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ALL THE SMOKE pairs two of the most outspoken and controversial players of their time. Known as fiery, intense competitors during their on-court careers, Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson are now two of the most widely respected voices by today’s crop of NBA stars. Serving as mentors to numerous players throughout the league and with their hands firmly on the pulse of the game, they have first-hand insight into the minds, lives and pressing issues facing today’s players. Barnes and Jackson, who have played alongside two generations of All-Stars, will dish on the latest news and drama from on and off the court without boundaries.

45 Episodes
2004 NBA Champion Rip Hamilton joins Matt and Stephen on episode 41 of All The Smoke to look back at his 14-year career. Hamilton talks with Matt and Stephen about winning a title with the Pistons during his 9-year run with the team and looks back on the Malice at the Palace. He also opens up about being teammates with MJ on the 2003 Wizards and tells stories about facing Kobe & Shaq.
NBA Star Bradley Beal joins Matt and Stephen for Episode 40 of All The Smoke. The Wizard's shooting guard opens up on his relationship with John Wall, his contract extension with Washington, and his time playing for Billy Donovan at Florida. Beal also talks about modeling his game after Allen Iverson, Ray Allen & Dwayne Wade.
The one and only T-Mac joins Matt and Stephen for Episode 39 of All The Smoke. Tracy McGrady opens up about his Hall of Fame career including playing against MJ as a rookie and having an impactful relationship with Kobe. He also discusses his time with the Rockets, his pairing with Yao Ming, and the impact Kevin Garnett had on the league.
The legendary Vince Carter joins Matt and Stephen for the 38th episode of All The Smoke. The Atlanta Hawks shooting guard looks back on his long and special NBA career including his infamous dunk contest win, playing with Jason Kidd and the Nets, and giving his 2003 All-Star game starting spot to MJ. He also tells stories of battling Allen Iverson, winning an olympics gold medal, and picks his top 5 favorite career dunks.
Lakers guard Quinn Cook joins Matt and Stephen on Episode 37 of All The Smoke to open up about his young career. Cook talks about his path from playing in the G-league to being an NBA champ with the Warriors. He also discusses being an executive producer of SHOWTIME's new documentary 'BASKETBALL COUNTY: In The Water', which tells the story of Prince George's County, Maryland, a hot bed of NBA talent, and his home town.
On All The Smoke Episode 36, NBA great, Penny Hardaway joins Matt and Stephen to open up about his career. He talks about his pairing with Shaq and his battles with MJ while he was on the Magic. Hardaway also tells stories of a young Kobe entering the league and what it was like playing against the 'Dream Team'.
All The Smoke returns with Celtics star Jayson Tatum joining Matt and Stephen for episode 35. The boys talk with Tatum about his time at Duke, his playoff runs with the Celtics and his poster dunk on Lebron. He also tells some of his favorite stories abut Kobe and MJ and opens up about growing up in St. Louis
All The Smoke is back with another quarantine edition. On episode 34, Matt and Stephen are joined by 2x NBA MVP Steve Nash. The former Suns' point guard ranks MJ, Lebron and Kobe on their greatness and tells stories about playing against them. Nash also dives into his playing days in Phoenix and being traded to the Mavericks.
All The Smoke is back for episode 33 with Atlanta Hawks star point guard Trae Young joining Matt and Stephen. Young describes his college experience at Oklahoma, the draft night swap with Luka Doncic, and talks about being compared to Steph Curry. He also tells his story of meeting Kobe and looks back at some other greats, including teammate Vince Carter.
On the newest episode of All The Smoke, Wizards point guard John Wall joins Matt and Stephen to talk about his rehab, his relationship with teammate Bradley Beal, and idolizing Allen Iverson. Wall also recalls his college career at Kentucky with Coach Cal and tells some Kobe stories.
All The Smoke enters the world of boxing on Episode 31 with undefeated IBF Welterweight World Champion, Errol Spence Jr., joining Matt and Stephen. Spence opens up to the boys about his recent car accident, his boxing career, and discusses who he wants to fight next. They also talk basketball and Lebron.
All The Smoke returns with special guest and 3-time NBA champion, Draymond Green, joining the boys for Episode 30. Matt and Stephen talk with the Warriors forward about the Golden State dynasty, Kevin Durant, Charles Barkley, and what it's like playing with Steph and Klay. Draymond also opens up about being a 2nd-round pick and being doubted.
NBA legend Gary Payton joins Matt and Stephen on episode 29 of ALL THE SMOKE. The guys talk about the current state of the NBA, Payton’s run with Shawn Kemp, and they listen to him tell stories about Kobe and MJ.
All The Smoke is back with Episode 28 where Matt and Stephen are joined by Grizzles point guard Ja Morant. The star rookie talks about being drafted by Memphis, his Westbrook mentality, potentially being rookie of the year and he opens about the Iggy drama.
The boys are back as All The Smoke remote episodes keep rolling on. Episode 27 features Mark Jackson joining Matt and Stephen to open up about his time with the Warriors and getting replaced by Steve Kerr. Jackson also discusses his ESPN job, the Knicks and talks about Lebron's greatness.
Former NFL Defensive Back, Adam 'Pacman' Jones, joins Matt and Stephen remotely on episode 26 of All The Smoke to talk about his NFL career, his mental health journey, and his Lakers fandom. He also reveals his toughest receivers to guard and discusses who he thinks is the best receiver in the NFL today.
The boys are back with another remote edition of All The Smoke. On Episode 25, JR Rider joins Matt and Stephen to talk about his battles with Kobe, playing with Kevin Garnett, and the dunk contest. He also recalls untold stories of MJ.
On episode 24 of All The Smoke, rapper Lil Wayne joins Matt and Stephen remotely to talk about his music career and the impact sports had on it. Lil Wayne also opens up about Kobe Bryant's impact on him and gives us his favorite players in today's NBA.
On Episode 23 of All The Smoke, Matt and Stephen are joined remotely by former NFL star, 'Primetime' himself, Deion Sanders. Sanders talks about Antonio Brown, his NFL career with the Cowboys and 49ers, and his time playing in 2 pro sports (MLB and NFL) in one day.
Matt and Stephen are joined by Thunder point guard Chris Paul in a special remote episode of ALL THE SMOKE. CP3 opens up about being traded to the Thunder, his days with the Lob city Clippers and talks about his bond with Kobe. The boys also dive into the state of the NBA today and Adam Silver’s leadership.
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Great job!!! Prime is such a great interview.

May 24th

Xavier Bryant

I've been waiting for this one right here, hell yeah!

May 21st

navin prasad

One of the best pods out. So much content during the pandemic, good lookin.

May 13th

Ashlin R Roe

This show is🔥!!

May 9th
Reply (1)

Jeffrey Gomez

great great interview. wish all players were this real and honest about the back scenes of the game. much respect to Draymond, you just gained a new fan

Apr 28th

Jeff Hayward

One of the highlights of my day is seeing a notification from All The Smoke!! Love listening to you two dawgs!! Tell em' Dray!!

Apr 23rd

Maurice Shaw

I have been ridin with Jack and 1

Apr 15th

Jeff Hayward

Love the pod! Keep bringing All The Smoke! 2 of the realest! 💯💯🔥🔥

Apr 10th

Darius Crawford


Apr 1st


Great interview. This show is dope

Feb 21st
Reply (1)

David Calhoun

All the Smoke is easily Top 5 podcasts out today! Gotta love the Realness of Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson man 🔥🔥🔥🙌🏽🙌🏽

Feb 20th


This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Keep up the great work guys

Feb 12th

Lin Jashin

great podcast

Feb 10th


let's go

Feb 6th

Ashraf Chowdhury


Feb 1st


Good episode

Jan 13th
Reply (1)


Its not working , not any episode here ... make it right

Jan 9th


🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 💯💯💯

Nov 22nd

Mike D'Anniballe

This is so awesome!!

Nov 21st
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Darius Crawford


Nov 21st
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