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Aging Gay Millennial

Author: Brian Ferrado

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The sometimes-funny, sometimes-serious, but always-gay podcast of a thirty-something-year-old navigating his life.
30 Episodes
Nana, Pop Pop, and myself do a deep dive into some interesting topics ranging from COVID-19, quarantine, and the election, to gay marriage, abortion, and religion. Old people are wild.
Live Long & Prosper! My friend Aaron and I talk Star Trek philosophy, cultural relevance, and how it ages like a fine wine. We also talk Star Trek: Picard mehness (hot take).
CATEGORY IS: Like a Fine Wine — My Aging Straight Sister (ASS for short) stops by to talk aging, and all of the changes that come with it. We contemplate the future and talk briefly about how hard it is to raise our parents in this day and age.
CATEGORY IS: Are you there god? It's me Aging Gay Millennial — Steven stops by to contemplate the mysteries of the universe, and along the way we find love, happiness, and the power of friendship (we don't know what the hell we're doing).
CATEGORY IS: Thirty Flirty and Crying — Justin, full-time dreamboat and friend stops by to talk dating and being single in your thirties. We laugh, we cry, we desperately swipe, and we ask the question: How the hell do you date during COVID?
CATEGORY IS: Spill That Anxietea — Aaron from Discussted stops by and we both share our experiences dealing with and exploring our own anxieties. Anxiety problems? Find professional help below!  
CATEGORY IS: Parental Alcoholism — My sister drops by and we talk drunk dads, specifically ours. We dig into what it was like growing up with an alcoholic parent, and how it shaped us and continues to shape us now that we're adults.
CATEGORY IS: Baby, It's COVID Outside — Jesse drops by to talk about her baby boy and what it has been like for her, being a new mom during corona, lockdown, and beyond!
CATEGORY IS: It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World — My friends and I talk therapy, and why it's so important to seek help during the darker times in your life (and head).
#20 On Dad (ft. Dad)

#20 On Dad (ft. Dad)


CATEGORY IS: Toxic Masculinity, shaken, not stirred —   I talk to my Dad about what it was like having a gay son, how I felt being that gay son, us now, and everything in between. Honorable mention to toxic masculinity which we dig into.
CATEGORY IS: Pregnant Pandemic Pandemonium —   I jump on a call with Faye to talk about what it's like being pregnant in the time of coronavirus.
CATEGORY IS: Round Table Randomness — We talk ghosts, #BlackLivesMatter, & masturbation on this episode with Steven & Aaron. **DONATE** NAACP LDF: Homeless Black Trans Women Fund: Demand Justice for Breonna Taylor: Black Lives Matter: Marsha P. Johnson Institute: Fair Fight:
CATEGORY IS: The reality of white privilege — Aaron drops by to talk about white privilege with me. We talk racism, and how we can best support our POC friends and family. I also vent about a three hour "discussion" I had with my dad.
CATEGORY IS: Southern Fried Somethin' — Tai stops by to talk growing up gay in the south, and the hot mess that comes along with it.
CATEGORY IS: Beam me up, bish — Make like Lucille Ball and give Star Trek a chance as Aaron digitally visits to go down the list of Star Trek Captains and create a completely subjective ranking with me.
#14 On Mom (ft. Mom)

#14 On Mom (ft. Mom)


CATEGORY IS: Can you say mommy issues? — My mom stops in to talk about her experience as the mother of a gay son. We talk about what's changed since I came out at 13, and what we're still not on the same page about. Beware: There is nostalgia.
CATEGORY IS: She's a damn mess — On this quickie I share a dramatic retelling of that time I fell down the stairs with a tub of coleslaw. Yes, you read that right.
CATEGORY IS: The Ridiculous Miss Retail — Steven and Aaron stop in to give us a snapshot of what it's like to be an essential retail worker during the coronavirus (COVID-19 if you're nasty) pandemic. We also talk general retail wildness and war stories.
CATEGORY IS: Werq, Kirk — Aaron sits down to talk Star Trek, from TOS to Picard, and back again. Along the way we do a little galactic bitching along with some poetic waxing about what Trek means to us.
CATEGORY IS: Gays Love Peter — Join me after a few glasses of wine as I tell the story of Uncle Pete's portrait in AGM's very first quickie.
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