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A reformed baptist millennial discussing current events from a Scriptural basis with a Christian worldview. Stories, interviews, and opinion pieces with the hope that they edify and encourage born again believers.
39 Episodes
Today we talk about the importance of the local church with our good friends, Sean and Patrick. The allergies are still here! We promise that with the first frost they will cease and desist. There are also toddler noises that we found funny and charming, and you can think whatever you want about them.  Sean's Recommendations:- The 1689 London Baptist Confession-  Zach's Recommendations:-Media Gratiae's podcast episode "On the Church", Dec. 13th, 2018 Tim Challies website, Questions? Comments? Contact us:Twitter: @AquilahourFacebook: The Aquila and Priscilla HourInstagram: @AquilahourPinterest:@AquilahourEmail: Wordpress:  
At the beginning of this episode Lauren shares an update about Iris, who is battling stage 4 Thyriod cancer. Please join the Tulips & Honey Hub team in praying for this sister-in-Christ. You can find her social media pages and GoFundMe all linked below. During this episode Lauren and Becca dissected a recent video in which a man claims to have seem a spirit form of Jesus that had no bones or flesh and was surrounded by a beautiful Aura. That video is also linked below. They discussed discernment and the need for testing these videos as well as getting deep into the doctrine of Christology. Below we've also included a link to Justin Peter's teaching on Heavenly Tourism. to Iris' GoFundMeViral Video - Peter's Video - & Honey Hub Website -
This interview with our brother in Christ was just amazing. Sean's back story to where he is now just shows us how good Gods Grace truly is. I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording. Thank you for your support. God bless. SDG.
Hopefully by now the recent events surrounded Moore have calmed down enough for us all to sit down and have a genuine conversation about whether or not she should be teaching. Thats what Lauren and Becca hope to do in this episode. Not only do they discuss what a false teacher is, but they also go into detail about how someone might go from teaching soundly to ignoring Scripture outright. During the episode the gals gave a few recommended teachers in place of Moore. These included Doreen Virtue and Melissa Dougherty, Michelle Lesley and Amy Spreeman, DebbieLynn Kespert, Coleen Sharp, Michelle & Betsy, and Elizabeth Prata. The links for these ladies are listed below. Doreen and Melissa: and Amy: https://awordfitlyspoken.lifehttps://michellelesley.com https://headstickdeb.comElizabeth Prata: https://the-end-time.orghttp://theologygals.com you've listened to this and disagree with what we've said on Beth Moore please take some time to look into these ladies and their teaching. Reach out to the ladies and they would be happy to talk with you. You can find Lauren's blog here. Or you can contact them through their website they are also available online, and would be happy to answer your questions or concerns.
Patrick and Tony from Cave to the Cross Apologetics join the gals for a fascinating, and surprising, discussion on literature, philosophy, and wifi passwords. Don't miss a minute, and also don't forget to check C2TCA out on YouTube and all major podcasting platforms. 
We had the honor and pleasure of interviewing Pastor Allen Nelson. We discussed his latest book "Before the Throne", and we asked Pastor Nelson some questions that were sent in from our listeners. We hope you enjoy listening. SDG.
Anchored North Co-Founder, and Executive Director, Greg Sukret joins the gals on the program today to discuss their newest project Honest Discourse. Anchored North has recorded the interviews of Ray Comfort, Jeff Durbin, and many more. As they discuss in this episode, there are some exciting testimonies yet to come. Check them out at their website, or on YouTube. You can also hear Greg over at his podcast Virality. Becca and Lauren ask that you would be in prayer for Anchored North as they continue to work for the Glory of God, to make His name known! 
Becca and Lauren spend some time today discussing the recent stream of social media controversy included John MacArthur telling Beth Moore to "go home". With this as an example they set out to discuss the appropriate way for believers to respond online. They also answer some listeners questions, and address an issue with one particular followers attitude. They hope this discussion will be helpful, and edifying.
In this episode Becca and Lauren are joined by a very special guest, Becca's hubby Blake to discuss Corporate Worship. As a worship leader, Blake has been confronted with the issue of heretical groups, and whether or not they should play their music. The beginning clip of this episode Costi Hinn is doing a Q&A which you can listen to in its entirety here. Also, here is a link to his article about the subject of Corporate Worship.
James Ferguson, guitarist for CityALight, was gracious enough to talk to us about how the band came together, what the band is up to, what they've got planned for the future, and a little about himself. If you haven't had the chance to listen to CityALight, they have wonderfully Biblically sound, edifying, quality music available on YouTube. The conversation was encouraging, and entertaining. I hope that you'll all enjoy the discussion.  
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