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Author: American Legislative Exchange Council

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People spend far too much time looking just at the federal government. The same is true with podcasts. Instead, the discussions hosted on Across the States focus on state issues and state solutions within state capitols, by state legislators and with state policy experts.
The American Legislative Exchange Council is the country's largest voluntary membership organization of state legislators in the United States. It acts as a forum to exchange ideas and develop state-based solutions.
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Join us this week as we continue our discussion with Jonathon Hauenschild on an increasingly relevant issue facing our nation’s rural and urban centers: reliable, quality, cost-effective internet access. Smart Cities have existed in foreign countries for decades. Learn how barriers like government over-regulation and free-market throttling contribute to the U.S. falling behind in connecting its citizens to the web – and the solutions we can act on now. Smart Cities on the ALEC Blog:
Despite the financial consequences from an economic shutdown, several states are posting impressive growth numbers. Host Hunter Hamberlin is joined by ALEC Associate Director of the Tax and Fiscal Policy task force to explore how the growing cities in these states are getting good results by exploring indicators such as job growth, wage growth and new residents. Listen to learn how these cities implement sound fiscal policies – like no state income tax – to realize the benefits of growth and prosperity. Skip Estes: Bernie Sanders’ Mittens are the Newest Victim of Anti-Growth Policies: Skip Estes in Real Clear Politics: Skip Estes in Issues & Insights:
Do you know how smart your city is? On today’s episode, host Hunter Hamberlin sits down with ALEC Communication and Technology Task Force Director Jonathon Hauneschild to discuss what makes a city “smart,” how it can improve communities and the risks that may come with “smart” city data. Smart Cities on the ALEC Blog:
Join ALEC CEO Lisa Nelson as she discusses the success Utah demonstrates during the trials and tribulations of COVID-19 with the ALEC 2021 Chairman and January State Legislator of the Month, Utah Senate President Stuart Adams. President Adams offers insight into the policies and practices that have saved lives – and livelihoods – in the Beehive State. From remaining open for business since May 2020 to giving teachers raises, Utah has demonstrated that local legislative approaches couched in sound economic policies are more than capable of keeping things running smoothly. 1 Ranked Utah in Rich States, Poor States:
Counterfeit drugs have been found in all 50 states and threaten the safety and health of Americans. Industry leaders have stepped up to do their part in keeping them out of the hands of unknowing Americans. Since 2004, Pfizer has stopped over 260 million doses of counterfeit drugs in the states. On the podcast to discuss this and the state policy that plays a role are Pfizer Vice President and Chief Security Officer Lev Kubiak and ALEC Director of the Health and Human Services Task Force Brooklyn Roberts. Learn More about Pfizer’s Campaign: Find an accredited pharmacy: Partnership for Safe Medicines Link - The Uphill Fight Against Fake Prescription Drugs (Behind a Paywall but discusses social media role in counterfeit drug distribution): Internet Ordered Viagra is Rarely Genuine Illustrates counterfeit drug sales on internet platforms: Measuring Impact of Counterfeits Gives a better understanding of the costs associated in addition to the patient health and safety risks: Pharmaceutical Security Institute:
When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, state legislatures across the country were faced with declining revenue and increased costs attributable to the virus, and the federal government quickly responded with the first installment of CARES Act funding. In Mississippi, because of prior fiscal restraint and a respect for taxpayer money, the legislature was able to employ these funds to not only respond to the current COVID crisis, but to invest in the state’s future. Join host Dan Reynolds and October State Legislator of the Month Mississippi Senator Joel Carter as they discuss how. Mississippi to receive $16M to expand broadband access in the Clarion Ledger:
On the podcast we often discuss the impact COVID-19 had on various industries across the states. With business closures and no travel orders, the pandemic has been the worst crisis for our country’s hotel industry. Today we are joined by the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA), the nation’s largest hotel owners association, to discuss how the hotel industry is filled with small businesses across the country, and how this pandemic has impacted these businesses. AAHOA CEO Dr. Cecil P. Staton, AAHOA Vice President for Government Affairs at AAHOA Chirag Shah and Maine County Commissioner Andre Cushing join host Dan Reynolds to weigh in. AAHOA Website:
Imagine a nonpartisan and intellectually diverse alliance of writers, thinkers and activists, all working to find solutions to our country’s greatest challenges in education, culture and upward mobility. 1776 Unites does just that, by maintaining a special focus on voices in the black community and starting a movement to shape the American future by drawing on the best of its past. Joining the podcast today to tell us more about 1776 Unites and how its mission will play out in the states is Bob Woodson, Founder and President the Woodson Center and the Founder of 1776 Unites, Ian Rowe, Resident Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and Senior Visiting Fellow at the Woodson Center and Sherry Street, ALEC Vice President of Policy Advancement. 1776 Unites Website: 1776 Unites Curriculum Page:
Marion Smith, Executive Director of the Victims of Communism Foundation joins host Dan Reynolds and Senior Director of International Relations and Federalism Karla Jones to discuss China’s chilling oppression of its Uyghur minority. Secretary of State Pompeo called China’s atrocities the “Stain of the century” and The Economist described President Xi Zinping’s campaign against the Uyghurs as “today’s single worst [human rights] violation outside a war zone.” Listen in as Smith introduces the Uyghurs, details China’s genocide against them and praises US policies to counter Xi. Smith also references democracy’s future in Hong Kong and China’s threat to Taiwan’s sovereignty. Victims of Communism Uyghur Materials: Victims of Communism Memorial Day Resolution Act to Prohibit Confucius Institutes in Public Institutions of Higher Education
Classes have resumed for families across the states, and with it come new policies and politics in the COVID-19 era. Education policy typically hinges talks of teachers or “the system.” But on today’s episode, guests weigh in from the American Federation for Children to discuss how good education policies begin with the students and the children first. Director of External Relations Katie Linehan and two student education advocates, Walter Blanks Jr. and Nathan Cunneen join host Dan Reynolds to discuss how policies surrounding education choice affect students. Federation for Children School Choice Polling Data: Harris has an Opportunity to Stand Up for Black Students: 10% of students are educated outside of public school…they should get 10% of COVID relief money: ALEC Model Education Savings Account Act: ALEC Model Great Schools Tax Credit Program Act:
Health Care 'Dos and Don’ts' During COVID-19 w/ the Mackinac Center The decentralized approach to the Coronavirus pandemic empowers states to take on tailored responses to management and recovery. States can learn from one another to find the best solutions and see what not to do. On the podcast today to discuss the good and the bad from the Michigan COVID-19 health care approach is Mackinac Center Vice President for Strategic Outreach and Communications Lindsay Killen. Michigan Should Permanently Loosen Restrictions on Medical Scope of Practice, Not Reinstate Them: Five Reasons Why Reinstalling Scope-of-Practice Regulations is Bizarre and Bad for Michigan:
Five months ago, two business partners in Texas saw a need to help the healthcare workers on the front lines of the pandemic who lacked enough of the PPE they needed to keep themselves safe. Today, their new company produces hundreds of thousands of gowns, surgeon caps and face masks every day. Wildcat PPE is a story of American innovation and Texas entrepreneurship in the face of a global pandemic – employing Americans, using American material and operating in a great American state. Wildcat PPE President and CEO John Houston and Managing Partner John Fleming join the podcast to discuss their story and what sets them apart in American industry. Find out more:
How does your governor stack up? This special episode features authors of the forthcoming ALEC publication, the Laffer-ALEC Report on Economic Freedom, which ranks America’s governors based on their pre- and post-COVID performances and equally weighted variables to bring you an answer. Host Dan Reynolds is joined by Dr. Arthur B. Laffer, Steve Moore, Donna Arduin and ALEC VP of Policy Jonathan Williams to discuss what is to come from the rankings of the 50 governors, why now is the crucial time to know how your state leader stacks up and other intel state legislators and taxpayers can look forward to learning from the report. Read more about Rich States, Poor States:
It’s back-to-school season, but what do many parents and caretakers think about this notion? What is the general tone of families across the states? EdChoice and its newest public opinion tracker has the answers. Here to discuss the new polling data is EdChoice’s Vice President of Research and Innovation, Paul DiPerna. EdChoice July Public Opinion Tracker: EdChoice Polling Data:
What are the Blaine Amendments, how does the Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue Supreme Court Case affect school choice in the states and is your state impacted? Listen in on this episode featuring Education Choice Attorney at the Institute for Justice David Hodges, ALEC Director of the Education and Workforce Development Task Force Scott Kaufman and host Dan Reynolds to find out more. Educational Choice at Institute for Justice: Institute for Justice on the Blaine Amendments: Institute for Justice’s Educational Choice Legislative Resources:
Because of COVID-19, a vaccine and the topic of vaccines are on everyone’s mind. Joining the podcast to discuss the development of a COVID-19 vaccine is Pfizer Global COVID Vaccine Medical Lead David Swerdlow and Texas State Representative Tom Oliverson, who is a medical professional. Pfizer has committed to deliver millions of vaccine doses by the end of 2020, and it has been operating within a unique regulatory environment because of COVID. Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Efforts:
There is currently an opportunity and a need to reinforce the history and the teachings that are based on Dr. King’s non-violent social justice philosophy. This means the adoption of a special curriculum. Fortunately, there is one highlighting MLK and the civil rights movement, and it has already been implemented in multiple states. Today’s podcast discussion covers this curriculum. Guests include: ALEC Vice President of Policy Advancement Sherry Street, Texas State Representative Tan Parker, Howard University Associate Provost and Assistant Vice-President for Enrollment Management Anthony Jones and Institute of World Politics Chair of Law and Human Rights Dr. Matthew Daniels. Human Liberty 2.0: Advancing Universal Rights in the Digital Age by Dr. Matthew Daniels: Human Rights Network: Success by Design: Becoming the Person You Were Destined to Be:
State Legislator of the Month Rep. Tory Arnberger works hard every day as a young state legislator to advance the principles of limited government and federalism in Kansas. And during the pandemic, she’s lead her constituents with an emphasis on local control in the face of state mandates and discussions on education in the COVID-19 era. Now, she joins host Dan Reynolds to discuss this and more. August State Legislator of the Month Tory Arnberger:
In this special episode of Across the States Dan Reynolds is joined by two ALEC policy experts to discuss the newest edition of Rich States, Poor States: the ALEC-Laffer State Economic Competitiveness Index – which released today. Report co-author, ALEC EVP for Policy and Chief Economist Jonathan Williams and Senior Director of the ALEC Center for State Fiscal Reform Lee Schalk discuss the background of the report, the two state rankings it awards and most importantly, how state leaders can use this year’s findings to advance economic growth following a global pandemic. Find your state’s ranking and learn more at: Jonathan Williams and Lee Schalk in the Hill: Jonathan Williams and Lee Schalk in Newsweek: ALEC Letter signed by over 200 legislators: State Leaders Say “No Thanks” to Federal Bailout: Policy Prescriptions: Fiscal Discipline to Address Economic and Health Care Challenges in the Face of COVID-19:
Balancing state budgets is always important, but during the pandemic, doing it right is even more important. On the podcast today to discuss this is FGA Director of Government Affairs Roy Lendardson, FGA Senior Fellow Scott Centorino and ALEC Executive Vice President of Policy Jonathan Williams. Listen in on how the federal government has handcuffed states with “fraud by design” welfare programs, how states can actually improve budgets while still keeping welfare programs and more. ALEC resources on the FGA website:
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