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Always Cheating: A Fantasy Premier League Podcast (FPL)

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The award-winning weekly Fantasy Premier League podcast hosted by Josh Landon and Brandon Kelley providing equal parts strategy and community for every type of FPL player. Join our 2021/22 listener mini league: 2bnf4u

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And, just like that, a new fantasy season has arrived. The FPL site relaunched for 2021/22 on Tuesday of this week, amidst the noise of the European Championship, but it didn't go unnoticed among the fantasy faithful. Josh and Brandon return to their podcasting chairs to discuss the new player prices, position reclassifications, and fixture difficulty ratings, as well as their own strategies for the opening few gameweeks. Hail Cheaters!
Josh and Brandon hop on Spotify Greenroom this week to chat with listeners about this weekend's sudden FPL player price reveals, from Kane and Son to the entire rosters of Liverpool and Leeds. Of course, some key teams and players—notably Manchester City and Chelsea—are yet to be revealed, but there is still much to discuss as the new FPL season is seemingly already underway. So which player prices caught our eye? Is Raphinha at £6.5 a lock for everyone's GW1 squad? Is Bamford's increase to £8.0 simply too rich? And is the slight £0.5 difference between Salah and Mané at all justified or even tempting? All eyes could be on Jota, as the Portuguese midfielder lands at a very appealing £7.5. Join us each week on the Spotify Greenroom app for real-time conversations Follow @hailcheaters for exact dates/times and download the Spotify Greenroom app here:
Josh and Brandon hop on Locker Room this week to chat with listeners about the European Championship and debate key takeaways from the tournament's first weekend. We discuss the horrifying scenes surrounding Christian Eriksen and the intensity of athletes living out the such nightmares on a globally televised stage. We also get into performance ratings of of standout teams including England, Italy, and Belgium. Join us each week on the Locker Room app for real-time conversations Follow @hailcheaters for exact dates/times and download the Locker Room app for iOS here:
Josh and Brandon hop on Locker Room this week to chat with listeners about the CONCACAF Nations League Final between the U.S. and Mexico. How are we feeling at the moment about Gregg Berhalter's talented young squad now with a fair amount of European experience? Plus, we get into some of the Premier League off-season gossip, including transfer rumors and promoted club prospects. Join us each week on the Locker Room app for real-time conversations Follow @hailcheaters for exact dates/times and download the Locker Room app for iOS here:
Chelsea are crowned European champions after Thomas Tuchel again out-smarts Pep Guardiola. The Cheaters Josh and Brandon take to the Locker Room app to discuss their thoughts on an engaging Champions League final and also get reactions from listeners. Did Pep predictably overthink his tactics? Just how good was Mason Mount's assist on Kai Havertz's match-winning goal? And what does this final tell us about next season's Premier League title race? Join us each week on the Locker Room app for real-time conversations with Josh, Brandon, and other Always Cheating listeners. Follow us on Twitter at @hailcheaters for exact times each week and download the Locker Room app at
2020–21 Season In Review

2020–21 Season In Review


The 2020–21 season was difficult for many reasons, but it was also filled with moments that reflected the Always Cheating mantra of 'Make Fantasy Fun Again.' Now that this campaign is finally behind us, this episode is dedicated to reflecting on what went right, what went wrong, and what takeaways there out that can help us once the next Premier League race kicks off. Thank you to everyone who has tuned in throughout this strange year. We're grateful for our place in this community and have enjoyed interacting with so many of you—from Twitter threads and rate-my-teams to hundreds of therapeutic GIFs. Enjoy the summer and we'll see you all soon enough! Hail Cheaters!
We're nearly at the end of one of the wildest FPL seasons in recent memory, but the job isn't done yet. This episode, Josh and Brandon are looking ahead to the final two gameweeks and debating the strategies for either holding your ground or moving up the ranks. We try to make sense of squad rotation for Manchester City, Manchester United, and Chelsea ahead of their major European finals—if, indeed, there's any sense to make. Plus, we look at mid-priced midfielders to replace the injured Diogo Jota, scrutinize the form of some top forward picks, and identify our favorite captaincy options. Good luck this week, finish strong, and Hail Cheaters!
We're only just midway through the massive GW35, so this week we check in on how our FPL squads have faired and if any performances have caught our eye. The Cheaters then look ahead to a tricky GW36 in which four key teams have blanks fixtures. Namely among Liverpool and Spurs, we debate the standout transfer strategies and captaincy options. Finally, in our continuing mission this season to "Make Fantasy Fun Again," we look through all twenty Premier League clubs and draft a roster for the MFFA All Stars for 2020/21. Hail Cheaters!
This week we take in the dramatic scenes from Old Trafford and then consider the implications on the upcoming Fantasy Premier League calendar. It looks possible that Liverpool could end up with a double gameweek in GW35, which opens up a new world of possibilities with our FPL squad management. So, as we strategize for the coming weekend, we weigh the benefits of loading up on more Manchester United or Liverpool players or sticking with an earlier plan of targeting mid-tier assets at Everton. How does Lucas Digne actually stack up against Luke Shaw or Trent Alexander-Arnold for the run-in? We also debate the optimal captain picks as Salah, Bruno, and Leicester strikers all boast an enticing double. Hail Cheaters!
As news of the European Super League dries up, Josh and Brandon have to refocus on their FPL goals for the remainder of the season. First up, what have the hosts learned from their respective GW33 wildcards? There were some definite ups and downs this week with wildcard darlings like Alexander-Arnold and Romain Saïss, while Chris Wood ran away with all the glory. How can fantasy managers legislate for these kinds of seemingly random swings? Or are we simply too blindly devoted to marquee players like Bruno Fernandes? Now that we're preparing for the season's home stretch, let's consider a clean slate of FPL options. Hail Cheaters!
This weekend's football offered a mix of Premier League and FA Cup action, but all of the sports oxygen was immediately consumed by the surprise announcement of the new European Super League, which will potently involve (or fully absorb) six English clubs. We devote this entire episode to a sprawling discussion and debate of the implications of the new league and what it means for both FPL and domestic football in England and around Europe. Hail Cheaters!
In FPL, sometimes you get it right. Other weeks, well, you simply get it all wrong—from your transfers, to your captains, and then your bench spots. If getting your fantasy decisions wrong is an inevitability, what's the most productive way of shaking it off? Josh and Brandon discuss where their GW31 went wrong (and, in some places, went right) and what that means for their next moves. Is a wildcard decision any closer for either host? Plus, as we head into the Spurs double in GW32, there's some worry about team form and rotation ahead of their EFL Cup final against Manchester City. Is a Tottenham triple-up off the table? There's much to discuss this week, so please join us! Hail Cheaters!
Is It Wildcard Time?

Is It Wildcard Time?


Heading into GW31, many FPL managers are wondering whether it's too early to wildcard, too late to make a maverick move, or just too confusing to navigate around the maze of fixture blanks and doubles. So, what do the Cheaters think? Josh and Brandon touch upon their own plans for an end-of-season wildcard and which teams and players will be key in triggering that decision. Is Chelsea's defense worth the headache? Can Liverpool turn the corner with their form and make players like Alexander-Arnold relevant again? And what about teams like Leicester City and Leeds who present a complex combination of pros and cons? Amidst our wildcard ramblings, we also cover more immediate GW31 dilemmas and preview our transfer targets for the upcoming matches. Hail Cheaters!
Nine gameweeks remain, so in this episode we're tackling nine key questions on preparing for the FPL season's final stretch. Among those dilemmas are: Which teams have the easiest or most difficult fixture run-ins? What do we know about the remaining blank and double gameweeks? Which premium assets most demand our attention? Will Liverpool and Mo Salah reemerge as options? And which players have we overlooked until now? And, of course, how can we continue to make fantasy fun? Best of luck this weekend and Hail Cheaters! Submit your Blue Wire Hustle application here:
The final international break of this Premier League season is here to provide some much-needed distance from what has been a brutal and exhausting run of gameweeks. So, as we briefly step away from the nonstop strategizing and transfer planning, this episode is the perfect moment to reassess what we actually know to be true about the 2020–2021 fantasy season, and how we can use that knowledge to approach (or simply enjoy) the final stretch. We consider the diminished importance of premium FPL assets, the greater variety of mid-priced options, and the relentless pursuit of form players over merely chasing last week's points. Just how abnormal has this season been? Plus, we gauge how successful our "Make Fantasy Fun Again" approach has been during an otherwise chaotic year around the world. The Cheaters will return next week with a full GW30 preview, complete with injury news, transfer targets, and captaincy favorites. Poku Forever!
Some FPL gameweeks are defined by players who blank points, but GW29 is defined by teams that blank fixtures. The upcoming slate features just eight teams and four matches, which will make it incredibly difficult to put together both a competitive and a full squad. In this week's episode, Josh and Brandon prepare their own teams and debate strategies for managers who are in various other situations, whether on a Free Hit chip or simply struggling to decide how may transfer hits to take. Have the performances and results in GW28 changed previous assumptions? Injuries to key players like Son Heung-min and Patrick Bamford also present an unexpected challenge, so the Cheaters consider some overlooked options from Arsenal, West Ham, Brighton, and Fulham. Good luck and Hail Cheaters!
The Forgotten GW28

The Forgotten GW28


With all of the chaos surrounding recent double gameweeks, and a blank-riddled GW29 on the horizon, relatively little attention has been paid to next weekend's GW28. In this episode, we seek to correct that oversight and zero in on key transfer and captaincy strategies for the round of FPL fixtures that's right in front of us. We also discuss Gareth Bale's exploding form, the worrying decline of Mo Salah, and key takeaways from the Manchester Derby. Hail Cheaters!
FPL Mailbag & GW27 Preview

FPL Mailbag & GW27 Preview


We're checking in on the action—or lack there of, in many cases—from GW26 as the massive double gameweek rolls on. Then, we open up the Always Cheating listener mailbag and answer some of your questions regarding big-picture FPL strategy, preferred fantasy news sources, and how hosting an FPL podcast impacts the managing of our own squads. Plus, even though it may feel lightyears away, we look ahead to GW27, which is yet another double gameweek for in-form Manchester City, and debate captain picks and replacements for the injured Harvey Barnes. Hail Cheaters! Submit your Blue Wire Hustle application here:
True or False GW26 Preview

True or False GW26 Preview


If you thought the GW25 doubles were tricky, just wait until you get a look at the epic fixtures list for GW26. Fourteen Premier League teams will double next gameweek, presenting near limitless possibilities for transfers, points hits, chip (nay, favor) usage, and captaincy picks. To help managers sort through and simplify the numerous complications, Josh and Brandon are using their favorite "true or false" methodology and clarifying their own strategies for the upcoming week. Hail Cheaters! Submit your Blue Wire Hustle application here:
With a few GW24 matches still to play, Josh and Brandon check in on their scores and the state of their squads. Have the injuries, team rotation, and unexpected results been kind to us? Then we shift our focus to the Leeds and Southampton double in GW25 and debate giving the captaincy to either Bamford or Ings. Who looks better? Or could Raphinha be a curveball differential for the armband? We also discuss our plans for the lead-up to a pivotal blank GW29, with other major doubles popping up between now and then. Hail Cheaters!
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