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All In The Mind is ABC RN's weekly podcast looking into the mental universe, the mind, brain and behaviour — everything from addiction to artificial intelligence.
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Our sexy brain

Our sexy brain


Even when it gets the go-ahead, research on sex and the brain is still highly stigmatised—yet there is still so much to learn. Sometimes a brain injury or disease causes hypersexuality, or a change of sexual preference; orgasm can cause a brain aneurysm to rupture, and the latter becomes more likely if it’s sex with someone other than your usual partner.
The trauma of war and displacement has a negative impact on the mental health of hundreds of thousands of refugees around the world. Australian researchers recently travelled to a large refugee camp in Bangladesh* where around 500,000 Rohingya people are living. The researchers found that sports and exercise programs make a huge difference to these refugees' physical and mental health, and to their well-being.*There are around 900,000 Rohingya refugees now living in Bangladesh
Untranslatable emotions

Untranslatable emotions


In English there's no single word to describe an anxiety about how much aeroplane flight is damaging our environment. But in Swedish the word for this anxiety is 'flygskam'. And perhaps, having a word for this specific emotion may change the way we think about it  Come on our tour of culture and language to explore some strange destinations and untranslatable emotions.
Creating selves to survive

Creating selves to survive


Our guest, Rhonda Macken, tells her remarkable story—a testament to the power of human creativity and resilience in the face of unimaginable childhood trauma. Rhonda created a complex jigsaw of multiple personalities as protection against her harsh reality. Now in her 70s, and after years of intense psychotherapy, she's fully integrated and enjoying the love of her family.
Is an enlightened planet possible? Co-writers of a new film and book called The Portal say it is—through the power of collective meditation. They share personal stories of inspiring individuals who have come through adversity by reflecting inwards, using meditation.  Hope for humankind may lie in the cumulative effect of individual meditation and whether mindfulness can promote empathy.
The Big Anxiety festival uses the arts and lived experience to re-imagine mental health. Through creativity and innovative technology, empathy replaces fear and stigma. Virtual reality worlds open up to an optimistic future and offer insight from ancient indigenous stories.
Gabby was on an emotional roller-coaster, feeling empty and needy. After lashing out in anger, she’d regret it and say sorry over and over again. Her partner, Eliza, felt like she was walking on eggshells, always fearful of arousing Gabby’s intense emotions. Gabby was diagnosed with the highly stigmatised Borderline Personality Disorder. They share their journey together to a calmer and happier life.** Trigger warning: please note that this interview contains references to self-harm, abuse, and violence**
Autism and superheroes

Autism and superheroes


When Tim was 11 years old he created his own superhero. Laser Beak Man now appears in colourful artworks showing Tim’s unique sense of humour connected to his literal understanding of language. And when Oakley was 5 years old he drew a pirate, inspiring his mother to write a kids’ book to raise understanding about autism and difference.
Meet an Australian philosopher and cultural analyst who spent 20 years of his life addicted to just about every drug you could imagine. His best work was done when he was enveloped in haze of cannabis smoke, he prowled local pharmacies to score large doses of codeine, and drank until he lost consciousness. Amazingly he lives to eloquently share his insights into the thought processes of an addict.
Anxiety is an essential human emotion—it kicks in to protect us from threats—but sometimes those threats are only perceived. When worries start to become overwhelming, approximately 25 per cent of us experience clinical anxiety. But it is highly treatable. A ten-year-old girl and a 30-year-old man share their anxious thoughts and their strategies to manage them.
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Dayle Summerfield

I love this concept. I started playing around with it, about 6 months ago, as a book or a game for my grandchildren, and reframing grandparents as superheroes in the out of home care/child protection system. thanks Aunty, for an always interesting program/podcast.

Sep 29th


hi, where can I find the details about this program (tally !).

Aug 29th

Ryan McKay

That interview was pretty cool! Eliza is very articulate for her age.

Aug 13th


I love this episode so much!! So many insights!! Thank you!!

Jul 21st

Alex Palma


Jul 20th


Very informative.

Jul 12th

Cath Balmer

Great show! Explains a lot about my family 😳😬😂👍🏽

Jun 22nd

Adrian Gunanta Bangun

Thank you. I'm Adrian from Indonesia. This is very helpful. This issue has been my concern since ages

Jun 14th

Valerie Brozic

I love this episode!

May 15th

Inês Amano

I live in Portugal, and we eat a lot of vegetables. Even kids love soup. If you go to the supermarket, the first thing you'll see are vegetables and fruit. I believe this is conditioning of our own society.

Mar 19th

Michael Collins

My 9 you aspy boy loved this podcast, and thanks from both of us

Feb 19th


Enjoyed the conversation . Thanks so much

Feb 18th

Nandar NayWin

yep, this is what I am learning now. Great topics.

Feb 5th

micheál p mc guinness

wonderful show...great topics and great broadcaster...keep up good work...

Jan 27th

Karen Kyle


Jan 18th

jigar priyadarshi

could you please arrange transcript

Dec 4th

Sandra Mažutovaitė

Thank you!

Oct 23rd

Danny Lee

Would have been nice to know what Gregory Berns opinion of why the dogs get anxious and shakey/distressed while they are in the car.

Sep 12th

B Knapp

EVERY1 should hear this

May 14th

Sonny Darvishzadeh

22:10 I'm living.

Mar 8th
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