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All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg

Author: Jason Calacanis

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Industry veterans, degenerate gamblers & besties Chamath Palihapitiya, Jason Calacanis, David Sacks & David Friedberg cover all things economic, tech, political, social & poker.
36 Episodes
Follow the besties: Follow the pod: Show Notes: 0:00 Bestie intro, Chamath's whereabouts 2:54 Breaking down Biogen's Alzheimer's drug & the FDA's controversial approval 26:46 Billionaire space race: Is Bezos going to space too risky or a smart marketing move? How the space industry is a perfect example of effective government intervention. Can anyone dominate space? 42:55 Big Tech getting back to the office: what is the new normal for companies with thousands of employees? 56:49 Recent factors on the commercial & private real estate markets, inflation head fake 1:05:01 ProPublica's report on billionaire tax returns 1:15:58 Bitcoin toxicity, Snowflake's CEO apologizes for comments on merit & diversity 1:32:48 Science corner with Friedberg: Induced pluripotent stem cells & cloning Intro Music Credit: Referenced in the show: Tweets:  
Follow the besties: Follow the pod: Intro Music Credit: Referenced in the show: WSJ - The Wuhan Lab Leak Question: A Disused Chinese Mine Takes Center Stage Forbes - Friends Don't Let Friends Become Chinese Billionaires Brookings - Fentanyl and geopolitics: Controlling opioid supply from China NPR - 'We Are Shipping To The U.S.': Inside China's Online Synthetic Drug Networks Coinbase - Announcing Coinbase Fact Check: Decentralizing truth in the age of misinformation Show Notes: 0:00 Friedberg recaps Sacks' birthday party 6:47 "Wuhan Lab Leak" theory, did COVID come from a lab? Plusn China's fentanyl production 26:09 India's new "traceability" law 33:11 Coinbase & Brian Armstrong debut fact checking blog 41:17 Friedberg's science corner: groundbreaking gene therapies 45:06 Amazon's MGM acquisition, media consolidation 1:04:45 Biden's $6T infrastructure, Democrat's feeling the inflation pressure & responding
Follow the besties: Follow the pod: Intro Music Credit: Referenced in the show: The Verge - Apple employees circulate petition demanding investigation into ‘misogynistic’ new hire The Verge - Apple employees call for company to support Palestinians in internal letter Vox - Full transcript: 'Chaos Monkeys' author Antonio García-Martinez on Recode Decode Business Insider - Tobi Lutke's Email TK News by Matt Taibi - On the Hypocrites at Apple Who Fired Antonio Garcia-Martinez The Information - Seven Apple Suppliers Accused of Using Forced Labor From Xinjiang Persuasion - America Is Flunking Math Bloomberg - Gap With White House on Infrastructure Is Widening, GOP Says St. Louis FED - 10-Year Breakeven Inflation Rate TED - A prosecutor's vision for a better justice system Tweets: Show Notes: 0:00 Apple's hypocrisy re: AGM firing 25:48 America is failing math 40:10 Inflation fears slowing down, infrastructure bill restructuring, corporate tax loopholes 50:10 Clubhouse's plummeting download numbers, David Sacks gives the besties a scoop 57:46 Crypto correction: regulation, centralized coins, potential black swans 1:13:30 Friedberg's science corner: UFOs 1:19:18 Sacks presses other billionaires on their support Chesa Boudin #allin #tech #news
Follow the besties: Follow the pod: Intro Music Credit: Referenced in the show: NY Times - A Misleading C.D.C. Number medRxiv - COVID-19 Aerosolized Viral Loads, Environment, Ventilation, Masks, Exposure Time, Severity, And Immune Response: A Pragmatic Guide Of Estimates Business Insider - Silicon Valley VCs are at war with the ‘far left radicals’ running California NY Post - Powerful teachers union influenced CDC on school reopenings, emails show MMA - Governor Reeves Announces End to Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Tweets: Show Notes: 0:00 Jason goes behind the scenes of Elon's SNL appearance 23:36 CDC failures, misleading information on COVID spreading outdoors 39:10 Reacting to Stanley Druckenmiller's thoughts on current Fed policy, decoupling of capital markets from policy 48:32 America's real-time UBI experiment, Business Insider's piece covering All-In 1:05:23 Friedberg's science corner: synthetic biology IPO/SPACs, stem cell breakthroughs & more 1:19:15 Should the besties start a third party? Is it possible?
Follow the besties: Follow the pod: Intro Music Credit: Referenced in the show: MIT Technology Review - Some vaccinated people are still getting covid. Here’s why you shouldn’t worry. David Sacks on Medium - Caitlyn Jenner Is Right: Crime is the #1 Issue in California and Gavin Newsom Bears Ultimate Responsibility Tweets Show Notes: 0:00 Bestie intro, Jason's trip recap 2:47 Sacks on hypocrisy and virtue signaling surrounding wearing masks post-vaccination, Biden's address 16:07 Pandemic lessons 30:02 Immigration, Americans self-selecting as hard workers, understanding two different types of immigration 48:04 How Darwinian free trade has negatively impacted the US middle class 1:00:44 Caitlyn Jenner for CA Governor, crime & homelessness 1:07:48 Big Tech earnings
Follow the besties: Follow the pod: Intro Music Credit: Referenced in the show: Federal Net Outlays as Percent of GDP Wayback Machine / Reuters Show Notes: 0:00 Intro 1:19 Biden's capital gains tax hike 21:33 Addressing the federal budget problems 42:16 Chauvin verdict, media coverage 50:06 Hulu WeWork documentary, Founder psychology 59:46 COVID surge in India 1:11:01 Poor media performance in 2021
Follow the besties: Follow the pod: Intro Music Credit: Referenced in the show: Statista - Death rates from coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United States Tweets: Show Notes: 0:00 Bestie intro & crowning a new SPAC king 3:01 Coinbase's direct listing, comparing vehicles to go public & lockup periods, Sacks on Coinbase vs. NYT 12:06 David Sacks on running for governor 15:21 Brad & the besties react to the crazy Q1 in the markets, a16z's savvy buying moves with Coinbase, issues with short-term behavioral lock-in 32:37 Top insights from Bezos' letter to shareholders, Amazon employees reject the union in Alabama 50:27 Reacting to Drew Holden's recent thread on media double standards in covering each party 54:28 Federalism's benefits throughout COVID, State-by-state results reveal lockdowns didn't work, vaccine incentives and PR due to J&J decision 1:04:20 Degradation of faith in institutions accelerated by COVID 1:09:26 Republican Senator Josh Hawley calls for big tech antitrust reform, bypassing institutions for progress
Follow the besties: Follow the pod: Intro Music Credit: Referenced in the show: Axios - Changes to capital gains taxes omitted from Biden's infrastructure plan Cal Matters - A wealth tax could sabotage California’s recovery Healthline - COVID-19 Vaccines May Help Stop Virus Transmission: Here’s What We Know Show Notes: 0:00 Besties intro, state of the public & private markets 18:54 Chamath receives inspiring note re: last week’s longevity talk 21:17 Archegos debacle, issues with trading on margin 32:26 Biden’s infrastructure bill, US government becoming overleveraged 45:45 Potential tax hikes, inefficient deployment of capital, California wealth tax impact 52:59 Trade off between freedom & equality, how free markets spur innovation, generational changes 1:05:14 Is a wealth tax constitutional? Vaccine update
Sacks' Inflation Deck: Follow the besties: Follow the pod: Intro Music Credit: Referenced in the show: Tweets Bitclout Show Notes: 0:00 Besties get ready to rumble & discuss recent Twitter polls 7:25 Debating inflation, Sacks presents his deck 37:20 Amazon social team goes on the offensive, Facebook's regulatory capture play around content moderation 48:42 Suez Canal, rethinking our centralized infrastructure & supply chain risk management, infrastructure bill concerns 1:00:18 Microsoft in talks to buy Discord for $10B, Sacks on SaaS exits from Yammer experience 1:02:49 Poker talk, going to the movies, Disneyland, EU incompetence
View the State of VC deck here: Follow the besties: Follow the pod: Intro Music Credit: Intro Video Credit: Referenced in the show: Lifespan by David Sinclair: Prenuvo: Gumroad Equity Crowdfunding: Backstage Equity Crowdfunding: Show Notes: 0:00 Bestie intro & poker talk 5:49 Fan question: Longevity & Biohacking, Chamath's health regimen 12:54 Fan question: Decentralization, separation of currency & state, will governments fight back against crypto? 22:48 Fan question: Quantum computing's potential impact, why heavy R&D technologies should are better suited for government funding rather than the private sector 33:33 Chamath's thesis behind deep tech investing 37:25 State of VC & how it's changing in terms of demographics, new access to capital, deal size & more 48:49 Trend of founders caring more about individual investors rather than firms, who is well-positioned & who is left out? 55:00 Why growth-stage firms could become less relevant: undifferentiated capital, routing around dilution, brand matters more in the early-stage; how Pipe & Clearbanc are revolutionizing non-dilutive funding 1:04:00 Summarizing the changing landscape of venture capital, how startups can best position themselves in a full lifecycle, innovations in equity crowdfunding, opportunity for entrepreneurs
Follow the besties: Follow the pod: Intro Music Credit: Intro Video Credit: Articles referenced in the show: The New England Journal of Medicine - BNT162b2 mRNA Covid 19 Vaccine in a Nationwide Mass Vaccination Setting San Francisco COVID-19 Vaccinations The Art Newspaper - WTAF? Beeple NFT work sells for astonishing $69.3m at Christie’s after flurry of last-minute bids nearly crashes website CoinDesk - Burnt Banksy NFT Sells for $380K in ETH CNBC - Beeple NFT becomes most expensive ever sold at auction after fetching over $60 million Glenn Greenwald: Tweets referenced in the show: Show Notes: 0:00 Biden's vaccine mandate, California's mishandling of the vaccine rollout, cancel culture impacting vaccine distribution 11:00 Vaccine efficacy, "inequity" of distribution 19:24 Success vs. privilege, Meghan Markle vs. The Royal Family 33:38 NFTs, speculative markets, blockchain as a ledger 48:00 Impact of inflation on wealth inequality 1:01:20 SPAC/Direct Listing talk 1:07:46 Yung Spielburg's newest track: RED PILLS
Follow the besties: Follow the pod: Intro Music Credit: Intro Video Credit: Referenced in the show: NY Magazine - Zero COVID Risk Is the Wrong Standard Released COVID-19 Response Contracts Chesa's "response" to Sacks GoFundMe for SF DA reporter The Verge - Entire school board resigns in shame after forgetting their WebEx call was public Show Notes: 0:00 Markets tank, reasons for optimism in the short-term 15:29 Breaking down the stimulus 24:12 California's COVID emergency stimulus mishaps, political manipulation via "Zeroism" 38:27 Biological Patriot Act, freedom of choice post-vaccination 49:23 Newsom recall update, SF DA Chesa Boudin's high school friend responds to Sacks, SF bureaucratic issues 1:00:33 Grading Biden's first 60 days in office, Oakley School Board mishap, teacher's union issues, Jason's red pill bender
Follow the besties: Follow the pod: Intro Music Credit: Intro Video Credit: Referenced in the show: WSJ - Lake Tahoe Property Sells for $1.6 Million in Bitcoins The Changing World Order by Ray Dalio Chapter 2: The Big Cycle of Money, Credit, Debt, and Economic Activity Show Notes: 0:00 Reflecting on the controversial Robinhood interview, iterating on the show format, getting back to basics 10:52 Chesa Boudin cancelled on us, radical DAs & local prosecution in SF & LA, why criminal justice reform resonates 34:44 Breaking down the Facebook/Google situation in Australia, understanding fair use, potential saving grace for traditional media? 47:26 Vaccine update, conditioned fear sustaining post-vaccine 58:58 Fan Q&A: what the besties are investing in over the next decade, anti-portfolio, biggest current portfolio risks, what would you teach every 12-year old
Follow the besties: Follow the pod: Intro Music Credit: Intro Video Credit: Show Notes: 0:00 Bestie intro, congrats to Friedberg on a big beak wet 1:44 Jason intros Vlad Tenev 2:48 Vlad fields questions on Robinhood's choice to stop the buying of $GME, his CNBC appearance, self-clearing, liquidity & more 11:02 Allowing access to margin, Robinhood's prior SEC fines, Robinhood accounts that go bankrupt, debunking conspiracy theories, WallStreetBets & more 21:57 Should there be more transparency in the financial markets? Will Robinhood's IPO shares be sold to their retail users? What will they change internally going forward, and how would they have handled the meme stocks situation differently? 31:04 Vlad tells the real story of Jason investing & signs off 33:51 Vlad's returns to answer more questions on users that lost everything, future of payment for order flow & more 41:36 Debriefing Vlad's performance
Follow the besties: Follow the pod: Intro Music Credit: Intro Video Credit: Referenced in the show: David Sacks on Tucker Carlson Gell-Mann Amnesia Show Notes: 0:00 Discussing Sacks' recent hit on Tucker Carlson 7:25 Media misalignment, subjects as sources, new age of journalism 25:53 Bold prediction for the future of media, potential All-In Network, mistrusting everyone except individuals 34:28 Bestie Guestie Draymond Green joins the show to talk dealing with day-to-day NBA life under COVID protocols, the temperature of the nation, issues with the media & more 1:08:02 Mean tweets
Follow the besties: Follow the pod: Intro Music Credit: Intro Video Credit: Referenced in the show: The Insiders' Game by David Sacks ABC News - CA EDD admits paying as much as $31 billion in unemployment funds to criminals Forbes - Why California Is In Trouble – 340,000 Public Employees With $100,000+ Paychecks Cost Taxpayers $45 Billion Rescue California - Recall Gavin Newsom Show Notes: 0:00 Wrapping up the Robinhood situation: major lessons learned, Elon’s Clubhouse interview with Vlad, is the cash infusion to Robinhood a trade of the year candidate in 2021? 20:21 Understanding short positions - why do firms short, more transparency & margin requirements 26:08 Sacks on the growing insider vs. outsider theme in politics & finance, importance of institutions in chaos 31:45 Breaking down California’s report card, why the state is such a mess, what structural problems plague it & how to fix them 1:02:04 Chamath’s Aziz Ansari story, Governor potential, top ways to save California
Follow the crew: Follow the pod: Intro Music Credit: Intro Video Credit: Referenced in the show: David Sacks on Bloomberg Chamath for Governor DeepFuckingValue's Reddit page Show Notes: 0:26 Besties intro 2:11 Chamath breaks down the entire WallStreetBets/GameStop saga 15:38 Jason responds, debating Robinhood's liquidity crisis, Citadel's potential involvement & more 39:18 How can this be prevented in the future? Restructuring capital gains tax, censorship, where Robinhood can go from here 53:02 Major learnings from this week's events, risks of decentralization, do stocks need to be reflexive of the underlying business? GameStop's endgame 1:15:01 Chamath for Governor of California, Friedberg on leaders vs. managers & the problem with career politicians
Follow the crew: Follow the pod: Intro Music Credit: Intro Video Credit: Referenced in the show: M1 Money Stock Friedberg's Spy Situation Sacks' thoughts on Wilkinson cancellation Show Notes: 0:00 Bestie intro, Inauguration talk, Impeachment implications 20:22 Trump as a successful change agent, Facebook's Oversight Board overseeing Trump's appeal 34:07 Will Big Tech be regulated like utilities? Friedberg tells a spy story 44:15 Breaking down the $1.9T Stimulus package, needs for infrastructure bill, worst-case scenarios 55:06 How the tech ecosystem plays into inequality & how to fix it 1:04:00 Recalling California Governor Gavin Newsom, California's lockdown incompetence 1:17:32 Sacks rebukes cancel culture, this time from the right-wing mob
Follow the crew: Follow the pod: Intro Music Credit: Intro Video Credit: Referenced in the show: “I Have Blood on My Hands”: A Whistleblower Says Facebook Ignored Global Political Manipulation Show Notes: 0:00 David Sacks intros the besties 2:08 Jason & Sacks hash it out & the besties break down reconciliation in American democracy 21:09 Big Tech bans, did they give Trump an easy out? Ramifications for First Amendment 43:01 What laws can be written to prevent Big Tech oligarchy in the future? 59:32 Why Big Tech acted in unison against Trump: internal & external pressure, pending Democratic administration 1:09:42 Current Pence/Trump relationship, McCarthyism 2.0, should Big Tech be broken up? 1:32:46 History of the presidential pardon, Chamath on SoFi's Anthony Noto
Follow the crew: Follow the pod: Intro Music Credit: Intro Video Credit: Referenced in the show: The Killer D.A. by David Sacks Show Notes: 0:00 New intro for the besties - listen here: 2:14 Sacks' trip to Miami 6:01 Reflecting on the riot at the US Capitol: police response, double standard with BLM protest, big picture, prosecuting Trump & healing the nation post-Trump 29:43 2016 Election interference, reasons for unrest & polarization, Trump's culpability 44:19 Should the 25th Amendment be invoked? 49:51 Democrats win Georgia runoff elections, did Trump's implosion lose Georgia for the GOP? 56:23 How Friedberg would handle vaccine distribution 1:07:45 San Francisco's Killer D.A., recalling Gavin Newsom, Kim Kardashian for Governor of CA
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Shawn Mayer

Chamath's reasoning for the suppression of the lab leak theory couldn't be more wrong. The people elected Trump knowing full well who he was. He did not need to change to fit the mold the media and Chamath wanted. The media needed to adapt to him. Unfortunately, the media failed miserably.

May 31st


what is this crap?

May 13th

Wayne Andrews

Sounds like a bunch of pissed blokes at the pub talking over each other

Apr 25th

Derek Lee

apparently nobody on the show bothered to look up the definition of “equity”

Mar 17th


amazing stuff.

Mar 1st


this podcast turned into some real horsesh*t pretty quickly. Very ironic that you people talk about media had a narrative and then you interview some famous vomiting the same media narrative verbatim.

Feb 6th


To that fucker who still argued for a centralized system and described decentralization as a potential for "lord of the flies" moment. You can piss off. You are the problem, you are part of the permanent ruling class. Centralized system can't be fair because it's there to serve itself, not anyone else. Have you not learned anything from recent events?!

Jan 31st

Sriram Sreedhar

thank you guys for bringing $DM, $MP, $IPOC to our lives

Dec 12th

Sriram Sreedhar

One and half hours of podcast...hmmm

Dec 12th

Arpit Patel

wet THE beak

Dec 4th

Arpit Patel

best episode of yet

Nov 25th

Chris Abele

1:05:45 Glossing over Flint, Michigan?

Jul 24th


Great show!

Jul 12th

Maciej Czech

15:21 Czechoslovakia 😅 Are we in Soviet Union again? :D

Jun 17th

J Reg

great as always

May 22nd
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