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A reformed baptist millennial discussing current events from a Scriptural basis with a Christian worldview. Stories, interviews, and opinion pieces with the hope that they edify and encourage born again believers.
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The title Full Gospel sounds like it would be a good thing, but is it? And do Lauren and Becca believe in it? Outline below, Humblebee's.Introductions and opening discussion:  i. Technology issues ii. Why Patreon is awkward for Lauren: iii. Grateful conversation about our Humblebees. 1. Full Gospel: What it means and who says it? TimeStamp - 00:19:55 a. Bill Johnson Video? TimeStamp - 00:22:05 i. Romans 15:19  b. History of the Full Gospel Movement: TimeStamp - 00:25:15 i. What Wikipedia has to say about it…      1. Full Gospel: The term Full Gospel is a term often used to describe the doctrinal teachings of Pentecostalism and Charismatic Christianity, evangelical movements that originated in the 19th century. The movement and its teachings grew out the Wesleyan Arminianism of the post-American Civil War era's holiness movement, especially through the "fourfold" teachings of A. B. Simpson, founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.[1]      2. Early Pentecostalism saw their teachings on baptism with the Holy Spirit, spiritual gifts, and divine healing as a return to the doctrines and power of the Apostolic Age. Because of this many early Pentecostals and Charismatics call their movement the Apostolic Faith or the Full Gospel    3. A variety of Pentecostals have further developed the motif of the full gospel, predominantly the five-fold theme of salvation, sanctification, Spirit baptism, divine healing, and the coming kingdom. 2. The actual Gospel: TimeStamp - 00:33:33 i. Bob the Example: TimeStamp - 00:35:12 3. The cults always get the gospel wrong: TimeStamp - 00:45:40 4. Re-Explain what first tier issues mean: TimeStamp - 00:55:12 5. Advice in addressing those who bring it up: TimeStamp - 01:05:00 i. Be Patient ii. Bring them back to Scripture iii. Pray for them Shenanigans: TimeStamp - 01:07:57 i. New R.C. Sproul Shirt ink Becca’s Question: Family Feud or Price is Right? Lauren’s Question: Did you have posters on your wall growing up?For more articles written by the gals you can check their blog here: Tulips & Honey Blog: https://biblicalbeginningsblog.wordpr...If you'd like more information about the podcast channel Tulips & Honey Hub you can check out their website here:
The gals are joined today by Pastor Edward Ramirez and his wife Sandi to discuss Christian dating, singles groups within the church, and marriage. Should Christians date, are singles groups helping, and how to we approach marriage? These are just a few of the topics they address in this episode. There's also a very exciting announcement at the beginning of the episode that we're all eager to share! If you'd like to hear more from Pastor Ramirez you can subscribe to his Youtube channel here:…nel/UCtZKR1VusrkHJLh1Uem3tygBecca and Lauren have a few questions for their Humblebees...Becca - Star Wars or Star Trek?Lauren - If you're married, what was something that was pleasantly surprising about your spouse in the first year of marriage?If you want to learn more about Tulips & Honey Hub, you can check out their website: https://www.5solas.onlineTheir blog: biblicalbeginnings.wordpress.comIf you'd like to support Tulips & Honey you can do so by visiting their shop:'t forget to follow your favorite podcasters over on social media and YouTube, where you can watch them in all their silliness:Instagram:Lauren - @t.and.h.hubBecca - @Tulips.and.Honey.PodcastTwitter: Lauren - - - -
Today the gals want to discuss how they left heretical movements and found truth, by the grace of God! Below is a timestamped outline that Lauren and Becca hope help you to find your way around their episode. Introduction and sillinessGetting down to business, when were you saved? - 13:15 Becca gives her testimony - 13:50Lauren gives her testimony - 24:50How did you become Reformed?Lauren explains becoming Reformed through concern regarding Biblical truth. - 38:35link to The Institutes Review - details how she and her husband became Reformed through study. - 47:00 How did your family respond to all of this?Becca explains how her, and her husbands family, have responded and how they've handled the public conflict. - 56:35Lauren explains how very little response she received from family. - 58:40 Then the gals explain how they met, though social media, and became Tulips and Honey! - 105:20 After that they talk about finding a new name for the podcast and how Proverbs 16:24 had such a huge impact on the pair. - 1:09:05 Shenanigans- 1:14:30 Becca - What was cool when you were young, but isn’t now? Lauren - What was the most iconic sound from the 90’s? Question for Humblebees - What was your favorite 90’s band? You can learn more about the Tulips and Honey Hub, and all the podcasts and bloggers who have joined, at their website 5Solas.onlineYou can visit their store over at can visit their blog over at
Below is a timestamped outline of todays episode. The gals hope that this will be a blessing to you all, should some prefer to skip the silliness, or the serious bits. The entire Tulips & Honey team hope that you've all had a very Happy New Years! Introduction and Silliness 1. Shout outs: Timestamp - 10:30a. Nancy from Gospel Coalition helping Lob. Honorary friends - Kathy & Sarahc. Mentor Deena and her daughterd. Karae. Tami and Ginaf. Lys from Instagramg. Cave to the Crossh. Vintage Vinyl Kreations2. Favorites of 2019: Timestamp -  22:50a. Lauren’s Favoritesi. Becca b. Becca’s Favoritesi. Laurenii. The Podcastiii. All of our wonderful guests!!!iv. Church3. Social Media and Family Members: Timestamp - 27:304. Favorite Episodes: Timestamp - 47:255. Upcoming: Timestamp - 56:40a. Our testimony videos!b. G3 Conferencec. Lauren and Becca Meet up!!!!!d. Monthly Women’s Teaching check in: Timestamp - 1:03:20i. Maybe with Lo?ii. Just a quick clip?iii. Blog post?iv. All the above? lole. The Bar Podcast!f. Doreen Virtueg. Some friends from churchh. Podcasters and weekly posts by themi. Through the Narrowj. MERCH: Melanie Brooke: Shenanigans: Timestamp - 1:11:28a. Beccai. What was the funniest thing that happened to you in 2019?b. Laureni. Worst baby name you’ve ever heard? Baby talk the answer. Find out more about this podcast channel by visiting their website
Today is the second part of our two part series talking with Instagrammer @FriendlyCalvinist. Below is an outline of the topics discussed, written by our very own Meme Master, Becca.  Questions from Instagram a. @afterthecross7Martin Lloyd Jones said, “the Christian Faith is ultimately not only a matter of doctrine or of understanding or of intellect, it is a condition of the heart.” I completely agree with this statement and it becoming clear since joining Instagram that many are cold hearted in the way they speak to unbelievers and believers alike. The love has grown cold . Being that we understand total depravity and that unbelievers are hostile towards God; do you think it’s important for Calvinists to be checking their heart more than they are? And their approach? I’m seeing too many “intellectual” conversations minus the Gospel.@Reformed.valleyofdry.bones How do you manage your devotional/studytime throughout the day? I mean there is so much to do and so many distractions, how do you manage to set aside time to sit and read God’s word, how do you get the most out of that?@Rph2goWhat is Molinism, and what is its supposed advantage over Calvinism, and Arminism?@razareformaFrom which pedal of the TULIP is the friendliness derived from? @Mortification.ofthe.fleshWhat is your favorite cookie?What are you currently reading and studying? What books, sermons/teachings, devotionals, movies, music would you recommend? You can find the Friendly Calvinist on Instagram here:'t forget to check out our blog here: https://biblicalbeginningsblog.wordpr...Our website here: 5Solas.onlineAnd our store here:  
It's no secret that the Reformed community has somehow managed to make a name for itself as, well, rude, arrogant, and ungracious. Ungracious? How is it possible that the group of believers that hold so tightly to the doctrines of Grace could act ungraciously? I've heard from several people over the last year that they agree with the doctrine, but struggle with the people professing it. The gals interviewed popular Instagrammer @FriendlyCalvinist in this two part series on the how's and why's of this phenomenon. This first episode is more about getting to know the Friendly Calvinist, and the timestamped outline is below. Becca and Lauren want to thank the FriendlyCalvinist for joining them on the program and sharing so much of his story with them. How did you become the Friendly Calvinist? TS - 1:55Link to R.C. Sproul Article: Time: TS - 12:02Prodigal Season: 21:10What Seminary did you attend?: TS - 43:40Discussing his Little Disciple: TS - 47:30How should be Disciple Young People: TS - 52:22
Today the gals are joined by two very special guests, authors and writers of Through the Narrow, Gina Cook and Tami Dykes. Gina Cook is the author of Just a Little Lion, linked below, and joins Lauren and Becca to discuss her testimony. She was born into a Lutheran house, married a Catholic man, and eventually found herself captivated by Catholic Mysticism and occult practices. Tami Dykes is the author of Being Too Small is Big Enough, and is Gina's Aunt. She was saved by the grace of God, and providentially brought into Gina's life during a time of intense turmoil. Together they shared with your co-hosts how Gina was bought out of such a dark place, and how we can better reach our family members. Just a Little Lion: Too Small is Big Enough:'s Testimony: That You Lord?: the Narrow: & Honey Hub Store: & Honey Blog: https://biblicalbeginningsblog.wordpress.comTulips & Honey Hub Website: 
The gals are excited to share this Christmas Special with you all, and to have a very special guest joining them. In this episode they discuss in detail where they stand on whether or not Christians should celebrate Christmas. They also touch on the history of the holiday. Kayliegh, their special guest shares what parents can do to help their children focus more on giving, and to give us some tips on toys to avoid. She joins them for the Shenanigans at the end as well.Throughout the episode they mention several things which are linked to below, beginning with Amanda's information for kidney donation.Amanda: Worship Episode: 1:01:19Tulips & Honey - Corporate Worship: What About Heretical ...Doreen Virtue on Christmas: & Gina's Children's Book's Medical Needs: Wish List:' GoFundMe page: & Honey Hub Store: & Honey Hub Website: 
This is a really fun episode, you'll have to forgive the amount of silliness. It was later than usual when the gals recorded, so they are in rare form. In this episode they go through terms they've learned since being Redeemed, such as the 5 Solas, TULIP, Young Reformed and Restless, and Cage Stage. They also go through some historical facts of how we all got here. This is a fun episode, but they do eventually get down to the business of answering a lot of the questions they had sent in. Below is a list of links that were mentioned in this episode.The blog about the Reformation worksheets: Ten Bruggencate debate: of Grace Got Questions Article: Bible Study: R. C. Sproul teaching on TULIP: A&P Hour on tiers:  
The gals had the absolute honor of interviewing Justin Peters, unfortunately in the middle of their interview Lauren's electricity went out. He was gracious enough to finish the interview with them a couple days later. Good thing too, as Becca's voice was able to recover! At the beginning of the video Lauren had a prayer request for a listener and sister in Christ, Jessica. You can find the links she mentioned below. If you'd like to see the video they discuss of Peter's rebuking Todd Bentley that's also available below. Lauren and Becca want to sincerely thank Justin Peter's for joining them, and all of you for listening in.Jessica's Medical NeedsFamily Wish ListRebuking Todd Bentley
Who doesn't love a good cross over? Three different podcasts come together for one giant cross over! Amy and Michelle from A Word Fitly Spoken joined Lauren from Tulips & Honey as well as Emily from The Aquila & Pricilla Hour. The ladies make up four different generations, and discuss Biblical discipleship from a woman's stand point. It wouldn't be Tulips & Honey without some fun at the end! We hope this conversation is fruitful and edifying.  Links from this episode include:Amy and Michelles website: https://awordfitlyspoken.lifeMichelles Blog:https://michellelesley.comRock your Role Articles:'s Blogs:https://bereanresearch.orghttps://naomistable.comMichelle and Amy's Podcast:'s Blog: https://biblicalbeginningsblog.wordpress.comEmily's Blog: https://hemadeusalive.wordpress.comEmily's Podcast: Aquila & Priscilla Hour Have a great week, Humble Bees!
Doreen Virtue went from being a New Age author to a born again believer when God graciously showed her the truth of His Word. She now spends her days learning more and more about Gods Word, encouraging believers, and warning others about false teachers. She was kind enough to join the gals on the program and discuss her journey, and give some great advice for helping believers to reach out to New Agers. Here is her testimony: is a link to the Bible Study Becca references: can find the gals at their website: 5Solas.OnlineOr at their blog:
Professor Nancy Pearcey is a best selfing author of five books listed and linked to below. She was gracious enough to spend several hours talking with us, although most of that conversation wasn't able to make it onto the program as it pertains to her next book. In this episode the gals talk with Prof. Pearcey about Love Thy Body, a book which delves into the harmful image current culture has of the body. They also discuss her testimony, of how God brought her from atheistic to Christian apologist. No Tulips & Honey episode would be complete without some shenanigans. Love Thy BodyFinding TruthTotal TruthSaving LeonardoThe Soul of ScienceYou can also follow Professor Pearcey on ‎@NancyRPearcey, or learn more about her at her website.If you'd like to connect with T&H you can find them at their website, at their blog, or through social media.
At the beginning of this episode Lauren shares an update about Iris, who is battling stage 4 Thyriod cancer. Please join the Tulips & Honey Hub team in praying for this sister-in-Christ. You can find her social media pages and GoFundMe all linked below. During this episode Lauren and Becca dissected a recent video in which a man claims to have seem a spirit form of Jesus that had no bones or flesh and was surrounded by a beautiful Aura. That video is also linked below. They discussed discernment and the need for testing these videos as well as getting deep into the doctrine of Christology. Below we've also included a link to Justin Peter's teaching on Heavenly Tourism. to Iris' GoFundMeViral Video - Peter's Video - & Honey Hub Website -
Hopefully by now the recent events surrounded Moore have calmed down enough for us all to sit down and have a genuine conversation about whether or not she should be teaching. Thats what Lauren and Becca hope to do in this episode. Not only do they discuss what a false teacher is, but they also go into detail about how someone might go from teaching soundly to ignoring Scripture outright. During the episode the gals gave a few recommended teachers in place of Moore. These included Doreen Virtue and Melissa Dougherty, Michelle Lesley and Amy Spreeman, DebbieLynn Kespert, Coleen Sharp, Michelle & Betsy, and Elizabeth Prata. The links for these ladies are listed below. Doreen and Melissa: and Amy: https://awordfitlyspoken.lifehttps://michellelesley.com https://headstickdeb.comElizabeth Prata: https://the-end-time.orghttp://theologygals.com you've listened to this and disagree with what we've said on Beth Moore please take some time to look into these ladies and their teaching. Reach out to the ladies and they would be happy to talk with you. You can find Lauren's blog here. Or you can contact them through their website they are also available online, and would be happy to answer your questions or concerns.
Patrick and Tony from Cave to the Cross Apologetics join the gals for a fascinating, and surprising, discussion on literature, philosophy, and wifi passwords. Don't miss a minute, and also don't forget to check C2TCA out on YouTube and all major podcasting platforms. 
Anchored North Co-Founder, and Executive Director, Greg Sukret joins the gals on the program today to discuss their newest project Honest Discourse. Anchored North has recorded the interviews of Ray Comfort, Jeff Durbin, and many more. As they discuss in this episode, there are some exciting testimonies yet to come. Check them out at their website, or on YouTube. You can also hear Greg over at his podcast Virality. Becca and Lauren ask that you would be in prayer for Anchored North as they continue to work for the Glory of God, to make His name known! 
Becca and Lauren spend some time today discussing the recent stream of social media controversy included John MacArthur telling Beth Moore to "go home". With this as an example they set out to discuss the appropriate way for believers to respond online. They also answer some listeners questions, and address an issue with one particular followers attitude. They hope this discussion will be helpful, and edifying.
In this episode Becca and Lauren are joined by a very special guest, Becca's hubby Blake to discuss Corporate Worship. As a worship leader, Blake has been confronted with the issue of heretical groups, and whether or not they should play their music. The beginning clip of this episode Costi Hinn is doing a Q&A which you can listen to in its entirety here. Also, here is a link to his article about the subject of Corporate Worship.
James Ferguson, guitarist for CityALight, was gracious enough to talk to us about how the band came together, what the band is up to, what they've got planned for the future, and a little about himself. If you haven't had the chance to listen to CityALight, they have wonderfully Biblically sound, edifying, quality music available on YouTube. The conversation was encouraging, and entertaining. I hope that you'll all enjoy the discussion.  
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