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Author: American Legislative Exchange Council

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People spend far too much time looking just at the federal government. The same is true with podcasts. Instead, the discussions hosted on Across the States focus on state issues and state solutions within state capitols, by state legislators and with state policy experts.
The American Legislative Exchange Council is the country's largest voluntary membership organization of state legislators in the United States. It acts as a forum to exchange ideas and develop state-based solutions.
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This episode of Across the States features North Dakota Representatives Vicky Steiner and Craig Headland, who filed House Bill 1530 in 2019 to repeal the state personal income tax. While this bill didn’t pass, the story is one other state legislators should consider when attempting to move the ball forward on sound tax policies. They are joined by ALEC Executive Vice President for Policy, Jonathan Williams.
At the time of this posting, Presidents’ Day is right around the corner. The Constitution gives instructions and limits on power, including the President’s power. But how does the Presidency relate to the local states? Former Utah state representative Ken Ivory joins Across the States to discuss this intersection. Ivory currently serves as the Chair of the ALEC Center to Restore the Balance in Government — a research center focused on promoting federalism. Purchase Ivory’s book “Where’s the Line?” here ( Or, read the digital-only version here ( Check out the ALEC Center to Restore the Balance in Government here (
Jason Isaac is a former Texas state representative who is now the senior manager at Life:Powered — a new policy initiative from the Texas Public Policy Foundation. He joins Dan Reynolds on Across the States with Grant Kidwell, the ALEC director of the energy, environment and agriculture task force, to discuss his time as a state legislator, and to discuss energy policies that improve the quality of life for all people. Learn more about Life:Powered here:
A 2018 Supreme Court decision freed states to allow - or disallow - sports betting on their own volition. New Jersey took advantage of this opportunity and has seen success, including an increase in government revenue. In December, Michigan just allowed sports betting. This is a growing trend in states across the country and something for which state legislators should prepare. Ronald Lampard, the Senior Director of the Criminal Justice and Civil Justice task forces at ALEC join to discuss recent trends in sports betting across the country and what this issue means for you.
A lot of effort and energy is spent looking at the issues in the national and state governments. Rightly so - they both need a lot of fixing. But county governments by-and-large affect your day-to-day life more than other governments and certainly more than you expected. From education to road funding, county governments are often where the rubber meets the road on these issues. Learn from Sumner County Commissioner Jeremy Mansfield about the challenges and opportunities he faces in Tennessee.
10: Adoption in the States

10: Adoption in the States


Getting adoption right is imperative for policy makers everywhere – but it is especially important for state legislators. Felicia Curcuru is the co-founder and CEO of Binti, an organization dedicated to ensure every child is raised by a loving family. The ALEC General Counsel Bartlett Cleland was adopted and adds his own unique perspective on this issue. Learn more from: Special Guest: Bartlett Cleland.
State legislators consistently remark on the great educational opportunities ALEC offers them. But state financial officers seemed to need the same support: that’s where the State Financial Officers Foundation (SFOF) ( comes in. On this episode of Across the States, the president of SFOF, Derek Kreifels, sits down with two of his board members, Seth Metcalf and Ron Crane, to discuss its priorities for state financial officers.
Wearable technology like smart watches are becoming more and more popular. They aren’t just great to stay in touch with your friends and family or stay on top of your business relationships – they can have a significant benefit to your health. ALEC directors Brooklyn Roberts and Jonathon Hauenschild and ALEC policy coordinator Anna Parsons are joined by the Mercatus’ Bob Graboyes (, a senior research fellow and health care scholar to discuss his personal story with health care technology. Read one article from him that helped spawn this podcast here (
Texas Representative Tan Parker is the September 2019 State Legislator of the Month – congratulations! Rep. Parker discusses medical freedom and how important it is for individual liberty. He’s had continual success with policies in Texas that defend against child abuse and now is having success with a policy that promotes medical liberty. Learn more about what that means for you and your state.
Prescription drug pricing has been the subject of much debate recently. Many think we should turn to Canada or other countries to address our domestic issues. But importation programs seem to be unsafe and ineffective ways to lower the price of medications. ALEC Director of the Health and Human Services Task Force Brooklyn Roberts and Policy Coordinator from the ALEC Center for Innovation Anna Parsons sit down with Senior Research Fellow Bob Graboyes from the Mercatus Center to discuss this growing issue.
It’s not widely known, but states with high taxes technically get a discount from their federal taxes. Lower-tax states are left to cover the difference. This is because of the “State and Local Tax Deductions” in the federal tax code. ALEC Chief Economist, Jonathan Williams joins to discuss what this means and what state legislators can do.
The conversation around conservation and environmentalism usually starts and stops in the federal government. But states and state legislators have such an important role to play. The ALEC Director of the Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force Grant Kidwell is joined by Adam Houser. He is the director of the collegians program at the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT).
Utah House Representative Kim Coleman joins ALEC Director Shelby Emmett to discuss the best practices a state legislator can focus on to get campus free speech right in their state. This is hugely important for college students.
President Trump invited Oklahoma Representative Mark Lepak to the White House to be there for the signing of his executive order on March 20th. The order deals with campus free speech, a growing issue in America today. Rep. Lepak sits down and explains his perspective with the ALEC Director of the Center to Protect Free Speech Shelby Emmett and the Alliance Defending Freedom Director of the Center for Academic Freedom Tyson Langhofer.
What is a “distributed ledger technology?” Well you will probably better recognize the term “Blockchain,” which is a type of distributed ledger technology. The ALEC Director of the Communications and Technology Task Force Jonathon Hauenschild sits down with Chet Love from the Cornerstone Group to flesh out what state legislators need to know about this emerging technology. Check out the ALEC resolution that’s discussed:
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