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Aerial View was WFMU’s first regularly-scheduled phone-in talk show. Hosted by Chris T. and on the air since 1989, the show features topical conversation, interviews and many trips down the rabbit hole. Until further notice, Aerial View is only available as a podcast, available every Tuesday morning. Subscribe to the newsletter “See You Next Tuesday!” and find tons of archives at
44 Episodes
Chris Unknown T. - "Viva Aerial View Tirado"
Chris T. - "Aerial View Theme #1"
Beastie Chris T. Boys - "No Sleep 'Til Aerial View Brooklyn"
Led Chris T. Zeppelin - "The Aerial View Ocean"
The Chris T. Cars - "Moving in Aerial View Stereo"
WABC Musicradio 77 - "WABC Imaging"
Ozzy Chris T. Osbourne - "Crazy Aerial View Train"
Laurent Chris T. Lombard - "Stereophonic Aerial View Sofa"
Laurent Chris T. Lombard - "Stereophonic Aerial View Sofa"
Grand Old Chris T. Party - "Baby Aerial View Elephant Walk"
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