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Author: HBR Presents / Youngme Moon, Mihir Desai, & Felix Oberholzer-Gee

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Harvard Business School professors discuss and debate current events that sit at the crossroads of business and culture. Youngme Moon, Mihir Desai, and Felix Oberholzer-Gee engage in a spirited discussion on a range of topics torn from the headlines — from Facebook, to free trade, to the #MeToo movement. Informed by their unique expertise as professors at one of the world’s leading business schools, their takes are always surprising, unconventional, and insightful.
119 Episodes
Youngme, Mihir, Felix, Rebecca, and Rawi share the stories they will be watching this summer, before doing a mega-round of recommendations for things to read, watch, listen, and do.
Do we pay too much attention to Russia, a relatively small economy without important U.S. trade relations? And is this YOLO moment a good thing?
What is the meaning of Naomi Osaka’s exit from the French Open? Does the G7’s bid for a global minimum tax make sense? Rawi and Mihir discuss.
Youngme and Felix invite their friend and bestselling author, Harvard Business School professor Mike Norton, to discuss the old habits and new rituals we have formed over the past year, during the pandemic.
Youngme, Mihir, and Felix share their shopping habits and the retail trends they’re keeping an eye on.
Youngme and Felix invite their friend and celebrated author, consultant, and Harvard Business School professor Frances Frei, to discuss the challenges of bringing true diversity and inclusion into the workplace.
Youngme, Mihir, and Felix debate whether it makes sense to raise the capital gains tax. They also discuss how companies can create better and more creative competitive strategies – the topic of Felix’s new book, “Better Simpler Strategy.”
Is Danone an example of failed stakeholder capitalism? Why did Zynga acquire Chartboost? Rebecca, Rawi, and Felix discuss earnings and the recent performance of companies they follow.
Rebecca, Rawi, and Felix discuss how U.S. climate change policy will influence global efforts to slow climate change. And they debate why the idea for a European soccer Super League failed in spectacular fashion.
The Art of Negotiation

The Art of Negotiation


Youngme, Mihir, and Felix invite their friend and negotiations expert, Harvard Business School professor Deepak Malhotra, to discuss the art of negotiation, as well as his new science fiction novel, The Peacemaker’s Code.
Rebecca, Mihir, and Felix discuss how the newsletter platform Substack could change news consumption and competition for talented writers. Plus, they examine why the Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union failed to unionize an Amazon warehouse in Alabama.
Rawi, Rebecca, and Mihir discuss how and why CEOs are speaking out on politics and what China’s digital renminbi means for economics and politics.
Youngme, Mihir, and Felix discuss the future of food delivery, ghost kitchens, virtual restaurant brands, and more.
Our Wellness Episode

Our Wellness Episode


Youngme, Mihir, and Felix discuss the wellness trends they love, hate, and aren’t quite sure about – from the fitness wars to touchless spas and more. Plus, they share their personal wellness habits and hacks.
Youngme, Mihir, and Felix discuss the hype surrounding NFTs (non-fungible tokens). They also dig into recent music industry trends and what they mean for the future of Spotify and other streaming players.
Rebecca, Rawi, and Mihir discuss the impacts of the Covid-19 recession on women and what Oprah’s recent interview with Harry and Meghan might tell us about the future of the monarchy.
Rebecca, Mihir, Rawi, and Felix debate whether or not businesses should require workers to get vaccinated before they return to work. They also discuss why the energy market in Texas failed during a recent winter storm.
Felix, Rawi, and Mihir discuss the new U.S. stimulus package and the departure of the UK from the European Union.
Youngme, Mihir, Felix, and Rawi discuss whether companies should allow employees to work from home permanently. They also debate whether it’s possible for small players to compete against the giant internet platforms.
Youngme, Mihir, and Felix discuss companies they’re keeping an eye on, including fintech lender Affirm, outdoor clothing brand Patagonia, social media app Clubhouse, and one that may surprise you.
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kolawole ojo

Hello, Please I would like to sing up for the newsletter. I do I get that done? Thank you

Aug 1st
Reply (1)


What other podcasts exist that are similar to after hours? In terms of how they breakdown business issues and give amazing recommendations each week!

Jan 17th

The Sunflower

I love your podcast. I never thought I was into business news that much. You are great company to listen to. Have a great new year.

Dec 29th

Paresh Khushal

You're back! fantastic! I've missed quality podcasts over the summer...thanks for filling that gap

Oct 3rd

hwai lee

really love the contents, and the BGM... 😆, thank you guys for sharing these episodes with listeners!

Jun 30th

Paresh Khushal

Love listening to the 3 of you tackle tough subjects with such intelligence, but great humour too. One of my favourite podcasts!

Jun 18th

Sung-Hoon Kim

I used to use Google Podcast, but I moved to Castbox, which allows me to leave comments. I am not sure whether you check the comments here, but this is the best podcast I have ever heard. The conversation is very organic and comfortable, while informative and insightful. They say "if I could be a fly on the wall", I really feel like I am a fly on the wall while a great conversation is happening. I majored in economics in college, and I never took a class in business. I have never read a single case study of anything, so this podcast is my first exposure to the field of business administration. Business school always struck me as a place where myopic dilettantes go, and I was very dismissive of the field as a whole. I used to believe that accounting is the only subfield of unique value in business administration. This podcast made me realize that people in business schools actually ask very important questions and relentlessly seek solutions to problems that a lot of us decided to simply tolerate. I have a new respect for the field that I did not have before. I was the myopic dilettante! Also, your podcast is opinion-driven, but it is never prematurely dismissive. The willingness to hold back judgment until examining something or someone at least briefly, which all three of you exemplify, is very admirable. These episodes are some of the best conversations a person can have, and with a bit of unrealistic license, I am imagining HBS to be a wonderful community. No wonder so many bright people want to be a part of it.

May 23rd
Reply (2)

Cheol Rim

Also, with regard to the mega donations being tone-deaf, I think today no matter what you say, depending on who you are, someone will be offended. And billionaires don't get much sympathy. That said, there are arguments to be made for both disclosing and not disclosing the identity of mega donations. I think Young-mi sort of spoke in favor of anonymity, but the case could be made that François-Henri Pinault's maybe have nudged Bernard Arnault or Lillian Bettancourt or someone else to make a contribution as Bill Gates may have done for Warren Buffet. That individuals are able to amass such wealth in the first place is a separate issue.

Apr 29th

Cheol Rim


Apr 29th


Lol come to China. No problem with any economics here for food delivery. Though you’re right, they’re all part of larger entities, and not a standalone business

Mar 29th

Siddharth Agrawal

I love after hours! Another awesome episode :)

Jan 31st

Sean Rocheleau

totally disappointed with rigor of discussion on China social data collection.

Dec 30th
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