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Alison Moyet - 40 Moyet Moments

Author: Alison Moyet

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A 40-part podcast featuring Alison Moyet in conversation with Steve Coats-Dennis, exploring the key moments of her 40-year career as a solo artist: the highs, the lows and everything in between. New episodes every Monday and Thursday.
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13 Episodes
A flavour of what's to come in 40 Moyet Moments
In the first of a 40-part podcast series, Alison Moyet chats with Steve Coats-Dennis, discussing the awkwardness between her and her Yazoo bandmate, Vince Clarke, and explains her reluctance to become a solo artist
In the second Moyet Moment, Alison finds herself in a bidding war between record companies but also traumatised by fame. Expecting her to be “the next Barbra Streisand”, she realises that a level of conformity is not on the cards
Alf, Alison’s first solo album, goes to No.1 in the album chart and is certified quadruple platinum. In the third Moyet Moment, Alison talks about writing and recording the album with Steve Jolley and Tony Swain and reveals the strange method that created that iconic album cover.
In the fourth Moyet Moment, Alison looks back at her first solo single, remembers making the video and addresses the notion that the song’s lyrics were a little bit saucy!
In the fifth Moyet Moment, Alison discusses why All Cried Out has endured for 40 years, the changing importance of lyrics and how she found her way back to appreciating it as a song
Episode 6 - Invisible

Episode 6 - Invisible


It’s the single in Alison Moyet’s forty year back catalogue that seems to generate most discussion. In this episode, Alison gives her definitive take on the song, Invisible
40 Moyet Moments returns to November 1984 and Alison’s first ever solo tour. Alison discusses how performing live has changed for her over the years and which songs are the trickiest to sing
After 10 weeks in the album charts, her first solo album, Alf, reaches Number One on the 13th January 1985. Alison chats to Steve Coats-Dennis whether on chart positions mattered to her then and whether they still do now
The ninth Moyet Moyet explores Alison’s biggest selling single, That Ole Devil Called Love, how it came about and how it unintentionally changed people’s perception of her
Episode 10 - Live Aid

Episode 10 - Live Aid


The biggest gig of her career – Alison Moyet looks back at the highs and lows of her experience at Live Aid
Raindancing was the eagerly-anticipated follow-up album to the mega-successful Alf. Alison explains to Steve Coats-Dennis how recording the album in the United States affected the end product... And perhaps not for the better!
In the twelfth Moyet Moment, Alison discusses all things ‘Is This Love?’ including her mystery co-writer who was not such a mystery after all!