
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