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Adult ISH is a first of its kind, culture and advice podcast produced by those who are almost adults. #Adulting “experts” Nyge Turner (Oakland) and Merk Nguyen (Brooklyn), both 22, get off topic with your favorite artists and tastemakers while diving into subjects ranging from pot to hip-hop to politics and everything fire in between. Also hear bits of wisdom and cautionary tales from OG adults who've more or less figured out their adult S**T. Adult ISH is a production of YR Media.
26 Episodes
In this season 3 finale episode, Nyge and Merk take a blast to the past with “Nostalg ISH.” R&B artist JoJo aka the sultry “Comeback” queen shares backstories behind her new music and why 12-year-old stardom low-key sucks. Then, the co-hosts play a humiliating storytelling game with Dave Nadelberg, creator of The Mortified Podcast, to see how they can best one-up each other in true playground fashion. Be sure to check out and follow all our socials at @yrAdultISH.
In this "Ridin' Solo" episode (that does NOT feature Jason Derulo), co-hosts Merk and Nyge explore bumps that come up on the road to independence. Writer and musician Lane Moore lifts up people who are all by their lone selves by pushing aside broad advice. Juan Mireles-Palomar, a young DACA recipient, gets into conflicting feelings he has about finally living on his own and how his legal status plays a role in his future — and his sister's. Be sure to check out and follow all our socials at @yrAdultISH.
In a time when we are witnessing the painful legacy of racism and inequality in America, Adult ISH co-hosts Merk Nguyen and Nyge Turner take a moment to highlight forward-thinking women who are working to create equal access in their respective spaces. Disability rights lawyer Haben Girma is making digital realms accessible for people with disabilities. Actresses and IRL skaters from HBO's “Betty” are creating space in skate parks for girls to be themselves. Be sure to check out and follow all our socials at @yrAdultISH.
How do you define "masculinity?" Adult ISH co-hosts Nyge and Merk try to define it with their friends and actor Jason Genao aka Ruby from Netflix's “On My Block”. Their answers lie somewhere between selflessness, chocolate milk and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Be sure to check out and follow all our socials at @yrAdultISH.
Going stir-crazy during quarantine? Then laugh it out with Merk, Nyge and our featured guests, comedians Taylor Tomlinson & Joel Kim Booster! Learn how to get revenge on your nosy grandma + perfect your 17 dating app traps. Be sure to check out and follow all our socials at @yrAdultISH.
Nyge shares the story of his months of unexplained symptoms and how he finally got help from a psych department. Then he channels his inner Steve Harvey and shows Merk and their senior producer Davey that the journey to finding a therapist is surprisingly a lot like dating apps. Be sure to check out and follow all our socials at @yrAdultISH.
Merk and Nyge are saying "I do" to marriage, but their guests (ft. Fran from “The Friend Zone”) are more leaning toward "ditch getting hitched." The co-hosts also bring on their shy significant others to compete in the "Not So Newlywed Game" that includes nose picking and jambalaya farts!? Be sure to check out and follow all our socials at @yrAdultISH.
Artificial intelligence (A.I.) reigns supreme over co-hosts Nyge Turner and Merk Nguyen in this episode of Adult ISH. Two high school seniors and The Atlantic's Alexis Madrigal get into how having your location tracked by your parents or significant other (S.O.) results in Drake-approved "trust issues." Then the co-hosts become lab rats in an experiment involving sexy robots! Be sure to check out and follow all our socials at @yrAdultISH.
In this episode of Adult ISH, Merk leads a discussion on menstruation myths and period stigma (ft. Vicious Cycle co-host and comedian Kate Elston). Then Nyge experiences what it’s like to have his first (sort of) period! Will he struggle with his cycle or be able to show Mother Nature that it's no big deal? Be sure to check out and follow all our socials at @yrAdultISH.
In this Season 3 opener of Adult ISH, Nyge Turner and Merk Nguyen get the party started with... breakups?!  The co-hosts call up friendship fallout expert (a.k.a. Justina Sharp) on what to do when you lose a BFF. Nyge and his friend say goodbye to their longtime firefighting dreams. Merk reads a breakup letter to her boyfriend that would make Lin-Manuel Miranda proud. Be sure to check out and follow all our socials at @yrAdultISH
Hosted by 20-somethings Nyge Turner and Merk Nguyen, Adult ISH is a jungle juice cocktail of storytelling and hilarious #nofilter advice from BFFs and celebrity “experts” that hits home. Season 3 drops on April 16th and will touch on topics from breakups, to our struggles with masculinity, to low-key falling in love with robots. New episodes every Thursday! Adult ISH is produced by Peabody Award-winning YR Media and brought to you by PRX’s Radiotopia. Find out more at
Merk asks other Asian Americans about their traumatic (yet delicious) smelly school lunches. Then she chats with her friends, co-workers and actress Asia Jackson about their experiences with colorism. Then Disney Star Peyton Elizabeth Lee (“Andi Mack”) gets into representation in Hollywood.
Nyge goes on a spooky slave plantation tour with his dad and gets revenge for Nat Turner. Then Merk gets a "communist" buzzcut and uncovers her parents' past with the Vietnam War. This episode is dedicated to exploring the dark side of our family roots.
There are only two types of people in this world — people who watch movies with subtitles and those who don't. So instead of bickering with your family over the holidays on who is right, let Merk and Nyge do it for you in this extra segment, “Agree to Disagree.” Make your mark. Go to to donate today.
In this #squadgoals S2 finale of Adult ISH, co-host Nyge chops it up with hip-hop artists from HBK Gang about strip clubs scuffles and chicken strips. Then, he joins co-host Merk to play a game called “Still my Bro OR Let it Go” with Liza Koshy, Kikimo Glenn, and Travis Coles from "Liza On Demand".
“Black Panther" actor Bambadjan Bamba talks about coming out as a DREAMer. Folk singer-songwriter J.S. Ondara illustrates his journey from Kenya through his "American Dream" album. Then co-host Merk Nguyen asks her immigrant parents about their nail salon and auto body shop dreams.
From "hot-potato racism" to the KKK with comedian W. Kamau Bell, co-host Nyge leads an episode all about Black ISH! Then Merk and guest co-host Clay Xavier join Nyge to talk about why the inability to code switch can mean life and death.
Nyge and Merk take a deep breath for once and focus on mental health with Demetrius Harmon (fka MeechOnMars on Vine), who opens up about depression and how his mom saved his life. Also, therapist Adriana Alejandre (of LatinX Therapy) talks about why it's important for people of color to find therapists who get them.
It's almost cuffing season! So, Nyge and Merk hook up with intimacy expert Shan Boody who puts listeners in the driver’s seat of their dating lives. Then the co-hosts bring on their past lovers!
Nyge and Merk roast their senior producer’s spending habits. Then My Fab Finance's millennial money expert Tonya Rapley answers your money questions. And in a bonus segment, the co-hosts debate on whether or not you should help your friends when they ask, "Ayy, can I borrow some moolah?"
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