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Advisor Gold - The Missing Allocation
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Advisor Gold - The Missing Allocation

Author: Kerry Morris and Ryan Long

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Where Financial Professionals learn how to help their clients own physical gold and silver. Kerry Morris, CFP®, a 24 year veteran in financial services and Ryan Long, President of National Gold Consultants team up to answer the Why, How and What of owning physical Gold and Silver.
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In this episode, we answer the question – Is there going to be a recession in 2023 and what does that mean for Gold? Listen in as we discuss the banks, the breadth of the market and a couple of other factors that could push us toward or away from a recession this year and how that impacts gold and silver. 
In this episode, we answer the question – What’s better, FDIC or Gold? You’ll learn what’s going on with supply and demand right now in the marketplace, why part of this is similar to 2008, and what does the Fed’s balance sheet have to do with what’s next?   
In this episode, we answer the question – Why do we use what we use for IRAs? The specific coins, custodian, and process are very important. Take this quick dive into the details so you can make it simple for your clients. 
In this episode, we answer the question – How pricing actually works and the best way to talk about it with clients. This is a more conceptual conversation with detailed language that will help you in every client interaction about gold and silver. (We discuss a couple of charts in this podcast. You can see those by clicking the links below or watching this episode on YouTube) Gold and Silver ChartGuggenheim ChartYouTube Link
In this episode, we answer the question – Why is Pre-1933 gold and silver the best kept secret? After listening today, you’ll understand why its privacy, performance, and liquidity have combined for over two generations to still make it National Gold Consultants top pick when wealth protection is the mission.  
In this episode, we answer the question – So, the client’s said yes, what have you missed that could come back to bite you. After listening today, you’ll understand those key mistakes that Ryan and his team see advisors make way too often and how to not make them. You’ll provide a better experience for your clients and save time and trouble for yourself. 
In this episode, we answer the question – Can I have a gold and silver IRA that I store at home? After listening today, you’ll not only have the answers to these two very important questions, but you will also know what some have tried, what’s failed, and what works.  
In this episode, we answer the question -Can I buy Gold and Silver at Spot Price?  We also answer:Why is there always a gap between spot price and the price of our coins? What does “premium over spot” mean? Is it a good thing? After today’s episode, you’ll be able to answer these questions with confidence. 
In this episode, we answer the question – Why have Gold and Silver prices  been lagging when the stock market is crashing? Is this normal? Is the see-saw broke?  What’s gonna happen from here?  After listening today, you’ll know the answers to these questions and have specific facts you can discuss with your clients.
In this episode, we answer the question –What are the top 10 reasons that we expect gold and silver to head upward in the next year and beyond. One could argue that there hasn’t been a more important time in history for financial advisors to understand and use this asset class, physical metals. After listening today, you will have these 10 reasons, top of mind, to share with your clients.  
In this episode, we answer the question – Should I try to time the market with gold and silver? Ah, that ole temptation that is always lurking in the back of our minds.  It’s a normal thought but simply misplaced when talking about an allocation of physical gold and silver.  Answering this question is easier than you think. For example, do you try to time your health insurance? 
In this episode, we answer the question – Why should they buy from us versus online? Understanding the answer to this question is vital to you realizing the special opportunity you have to protect your clients and prospects from industry sales practices that could hurt them. There is a reason that National Gold Consultants works exclusively with experienced financial advisors.  
Why Silver in 2022?

Why Silver in 2022?


In this episode, we answer the question - Why Silver in 2022? You’re seeing price inflation but you’re not seeing gold and silver rise, what’s the deal, right? Is something broken or is this normal for this combination of market cycles? We address this and more in our first podcast of 2022.
In this episode, we answer the question – How much physical gold and silver should I recommend my client buy? This is one of the 5 key questions covered in the client presentation videos and therefore it’s incredibly important for you to understand. The way you approach this question will determine whether your client is adequately protected or not from future financial storms.
In this episode, we answer the question – Should I use Qualified or Non-Qualified for my client’s gold and silver holdings? This is a great question and there is definitely a decision tree that will give you the help you need with this. After listening to this podcast today, you will know exactly how to approach this question and can be confident with your answer.
In this episode, we answer the question – What’s the right mix of gold and silver to purchase? Should I own both, or just silver, or just gold. Just like everything else we do, our answers are founded in the research we’ve done, what mix is best to create wealth insurance, and of course what’s best for each individual client.  It’s important that you be able to answer this question with confidence.
In this episode, we give you the perfect way to answer the question “How do I track my values?”  Ironically, if you are getting this question often, you may not be positioning their metals as the wealth insurance and the longer term hold that they should be.  No worries though, in the next 10 minutes we’ll equip you to change that and create a better way to look at their values. 
What is Cull?

What is Cull?


In this episode, we are going to eliminate a distractor by defining a four-letter word for you. It’s a classification of coin, and that four letter word is Cull. This term will pop it’s head up from time to time and if you don’t know what it is, you’ll have to make the client wait and go look it up. Well, we are going to forever solve this for you today in this podcast.  
In this episode, we are going to answer the question – What can happen if you fail to tell.  Almost every week, Ryan and his team get a call from an advisor whose client purchased gold and silver from somewhere else and got ripped off.  Protecting clients from these tragedies is one of the reasons that Ryan has always partnered with advisors like you to get his product to clients. But if you fail to tell, they could get hurt.  Don’t be a secret agent.  
One of the biggest mistakes that clients can make is thinking  they can buy something at spot price.  In this episode, we will make sure you understand how to not let that happen.  
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