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This podcast is no longer producing new episodes on this channel. We strongly recommend subscribing to the Convicted podcast feed for more stories of injustice. Click here to listen on iTunes or visit our website for a link to the new feed in your favorite podcast app.
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3: Roynes Dural
Roynes Dural was wrongfully convicted in Hawaii - but no one would ever know - because the media didn’t report on it. In this episode Demarchoe talks to Roynes about his experience.There are a few minor changes for the next few weeks. Brooke’s doctor has told her “she needs to stop talking so much” because of a medical issue - so she will only be speaking to help introduce the sponsors. Don’t worry she’s still doing some of the behind the scenes work as well!Email Kenny your story of podcast inspiration to []( was given a special gift in the episode click here to see it and listen to it in its entirety - []( Or if you’re not driving you can text the word dsong to 797979. Check out our new podcast Buried Alive debuting this Sunday at 11:30 pm. On Apple Podcasts []( or wherever you listen!Contact Information:* Website: * Email: * Twitter: @actualinpod and @brookegittings * Facebook Group: * Facebook Page:  Edited by Lisa StrawnOriginal Music By Blake Maples www.blakemaples.comAdditional Music By Andy Cohen

3: Roynes Dural


Comments (6)

Liz Fisher Sobocinski

this show is good, but not enough editing. when people ramble on, some content should be removed. also, the narrator is obviously scripted. sure that's normal but you can tell she's reading a script. have you considered keeping the original narration when you're speaking naturally to your hosts hosted of dubbing over with the William Shatner narration?

Jun 5th

Shannon Spears

I have a very hard time getting any volumn on this podcast.

Mar 16th

Bryan Allen

why are most of them black males....?

Mar 9th

Meme J

GjpgrD racism my guess

Jan 31st


Bryan Allen Take a wild guess.

Aug 23rd

sonia chavez

best show out there

Feb 27th
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