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As we patiently wait for the new FPL game to launch, Josh and Brandon couldn't resist an early summertime episode to check in on Premier League transfer dealings and other news that might impact the upcoming 2022/23 fantasy season. Of course, the winter World Cup in Qatar will be an outsized factor in our approaches, but just how early in the season will we weigh that? And what is our initial assessment of the three promoted clubs? Plus, we measure our own excitement over recent moves by Erling Haaland, Darwin Núñez, Fábio Vieira, Nick Pope, and more. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this mid-summer episode, Brandon is joined by veteran FPL manager Pat Reilly to discuss his remarkable 2021/22 season in which he finished with an overall rank of 230. Pat explains his strategic methodology—that is to some degree rooted in his academic research practices—as well as his deep desire to take A LOT of transfer hits. We examine what worked best for Pat last season, what he could've done differently, and how we can apply our learnings to the upcoming 2022/23 season. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
2021–22 Season In Review

2021–22 Season In Review


The Premier League drama was in full force for GW38 and it felt like a fitting way to bid farewell to another fantasy season. With the tumultuous campaign now behind us, it's time to reflect on what we did well and what we need to improve upon as FPL managers. We discuss the data revolution's complexity, the value (or lack thereof) of knowing effective ownership, and learning how to play your own game. A big thanks to everyone who has tuned in throughout this year. We're grateful for our place in this community and have enjoyed interacting with so many of you. Enjoy the summer and we'll see you all soon enough! Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Looking ahead to the final gameweek of the 2021/22 season, the Cheaters are analyzing all ten fixtures and sizing up the stakes for each team and key players—anything from league placement and golden boot to absolutely nothing at all. Who are the top fantasy targets? And who are the full-on punts who might help you catch your rivals? Best of luck to all for a strong finish to what has been a chaotic year in the Premier League. We'll see you on the other side for our end-of-season wrap-up episode. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Now in the midst of the blockbuster double GW36, planning for doubles this FPL season has become commonplace. Next weekend brings us another step closer to the end with one final double. These teams with two fixtures aren't the sexiest in terms of fantasy options: Crystal Palace, Aston Villa, Leicester City, Everton, and Burnley. But are any of them worth it? And do they make GW37 a compelling moment for a Free Hit chip? On this episode, the Cheaters weigh the chip options for both GW37 and 38 and debate the ultimate fate of Salah and Kane while Son continues to run riot. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Twelve teams will double in GW36 and many of those doublers are—for a change—actually quite good. The opportunity for massive fantasy points is there, so how best to prepare for what might be this season's most important deadline? The Cheaters take stock of their own squads and review transfer targets, chip strategies, and a spectrum of captaincy options ranging from "sensible" and "bold" to "completely nuts." Plus, we debate Spurs assets, Manchester City attack, and other key questions for the FPL home stretch. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
As GW34 winds down and we prepare for the next deadline, Josh and Brandon set themselves for the FPL season's final four gameweeks by reviewing what they like and dislike about all twenty Premier League clubs. We remind ourselves of which clubs have remaining doubles (good or bad) and which players still have potential to swing our fantasy fortunes. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The twists in the FPL season keep coming and Josh and Brandon jump into GW34 preparations with the newly announced doubles for Chelsea and Manchester United. Mason Mount stands out as the form attacking player in blue, but has Timo Werner done enough of late to win a spot in our fantasy teams? It's even more challenge to convince us the Manchester United form will carry them into the top four, so then what's the appeal of Bruno or Ronaldo? We also discuss the incredible run-in for Manchester City and debate where they currently rank in our chaotic list of FPL priorities. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
With Josh out sick, Brandon is joined this week by Dave Weigner-Lodahl to review the Premier League action of GW32. We of course discuss the dramatic draw at the Etihad—and the continuing saga of Mo Salah's fantasy form—as well as Spurs' purring attack, Arsenal's implosion, and Chelsea's potential bounce-back. Transfer plans for GW33 also need sorting, especially with certain doublers like Wout Weghorst firmly on the chopping block. Are there any FPL assets we truly fear for this coming weekend? And are our best captaincy options exclusively single-gameweekers? Plus, we look ahead to the other announced doubles in GW36 and consider the best chip strategies to capitalize. Hail Cheaters! Our sponsor Athletic Greens is going to give you a free one-year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D plus five free travel packs with your first purchase. Visit Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Next Sunday Manchester City will host Liverpool in what will no doubt be the Premier League's biggest, most consequential fixture of the season. What will be the trick to navigating this match from an FPL perspective? On this episode we look at the recent history of this rivalry and key metrics that will inform what we expect from defense and attack: Is it time to bench our premium defenders? Is it crazy to captain Salah? Plus, we consider the form team in Spurs heading into GW32 and how to handle their fantasy assets down the stretch before we get to our "On the Beach" power rankings. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
As we come out of this season's final international break, plans must be put in place for the FPL home stretch. Firstly, the Cheaters offer up a refresher on what's new and upcoming with the fantasy schedule—which teams have doubles, blanks, and fixtures yet to be rescheduled—and how the fixtures should impact our strategy. Then we run through priority player and team targets, whether you're playing a wildcard together or simply plotting your next few free transfers. And finally we come to GW31 and what's immediately in front of us. Best of luck to everyone as we enter the End Game! Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Making Fantasy Fun Again

Making Fantasy Fun Again


Making fantasy fun has become a mantra on the Always Cheating podcast. But are Josh and Brandon actually having fun this season? GW30 was a test of patience for many FPL managers, which makes this the perfect time to check in on our mental approach to keeping the fantasy game in perspective. Plus, we discuss the newly confirmed doubles for GW33, giving us much to consider during this international break. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
With only four fixtures and eight teams in play for GW30, it's going to be one of the season's more stressful deadlines. Whether you're on a Free Hit chip or weighing up the benefits of various transfer hits, the Cheaters are here to navigate this gameweek's many difficulties. We look at the best forwards to own, identify some under-the-radar midfield picks, and consider the likelihood of any clean sheets—like, will we see a single one in GW30? Plus we size up the captaincy options and run through plans for our own FPL squads. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We briefly check in on GW28—with the doubles still to be played—before moving on to still more doubles in GW29. What's the optimal game plan as we look ahead, especially with the numerous blank fixtures in GW30? Lots of different chip strategies are on the table as we debate bench boosts, triple captains, and wildcards, but there's also a viable path for fantasy managers with no more chips left as we focus on free transfer targets that can offer potential over the next two weeks and beyond. Liverpool is also at the front of our minds as we consider other attacking options apart from Salah. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The doubles in GW28 present another opportunity—in a cluster of big gameweeks—to build up your FPL points tally and boost your rank. So what's the optimal way to approach it? Who are the obvious or under-the-radar transfer targets? In this episode, Josh and Brandon reveal and debate their own strategies for the upcoming fixtures, which have a ripple effect on GW29–30. Plus we talk Bench Boost chips, wildcards, Bielsa, and more. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
There are still four games to play in the major GW26 double, but FPL have since announced even more doubles coming in March. So what does this mean? And how can it help us? With Josh on vacation, Brandon is joined by guest Shiv Morjaria to run through the fixture changes and discuss how we can best use the new schedule to boost our fantasy rank. We look closely at GW27 to GW30, the teams that double within, and how the preferred chip strategy has evolved. If you're wondering when best to wildcard, bench boost, or free hit, we've got you covered. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Five Key Questions for GW26

Five Key Questions for GW26


Potentially one of the biggest gameweeks of the FPL season, eight teams will double in GW26. Josh and Brandon look at each club's squad and debate the assets to either target or avoid. The asset clearly at the front of every fantasy manager's mind is Mo Salah—but did his performance against Burnley shake our confidence in giving him the Triple Captaincy next week? The Cheaters also hunt around for some under-the-radar picks and revisit the ongoing debate over the game's lack of dependable forward options. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This week's FA Cup results and subsequent Round 5 draw provided fresh clarity on what double and blank gameweeks are to come for FPL managers. And, of course, with double and blank gameweeks comes chip talk and strategies on how to optimize our fantasy returns. Given what we now know about the remaining Premier League schedule, Josh and Brandon use this episode to zero in on the state of this season's leading chip theories and what their plans are for the weeks ahead. Stick around for a quick GW24 preview with key transfer targets and captaincy picks—get set for the midweek kickoff. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
As we muddle through this extended winter break, the Cheaters review gameweeks 12–23 of this FPL season through the lens of each week's dream team. That's right—it's once again time for the Kings of the Gameweek. What lessons can we learn and what patterns can we discern from the teams, players, and positions that appear in the FPL site's often overlooked feature? We also discuss the latest managerial changes—from Roy Hodgson to Frank Lampard—and other January transfer window dealings. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We're joined this week by operations research specialist Sertalp B. Çay to discuss and demystify FPL's current data revolution. The sheer amount of data now available for fantasy managers can be intimidating. So, if you're inexperienced with analytics, where should you begin? What stats and tools will be most helpful is gaining a competitive edge on the millions of FPL players, or simply your closest mini league rivals? Join us for an engaging chat on applying data to your fantasy strategy and creating new statistical models for the future. Hail Cheaters! Read Sertalp's blog post "A Friendly Introduction to FPL Analytics": Visit Sertalp's website: Follow Sertalp on Twitter: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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