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Our Podcasts for All4Maternity - Learning, Caring & Sharing by Sheena Byrom. Our chat and discussions about maternity, midwives and mothers.
31 Episodes
Sheena Byrom talks to Hazel Keedle, Lecturer of Midwifery at Western Sydney University and PhD candidate
Sheena Byrom speaks to FATIMA EZZAHRA GHAOUCH, Continuity Team Leader& SAMUKELISO SIBANDA, Continuity Team Leader
Sheena Byrom in conversation with Indie McDowellCo-Founder and Director, Atsede ClinicSecretary, Global Alliance of Independent Midwives
In Conversation with Maddie McMahon - Doula, Doula Educator and Mentor, Antenatal Educator, Birth Activist and Author
Sheena Byrom in conversation with Siobhan Chaplow and Valerie McNamara Mother, Daughter and baby Gabriel!
Sheena Byrom interviews Amy Romano – Midwife, Founder and CEO of Primary Maternity Care
An interview with Sarah Noble, Head of MidwiferySouth Warwickshire Foundation Trust
Sheena Byrom interviews Kay King - Birth and Loss Doula, and Co project lead for All4birth, executive director for WRA
Sheena Byrom interviews Radha Wilson Jeffries - Midwife, Emotional Health Coach
Sheena Byrom interviews Nicola Enoch - Founder of PADS
Sheena Byrom interviews Benash Nazmeen, Nafiza Anwar & Sundas Khalid
An interview with Marley Hall - Midwife & Shirley Burnett - Student Midwife
Fatimah Mohamied is a newly qualified midwife in London with a passion for justice, dignity and equality. She also has focuses on implementing intact cord neonatal resuscitation and optimal cord clamping.
Sheena Byrom interviews Melissa Cheyney - Associate Professor & Midwife and Angie Chisholm - Midwife
Sheena Byrom interviews midwife Lina Duncan
Sheena Byrom interview with Elizabeth Prochaska
An interview with Eva Rose Furmyr - Birth Photographer from Norway
An interview with Esra Yörük - Turkish Midwife Leader by Sheena Byrom
An interview with Johanna Sedeborn Midwife, Gothenburg Sweden
An interview with Lorna Davies by Sheena Byrom
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