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An exploration of the absurd in religion, social justice, and what it means to be a Christian.
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When is a public apology good enough and how do we begin to identify and fix blind spots in our beliefs? With the Mississippi wedding venue news that's been circulating on Social Media, we had the perfect opportunity to deep dive into both of these issues as we share our opinions on the whole scandal and how Christians can do better. out our sponsors for this episode: To support financially: Music and editing by Kendall Foote. To contact him about your own production, you can email him at Twitter: @ryan180becker, @tony_anobileEmail: ryan180becker@gmail.comFacebook:
This week we dive into two surprisingly related topics we've encountered a lot recently: The differences of God between the Old and New Testaments and the movement of "Jesus>Religion." Rather than specifically provide an answer for these things, we address the motivations behind asking the questions and people's hesitancy to either accept answers that don't point in the trajectory they are comfortable with.  Check out our sponsors for this episode: To support financially: Music and editing done by Kendall Foote. To contact him about your own production, you can email him at Twitter: @ryan180becker, @tony_anobileEmail: ryan180becker@gmail.comFacebook: 
Tony and Ryan jump right into the conversation mass shootings after the tragic shootings in Dayton and El Paso. They discuss the conversation itself, how it's happening, and how that is both good and bad. They also try to provide some suggestions for how we can improve our approach to these conversations and actually make headway on these important issues. Check out our sponsors for this episode: Music by Justin Janetzko Twitter: @ryan180becker, @tony_anobile Email: Facebook: Website: To support financially:
This week we dive into Josh Harris and Marty Sampson announcing their departure from Christianity as well as John Cooper's (Skillet) response. We dive into the specific claims and arguments made, their validity, and how we personally feel in the whole matter. out our sponsors for this episode: www.thehaystack.orgMusic by Justin JanetzkoTwitter: @ryan180becker, @tony_anobileEmail: ryan180becker@gmail.comFacebook: www.theabsurdity.orgTo support financially:
 Today,  Matt Mendez, Ryan's childhood friend, joins Ryan to talk about his journey with faith.  They dive into childhood, what leaving faith was like, and now his recent return to faith. It's a story that's still being written, and we are privileged to hear the conversation and perspective as the story is unfolding in real-time.Check out our sponsors for this episode: www.thehaystack.orgMusic by Justin JanetzkoTwitter: @ryan180becker, @tony_anobileEmail: ryan180becker@gmail.comFacebook: www.theabsurdity.orgTo support financially:
WE MADE IT TO 100! We thought about doing something different for this episode, but we wanted to give you the content that brought us here and that you listen for. We've brought on Evan Willis, a regional conference pastor in Charlotte, NC, to school us on the history of regional conferences and to discuss the value of them in 2019 Adventism as well as historical Adventism. Absurdity is just getting started, so thank you for being on the ride with us!Reach out to Evan Willis on TwitterMusic by Justin JanetzkoCheck out our sponsors for this episode: www.thehaystack.orgTwitter: @ryan180becker, @tony_anobileEmail: ryan180becker@gmail.comFacebook: www.theabsurdity.orgTo support financially:
We are one away from episode 100! This week, we dive into what the Church says it values vs. what the Church's actions indicate it values. Do these two things line up? If they don't, how do we change that, and if they do, how do we keep it that way? Music by Justin JanetzkoTwitter: @ryan180becker, @tony_anobileEmail: ryan180becker@gmail.comFacebook: www.theabsurdity.orgTo support financially:
We talk about the Swansboro Methodist Church of an older church leader confronting a young worship leader about her style of dress that escalates to swearing and resulted in a viral video. From there, we dive into modesty culture and the issues around framing modesty only around how it impacts men.Articles discussed in this week's episode:Swansboro Methodist StoryAToday Article on ModestyMusic by Justin JanetzkoTwitter: @ryan180becker, @tony_anobileEmail: ryan180becker@gmail.comFacebook: www.theabsurdity.orgTo support financially:
This week, we talk about the temptation to put up such strong boundaries to keep ourselves from sinning, that we often lose sight of the "abundant life" Jesus claimed we would have. We talk about a cohabitation motion from the 2015 General Conference Session and we try to figure out what the proper balance point is.Music by Justin JanetzkoTwitter: @ryan180becker, @tony_anobileEmail: ryan180becker@gmail.comFacebook: www.theabsurdity.orgPatreon: 
This is the last week of our Wakonda Recordings! Tony came to visit for the weekend, so he, Stephen, and I sat down for a conversation on Christianity's historical impact on the world around it.  Christianity, throughout history, has seemed like it's never been satisfied with even being the majority faith tradition, but that it seems it has actively tried to subjugate those even in minority faith traditions or alternative lifestyles. So, can Christianity exist peacefully alongside other faiths and lifestyles it disagrees with?We also have an interview with Tanya Musgrave of Good To Go Media! They are sponsoring a gathering for creatives to network and learn about the back-end of production. Check out the CoLab Film and Media event here! They are also doing a pitch competition where 1st Place will win $20,000! Enter discount code ABSURDITY for 20% off your general admission! CoLab will be at The Walk in Redlands, CA on September 8 & 9, 2019.Click here to get a PDF of everything you need to know for the event!Music by Justin JanetzkoTwitter: @ryan180becker, @tony_anobile, @shsquaredEmail: ryan180becker@gmail.comFacebook: www.theabsurdity.orgPatreon:
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