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Welcome to the new home for Adam's rantings and ravings. This is the #1 Daily Downloaded Podcast in the World. GET IT ON as Adam shares his thoughts on current events, relationships, airport security, specialty pizzas, politics, and anything else he can complain about. Five days a week and completely uncensored, Adam welcomes a wide range of guests to join him in studio for in depth interviews and a front row seat to his unparalleled ranting. Let's not forget Bryan Bishop (Bald Bryan) on sound effects.

Check it out as Adam hangs out with some of his pals like: Larry Miller, David Allen Grier, Dr. Drew Pinksy, Dana Gould, Doug Benson, and many, many more.
1900 Episodes
Adam welcomes Eddie Huang back to the podcast at the top of Part 2. The guys talk about how Eddie has gotten so many successful projects off the ground, including his new movie, ‘Boogie’. They also discuss yakitori style cooking, Eddie’s favorite dishes, and the trouble he ran into when he was younger. Later, Gina reads news stories about Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama’s new podcast, another gender revealed turned deadly, and sexual harassment claims against Andrew Cuomo. As the show wraps up, Gina tells a story about a very awkward chiropractic massage, and she reads a disturbing news story about Gerard Depardieu. Please support today’s sponsors: PlutoTV
As the show opens, Adam talks about the evolving situation at Tin Horn Flats, which previously defied the restaurant closure orders. The guys then talk about reporting on Tiger Wood’s car accident, and Adam gives an update on teaching Sonny how to ride a unicycle. Later they listen to a clip from Reasonable Doubt about a mind-blowing city council meeting, and Gina shows the gang a ridiculous playground sign she came across. Before the break, Chris Laxamana joins the show with Trending Topics for everyone to comment on. Please support today’s sponsors: PlutoTV
Film critic Christian Toto joins the gang at the top of Part 2. The guys talk about the Best Picture nominees for the upcoming Golden Globes, and go on discuss how award shows have evolved over the years. They also discuss the timeline for reopening movie theaters, the obvious problems with cancel culture, and predictions for this year’s Oscars. Later, Gina reads news stories about Tiger Woods’ car accident, the arrest of El Chapo’s wife, Harry Shearer no longer voice Dr. Hibbert on The Simpsons, and disclaimers put before episodes of The Muppet Show on Disney+. As the show wraps up, the group talks a bit more about plans for reopening movie theaters in New York. Please support today’s sponsors: See your local dealer or visit PlutoTV
Adam opens today’s podcast talking about a Kanye West song that he finally likes, and driving with his daughter Natalia in the evenings. He also brings up that Sonny wants to learn how to ride the unicycle, and he shows some videos of himself riding around the house. Next, Adam welcomes Kevin Faulconer back to the podcast who is here to discuss recalling Gavin Newsom, running for Governor later on this year, and attempts to get our state’s public schools reopened. They go on to discuss the lack of leadership in California, and some of the other problems that continue to plague the state. Before the break, Adam talks more about unicycling and balance, and the guys take listener calls about reopening schools, the cancelling of youth sports, and the self-policing that needs to stop. Please support today’s sponsors: See your local dealer or visit PlutoTV
Today’s show opens with a conversation about the show celebrating its 12 Year Anniversary. Adam then rants about the side of the freeway near the studio, and talks about his latest observations while watching ‘Starsky and Hutch’. From there, the guys take some listener calls, and talk about more ridiculous appearances by Andy Warhol. Before the break, the guys take a few more calls to discuss favorite memories from ACS over the years. Please support today’s sponsors: for 20% off the best blue light glasses PlutoTV
Adam is excited to welcome Scott Glenn to the podcast. The guys talk about his new film, ‘Greenland’, as well as his experiences in legendary films like ‘Apocalypse Now’, and what Scott has learned from racing motorcycles. Scott also asks Adam about stand-up comedy and why people laugh when they do, and they go on to discuss Scott’s love of spear fishing and ice climbing, as well as his thoughts on poetry and pottery. In the last part of the show, Gina reads news stories about James Franco, non-consensual condom removal, South Park’s 2nd Pandemic Special, a popular snowblower being recalled, and two Floridians posing as Federal Marshals to avoid wearing masks. Please support today’s sponsors: for 20% off the best blue light glasses PlutoTV
The gang plays a round of “The Rotten Tomatoes Game” themed around movies with similar names but drastically different plots. Gina reports on today’s news stories including: United Flight 328 losing an engine mid-air, a confederate flag being blurred out of Happy Days reruns, Kim Kardashian filing for divorce from Kanye West, a robbery that took place in the middle of a live news report, and Dolly Parton refusing a statue of herself. Thanks for supporting today’s sponsors: enter ADAM
Adam responds to United Teachers Los Angeles after one of their tweets about him went viral. Then he recaps his time painting with Natalia. Adam and Dawson each talk about running into a “Karen” recently. They also go over a crow story that went viral over the weekend. Before the break, Adam talks to an inebriated caller. Thanks for supporting today’s sponsors: enter ADAM
1. Childhood stories w/ Alex Arato (2016) 2. Dana Gould and Huell's Jewels (2013) 3. Bill Simmons plays Made Up Movie and Rotten Tomatoes Game (2016) Hosted by Chris Laxamana and Giovanni Giorgio Support the show: Visit Visit Visit and use code Adam10 Visit and use promo code Adam Visit and use code Carolla Request clips: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: Website: Apple Podcasts:
As Part 2 opens, the guys see a tweet from Jay Mohr suggesting he ran out of gas on the freeway. Bald Bryan then tells the gang about his recent trip to Big Bear, and the guys watch a video of Jay Mohr running out of gas in Phoenix. Next up, Gina reads a news story about the ‘Perseverance’ successfully landing on Mars, and Adam takes a call from Jay Mohr, who talks him through the issue of running out of gas twice in two weeks. In the last part of the show, the gang comments on ‘Mattress Mack’, the process for handing out the vaccine, and how the press has been treating President Biden. Please support today’s sponsors: enter ADAM
Adam begins today’s podcast complaining to Bryan and Gina about people who don’t use the flip tops for keeping bottles closed and fresh. The guys then talk about Ted Nugent’s list of Great Men, the evolution of vans, and the crazy history of the Daytona Coupe. Adam also shares some thoughts on vaccines, and the guys go on to take listener calls about firefighters’ work schedules, cooking chicken paprikash, and pulling balls for Adam’s upcoming Unprepared performance. Before the break, Adam talks with a cancer survivor, and the guys listen back on a classic Love Line clip with a phone sex worker. Please support today’s sponsors: enter ADAM
Adam welcomes Bassem Youssef back to the podcast at the top of Part 2. The guys talk about how Adam’s kids have gotten lazier since the quarantine first began, and Bassem discusses how a city like Dubai has handled the pandemic so differently than in the US. Adam also asks Bassem about his plant-based diet, and they go on discuss lactose intolerance, Bassem’s new children’s book, and touring the country during the pandemic. Later they chat about police playing Beatles music to avoid having their videos uploaded to YouTube, and Gina goes on to read news stories about the death of Rush Limbaugh, Bam Margera getting booted from Jackass 4, and Kendall Jenner starting her own tequila line. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss new apartments being made out of repurposed shipping containers, the power crisis in Texas, and a caller who reported a fake murder so authorities would shovel the streets. Please support today’s sponsors: enter ADAM enter ADAM
At the top of the show, the guys talk more about the ridiculousness of the Bionic Woman opening credits. Adam then plays a clip of geese attacking kids, and he goes on a rant about another botched donut order at the warehouse. The guys also dissect an article by writer Megan Fox about how cancel culture has infiltrated The Bachelor, and then Megan is brought on to comment on why you should never apologize to the ‘woke police’. Before the break, Adam asks Megan about living in New York with a more conservative leaning mindset. Please support today’s sponsors: enter ADAM enter ADAM
Adam welcomes Doug Ellin to the podcast at the top of Part 2. The guys talk about the legacy of the HBO series ‘Entourage’, and his new podcast about the show, co-hosted with Kevin Dillon. They also joke about unibrows, and chat more about keeping busy during the pandemic, the latest with Artie Lange, and Doug’s rise to success. Later Adam compares the opening credits of the Six Million Dollar Man with the Bionic Woman, and Doug teases the new projects he’s been working on. Gina then reads news stories about Governor Cuomo’s latest mistake, the NBA’s warning to LeBron James for flopping, and the Mavericks’ dropping the National Anthem from games. As the show wraps up, Adam rants about people going quiet whenever race is brought up, and Gina reads one last story about Casey Kasem. Please support today’s sponsors: enter ADAM enter ADAM PlutoTV
Adam opens today’s show reflecting on his unlikely path to the podcasting biz. The guys then take some fan phone calls to celebrate to big accomplishment of releasing 3000 podcasts, and they go on to chat about James ‘Babydoll’ Dixon, vaping on airplanes, and shutting down Super Bowl parties. Next up, the guys listen to another Rich Banks song commemorating the last 1000 episodes, and reminisce about some of the great moments they’ve forgotten over the years. Please support today’s sponsors: enter ADAM enter ADAM PlutoTV
Adam Waheed is on the show at the top of Part 2. Adam asks him about his Egyptian heritage, playing football in college, and becoming a social influencer. The guys also talk about making content daily, how he monetizes his business, and thoughts on performing standup comedy. Later, Gina reads news stories about an upcoming sequel to Face/Off, the deaths of Larry Flynt and Larry King, and Ashley Judd’s harrowing experience. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss the latest with Rachel Dolezal, the realities of Only Fans, and a follow up on the terrible Oatly Super Bowl commercial. Please support today’s sponsors: enter ADAM
At the top of the show, the guys listen to a brand new song by Rich Banks about approaching the 3000th episode of The Adam Carolla Show. Adam then talks with Bryan and Gina about Dave Ramsey’s controversial statements about stimulus checks, and they go on to talk about the importance of diversifying what you do. Adam also rants about teachers’ unions using a color code to avoid going back to work, which leads to a larger conversation about panicking over COVID instead of properly planning. Ross Novie then joins the show to continue to theme, and to talk about his efforts to reopen schools in Los Angeles. Please support today’s sponsors: enter ADAM
The gang open part two with a spirited Valentine’s Day edition of The Rotten Tomatoes Game which prompts Adam to recall a Nissan commercial featuring Barbie & Ken. Gina then takes over for the news and covers stories from Chris Harrison stepping away from ‘The Bachelor’ to James Brown collaborator Danny Ray’s passing and gives some passionate thoughts on a tweet she received critiquing some of her language. Thanks for supporting today’s sponsors:
Adam and Gina are joined by Adam Ray and open the show discussing Adam’s methodology of rooting for fighters in UFC fights. They also discuss the vast difference in physiques between female UFC fighters and the ring girls that accompany their fights. Adam also recounts his experience taking Sonny out to breakfast and dining outdoors alongside diners wearing double masks until their food arrives. They also review Jill Biden’s placement of hearts painted with positive messages on the White House lawn in honor of Valentine’s Day. Thanks for supporting today’s sponsors:
1. Jo Koy (2016) 2. Show opening (2010) 3. Nick Thune (2017) Hosted by Chris Laxamana and Giovanni Giorgio Support the show: Visit and use the code Carolla Visit Visit Visit and use code Adam10 Visit and use promo code Adam Visit and use code Carolla Request clips: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: Website: Apple Podcasts:
Comments (349)

Rodney Dean

The little figurines were white as I remember them being like a tan off-white but yeah crazy how Adam jars old memories

Feb 20th

gilles st onge

btw...brady doesnt play for patriots anymore...c'mon...cant take 3 seconds in post to fix it?

Feb 9th

Joe Barile

Free thinker or hardly thinking?

Feb 2nd

Mat Loesch

I j

Feb 2nd

Biscuits McGee

PlutoTV has a Love Boat channel!

Jan 29th

Aaron Hartje

A couple of things: First, I appreciate Bald demonstrating his ignorance or disingenuousness once again in asserting that the voter fraud lawsuits were dismissed because of lack of evidence. They were dismissed because of a determination of lack of standing, which one could say may have been the courts' way of eliminating any discovery and not allowing any of the evidence to see the light of day. Second, while I appreciate some of the work this documentarian does, he is either ignorant or flat out lied about arms exports being the number one export of the United States. At about $55 billion, they are in fifth, and they are so far back it is kind of like finishing 5th in the Heisman voting. Sales of auto parts are just barely behind arms.

Jan 29th

Joe Barile

Just wondering the on Pitbull podcast, does he have a cohost he points to when the record button is pressed?

Jan 29th

Don Keith

Always great when Adam and Ravi go deep. Should get together and do a Lifeline podcast.

Jan 16th

Chris Cutlip

two fucking charlatans

Dec 23rd



Dec 15th

Lamont Mccloud

I don't know how they can say that children aren't spreaders when there are children out there with positive cases.

Dec 13th

gilles st onge

is trump moving into your basement in january?

Dec 2nd

Shahla Mahmoudi

thank you

Nov 22nd

Cory Antrim

why is 1780s guy cut out?

Oct 20th

Kenya Fleming


Oct 16th

Dylan B

get Allen West on this show !!

Oct 12th


Candace Owens? Really? I'm so glad I don't F with this show anymore.

Oct 5th
Reply (3)

Thomas Glaspey

Lately you are making excuses for Donald Trump like a liberal soccer mom makes for her brat!

Oct 3rd

Robert Fankidejski

Wow at 19:56 when Adam is talking about focusing on the state's biggest problems the real ones facing the state right now. He could have used his old Loveline analogy which I've always thought was incredible. His analogy was that it's like if you bought a home and you can see that the foundation is leaning you have rot inside of the walls you've got mold the whole thing needs to be torn down to the bare studs and instead you're focusing on what which wallpaper would look best.

Sep 25th

Steven Inman

the new all balls segment is way to long and boring. what happened to good sports? that was simple and quick. I enjoyed Dave and im not even a sport person. all balls just goes on and on about sports without any humor involved. its boring.

Sep 21st
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