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Encouraging women to cultivate a love for God's word.
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This week on the Adorned Podcast we begin our study of The Sermon on the Mount, Jesus’ longest recorded sermon. In His teaching, Jesus answers the question “what is a good life or what is human flourishing?” On episode 75 we cover the first part of chapter 5, which is known as the “beatitudes.” The beatitudes are not a band, as Erin once believed, but they are short statements that start with “blessed” and they summarize the essence of The Sermon on the Mount. Join us as we continue to see Jesus paint this picture of what it looks like to live as a follower of Him.Quotes:“True human flourishing is only available through communion with the Father God through his revealed Son, Jesus, as we are empowered by the Holy Spirit. This flourishing is only experienced through faithful, heart-deep, whole-person discipleship, following Jesus’ teachings and life, which situate the disciple into God’s community or kingdom. This flourishing will only be experienced fully in the eschaton, when God finally establishes his reign upon the earth. As followers of Jesus journey through their lives, they will experience suffering in this world, which in God’s providence is in fact a means to true flourishing even now” -Jonathan T. Pennington“The first 4 beatitudes are where our faith takes root and the last 4 are how it bears fruit” -Jen WilkinIn reference to being poor in spirit - “ It is the conscious acknowledgement of unworth before God, the deepest form of repentance.” -D.A. Carson“Meekness is not weakness it is strength that is restrained”Resources:God’s Very Good Idea by Trillia NewbellThe Garden, the Curtain and the Cross by Carl Laferton and Catalina Echeverri Inductive Study GuideThe Village Church’s women’s Bible study on Matthew*The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by Katie Cobbs*
This week on the Adorned Podcast we take a look at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry in Matthew 4:12-25. We know that Jesus didn’t need the disciples’ help, but in His kindness He invited them in. The Bible tells us that the disciples didn’t hesitate to follow Jesus, they just dropped their fishing nets and went “immediately.” Immediate obedience is hard, but it is a theme that we have already seen so much in the first 4 chapters of Matthew. How is God asking you to follow him in immediate obedience today?Quotes:“Being a disciple means having an open mind, an open heart, and being willing to be taught.”“Jesus didn’t need the disciple’s help, but He was willing to invite them in so they could be a part of what He was doing to expand the kingdom. What a gift.”“Caring for someone’s physical needs is hard, but it really is such an important part of sharing the gospel.”“We need more than the humble life of Christ, we also need need the victorious rule and ministry of Christ to overcome Satan’s schemes, to bring healing and restoration to the brokenness that sin produces, and provide reconciliation between God and man.” -Jeff VandersteltResources:Inductive Study GuideThe Village Church’s women’s Bible study on MatthewGospel Fluency by Jeff Vanderstelt*The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by Katie Cobbs*
On episode 73 of the Adorned Podcast we dive into the first part of Matthew chapter 4. Temptation is such a difficult topic, but we can find immense comfort through this passage that shows us how Jesus was tempted in the same ways we are today. When we break down these 11 verses, we notice that Jesus gives us some very practical examples for how to fight temptation in our own lives. We can praise God for sending his Son to identify with His people!Quotes:“We have to hide His word in our hearts so we can use it to fight temptation.”“The question is “do you seek to Glorify yourself or will you glorify your father in heaven” The Son always gives glory to the father.” -Jen Wilkin“God is who He says He is and He will do what He says He will do. He will provide.”“God is our provider and just like he provided manna for the Israelites, he provides everything we need today.”“Every temptation you face comes down to the question “Is God really good, can you really trust him?””“God is good and His work is sufficient.” -Jeff Vanderstelt“You can’t impart what you don’t possess.” -John PiperResources:Inductive Study Guide Gospel Fluency by Jeff VandersteltThe Village Church’s women’s Bible study on Matthew*The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by Katie Cobbs*
On episode 72 of the Adorned Podcast we dig into chapter 3 of Matthew. The chapter begins with John the Baptist preaching a message of repentance and addressing the importance of baptism. When Jesus approaches John desiring to be baptized himself, John is understandably hesitant, but he acts out of obedience. Why is it important for Jesus, God wrapped in flesh, to be baptized? How is the trinity so beautifully displayed during this event? Join us as we discuss these questions and more!Quotes:“We don’t repent so the kingdom will come, but we repent because it is here.” -Jen Wilkin“Repentance isn’t just turning away from sin, but it’s turning to something else.”“God truly wants the best for His children.”“ The entrance of Christ into his public ministry on earth was the chosen opportunity for the public manifestation of the intimate union between God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.“ -Charles SpurgeonResources:Inductive Study Guide The Song of Creation, sermon by Tim Keller The Village Church’s women’s Bible study on MatthewGospel Fluency by Jeff Vanderstelt*The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by Katie Cobbs*
On episode 71 of the Adorned Podcast we dive into chapters 1 and 2 of Matthew. The book begins with the genealogy of Jesus and we immediately notice that Matthew is reassuring the Jews that Jesus is indeed their promised Messiah. Matthew then goes on to recount the story of Jesus’ birth and the events surrounding the first few years of His life. Throughout these first 2 chapters we continually see God’s sovereignty in the big miracles, the small details, and even through  what Herod meant for evil. The beginning of this book is such a good reminder that we can rest in the fact that God is in total and complete control!Quotes:“God is in control and can use anyone He pleases. He can save anyone He pleases.”“The first link between my soul and Christ is not my goodness but my badness, not my merit but my misery, not my standing but my falling, not my riches but my need.” -Charles Spurgeon“If you believe in a God who controls the big things, you have to believe in a God who controls the little things.” -Elisabeth Elliot“God is not only sovereign over the big things and the small things, but He is also sovereign over the bad.”“Seeing the brokenness of man truly gets us to see Jesus for who he really is and how much His blood accomplishes on the cross on our behalf.”Resources:Inductive Study Guide The Village Church’s women’s Bible study on Matthew*The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by Katie Cobbs*
On Episode 70 of the Adorned Podcast we recap our last series “Our Gifts, His Glory” by discussing what God taught us through our conversations with all of the amazing ladies we were privileged to interview. We officially announce that our fall series will be a walk through the first part of the gospel of Matthew. If you are at all familiar with this podcast, then you know that we believe the context of what we are studying is so very important. That is why we spend some time during this episode discussing who wrote the book, when he wrote it, his purpose behind his writing, and what themes we will continually see as we read? We can’t wait to see what God is going to teach all of us as we continue to study His Word together!Quotes:“Don’t stop walking just because you might trip.”“Recognize, repent, and keep walking forward.”“If Jesus said it then it’s absolutely true and we should focus on what He’s saying.”“Matthew gave us God’s entire plan from Genesis to Revelation” -Spurgeon Study Bible “Matthew was writing this book to announce and affirm Jesus.  What does your life announce and affirm?”“Matthew makes no division between history and theology. History is the basis of theology, and theology interprets the meaning of historical events. He speaks truth about real events in history, and he does so with a spiritual, pastoral, and covenantal agenda.” -Reformation Study Bible“The false teacher relies on you having ignorance of the text.” -Jen WilkinResources:Inductive Study Guide The Village Church’s women’s Bible study on Matthew*The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by Katie Cobbs*
On episode 69 of the Adorned Podcast we continue our series “Our Gifts, His Glory” with an encouraging conversation with Angie Likens. We discuss how a passion for discipleship led her to found the Proclaim Truth Conference. We attended this conference in January and absolutely LOVED it! To hear more of our thoughts on the conference you can go back and listen to episode 45. On today’s episode Angie shares how looking to those that have gone before us and collaborating with those around us, truly is what discipleship is all about. How do we do this while remembering that it is for God’s glory and not our own? Listen in to this conversation that is is full of so much wisdom, passion, and biblical truth! We pray that it encourages your heart as much as it did ours! Listen all the way to the end to hear how you can use the code “Adorn” to receive a special discount!Quotes:“The scripture is completely sufficient to reveal God to us.” -Angie Likens“We study The Word of God so that we would grow to hate what God hates and love what God loves.” -Angie Likens“God has a greater passion for His name than I can ever have.” -Angie Likens“God is faithful to His plan for His kingdom and His purpose.” -Angie LikensResources:Books by A.W. Tozer Delighting in the Trinity by Michael Reeves Books by Jen Wilkin Hearers and Doers by Kevin Vanhoozer Teaching to Change Lives by Howard Hendricks Living by The Book by Howard Hendricks His Word Alone by Summer Lacy Choosing Peace by Lasater and Kinyon *The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by Katie Cobbs*
On episode 68 of the Adorned Podcast we continue our series, “Our Gifts, His Glory.” We had the privilege of talking with Emily and Laura from “Risen Motherhood” about what it looks like to use the gift of motherhood for God’s glory. If you are not familiar with the Risen Motherhood ministry, they exist to encourage, equip, and challenge moms to apply the gospel to their everyday lives. On this episode, we discuss everything from Emily’s amazing fire building skills to how potty training and mountains of laundry will continually point you back to the gospel. Even if you are not in the throws of motherhood, we believe you will find encouragement through this conversation!Quotes:“Everything we have is The Lord’s.  It’s all been given by Him; all of our gifts, every skill set, our personality traits, our tendencies. God gives those to His people and if we truly are not our own but we belong to God then every resource, every gift we have, is actually His!” -Laura Wifler“The neat thing about the gospel is that it makes us new and it changes everything about who we are.” -Emily Jensen“God is the one, in Christ who reconciles our responsibility with our inability.” -Emily Jensen“The great news of what God did for us is that He came and He said “I know that you’re not enough, but I’m going to send my son to be enough on your behalf and now before the throne of God, you are made good, you are made righteous, I see you and I see righteousness, I see patience, and kindness, and long suffering because I see Jesus.  He covers us in front of God,”” -Laura Wifler“He is for my good and He is for their good, and I can trust Him.” -Emily Jensen“We are not above Christ and what He has done.  He came to serve, he came to lay down His life, he came to deal with the dirty, stinky, messy, annoying needs that we all have.” -Emily Jensen“As moms, so much of what we do is unseen, but it does matter and God is refining and molding, and growing us in these days. He’s preparing us for whatever good works He has down the road.  These days are not being wasted.” -Laura WiflerResources:Risen Motherhood Resource Page Risen Motherhood Website *The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by Katie Cobbs*
On episode 67 of the Adorned Podcast we continue our series “Our Gifts, His Glory” with a conversation with Courtney Reissig.  Courtney is a wife, mother, writer, and speaker that has a heart for helping women grow in their knowledge of God’s Word. She shares her story of how a potentially life-threatening diagnosis during her last pregnancy helped free her from some of her struggles by reminding her to steward her giftings for God’s glory. This conversation was a great reminder of God’s trustworthiness, his sovereignty, and his goodness.  We pray that you are encouraged as you listen.  Quotes:“We have a responsibility to steward the giftings that God has given us.  We don’t get to just check out and not do it because we might be glory seeking.” -Courtney Reissig “Even if you’re not sure if your motives are right, keep moving forward and allow God to sanctify those motives as you move forward.”“So much of our discontentment, our comparison, our envy, and jealousy, all of those heart responses to what we don’t have, are owing to the fact that we think God isn’t trustworthy. When I remember all that He has done, I’m reminded that He is trustworthy!” -Courtney Reissig “God’s sovereignty paired with his goodness is just incredibly comforting.” -Courtney Reissig Resources:Glory in the Ordinary by Courtney Reissig The Accidental Feminist by Courtney Reissig *The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by Katie Cobbs*
On episode 66 of the Adorned Podcast we had the privilege of sitting down to chat with Payton Keller about how she chooses to use her gifts for God’s glory.  Payton is an incredibly talented singer, songwriter, and worship leader born and raised in the Austin area.  She shares her story of how God grabbed a hold of her heart and turned her eyes toward Jesus instead of herself.  Our prayer is that as you listen to this conversation you will be encouraged and inspired to use your own giftings for the glory of our King! Quotes:“Now my contentment is in Jesus’ name instead of my own name.” -Payton Keller “There is so much contentment in using your passions for something bigger than yourself.” -Payton Keller “It’s not about us, it’s about God. Give your life over to him and he’ll use you for his glory.” -Payton Keller “Get in your Bible. Know Jesus in a big way!” -Payton Keller “Don’t pursue opportunities, pursue Jesus.” -Payton Keller Resources:The Bible *The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by Katie Cobbs*
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