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Adrian Goldberg's Talk Show. Does what it says on the tin.
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There've been lurid campaigns linking abortion in the UK with Satanism, part of a Europe-wide trend which has seen far right groups and the religious right attempt to commandeer debate around about a woman's right to choose what to do with her own body. Byline Times writer Sian Norris steers us through these murky waters, and helps identify some of the "dark money" funding these campaigns. Plus Byline Times co-founder Peter Jukes and Unbound co-founder John Mitchinson discuss "the Scouring of the Shire", a key moment in Tolkein's epic fantasy Lord Of The Rings, which has modern resonance in the era of Trump and Johnson. Produced and presented in Birmingham by Adrian Goldberg.
Adrian meets Geoff Thompson and Debbie Anzalone, writer and director respectively of Three Sacks Full Of Hats, a short movie with a powerful message about love, loss, regret - and alcohol. The film stars Alison Steadman and Warren Brown. You can watch it here
The saying goes that "it's not what you know but who you know". That certainly seems to have been the case when Boris Johnson's government was handing out contracts for Personal Protective Equipment at the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Sam Bright has been saying as much in his journalism for Byline Times for months - now that view has been corroborated by The National Audit Office. Sam discusses the NAO findings with Labour MP Dawn Butler, who has been asking questions about the issue in parliamenrt. PLUS Adrian Goldberg exposes a potential conflict of interest in the Scottish Football Association's investigation into historic child sex abuse. Funded by Byline Times. Please subscribe at BylineTimes.Com Produced and Presented in Birmingham by Adrian Goldberg.
Former BBC and RTE TV executive Helen O'Rahilly shares the story behind her first book, The Stairlift Ascends, which gathers quotes from her 90-year old aunt with whom she's been sharing a Covid cocoon.



Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd talks exclusively to the Byline Times podcast about his petition for a Royal Commission into media ownership in Australia - which has attracted a record breaking 500,000 signatures to the parliamentary website. Mr Rudd is particularly concerned about the influence of Rupert Murdoch who controls 70% of the newspaper readership Down Under, but his observations are pertinent of the UK and U.S. too. The common themes across the Murdoch empire, he says, are the promotion of a right wing agenda, the polarisation of debate and vicious attacks on political opponents. Award winning journalist Nick Davies who uncovered phone hacking at Murdoch's flagship tabloid News of the World offers a British perspective. Produced and presented by Adrian Goldberg.



Sweden's controversial "relaxed" approach towards Coronavirus has found a growing number of advocates in the UK, drawn to its emphasis on keeping society - and the economy - moving, rather than embracing lockdowns. In this episode we explore the impact of the approach pioneered by the country's chief epidemiologist Anders Tegnell with Dr Deepti Gurdasani - an epidemiologist at Queen Mary University of London. We also hear disturbing claims that voices of opposition to Tegnell are being silenced within Sweden, with Stockholm resident Keith Begg, founder of Media Watchdogs Of Sweden.
Some of English football's traditional clubs face extinction in a crisis provoked by Coronavirus - although poor management, overspending and weak governance of their sport have already made them vulnerable. In this episode Adrian Goldberg hears from Port Vale owner Carol Shanahan, author John Nicholson, Sunderland co-owner Charlie Methven and Damian Collins MP about how the game can be saved. There's also a great insight into the extradition hearing of Julian Assange with Byline Times reporter James Doleman. Don't forget to subscribe to Byline Times! Produced and presented by Adrian Goldberg.
Artist David Tovey talk about Unknown Soldier, his latest performance piece being screened on 10 October 2020 for World Homeless Day. Find out more on David's Twitter stream @DavidTovey1975 or @One Festival of HA.
Scottish film maker Antony Baxter tells the story of his documentary "You've Been Trumped Too" which is finally getting a proper US and UK release after previously being pulled from cinemas and digital distribution networks.
In this Coronavirus Special, Byline Times editor Hardeep Matharu looks at what's driving the so-called "Scamdemic" movement which claims that Coronavirus is either a hoax, or has been engineered by governments in order to subdue the population. We also hear from Dr Nafeez Ahmed who has been exploring the links between a group of scientists pushing a "herd immunity" agenda and a PR agency that won substantial government contracts. Produced and presented by Adrian Goldberg.
Byline Times podcast editor Adrian Goldberg meets Sam Bright who has uncovered a PPE Procurement scandal, which has seen contracts worth millions of pounds to companies with no apparent record in providing protecting clothing. Adrian also meets people in Birmingham which is in Coronavirus lockdown. Can the people there be expected to obey all the rules, when the government has admitted that it's willing to break the law over its EU Brexit deal. Don't forget to subscribe to the Byline Times. More details at Produced and Presented by Adrian Goldberg.



After the death of George Floyd in the United States, the Black Lives Matter movement became a global phenomenon - and Byline Times editor Hardeep Matharu responded by commissioning a new strand called Our Lives Matter, which gives a platform in the newspaper and on the website to writers of colour. In this episode of the podcast, Hardeep discusses the need for diversity in the media with Prithvi Khilosia, one of the writers who has featured in the series. Prithvi describes the challenges faced by the children of migrants from South Asia, when they think of a career in the creative arts or journalism. You can follow Hardeep on Twiiter @Hardeep_Matharu; Pruthvi is @khilosiapruthvia Produced and presented by Adrian Goldberg (@goldbergradio)
To mark the 75th anniversary of VJ Day, Adrian Goldberg meets Betty Webb, who worked with the code breakers of Bletchley Park during World War 2. Betty went on to assist with similar code breaking at the Pentagon in Washington DC, where she was stationed when the conflict ended.
This week the Byline Times podcast discusses Brexit, Britishness and Empire. Hardeep Mathuru, editor of the Byline Times website and newspaper reflects on the connection her parents felt with Empire despite growing up in parts of the world where they were considered "subjects" rather than citizens. She explains why this led to them voting for Brexit. Meanwhile Mike Buckley hears from Northern Ireland where Brexit poses special problems for the only part of the UK with a direct border with the EU; and where questions of identity have once again become problematic. Produced and presented by Adrian Goldberg.
What was the link between Glasgow Celtic FC and Celtic Boys Club, where young boys were horrifically abused for more than three decades? Should Scotland's nine-in-a-row champions accept greater responsibility for the fate of victims and survivors? Gordon Woods and Michelle Grey think so - Gordon says he was abused by the notorious paedophile Jim Torbett, while the evidence of Michelle's brother Andrew helped bring Torbett to justice. Celtic FC says the boys' club was "a separate entity" - a claim that will be shortly tested in a civil case in Glasgow.
The HSBC Bounceback Loans Scandal continues. Adrian talks to Magdalena and Phillip who fear for the future of their businesses because they can't get access to government backed finance through HSBC. Produced and Presented by Adrian Goldberg for Kick In The Grass.
The UK government introduced Business Bounce Back Loans in May 2020 to help smaller firms survive the Coronavirus pandemic. But Goldberg Investigates has discovered problems for customers who've applied for the loans through HSBC.
Former International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell MP shares his fears about the UK's future foreign aid contribution after Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared his intention to merge DfID - the Department for International Development with the Foreign Office. In 2020, DfID has an annual budget in excess of £13bn.
George Soros is a billionaire investor and philanthropist, who has attracted more than his share of criticism. Dubbed "the man who broke the Bank Of England", he has been described as "enemy of the state" in his native Hungary, and his name been invoked by numerous conspiracy theorists. Soros has also supported liberal causes around the globe, and helped bring to justice those responsible for atrocities in the former Yugoslavia. In this interview, Emily Tamkin - author of "George Soros: Politics, Power And The Struggle For An Open Society - explains the human story which made Soros the man he is today, and explores the tension between his money making activities and his promotion of a pluralist society. Emily Tamkin is US Correspondent for the New Statesman.
Sean Foley has done it all in the theatre; written, performed, directed and now he's running the show at Birmingham Rep after becoming Artistic Director earlier this year. In this hugely entertaining conversation he talks us through a career which began as part of comedy duo The Right Size with Hamish McColl. The duo had a massive West End hit with The Play What I Wrote, inspired by Morecambe and Wise, which also secured Sean the first of his two Olivier Awards. Now Sean faces perhaps his biggest challenge yet - managing a major regional theatre in the time of Coronavirus. Most importantly, Sean is widely recognised for his humanity.
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