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We have special guest Joseph Jordan back to discuss the reality behind the alien disclosure and the emerging deception that God spoke of in scripture. You can reach Joseph here --> is also available by email --> CE4Research@gmail.comIf you have been abducted or have an abduction story we would love to hear about it and you should also reach out to Joseph here -->
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In this episode we have a great conversation with AJ Richards about a great new plan he has to help bridge the gap between rancher and consumer. He has a plan that could turn the entire food industry on its ear. He believes that if we can decentralize the food industry out of the big 4 major companies then it will be good for everyone. You can reach AJ here:Instagram:
In this episode we have special guest Mia Michele. She was a former psychic and new ager. If you want to reach out to Mia you can find her here: can check out her clothing line here: can follow the podcast on instagram here:
Rosey is BACK.....sorta. In this episode we discuss the topic of vibrational frequency's and the casual acceptance we see to it by the church. We invited our old friend John Brisson on to help sort it out, and as always we had a great conversation.  To connect with John go here --> connect with Jessica go here --> connect with All Out War go here -->
In this episode we take a look at the Amazon Documentary "Shiny Happy People". We discuss the things we are seeing from a point of view that no one seems to be talking about. 
In this episode we discuss the rise of cannibalism and it's not so surprising connections with neopaganism. What are the true origins of humans eating other humans and what does the bible have to say about this? We cover these questions and more in this meaty episode. 
We share Turner's testimony that was originally aired on our private podcast called the "Warcast" It has been edited the best we could in order to fit this format. 
In her first episode as the new cohost for AOW, Jessica shares her testimony with us. She has an amazing story and there were a few times that I thought we would need to take a break just to collect ourselves. Hope you enjoy as we look forward to many more podcast episodes to come. 
In this episode we have a special announcement from Rosey about his future with the podcast. If you are a new listener then we want to apologize. If you are a long time listener then you will understand the treasure that He has been to this podcast. We want to thank everyone for the support through the years. We are asking for your continued support as we move into this next season (absent Rosey). We love you Rosey and appreciate what you have given to the podcast for the last 5 years.  
Jessica Speas returns to discuss NAR doctrine and the dangers of this creeping theology. You can reach Jessica on instagram here -->!
The guys embark on a podcast mash up with John and Jeremy from By Their Fruits Podcast. It's an enlightening discussion on ai and technology in these last days. 
In this episode we discuss the biblical topic of capitol punishment. We look at what the bible say about this as we look in both the Old Testament and the New. 
On this episode we have guest Jessica Speas to discuss the coming AI and how it could connect to the Beast system. It's a robust and moving conversation. You can reach Jessica on Instagram here --> can buy her bible timeline here -->
Special Guest William Ramsey discusses his research on Aleister Crowley and his influence on 9/11 and the coming New World Order. You can find more about him here --> can listen to his podcast here -->
Give John a follow on twitter here -->
You can find Jessica here --> can get the timeline here -->
*Special announcement - Christianity 101 podcast is about to launch! Follow us on instagram or telegram so you wont miss how to get connected with this. The guys discuss the troubling increase of "meme theology" and the rise of the "church of the influencer". They take a look at some of the trends that have been pushing against them over that past few months. 
If you want to connect with John you can reach him here -->
The guys sit down and open up the topic of media, writing and spells. Do these things have power over individuals? Is there an answer to them? Listen to find out.
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