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Welcome to “The Agushto Papa Podcast” aka el podcast para los takuaches. Hosted by Diego & Jason. Upcoming youtubers, musicians, business partners, and now podcasters.Full video podcast available on "Diego Dior" YT channelIf you're coming from TikTok we just want to say thank you for getting this podcast to the next level. We were not expecting to receive all this support from you guys. Without you guys we would not be where we are right now, so once again thank you guys so much!- Diego & Jason
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Remmy Valenzuela could be facing a minimum of 30 year sentence in jail | Did Justin Morales steal his hit song "Desde Morro" | Herencia De Patrones Clips | Tony Loya vs David Santos__________________________________________WATCH US LIVE ON TWITCH:
WATCH US LIVE ON TWITCH: to our CLIPS channel: content coming soon! & to Jasons channel: this episode we talk about Jaydee’s (Herencia de Patrones lead singer) plan to keep Tony Loya “quiet” by signing him to his record label. The theory was explained by the requintero of Triple L; who was also signed by jaydees record label at one point. He explains in his live that his plan was to keep him quiet by not letting him release music and kill his “clout” because Tony Loya was a threat to Jaydee because they both have similar styles. People also say that Tony Loya is young and has a lot of potential therefore he could over take Jaydee. Tony Loya explains his side that he was aware of Jaydees “plan” so he never signed to HP Records. Jaydee response to these statements “ this makes no sense, why would I sign someone and not move them. It’s a loss for both of us”.  Next, In this episode we talk about Guero MP going “ghost”. It seems that Guero MP stop posting on all social media. The reason might be due to the fact that he received a lot of hate to his music. After releasing his single “Dice Que La Quiero”. Also “Sapo” ex- founder of Grupo Diez 4tro calls out his ex band members “Emmanuel” for talking shit. Sapo calls him out for calling him “envy” of him. In which Sapo response by saying “don’t forget who put you on”.Send us stuff ❗️Agushto PapaP.O Box 1093Westminster CA 92684
In Episode 10 we talk about the departure of Eslabon Armado’s armonia; Gabriel. Brian Tovar (Eslabon’s bass player) states in a Instagram post that he left for “personal reasons”. Fans quickly begin to speak on the topic leading to more reason why he could have left. Eslabon Armados fans state that wasn’t why he left and felt that he “was not appreciated and is left out”. As all these crazy rumors spread, Lead singer Pedro Tovar goes live to speak on the reason he left. Pedro says the real reason for his departure is because he recently bought a house in Los Angles for his family, which mean Gabriel would be distant from the group because he is 6-7 hours away from Los Angles. Pedro says that Gabriel was not too happy considering we would be far away from the rest of the group. In conclusion, distance was the reason for his departure from the group. Next, we also talk about Grupo Firme over selling concert tickets! People were unhappy because they had to watch the concert from outside the venue. Also Galvancillo and Guero MP, are not friends anymore. Galvancillo post a tiktok video where he shows that Guero MP blocks him from Instagram. Galvancillo is confused as to why he was blocked and stated to the public that he did nothing to cause this. Galvancillo is affected by this and also stated he “ always defended him”.
In Episode 7, we talk about Tony Loya getting his jewelry stolen from Alexis Veras clika. We discuss the response of Tony Loya, where he goes live and previews a song. In the song, Tony Loya raps about how the was jump by 4 guys and took his jewelry. We also talk about the passing of George Jung (El Americano). George Jung was a Famous Narco but many know him because of the corrido El Americano by Omar Ruiz. We also talk about Galvancillos new song that is yet to drop.
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In episode 5 we talk about Los Takuaches Mayores. El Guero Mp, Galvancillo, Polo Gonzalez being signed to Aldo Trujillo's record label known as GodKing Records. We talk about the beef between Guero MP and Quema Candy, Polo's new song, and Galvancillo's issue with the label. Podcast Video version on "Diego Dior" YT channelHighlight clips: Agushto Papa PodcastInstagram: agushtopapapodcast
Join us in today's episode where we talk about the collaboration between Natanael and Alejandro Fernandez (Vicente Fernandez's son). As well as finding Nata's clone (Chafanael Cano), reacting to takuche Polo's new song, and many more!
 Is Grupo Diez 4tro taking over 2021?! WestCoastBapePlug joins us today to talk about his experiences selling bape to big artists such as Natanael Cano, Junior H, Ovi, Esteban Gabriel, Herencia De Patrones, Kris Nava from T3R Elemento, Eslabon Armado, Grupo Diez 4tro, Porte Diferente, Tony Loya, and more! 
In Episode 2, we talked about Eslabon Armado's concert at Atlanta Georgia where a girl was pushed off the stage by the security guard for running towards Pedro. We also talked about what we think about Eslabon Armado and their success as young artists. Being young and having fame is not as easy as it looks. We explained how Eslabon Armado is taking fame very well with the help of their parents, who guide them through the right path.Podcast Video version on "Diego Dior" YT channelHighlight clips: Agushto Papa PodcastInstagram: agushtopapapodcast
Welcome takuaches and toxicas. In our first episode we talked about Tony Loya's concert with Comando Lr and Grupo Diez 4tro at Mexico De Noche in Anaheim Ca. The cops ended up shutting down the event when people outside of the nightclub started to get crazy when they weren't letting them in after waiting for 4 hours in line. The concert got shut down before Tony Loya got to perform, so those who paid and were able to get inside, were not able to see Tony Loya because of what had happened outside. Tony Loya later states that he will give Anaheim a free show after what had happened. Video podcast is available on "Diego Dior's" YT channelThose who came from tiktok we want to say thank you guys so much for all the support you guys are giving us. We started this podcast not knowing we were going to get the results we are getting within the first 24 hours of creating our tiktok account. We want to apologize for any mistakes in our first podcast. We promise we will get better at it and create even better content for you guys.-Diego & Jason
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