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GW38 started with a raft of lineup leaks—some more trustworthy than others—that set the tone for a wild final match-day of the 2022–23 fantasy season. If the decision point was a Salah versus Kane captaincy, we know how that went. But there were countless other ways to cut this gameweek; from a De Gea penalty save or an Alvarez blank to a Gabriel Jesus punt. In this episode, the Cheaters reflect on their own squads and results and begin the long process of learning from everything this season has thrown at us. We'll be back periodically throughout the summer, but look for more Always Cheating podcasts in July when we begin to preview 2023–24 in all new ways. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We're still waiting for the final matches of GW37 to conclude, but it's not too early for the Cheaters to strategize for the FPL season's grand finale of GW38. In this episode we set up the Premier League stakes for all twenty clubs (spoiler: there aren't many) and then dig into the best approaches depending on where fantasy managers are and want to be. Picking the right—or differential—captain will be the most efficient way to move up the ranks, so who should we be considering for the armband? Plus we discuss expected squad rotation, the home stadium advantage, and players who could give us an edge in every position. Best of luck this weekend and Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
FPL managers got yet another dose of 'The Truth' when Callum Wilson opened the GW36 scoring with a brace and full bonus. Pair that with a Pervis Estupiñán haul and you're flying—but the Cheaters are still waiting for their Isak ship to come in. Will it? As the rest of this gameweek plays out, we look ahead to the final double of this season staring Manchester City, Manchester United, Brighton, and Chelsea. City's midweek battle with Real Madrid could be a major factor in fitness and rotation, so what's the best way to load up on the soon-to-be Premier League champions? We also discuss the injury to Marcus Rashford and if it's worth restructuring our current Brighton fantasy triple-ups. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Very little in GW35 went as predicted, from the Haaland blank to virtually every single moment in Monday’s fixtures. So, what are the key FPL takeaways as we now plan for the double in GW36 featuring both Newcastle and Brighton? Solly March looks to be latest victim of the Premier League injury bug and Josh and Brandon discuss every possible option for replacing him in our fantasy squads. Plus, we debate the pros and cons of the Newcastle assets—namely the forwards Isak vs Wilson—and whether the Toons will keep another clean sheet this season. We also question if managers are overlooking single-gameweek guys, like the in-form Martin Ødegaard or Mo Salah, for transfers or even the captain’s armband. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
There's still a whole lot of GW34 to go, including doubles for numerous clubs. Josh and Brandon check in on their FPL squads—including Brandon's active Bench Boost—and discuss the weekend's Premier League highlights and lowlights. While we wait for the midweek fixtures to happen, this episode is the perfect moment to fully digest the fantasy season's remaining gameweeks and formulate a winning strategy for the home stretch. Which clubs have the best and worst schedules for the run-in? Which player transfers should we be prioritizing? And where will the next under-the-radar pick pop up? All that and more . . . Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Free Hit chip was mostly a success in GW32, a week that gave us some freak Premier League results and wild storylines. As we digest those performances, we must quickly turn our attention to the GW33 deadline coming this Tuesday. In this episode, the Cheaters look at their own FPL squads and talk through transfer dilemmas and captaincy picks and then run through the top questions for midweek fantasy: What's going on at Arsenal? What short-term impact will the FA Cup semifinal have on Manchester United and Brighton? And what opportunities should we keep in mind for the following GW34 double gameweek? Good luck and Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
With key teams Manchester City, Manchester United, Brighton, and Chelsea all blanking in GW32, the next fantasy deadline will require some very tricky decisions. For some managers, the Free Hit chip will be crucial and in this episode the Cheaters look at what the best options are for an optimal one-week squad. Liverpool takes center stage both for Free Hit and managers and non-chip managers alike as the Reds will play this weekend plus they have a great double in GW34. So which players will we target? We also discuss goalkeepers, transfer hits, and the FPL fate of Bruno Fernandes. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We're joined this week by Fantasy Football Fix pundit Tom Campbell to pick apart the action, injury news, refereeing controversies, and numerous penalty misses of GW30. Tom also discusses his recent wildcard squad and strategy for navigating upcoming blanks and doubles with "good players from good teams." Brandon and Tom then look ahead to GW31 and attempt to resolve key FPL dilemmas including: Rashford's prognosis, Grealish's purple patch, Liverpool's form vs fixtures, and Arsenal's tricky run-in. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Midway through the massive double GW29, the Cheaters check in on their scores and their squads. While it’s mostly good news from the weekend, there’s still a fair amount of turmoil to contend with post International Break—namely: what’s the plan going forward with Erling Haaland? Not to mention the trick of navigating the blanks in GW32 and more doubles in GW34? Plus, we discuss the recent sackings of Graham Potter and Brendan Rodgers and what that news might mean for FPL. Also: the triumphant return of Gabriel Jesus, the disappointment of owning Ben Chilwell, and the conundrum of too much Manchester United. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Special guest Erik Sibils, currently #704 overall in FPL, joins the podcast to discuss all things relating to double-gameweek 29, which features 12 Premier League teams playing twice when FPL returns on April 1. Topics discussed include the Rashford and Haaland injuries, bench boosting, captain picks, International Break news, Conte's sacking, and more! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
As we enter the Premier League's final international break of the season, the Cheaters review gameweeks 17–28 through the lens of each week's dream team. That's right—it's once again time for the Kings of the Gameweek. What lessons can we learn and what patterns can we discern from the teams, players, and positions that appear in the FPL site's often overlooked feature? We also discuss our GW28 scores, whether it was the right time for the Free Hit chip, and the impact of this weekend’s FA Cup results on the upcoming FPL fixture calendar. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We've put our faith in double-gameweekers again, yet single-gameweekers continue to win out. As GW27 continues rolls on, the Cheaters discuss their fresh wildcard teams and where it's gone right and wrong. Were Brentford and Brighton picks justified? How well set up are we for the big doubles in GW29? But before we get to more doubles, we contend with blanks in GW28 and spend some time building an "ideal" squad that includes some tricky questions for Chelsea and Spurs assets. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This weekend the Premier League continued to double-down on entertaining and dismaying match results. Between the breathless Arsenal comeback and Manchester United's annihilation at the hands of Liverpool, it's really hard to know where to begin the FPL discussion. But with three massive gameweeks coming in quick succession, the Cheaters dutifully dig into complicated chip and transfer strategies that will hopefully maximize our fantasy returns. Of course we debate wildcard and free-hit timing, what to do with Liverpool players, and the more immediate GW27 doubles for Brighton and Brentford. Join us! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
There are some pivotal GW25 fixtures yet to play, with Arsenal and Liverpool able to turn the tide of a relatively lackluster weekend. While we await the fates of Saka and Salah, the Cheaters turn their attention to more upcoming chaos with new doubles in both GW27 and GW29. The midweek FA Cup Fifth Round will determine how the fixture calendar fully takes shape—which will in turn direct our FPL strategy—but what we do know for sure is that Brighton and Brentford bounce back from their blanks this weekend with a series of doubles, making players like Ivan Toney and Kaoru Mitoma especially good picks. Plus we take a closer look at GW26 and the data behind the key captaincy picks. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The FPL scores from GW24 didn't necessarily reflect the sublime chaos the Premier League weekend offered. So then what exactly did we learn as we now set our sights on the doubles in GW25? Those doubles include Arsenal, Liverpool, Everton, and Wolves. With Arsenal back on track after a dramatic win at Aston Villa, their place in our fantasy squads remains assured. It's Liverpool that provide less assurance, as the club this season is simultaneously good and bad—but with two plum fixtures, the Reds might have the highest ceiling. Join the Cheaters as we discuss our strategies for investing in Salah, Alexander-Arnold, Gakpo, Darwin, and more. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This weekend's top performers were a good reminder for FPL managers who suffer from fantasy "blind spots"—players and clubs who never click with your strategy despite their big potential. Leicester City gave us two great examples in James Maddison and Kelechi Iheanacho, but some of us have worn season-long blinders with players like Ivan Toney, Riyad Mahrez, and even Miguel Almirón. What can we do to overcome our biases? Plus, we check in on GW23 news and scores and look ahead to key transfer targets and captaincy options for next weekend's GW24. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Though both clubs are coming off losses this past weekend, all FPL eyes remain on Arsenal and Manchester City. Each have a double in the upcoming GW23 and on this episode the Cheaters look at all of their players—from goalkeepers to forwards—and determine which are the best fit for different fantasy scenarios. How big of a rotation risk might Martinelli be? Is De Bruyne really that out of favor under Guardiola? Should captainers be concerned about Haaland's goal-scoring form? And if you need to pick one of Ødegaard or Saka, who should it be? Plus, we recap the events of GW22 thus far and celebrate some glorious Rashford points. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Premier League made way this weekend for FA Cup fourth round fixtures and the results confirmed a double in GW22 for both Manchester United and Leeds—a massive opportunity for fantasy managers to gain an advantage. The Cheaters take a look at their own FPL squads and debate the best strategy for the coming weekend, as well as the pitfalls that await in the gameweeks to come. The biggest decision is shaping up to be playing the triple captain chip on in-form Marcus Rashford who has two bankable home games. But is it insanity to consider using your triple captain this season on anyone other than Erling Haaland? We also look at the close of the January transfer window and its impact on the second half of the season. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
With essentially half the season now behind us, Always Cheating proudly presents our annual mid-season review of all twenty Premier League clubs. Yep, that's AFC Bournemouth to Wolverhampton Wanderers and everyone in between. We discuss both FPL and real-life player and team performances and how those assessments might influence our fantasy decisions down the home stretch. The podcast will return next week with a proper GW21 preview, transfer and captaincy strategies, and more information (based on upcoming EFL and FA Cup results) for prospective double and blank gameweeks. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Because the GW20 doubles stretched out the proceedings, fantasy managers now have just one day to tinker ahead of Saturday's GW21 deadline. We quickly review what was learned from recent matches like the North London Derby and Manchester City's continued up-and-down form and discuss how it all applies to the weekend. Plus, Manchester United might hold even more appeal in FPL with a potential double in GW22—what's Rashford's points floor if that happens? Then it's a listener mailbag in which we answer your questions on Mahrez, De Bruyne, Toney, Mitrovic, and more. Hail Cheaters! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Great pod guys! Nice to hear the person behind a successful player, could do with more pod episodes like this in the community #FPL #fplcommunity

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These guys care as much about how good your ball hair looks as your fpl team does- wash your hands!

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