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All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg
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All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg

Author: Jason Calacanis

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Industry veterans, degenerate gamblers & besties Chamath Palihapitiya, Jason Calacanis, David Sacks & David Friedberg cover all things economic, tech, political, social & poker.
7 Episodes
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Follow @chamath: Follow @jason: 0:01 Jason checks in on Chamath, Sacks & Friedberg, opening up their social circles, outdoor activities & more 9:31 Issues with politicizing matters of public health, deaths decreasing while new cases spike, masks, lockdowns & more 20:56 Viral videos, doxxing bad behavior & cancel culture 25:39 Reforming law enforcement, separating police from the military, changing police incentives 36:42 Are public unions too powerful? How a lack of leadership has led us here 41:49 Facebook vs. Twitter on free speech, Zuckerberg's relationship with Peter Thiel, valuing comfort over freedom of expression 59:24 John Bolton's book controversy 1:03:14 Movements in the COVID vaccine space 1:07:38 Trump vs. Biden: Who has the upper hand? 1:14:24 Who should Biden pick as VP?
Follow @chamath: Follow @jason: 0:01 Jason & Chamath intro David Sacks & David Friedberg 1:15 Everybody gives their quarantine update: Sacks is in Mexico while running Craft remote, Chamath got a new poker table & is excited for shelter-in-place to end, Friedberg is getting back into a rhythm 8:04 Chamath & Sacks reflect on the coming return to normalcy & politicization of the virus 12:41 Sacks on 3 major data-driven discoveries about the virus 15:54 Friedberg on fatality rate data, overestimating the lockdown's impact on stopping the virus 19:32 Getting back to work 21:05 Chamath on the stock market not reflecting the economy, Sacks on what an economic recovery might look like 28:00 Friedberg on potential of another NYC-level outbreak, Chamath on negative impact of left/right culture war 34:05 Sacks on democratic hesitation to end lockdowns giving Trump a strategic advantage, Friedberg on Hydroxychloroquine's benefits/risks 37:57 Sacks on potential resorting of the Bay Area & Silicon Valley due to remote work 41:51 Chamath on benefits of working remote, why San Francisco might lose large numbers of people 45:18 Tesla/Fremont situation a microcosm for politicization of the pandemic, benefits of people starting to distrust inept bureaucrats 49:33 Chamath on the beginning of the modern Cold War, dealing with market conditions considering China's standing in the world, ideological issues 53:46 Sacks on US/China relationship, how US can penalize China 59:25 Friedberg on how US can leapfrog China in manufacturing by using modern, automated solutions
Follow @chamath: Follow @jason: 0:01 Jason & Chamath catch us up on their quarantines 1:20 Chamath intros David Sacks 4:40 David explains what their poker group chat has been like since COVID-19 started, and how Jason, Chamath & himself fall on the optimistic/pessimistic spectrum 6:58 How have the past few months defined David's view on the world, and what is his reaction to the US government's response? 12:22 Did the US health apparatus do its job? How could it improve? Why aren't masks already mandated? 19:33 Culture clash between scientific experts & entrepreneurs, thoughts on Chloroquine as a treatment method 27:00 Are US bureaucrats taking the intelligence of US citizens for granted? How liable is Trump? 30:08 David gives his plan to reboot the economy: what now? How does the US avoid a recession/depression? 36:22 Chamath & Jason assess David's plan 43:21 Have the stimulus packages & SMB loans been enough? Will the trickle-down approach work? 49:21 Should the US be allowing companies to declare bankruptcy? How should they decide who gets aid and who does not? 52:02 Chamath explains how corporate debt works through the lens of Ford 56:42 Why is the US not giving a larger % of the stimulus to average Americans? Chances of unrest if quarantine continues? 1:02:17 Trump vs. Biden: who has the edge in 2020 right now? 1:11:24 Was Jack Dorsey's $1B donation the strongest move of 2020 so far?
Follow @chamath: Follow @jason: 0:01 Jason & Chamath intro David and check in on each other's quarantines 2:26 Has the US overreacted or underreacted so far? David & Chamath give their opinions on new directives & statistics 13:15 Thoughts on potential treatment options & policy changes 22:25 Chamath explains the circumstances of recording a podcast while the Stock Market tanks in real-time 25:03 Should the US adopt Chinese & South Korean quarantine strategies? 29:53 What do the current market conditions mean for startups & VC? 41:24 Chamath explains what is currently happening in the capital markets 45:05 How close is the US on being able to do mass-testing? 54:13 Thoughts on bailouts for companies that manipulated their earnings-per-share ratio by stock buybacks? Impact on the global economy 1:03:14 Impact on luxury goods? Should there be a monthly stipend for low-income citizens? 1:12:10 COVID-19 exposing holes in the US healthcare system 1:17:44 Should we ban wet markets globally? 1:24:12 Over/Under: when Americans will be allowed to go out to restaurants again 1:28:18 When will the weekly poker game resume?
Follow @chamath: Follow @jason:   0:01 Jason intros Chamath and Episode 0 of All-In and they discuss their current self-quarantine 0:55 Jason intros David Friedberg 1:35 Chamath gives the inaugural (& potentially final) All-In ad read 2:17 As a Warriors owner, Chamath gives his reaction to the NBA postponing & uncoordinated actions of government & private sectors 4:37 Why was the US so slow to react on both an individual & governmental level? What did the OpenTable data show? 9:03 David explains the actions he would take if he was president 12:37 Thoughts on Trump’s private sector involvement 16:58 Has the press failed in its coverage, or are they just feeding people what they want? 23:52 What will the next few weeks in the US look like? Why has the virus spread severely in Italy, but not yet in India? 37:20 How the COVID-19 viral coefficient compares to the early days of Facebook’s numbers 40:26 Chances of Trump testing positive for the virus? What effect would that have on markets? 48:53 What should we do differently next time? 53:13 Will there both more deaths due to second order effects of the virus than direct deaths? 1:01:06 Should there be a global stimulus package? Effect of low-volatility during recent bull run? 1:11:26 Chances of a quick resolution? 1:16:48 How are Jason & Chamath advising their portfolio companies? How are IPO’s of companies like Airbnb & DoorDash being effected? 1:21:17 How to approach the next year in startups & VC?
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Chris Abele

1:05:45 Glossing over Flint, Michigan?

Jul 24th


Great show!

Jul 12th

Maciej Czech

15:21 Czechoslovakia 😅 Are we in Soviet Union again? :D

Jun 17th

J Reg

great as always

May 22nd
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