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...Plus, A Musk Twitter purchase would see the return of Trump tweets, unless people are sick of him by then
...Plus, Will the calamity of Herschel Walker be a 'bridge too far' for enough Republican voters to keep him out of the Senate?
Rachel Maddow gives a special preview of her new podcast, “Rachel Maddow Presents: Ultra.” In this eight-part original series, Rachel tells an all-but-forgotten true story of American extremism getting supercharged, connecting the dots between sitting members of Congress aiding and abetting a plot to overthrow the government and the lengths they would go to in order to cover their tracks. Follow the series now:
...Plus, Alex Wagner travels to Texas to talk with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Beto O'Rourke
...Plus, Judge helps rescue Trump from special master hot seat
...Plus, Influence of climate change seen in features of Hurricane Ian
...Plus, why the strongest reason for January 6th prosecutions is deterrence 
...Plus, Russian men flee being drafted into war with Ukraine
...Plus, DOJ 'going to investigate the hell out of this' after court victory on Trump docs: Rohde
...Plus, Putin grows increasingly desperate as Ukraine continues to drive out his invasion
...Plus, a must-hear interview with a Ukrainian combat medic
...Plus, Flooding catastrophe in Puerto Rico exposes post-Maria failures
...Plus, DOJ asks appeals court for stay to allow investigation, assessment of Mar-a-Lago documents
...Plus, This isn't the first time Americans have seen conservative leaders toying with human lives for a cheap political prank.
...Plus, January 6th Committee receives huge collection of Secret Service texts and other communication
...Plus, Democrats test strategy of boosting fringe Republican candidates in primaries
...Plus, Pennsylvania GOP shows support for Mastriano despite extremist record
...Plus, Queen Elizabeth II's reign spanned a world of changes
...Plus, Steve Bannon reportedly due to be indicted (again)
...Plus, Trump judge's ill-considered special master ruling wreaks havoc with damage assessment of Trump's mishandling of classified material
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Bard Groupie

Here is a very visible opportunity to see the difference between Trump and Biden as far as rescuing Puerto Rico. The mess from the previous hurricane is still there. I suspect no paper towel tossing as the main event this time. Tonight I would imagine much of the island is in dire straits.

Sep 20th

Bard Groupie

Younger American voting men should keep in mind how much it costs to raise a child. Older ones too. If a child is not in their plans yet then they need to vote.

Sep 14th

Rich B

3:30, Monumentous? I think that isn't a word. Momentous is a word, as is monumental. This is not the first time I've heard it. Two countries separated by a common language🇬🇧

Aug 25th


Show is good, but the sound is hard to listen to. It's very echo-y & sharp/shrill. Will put me off long term.

Aug 22nd

Glen LeBarr

love the new show

Aug 18th

Salman Ramezani

Use a tiny room to record voice not a big hall . it's rly bad to hear 😔

Aug 18th
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