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ALL THE SMOKE pairs two of the most outspoken and controversial players of their time. Known as fiery, intense competitors during their on-court careers, Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson are now two of the most widely respected voices by today’s crop of NBA stars. Serving as mentors to numerous players throughout the league and with their hands firmly on the pulse of the game, they have first-hand insight into the minds, lives and pressing issues facing today’s players. Barnes and Jackson, who have played alongside two generations of All-Stars, will dish on the latest news and drama from on and off the court without boundaries.
10 Episodes
Matt and Stack talk about dealing with Kobe Bryant and his trash talk and the mental part of his game.  Stack reflects on the 2003 Spurs team that knocked off the Lakers and ended their attempt at a 4th consecutive title.  Matt talks about the high expectation of The Clippers Lob City team and how they fell short against The Rockets which led to the beginning of the Warriors run.  Segue into the current Clippers and the job Doc Rivers is doing and the opportunity they have.  Stack talks about returning to The Spurs and the tough loss to OKC.      
Matt and Stephen are joined by rising Celtics star Jaylen Brown as he talks about the new-look Boston team, what went wrong last season, mental health, and how he looked up to Tracy McGrady.
Lou Williams reflects on his 15 year career but don't get it twisted, he's far from done, currently averaging 22.5 ppg.  Lou talks about why he skipped college and went straight to the NBA.  Hear about the bet Lou and Matt had for 15k.  Lou talks about the transition that needed to be made when the Clippers brought in Paul George and Kawhi Leonard.  Who are Lou's top 3 players of all time?  One of them might surprise you!  
Matt has Stack take us through his thoughts and emotions during Malice At The Palace 15 years ago.  Would Stack jump in the stands if he knew that he would be suspended 30 games?  They also talk about the Myles Garrett - Mason Rudolph incident that resulted in the indefinite suspension of Garrett.  Was that fair?  
We welcome our brother to the retirement life!  CC Sabathia, future Hall of Famer and legendary Yankee just finished his career and sits down with us to talk about everything.  We see if retirement has kicked in yet, talk about his stint in rehab, MLB social media, the NBA landscape, Jordan's, Hip-Hop and more.  A conversation you don't want to miss!
Shaun King joins All the Smoke to talk black vs. white players’ responsibility within social justice space, NFL’s blackballing of Colin Kaepernick as well as the upcoming execution of death row inmate Rodney Reed. 
Should we be worried about Zion?  Is Zion FAT?!?  Are kids playing too much basketball at a young age?  We will tell you why Kobe Bryant is awesome.  We are talking rookies and we look back to when we were rookies and who were our mentors and we ask the question, do today's rookies have mentors?  RJ Barrett is for real, and so is Ja Morant but listen to hear who we think is the best rookie shooter.  Where did Big Baller Brand go wrong?  
All The Smoke's first guest is the one and only J.R. Smith.  Matt and Stephen take us through J.R.'s basketball life.  From coming into the league out of high school to winning the NBA Championship with LeBron to why nobody will give him a shot this year even though he's working out every day and clearly good enough to contribute on several teams right now.  An all-around great conversation between three NBA Champions.  
Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson are teaming up again to bring you ALL THE SMOKE, a new show where the two NBA Champions cover the league and anything else they want to discuss.  Nothing is off limits!  This week is Episode 0, launched just in time for our 2019-2020 NBA season preview, set to tip off this Tuesday.  We also cover LeBron and China, and what's up with Carmelo Anthony?  
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All The Smoke trailer


ALL THE SMOKE WITH MATT BARNES AND STEPHEN JACKSON, featuring the brash and unapologetic NBA champions. The weekly series will deliver authentic, unfiltered perspective on the most polarizing topics in and around the game of basketball, including culture, social justice, politics, music and more. ALL THE SMOKE premieres Monday, October 21, with new episodes released every Thursday in video and audio formats on the new SHOWTIME Basketball YouTube channel and on major podcast platforms.
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