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Author: American Legislative Exchange Council

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People spend far too much time looking just at the federal government. The same is true with podcasts. Instead, the discussions hosted on Across the States focus on state issues and state solutions within state capitols, by state legislators and with state policy experts.
The American Legislative Exchange Council is the country's largest voluntary membership organization of state legislators in the United States. It acts as a forum to exchange ideas and develop state-based solutions.
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How does your governor stack up? This special episode features authors of the forthcoming ALEC publication, the Laffer-ALEC Report on Economic Freedom, which ranks America’s governors based on their pre- and post-COVID performances and equally weighted variables to bring you an answer. Host Dan Reynolds is joined by Dr. Arthur B. Laffer, Steve Moore, Donna Arduin and ALEC VP of Policy Jonathan Williams to discuss what is to come from the rankings of the 50 governors, why now is the crucial time to know how your state leader stacks up and other intel state legislators and taxpayers can look forward to learning from the report. Read more about Rich States, Poor States:
It’s back-to-school season, but what do many parents and caretakers think about this notion? What is the general tone of families across the states? EdChoice and its newest public opinion tracker has the answers. Here to discuss the new polling data is EdChoice’s Vice President of Research and Innovation, Paul DiPerna. EdChoice July Public Opinion Tracker: EdChoice Polling Data:
What are the Blaine Amendments, how does the Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue Supreme Court Case affect school choice in the states and is your state impacted? Listen in on this episode featuring Education Choice Attorney at the Institute for Justice David Hodges, ALEC Director of the Education and Workforce Development Task Force Scott Kaufman and host Dan Reynolds to find out more. Educational Choice at Institute for Justice: Institute for Justice on the Blaine Amendments: Institute for Justice’s Educational Choice Legislative Resources:
Because of COVID-19, a vaccine and the topic of vaccines are on everyone’s mind. Joining the podcast to discuss the development of a COVID-19 vaccine is Pfizer Global COVID Vaccine Medical Lead David Swerdlow and Texas State Representative Tom Oliverson, who is a medical professional. Pfizer has committed to deliver millions of vaccine doses by the end of 2020, and it has been operating within a unique regulatory environment because of COVID. Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Efforts:
There is currently an opportunity and a need to reinforce the history and the teachings that are based on Dr. King’s non-violent social justice philosophy. This means the adoption of a special curriculum. Fortunately, there is one highlighting MLK and the civil rights movement, and it has already been implemented in multiple states. Today’s podcast discussion covers this curriculum. Guests include: ALEC Vice President of Policy Advancement Sherry Street, Texas State Representative Tan Parker, Howard University Associate Provost and Assistant Vice-President for Enrollment Management Anthony Jones and Institute of World Politics Chair of Law and Human Rights Dr. Matthew Daniels. Human Liberty 2.0: Advancing Universal Rights in the Digital Age by Dr. Matthew Daniels: Human Rights Network: Success by Design: Becoming the Person You Were Destined to Be:
State Legislator of the Month Rep. Tory Arnberger works hard every day as a young state legislator to advance the principles of limited government and federalism in Kansas. And during the pandemic, she’s lead her constituents with an emphasis on local control in the face of state mandates and discussions on education in the COVID-19 era. Now, she joins host Dan Reynolds to discuss this and more. August State Legislator of the Month Tory Arnberger:
In this special episode of Across the States Dan Reynolds is joined by two ALEC policy experts to discuss the newest edition of Rich States, Poor States: the ALEC-Laffer State Economic Competitiveness Index – which released today. Report co-author, ALEC EVP for Policy and Chief Economist Jonathan Williams and Senior Director of the ALEC Center for State Fiscal Reform Lee Schalk discuss the background of the report, the two state rankings it awards and most importantly, how state leaders can use this year’s findings to advance economic growth following a global pandemic. Find your state’s ranking and learn more at: Jonathan Williams and Lee Schalk in the Hill: Jonathan Williams and Lee Schalk in Newsweek: ALEC Letter signed by over 200 legislators: State Leaders Say “No Thanks” to Federal Bailout: Policy Prescriptions: Fiscal Discipline to Address Economic and Health Care Challenges in the Face of COVID-19:
Balancing state budgets is always important, but during the pandemic, doing it right is even more important. On the podcast today to discuss this is FGA Director of Government Affairs Roy Lendardson, FGA Senior Fellow Scott Centorino and ALEC Executive Vice President of Policy Jonathan Williams. Listen in on how the federal government has handcuffed states with “fraud by design” welfare programs, how states can actually improve budgets while still keeping welfare programs and more. ALEC resources on the FGA website:
What are Certificate of Need laws and how do they affect businesses across the country? Anastasia Boden, Senior Attorney at the Pacific Legal Foundation, weighs in on CON laws and COVID-19, how the Pacific Legal Foundation is defending individual liberty in the states and what states can do now to protect medical freedom. Anastasia Boden in the Wall Street Journal: Anastasia Boden in the Wall Street Journal on CON laws standing in the way of new medical facilities and services: Anastasia Boden on Fox Business: Pacific Legal Foundation on Economic Liberty: Pacific Legal Foundation calling on governors to suspend laws that inhibit emergency medical response:
This episode of Across the States, recorded in early 2020, takes us back to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), where host Dan Reynolds sits down with MI Representative Graham Filler, a speaker at the event and Chair of the MI House Judiciary Committee, to discuss criminal justice solutions at the state level. Following the FIRST STEP Act, based on ALEC model policy, what is the “second step” states can take to lower recidivism rates in America? Rep. Filler weighs in. ALEC model Justice Safety Valve Act: ALEC model: Resolution in Support of Reentry Programs:
In this special episode of Across the States recorded at the U.S. Department of Education in early 2020, host Dan Reynolds sat down with Jim Blew, Assistant Secretary for Planning, Evaluation and Policy Development, and Sherry Street, ALEC Vice President of Policy Advancement to highlight the work done advocating for education choice. What’s the reality behind charter schools, what does education reform look like today and how might it look in the years to come? One thing is clear from both the federal and state perspective: it should be about empowering the educators, the parents and the students.
On this episode of Across the States, host Dan Reynolds is joined by Senior Fellow of State and Local Taxes at the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy Stephen Haner, ALEC Vice President of Policy Jonathan Williams and ALEC Center for State Fiscal Reform Legislative Manager Skip Estes. The Thomas Jefferson Institute recently released a brochure, The Road to Higher Taxes, which outlines the nearly two dozen changes in Virginia tax laws passed by the 2020 General Assembly. Now in the podcast studio, the group defines what this will mean for taxpayers come July 1. The Road to Higher Taxes:
In the 2018 case Janus v. AFSCME, the Supreme Court reshaped the interaction between public sector employees and unions, affirming the 1st Amendment rights of individual employees. Joining host Dan Reynolds to discuss this landmark decision, its ramifications and the “Post-Janus” environment today is Vincent Vernuccio, Senior Fellow at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. Top 20 State-Level Labor Reforms by Vincent Vernuccio: ALEC Model Public Employee Rights and Authorization Act: ALEC Model Union Recertification Act: ALEC Model Public Employee Choice Act: Alaska Protects Public Workers’ First Amendment Rights: Alaska Attorney General Moves to Protect Worker Freedom by Michael Slabinski: Alaska Attorney General Kevin Clarkson joins ALECTV: Texas Attorney General Says Public Employers Should Stop Collecting Union Dues Until Workers Opt In: Indiana Attorney General Affirms Worker’s Rights:
Youth involvement in free enterprise and individual liberty will play a crucial role in COVID-19 recovery and onward. On the podcast to discuss this is State Legislator of the Month and 23-year old WV Del. Joshua Higginbotham, who recently sponsored a bill reclassifying 911 telecommunication operators as emergency workers. Also joining the podcast to speak on the important participation of youth in politics is Turning Point USA COO Tyler Bowyer. TPUSA Website:
Social media and free speech: they truly go hand in hand. Knowing this, Facebook recently started funding an oversight board made up of independent individuals as a non-governmental and free market solution to oversee content moderation on the platform. Joining host Dan Reynolds to discuss this is John Samples, a member of the new oversight board and Cato Institute Vice President, and Jonathon Hauenschild, Director of the Communications and Technology Task Force at ALEC. Facebook’s commitment to the Oversight Board: Facebook and Credible Content Oversight on the Cato Daily Podcast:
President Trump’s executive order, social media and Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. To discuss these hot topics, and why they’re so important right now, host Dan Reynolds is joined by TechFreedom Director of Civil Liberties Ash Kazaryan, NetChoice VP and General Counsel Carl Szabo and ALEC Communications and Technology Task Force Director Jonathon Hauenschild. CNN Story on Facebook Conservative Interaction: The Verge story on leftists arguing YouTube is politically biased for refusing to monetize LGBTQ+ content: Link to 47 U.S.C. § 230: Link to Executive Order:
With the increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations, ensuring patients’ rights and wishes are not being disregarded protects individual liberty across the states. In response to the responsibility to uphold these wishes and rights is the COVID-19 Patient Rights to Life Resolution from the Mackinac Center. On the podcast to discuss this resolution and why it matters is Mackinac Center Health Care Policy Advisor Greg George, Michigan State Representative Steve Johnson and ALEC Health and Human Services Task Force Director Brooklyn Roberts. COVID-19 Patient Rights to Life Resolution:
Joining host Dan Reynolds on this episode of Across the States to discuss the trade deficit in the United States is Christine McDaniel, Senior Research Fellow at the Mercatus Center and Karla Jones, Senior Director of the Federalism and International Relations Task Force at ALEC. Christine McDaniel's piece in the Hill:
On this episode of Across the States, host Dan Reynolds takes a deep dive into higher education, and how COVID-19 has impacted its landscape with guests Armand Alacbay, Vice President of Trustee & Government Affairs at the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, Lindsey Burke, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Education Policy and Will Skillman Fellow in Education Heritage Foundation and Scott Kauffman, ALEC Director of the Education and Workforce Development Task Force. Canceling Student Loan Debt Isn’t A Smart or Fair Response to Covid-19: Accreditation: Removing the Barrier to Higher Education Reform: ACTA’s “How Colleges Spend Money” web tool with comparison data for over 1,500 colleges and universities: ACTA president Michael Poliakoff’s Forbes article “How Higher Education Leaders Should Respond To The Coronavirus Financial Crisis” -
As we progress through the Coronavirus pandemic, the national debt remains a growing concern. It’s time to look closely at international models to restore fiscal restraint and responsible spending in the United States. One of those models is the Swiss Debt Brake – but what is it? Here to fill us in is Barry Poulson, Emeritus Professor of Economics at the University of Colorado, Karla Jones, ALEC Senior Director of the Federalism and International Relations Task Force and Lee Schalk, ALEC Senior Director of the Center for State Fiscal Reform. The States Are Poised to Lead the Nation Toward Fiscal Sustainability: ALEC Model Resolution Calling for a Federal Balanced Budget Amendment: How to Solve America’s Debt Crisis in the Wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic:
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