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Encouraging women to cultivate a love for God's word.
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On episode 66 of the Adorned Podcast we had the privilege of sitting down to chat with Payton Keller about how she chooses to use her gifts for God’s glory.  Payton is an incredibly talented singer, songwriter, and worship leader born and raised in the Austin area.  She shares her story of how God grabbed a hold of her heart and turned her eyes toward Jesus instead of herself.  Our prayer is that as you listen to this conversation you will be encouraged and inspired to use your own giftings for the glory of our King! Quotes:“Now my contentment is in Jesus’ name instead of my own name.” -Payton Keller “There is so much contentment in using your passions for something bigger than yourself.” -Payton Keller “It’s not about us, it’s about God. Give your life over to him and he’ll use you for his glory.” -Payton Keller “Get in your Bible. Know Jesus in a big way!” -Payton Keller “Don’t pursue opportunities, pursue Jesus.” -Payton Keller Resources:The Bible *The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by Katie Cobbs*
On Episode 65 we kick off our series “Our Gifts, His Glory” with a conversation with Margaret Gibson.  Margaret works in non profit development and is passionate about the topic of generosity.  We thought this was the perfect way to kick off this series as we discuss what it looks like to give generously for the glory of God.  Margaret guides us to where we can see generosity in The Bible.  Spoiler alert!  This is a topic that is woven throughout the entirety of scripture!  Ultimately it points us back to how generous God has been to us by providing His grace, a gift we do not deserve.  We left this conversation feeling so encouraged and inspired to give generously for the glory of God and pray that you will too.      Quotes:“There is such a scarcity mentality.  We think that there’s not enough.  That is a fundamental issue about the character of God for us.  It’s us not believing that God is not big enough, or good enough, or loves us enough to do good things for us or to provide for us in the way that He promises He will.” -Margaret Gibson “Our generosity comes out of an overflow of what God does for us.” -Erin Kellogg “The best way to get good at giving is to give.” -Margaret Gibson Resources:The Prodigal God by Tim Keller Patrons by John Rinehart The Giver and the Gift by David Weekley and Peter Greer The Spirituality of Fundraising by Henri Nouwen When Helping Hurts by Stever Corbett and Brian Fikkert The World is not ours to Save by Tyler Wigg-Stevenson Generous Giving The Gospel Coalition Desiring God National Christian Foundation Advent Conspiracy *The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by Katie Cobbs*
We’re back!!!!!  We had a wonderful summer break, but we are so glad to be back with all of our wonderful listeners.  You don’t want to miss this episode because Erin has a HUGE announcement that we know you’re going to be excited about!  Katie Cobbs joins us as we discuss some summer highlights, our biggest takeaway from the She Speaks conference, and give a little intro into our upcoming series, “Our Gifts, His Glory.”  Our hope and prayer each week is that the Adorned Podcast would encourage and inspire you to pursue a deeper understanding of who God is through His Word.Quotes:“Generosity is such a beautiful reflection of God’s generosity to us.”“A calling requires a caller.  You are not called to something or somewhere, but to someone.” -Lisa Allen “Our gifts have been given to us to bring God glory.”*The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by Katie Cobbs*
On episode 63 of the Adorned Podcast we discuss chapter 6 of Ephesians.  Paul continues to talk about the importance of submission, this time addressing the children and bondservants.  He ends the chapter by reminding the church that they are not fighting a battle against flesh and blood, but one that is spiritual.  He gives practical ways to fight this battle by teaching about the armor of God.  We have so enjoyed walking through the book of Ephesians with all of you and pray that it has been a blessing to you as well! Quotes: “Let them be fondly cherished… deal gently with them.” -John Calvin “Paul does not condone the system of slavery instead provides instructions to believing masters and slaves regarding the relationship to each other in the Lord and how this should be lived out within the boundaries of their social and legal culture. the result as often observed that slavery slowly died out through the influence of Christianity.” -ESV Study Bible Notes “What you’re about to read in Ephesians 610 through 24 is not some weird hallucination dreamed up by a prisoner in chains but the doctrinally driven application of everything we’ve read in Ephesians.” -Gloria Furman“Our Faith is made stronger in community.”  Resources: The Message of Ephesians by John StottThe Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer Feminine Appeal by Carolyn Mahaney Alive in Him by Gloria FurmanThe Christian in Complete Armor by D.A. Carson *The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by Katie Cobbs*
This week we dive into chapter 5 of Ephesians and decide that it might be a good idea to bring back the oh so popular WWJD bracelets as a reminder to love like Jesus does.  What does this look like practically in our everyday lives?  It’s definitely not always easy, but it is what we are called to as Christ followers.  The last section is one of our favorite parts of this letter as Paul addresses how marriage is to be a beautiful picture of Christ’s relationship with his bride, the church.  Tune in and let’s continue to study God’s Word together! Quotes:“You become what you behold.”“The less time we spend looking at ourselves and the more time we spend gazing at Jesus this (loving like Jesus does) will become second nature.” “The gospel is the reason to live this way and also the power to live this way.”“Darkness will always be overcome by the light.  It cannot win.” “There is nothing demeaning about this, for her submission is not to be an unthinking obedience to his rule but rather a grateful acceptance of his care.” -John Stott  “The man and the woman were created unique by God, both in the image of God, equal in dignity, value, and worth, but they have been meant to complement one another, not compete against one another. The weaknesses of the one are strengthened by the strengths of the other, and the strengths of the other one are made even stronger by the strengths of the other. There is a complementarian relationship, where men are being men and women are being women. If that happens, then you have the type of human flourishing the Bible commends, that if we’d be willing to walk into it, our joy might increase, God’s glory might be seen all the more brightly, and all of our hearts would be satisfied in him.”Resources:The Message of Ephesians by John Stott
On episode 61 of the Adorned Podcast we dive into chapter 4 of Ephesians.  This is where we see the shift from Paul describing what the gospel is to how we are to live in light of it’s truth. He gives us some great practical advice for how to do this.  The theme of unity continues throughout this chapter and we are also reminded of the importance of sound doctrine. Join us as we continue to walk through Ephesians together!  Quotes:“The Gospel doesn’t just change our beliefs, but it changes our behavior.”“The Gospel is not just historical facts, but it’s transformative truth.”“Meekness is The gentleness of the strong, whose strength is under control.” “Patience is long suffering towards aggravating people, such as God, in Christ has shown towards us.” -John Stott  “Without grounding in solid doctrine concerning who Jesus is, we will get tossed around according to whatever spiritual fad is trending.” -Gloria Furman “Blind is exactly where Satan wants us to stay. He works to blind our minds to keep us from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ.” -Gloria Furman “The heart cannot love what the mind does not know.” -Jen Wilkin “Let no one say that doctrine does not matter!  Good conduct arises out of good doctrine.  It is only when we have grasped clearly who we are in Christ, that the desire will grow within us to live a life that is worthy of our calling and fitting to our character as God’s new society.” -John Stott Resources:The Message of Ephesians by John StottAlive in Him by Gloria Furman Obedience Rooted in Relationship - Matt Chadler *The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by  Katie Cobbs*
On this week’s episode of the Adorned Podcast we continue to talk about the great mystery and what it means to live in unity as the body of Christ. We dive into what true community is and unpack the “manifold wisdom of God”. Did you know it has something to do with Joseph’s coat of many colors? Join us as we dig into chapter three of Ephesians.Quotes:“What stands out in Ephesians are the ways in which the defeat of the evil powers and principalities it’s made manifest. To put it bluntly the multiethnic church living in unity is a cosmic middle finger to the powers have tried to force division and enmity among humanity.” -Tony Reinke“The Christian mysteries are truths which, although beyond human discovery, have been revealed by God and so now belong openly to the whole church.” -John Stott “Once we are sure that the gospel is both truth from God and riches for mankind, nobody will be able to silence us.” -John Stott “He created the universe to be the cosmic stage for the glory of his son and he predestined the church as the leading lady. In this drama the mystery of the church is like one big ah ha moment and it reveals God’s wisdom…” -Gloria Furman “The Bible doesn’t call us to uniformity, it calls us to unity.” -Paul David Tripp “Rather than plucking us out of Christian community to show us Christ’s knowledge surpassing love, God plants us in the body of Christ. This is where we are “filled with all the fullness of God”.... in other words we grow in the garden of the local church not in a vase by ourselves.” -Gloria FurmanResources:The Message of Ephesians by John StottAlive in Him by Gloria Furman *The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by Katie Cobbs*
On episode 59 of the Adorned Podcast we discuss Ephesians chapter 2.  Paul spends the first part of this chapter reminding the church of the fact that they were dead in their sins.  Thank goodness he doesn’t stop there and quickly follows up by explaining that but God, in his love and mercy, sent Jesus so we could be made alive together in Him!  What does it mean to be God’s workmanship?  Why is it so significant that we are now one body under Christ?  Do our works really matter?  Join us as we continue to learn about the wonderful truths of the gospel!  Quotes:“When Jesus told Lazarus to come out of his tomb, Lazarus walked out, musty grave clothes and all. and when you were dead in your sins he called you with the gospel and he made you alive in Christ” -J.A. Medders “Our good works are a reaction to the good gift. They do not earn us the good gift.”Humble Calvinism pg 130 “God doesn’t need us as his coworkers - he isn’t lacking the strength or ability to spread the fame of his name or to call his people to faith in him...Sure he could do it all himself.  Sure, he’ll call his people.  But he chooses to let you participate in the greatest business on earth - bringing people from darkness to light, from hell to heaven.” -J.A. Medders “We are created by the master creator and our identity is 100% in him, and if we remind ourselves of that it truly doesn’t matter what anyone else says.” “It’s better to be in the waves with Jesus then in the boat without him” -Sharon Miller“Peace is not the absence of chaos, but the presence of Jesus.”Resources:“A Lesson in Pronouns: The Doctrine of Union with Christ” - Knowing Faith PodcastTiny Theologians One with Christ Cards The Message of Ephesians by John StottYou Are Special by Max Lucado *The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by  Katie Cobbs*
This week on the Adorned Podcast we discuss chapter one of Ephesians.  Paul begins his letter by making sure the church understands the truth of the gospel.  Through the blood of Jesus we have REDEMPTION and forgiveness of our sins.  He wants them to know that they were chosen by God before the foundation of the world because of His love and for His glory.  What does it mean that to be chosen?  What does living for God’s glory look like?  These are a few of the questions that we address in this episode.  We would love for you to join us as we continue to study God’s glorious Word together!  Quotes:“The glory of God is the beauty and excellence of his manifold perfections. It is an attempt to put into words what God is like in his magnificence and purity. It refers to his infinite and overflowing fullness of all that is good….God’s glory is the perfect harmony of all his attributes into one infinitely beautiful and personal being.” -John Piper “Predestination is not about God collecting humans because he thinks they make nice robots to fill his heavenly warehouses. Far from it! The biblical picture of predestination describes the intentions of a loving Father who predestined us for adoption as sons because he wanted to (“according to the purpose of His will”) so that grace would be enjoyed and magnified.” -Gloria Furman Resources: Inductive Study Guide God Created Us For His Glory by John Piper Alive in Him by Gloria Furman His Eternal Election by Sinclair Ferguson The Message of Ephesians by John StottHumble Calvinism by J.A. Medders ESV Illuminated Scripture Journal: EphesiansSystematic Theology by Wayne Grudem Systematic Theology Podcast Essential Truths of the Christian Faith by R.C. Sproul Enjoying the Triune God by J.T. English *The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by Katie Cobbs*
Ep. 57 - Ephesians - Intro

Ep. 57 - Ephesians - Intro


We are so excited to dive into a new series on the book of Ephesians. This week’s episode of the Adorned Podcast is an introduction to the letter that Paul wrote to the church at Ephesus.  We discuss when it was written, why it was written, what the city of Ephesus was like at that time, and some of the most prevalent themes seen throughout the book.  The first three chapters focus on reminding the church of the gospel and the work that Jesus did on the cross, while the last three chapters discuss how to live in light of that truth.  We are looking forward to learning and growing alongside you as we study this book together over the next 7 weeks! Quotes:“A statement about unity in the form of an epistle” - Hans Bayer“Peace through grace would be a concise summary of the book.” -John Stott “Ephesians articulates general instruction in the truths of cosmic redemptive work of God in Christ, the unity of the church among diverse peoples, and proper conduct in the church, in the home, and in the world. It’s about unity and love in the bond of peace marking the work of the Savior as well as Christian’s grateful response to his free grace in their lives.” -ESV Study Bible Notes Resources:Life and Letters of Paul Course by Hans Bayer The Message of Ephesians by John StottInductive Study Guide ESV Illuminated Scripture Journal: Ephesians*The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by Katie Cobbs*
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