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Always Cheating: A Fantasy Premier League Podcast (FPL)

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Always Cheating is the award-winning weekly Fantasy Premier League podcast hosted by Josh Landon and Brandon Kelley. We aim to provide equal parts of strategy and community for every type of FPL player. Join our listener mini league: dtz277

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It's that point in the FPL season when everyone is looking for an opportunity to rise up in the rankings. This week, Brandon and Josh discuss a few strategies for attacking the holiday fixtures, as well as players who might give you a boost. Stars like Marcus Rashford and Dele Alli stand out, but should managers be dropping marque assets like Kevin De Bruyne and Raul Jiménez to make space? We also look at yellow card suspension concerns and how Liverpool's blank GW18 impacts our transfer planning before getting to the GW17 fixture and captaincy preview. Hail Cheaters!
It's a quick turnaround from this weekend's round of Premier League matches to Tuesday's GW15 kickoff. What does this holiday fixture onslaught mean for player rest and rotation? We're taking a closer look at newly emerging fantasy assets that might help us navigate the trickiest part of the league calendar, including those less likely to be benched. Plus, from Mourinho's appointment at Spurs to Emery's sacking at Arsenal, we touch upon how recent managerial managerial changes are shifting our FPL strategies. Stick around for a full frisking of the GW15 match-ups, transfer targets, and captaincy picks. Hail Cheaters!
Between Raheem Sterling's goal drought and Liverpool's clean sheet drought, this FPL season has presented more problems than solutions when it comes to premium assets. Will José Mourinho's invigorated Spurs be the answer to these woes? This week, we discuss the upside of Kane, Son, Dele, and Lucas, and whether they might displace template assets like Mo Salah or Kevin de Bruyne. Plus we preview the GW14 fixtures, along with our planned transfers and captaincy picks. Hail Cheaters!
In this mailbag episode of the podcast, Josh and Brandon answer a wide range of listener questions. First, we focus our attention on key players and fixtures from GW13 through the end of the festive period. Who's is the future template? Who's out of the current one? How does Livepool's GW18 blank factor into our planning? And, of course, what's the current enthusiasm level on Raheem Sterling and other Manchester City assets? Later, we field some broader strategic questions addressing emotional biases, transfer hits, and team value. Hail Cheaters!
Liverpool's victory over Manchester City was one of the defining events of GW12, but how will it impact our FPL lineups going forward? Is Alexander-Arnold still a better pick than Robertson? Is Salah making a case that managers should pick him over Mané? And exactly how committed should you be to either Sterling or De Bruyne? Plus, we discuss the "sword and shield" approach to balancing defensive and aggressive FPL play styles, which could include Pulisic and Martial as the newest swords in the armory. Tune in next week for our full GW13 preview amidst 2019's final international break. Hail Cheaters!
This week, the Always Cheating hosts get positive! Coming off of amazing GW11 performances, we're inducting players like John Lundstram, Andrew Robertson, and Jamie Vardy into our official Appreciation Society—a proper home for beloved FPL assets through the years. We also discuss prioritizing premium midfield assets, considering the current states of Salah, De Bruyne, and Sterling. Which could be ready for a downgrade, if any? Stick around for a preview of GW12 transfer targets and captaincy picks, including our assessment of the massive Liverpool vs Manchester City fixture. Hail Cheaters!
With ten game weeks now behind us in this FPL season, we have a few things to discuss. Mainly, we need to talk about Agüero. But we also need to talk about Sterling. And Salah. And Aubameyang, Pukki, Wilson, Vardy, and more. How do these players stack up when relying upon the 'eye test' method? Which players are we ready to drop from our squads, and which are will still invested in? Josh and Brandon also preview the GW11 fixtures, along with their transfer targets and captaincy favorites. Hail Cheaters!
As the very minuscule returns from GW9 continue to trickle in, Josh and Brandon take some time to discuss exactly how an FPL season can go as poorly as this one has. Points have been hard to come by during the last month or so, but are we being too patient with premium assets? Are we expecting greatness where there is none? Is there anything we can do about FPL other than yell and complain? Listeners chime in with their thoughts and experiences, and we tackle more listener questions in our lightning round before previewing the GW10 fixtures, captaincy favorites, and transfer targets. Hail Cheaters!
This week, we welcome guest co-host Ian Stimson, from the Miles Offside Podcast, who sits in with Brandon to prepare for Gameweek 9. With the Premier League's marque fixture of Liverpool vs Manchester City coming up in Gameweek 12, we take this moment to discuss short-term FPL planning and how we can best calibrate our strategy for a brief four-week window, which will feature great fixtures for Chelsea, Leicester, and Bournemouth, to name a few. How do transfer hits and player punts factor into these small timeframes? We also touch upon current worries over Liverpool and Manchester City premium assets and then rank the current plethora of high-priced striker options. Tune in for all of that plus listener questions and a Gameweek 9 preview with bus teams, transfer targets, and captaincy favorites. Hail Cheaters!Blue Wire thanks our partners for this week: Shipstation and Roman. Try Shipstation free for sixty days by going to and entering promo code Blue and visit to receive a free online visit and free two-day shipping.
Entering another international break, we take time this week to discuss, in an FPL sense, what we like and dislike about all twenty Premier League teams. Along the way, we touch upon our biggest priorities going into GW9, from the urgency of transferring in Aubameyang to the urgency of transferring out Teemu Pukki. Plus, we dig into struggling premium attackers on Manchester City and Liverpool, as well as the high-flying Chelsea duo of Mason Mount and Tammy Abraham. Tune in next week for a full preview of GW9 fixtures, captaincy favorites, and transfer targets. Hail Cheaters!Thanks to our partners Axios and Harrys. Sign-up at for your daily newsletter and for a free trial on a delivery razor.
We're now seven weeks into the FPL season and some of our widely-held assumptions are being challenged. For example, are out-of-form midfield powerhouses like Mohammed Salah and Raheem Sterling becoming legitimately dispensable? Is Manchester City rotation and playing time finally too much to anticipate? And have the lights officially gone out on the Pukki party? It seems as though we're heading into the next "phase" of the season—we'll call it Phase Two—so, this week, we evaluate what (if anything) is actually changing and how FPL managers can plan to address it. Will players like Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez, Andriy Yarmolenko, or Callum Wilson be important factors in Phase Two? Plus, we answer listener questions in our patented Lightning Round and preview transfer targets and captaincy favorites for Game Week 8. Hail Cheaters!
Six weeks into the Premier League season, is anything certain when it comes to FPL? Are we sure we know what to do with Manchester City? Are we sure we know who the best forwards and defenders are? Are we sure we know who to captain week to week? We tackle these questions, look back on a frantic and oddly explosive Game Week 6, and define some short-term overall ranking goals, before previewing the fixtures and captaincy favorites ahead of this weekend's GW7. Hail Cheaters!
Coming out of Game Week 5, it seems like everything is going wrong for FPL managers. So, this week, we put the call out to those who have actually had a good start to their season, asking them what exactly is working so well. Are managers finding success in certain players or formations? The answers may surprise you. We also review the highlights of this weekend's matches before setting our sights on Game Week 6, which kicks off on Friday. Hail Cheaters!
As FPL managers continue to wait out this international break, Brandon gives an update on his wildcard team and the current dilemmas in its selection. Does Mohammed Salah get the nod over Sadio Mané? Will Raheem Sterling be paired with Kevin De Bruyne or Sergio Agüero? And which budget strikers are the best bet for the next month? Josh and Brandon also tackle listener questions on Manchester City' defense, Roberto Firmino's form, and Watford's managerial change. Plus, we preview the fixtures, captain picks, and transfer targets for Game Week 5. Hail Cheaters!
The first international break of the season is suddenly here, so we're using the lull to take stock, asking one important FPL question of each of the Premier League's twenty clubs. We also recap our own team performances from GW4 and address concerns over Harry Kane, the most-likely-overblown feud between Mohammed Salah and Sadio Mané, and the push and pull between Manchester City's soaring attack and hobbled defense. Plus, Brandon reveals that he's now on his wildcard! Tune in early next week for our full GW5 preview with captaincy talk, transfer targets, and fixture assessments. Hail Cheaters!
The FPL results from GW3 provided an early-season gut-check: wildcard strategies are foundering, Harry Kane is blanking, and defensive fantasy returns have all but disappeared. In this week's episode, Josh and Brandon examine a misfired wildcard and then dig deeper into the Premier League's current clean sheet crisis. Plus, in a game of buy-sell-hold featuring a raft of attacking players, the hosts consider what to do with emerging stars like Sebastien Haller, steady performers like Ashley Barnes, young upstarts like Daniel James and Mason Mount, and disappointments like Ayoze Pérez. Stay tuned for for the GW4 preview, highlighting key fixtures, captaincy favorites, and transfer targets. Hail Cheaters!
Norwich City striker Teemu Pukki stole the show in GW2 with his hat trick against Newcastle. Is the Finnish phenom suddenly a must-own for everyone's fantasy team? Plus, we discuss our list of players that were overlooked in FPL pre-season coverage, but are now exciting prospects—strikers like Ashley Barnes, midfielders like Daniel Ceballos, and defenders like Çaglar Söyüncü. Which of these emerging assets will be key in breaking away from the current template? Other topics include Mané versus Salah and the inevitable early wildcard temptation. Stay tuned for our GW3 fixture preview, along with prime transfer targets and captaincy picks. Hail Cheaters!
The first FPL game week of the 2019-20 season is over and there's a lot of information to digest. Don't panic! Before you commit to any knee-jerk moves, why not give this episode a listen? Josh and Brandon take listener questions and give our thoughts on key issues, including Alisson's injury (and the ongoing saga of double Liverpool defense), Manchester United's unexpected demolition of Chelsea, Bournemouth's worrying start, and the infallibility of premium assets like Sterling, Salah, and Kane. In preparation for GW2, we line up transfers for emerging budget attackers (on such teams as Aston Villa, Burnley, and Brighton) and consider the captaincy options. Hail Cheaters!
The new FPL season is less than a week away, and Josh and Brandon are here to explore a handful of this pre-season's great unanswered questions. We debate the opposing viewpoints of the "big at the back" defensive strategy versus a more balanced approach, share our thoughts on Everton's strange summer, run through the updated list of budget forward options, and talk one more time about Harry Kane. Plus, we consider the performances of Manchester City and Liverpool in Sunday's Community Shield and how both Salah and Sterling have strengthened their potential heading into this weekend's GW1 fixtures. Hail Cheaters!
Hail Cheaters and welcome to the 4th Edition of our “10 Tips for FPL Success.” Completely revised and updated for the 2019/20 Fantasy Premier League season, topics discussed by Brandon and Josh include:- Avoiding the common player traps- Fantasy sources to read (and possibly avoid)- Making your mini-league fun for all 38 GWs- Why you always set your “bus team”And much more, including time-tested tips for being more patient, avoiding the trap of being too stubborn about certain players, and more.Join our mini-league with code dtz277 at: a Patreon supporter: by Zach Curd: zachcurd.bandcamp.comThis episode is sponsored by Fantasy Football Hub, a one-stop-shop for every Fantasy Premier League need. Receive a 10% discount on new memberships by visiting:
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