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Author: Kiri Pritchard - McLean

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Join comedians Rachel Fairburn and Kiri Pritchard - McLean as they explore a shared passion, serial killers.
Each episode the pair will talk all things murder and macabre and have a right laugh doing it.
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sean mchugh

Enjoying the show good mix of info and chat

Jan 21st

Lauren Halyburton

Liked this podcast but am I the only one who could do without Kiri? XD Rachel is funny and tries to keep it light, I feel like Kiri often times is more interested in giving her opinions on politics as if it's fact and that things are black and white. Especially her "we are all allowing white supremacy" speech and by extension the implication that older people as a majority are racist as they voted leave. Comes across as ignorant to categorise and dismiss a whole generation who have more life experience than her. Just wish podcasts that have nothing to do with politics could just stay on track, I come for the true crime and laughs, not to be "enlightened." Please just stick to what you're good at and stop inserting your political agenda where it's really irrelevant to the topic, it's exhausting to have gender and race politics inserted into most facets of entertainment "/ just my opinion, some people may really enjoy it but it's not my cup of tea when other sources discuss race/gender politics and current affairs in a balanced and researched way and this is meant to be a true crime podcast, doubt I'll listen to anymore.

Jan 10th

Stephen Gartside

keep up the good work l best podcast every time xxxx

Jan 6th

Bailee Young

By far one of my favorites! Covering some high profile killers while keeping things light and funny. I often find my self laughing out loud at these ladies!

Dec 27th

Owen Howell-Wright

10 minute discussion on bumming in the middle of a serial killer podcast. brilliant.

Dec 26th


The podcast can be really funny and I do love comedy true crime but they go so far off topic so often that I can't even follow the crime. I'd probably give it a 3/5

Dec 5th

India Juliana

... N

Nov 30th

Rob Clarke

wiz beach..

Nov 30th

Claire Gaukrodger

kiris laugh is lush... hearing her laugh at the coin purse comment made me laugh out load.

Nov 29th


The first two episodes were good, but this is the episode that had me cracking up laughing. Good stuff 👌🏼

Nov 24th

Colleen Fleming

These girls are great. It's like a British MFM, for all you Murderinos out there, but a little raunchier. I love their weird tangents, and Rachel's accent is like song. They had some audio troubles in the beginning, but hang in there it gets better.

Aug 18th


OMG!!! I just LOOOOVVVEEE you guys' accents!!! Just beautiful!

Aug 12th


I tried....but I couldn't. Too much going on.. couldn't wait to listen about Fred and Rose West. Took to long to get into it.

Aug 2nd


Im going to give this 'cast a shot. Ive found a lot of great ones that focus on serial killers (Last Podcast on The Left I highly recommend), so Ill start with my go-to episode: Jeffrey Dahmer. If they give a good account, Ill subscribe. I tend to prefer longer pods tho, and its a little disappointing to see these are only 30 to 60 mins at most. You can spend hours on Otis Toole amd Henry Lee Lucas, but only 38mins here?

Jul 27th

Andrew J Packer

seems to be recorded at a very low volume, even on highest settings I have trouble listening to it in the car

Jul 19th

Ethan Umbreit

He was an autistic fisherman who lived with Mary Kelly. He was known to be extremely strong and known to dislike prostitutes. The white chapel area also had many slaughterhouses nearby thus being covered in blood was not uncommon. Plus most killers of the time would stay within about an hour of their own home, and all of the killings were eighty or so feet from Mary Kelly's door, Who was known to live with a man who filleted fish, was in love with her, and wanted to scare her off of the street.

Jun 27th

Maurice Sawyers


Jun 22nd

azumah carol dennis

just discovered this. What a strange podcast. I like the women more than the subject. Happy to help them keep safe... podcasting *is* better than writing to serial killers on death row but wouldn't mind hearing them podcast on another subject. Good job. 🤗😘🙄😀😆😀👍🏽❤

Jun 13th

Tami Schroeder

Helloooo Ladies! A Minnesota Mom here just wanted attempt to explain the diff between a scone and a biscuit here in the USA. At Popeye’s or KFC you will get a biscuit (like a baking powder or buttermilk biscuit) served with butter. Same kind of biscuit is served in biscuits and gravy. Our scone are like yours I believe but probably sweeter because we are addicted to sugar here in the US. Our scone have such things as berries, coffee, and/or chocolate in them. So when you come to the states definitely try Popeye’s chicken and red beans and rice. For breakfast order biscuits and gravy (only in the south for the real deal) this gravy has breakfast sausage in it and is very delicious. Popeyes is my family’s favorite next to Church’s chicken. I hope you have a wonderful time here!!!

May 31st

Ed Gibson

enjoying them so much, just want to go out on a spree! 😜

Apr 13th
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