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Always Cheating: A Fantasy Premier League Podcast (FPL)

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The award-winning weekly Fantasy Premier League podcast hosted by Josh Landon and Brandon Kelley. We aim to provide equal parts strategy and community for every type of FPL player. Join our listener mini league: 5g18et
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True or False GW26 Preview

True or False GW26 Preview


If you thought the GW25 doubles were tricky, just wait until you get a look at the epic fixtures list for GW26. Fourteen Premier League teams will double next gameweek, presenting near limitless possibilities for transfers, points hits, chip (nay, favor) usage, and captaincy picks. To help managers sort through and simplify the numerous complications, Josh and Brandon are using their favorite "true or false" methodology and clarifying their own strategies for the upcoming week. Hail Cheaters!Submit your Blue Wire Hustle application here:
With a few GW24 matches still to play, Josh and Brandon check in on their scores and the state of their squads. Have the injuries, team rotation, and unexpected results been kind to us? Then we shift our focus to the Leeds and Southampton double in GW25 and debate giving the captaincy to either Bamford or Ings. Who looks better? Or could Raphinha be a curveball differential for the armband? We also discuss our plans for the lead-up to a pivotal blank GW29, with other major doubles popping up between now and then. Hail Cheaters!
Dodgy VAR decisions and a widely-benched 12-pointer from Dominic Calvert-Lewin were the big stories from GW23. But that's nothing compared to the excitement in store for FPL managers in GW24 after double fixtures were announced for Manchester City (TOT, eve), Everton (FUL, MCI), Burnley (cpl, FUL), and Fulham (eve, bur). So, how are we setting up to best take advantage of the doubles? We look at the main transfer targets and then debate the captaincy favorites and whether a single-gameweeker like Bruno Fernandes could challenge for the armband. We also touch upon the doubles in GW25 for Leeds (wol, SOT) and Southampton (CHE, lee). Hail Cheaters!
Positives performances from the likes of Mo Salah, Patrick Bamford, and Emi Martinez gave GW21 a magical shine. The results have us reflecting on our favorite FPL moments and the role of luck in a particularly good fantasy run. Then, it's over to the midweek fixtures of GW22, and a discussion of our current dilemmas: How badly do we regret investing in mid-season Dominic Calvert-Lewin? What are the latest odds on Manchester City defensive roulette? And are Spurs really that bad without Harry Kane? Plus, we debate an unconventional captaincy pick and reveal our own transfer plans. Hail Cheaters!
With the pivotal GW19 now behind us, let's take a moment to survey to pros and cons of the double gameweek that was. Did anything during the last few days change our thinking about this Premier League season or how we're approaching the FPL game? Then it's over to Tuesday's GW20 deadline as we preview the key fixtures, transfer targets, and captaincy options—it's Bruno time! Key injuries to Kevin de Bruyne and Jamie Vardy present a few dilemmas, but, with so many premium fantasy assets out of form, we discuss what's missing from our typical sword/shield approach. Plus, we chat about Mohammed Salah, Manchester City defense, and the optimal forward line. Hail Cheaters!
He was an American prodigy. The next Pelé. The savior of U.S. soccer. But he wasn’t even old enough to drive. In 2004, Freddy Adu joined MLS at 14 years old becoming the youngest pro athlete in America in 100 years. His story is a tale of talent, money, fame, and football. Soccer journalist Grant Wahl retraces the legend of Freddy as he went from superstar to one of the biggest "what ifs," asking, what determines who "makes it," who "doesn't," and what does all of it say about us?American Prodigy is now available. Listen here.
With nearly half the season now behind us, Always Cheating proudly presents our annual mid-season report card on all twenty Premier League clubs. Yep, that's Arsenal to Wolves, and everyone in between. We discuss both FPL and real-life player and team performances and how each of those assessments might influence our fantasy decisions down the home stretch. We also check in our our GW19 scores, including a regrettable transfer and successful Bench Boost chip. Hail Cheaters!
This week we're joined by fantasy veteran and YouTube legend FPL Nymfria to preview a tricky GW18. First, we have to catch up on this weekend's FA Cup action and any happenings relevant to our FPL plans. Then, it's on to the myriad decisions that managers must make ahead of Tuesday's deadline: Are we ready for a Manchester City triple-up? How seriously do we have to take Arsenal now that they've strung together some decent results? Do we know what to expect from the Wolves-Everton fixture? And who will the captaincy debate between Kevin de Bruyne and Bruno Fernandes? We're also forced to consider the possibility that Aston Villa-Spurs will be canceled due to Villa's ongoing COVID-19 concerns. What then? Whether or not you're using your Free Hit chip, this week's strategy discussion is one you won't want to miss. Hail Cheaters!Submit your Blue Wire Hustle application here:
The intense run of festive fixtures is finally in the rearview mirror, but there's precious little time to dwell on what lessons were learned along the way. We quickly turn our attention to the tricky GW18, which features only six fixtures and notable blanks from fantasy staples Liverpool, Leeds, Leicester, West Ham, and Chelsea. Is it time to trigger our Free Hit chips? And how many players is too few, or just enough, to tip those Free Hit scales? Regardless of your strategy, we take a look at each GW18 match-up and examine the obvious hits and misses and not-so-obvious differentials that will form the perfect FPL squad. Hail Cheaters!Submit your Blue Wire Hustle application here:
With this week's cancelation of Everton-Man City and the threat of more fixture postponements on the horizon, we start off this week's episode with a discussion of COVID-19's impact on the fantasy game—both our strategy in handling such uncertainty and the emotional toll of following the news. Have recent events caused us to alter our chip and transfer plans for GW18–19? Then, it's back to normality with GW17 chat (assuming there is one) and the fixture and captaincy dilemmas therein. We consider Leeds players—like Stuart Dallas—who are on the ascendency, as well as other budget options such as Aston Villa's Anwar El Ghazi and Arsenal's Bukayo Saka. Which bandwagons are worth jumping on? Plus, we take a moment to look ahead to 2021 and our hopes and expectations for the New Year. Hail Cheaters!
The festive fixture pile-up is upon us with FPL gameweeks coming fast and furious. In this episode, we're previewing GW15–16 and looking at our preferred captains and transfers targets. Is there any other standout option aside from Mo Salah? Is Kevin de Bruyne doing enough to keep himself in our teams? We also take a closer look at this week's news about the blank fixtures in GW18 and doubles in GW19, discussing our own strategies for maximizing points in these unique moments while being careful to not corrupt our squads and season-long plans. Hail Cheaters!
Lightning Fast GW13 Preview

Lightning Fast GW13 Preview


We take quick stock of our GW12 scores before moving ahead to transfer targets and captaincy options for the looming midweek GW13 fixtures. Brandon and Josh tackle such questions as: Is it a blessing or a curse that so many of us moved for Mo Salah last gameweek? Can we separate the value of Kevin de Bruyne and Bruno Fernandes after a rather dull Manchester Derby? And, with injuries to the likes of Diogo Jota, who are the best mid-priced midfield options for the upcoming fixtures? Good luck this week and Hail Cheaters!
Between Salah, De Bruyne, Bruno, Kane, and Son, at the moment it seems there are almost too many premium FPL assets who are delivering big points. So, considering most fantasy managers can't afford them all, how do we fit the right players in and still maintain a balanced squad? We discuss who our biggest premium priorities should be and look at the upcoming fixtures to determine how some managers might rotate their dream lineup. Plus, we run through the short list of standout cheap attackers and then focus on GW12 transfer and captaincy dilemmas. Hail Cheaters!
This weekend has brought our FPL focus back to the midfield with premium players like Bruno Fernandes and Kevin de Bruyne leaving their mark. And, with Mo Salah back from his COVID-19 infection, the list of must-have attackers is growing longer and longer. Ahead of GW11, we're looking at our preferred transfer targets and captaincy options, as well as some traps worth avoiding.We're then joined by eight-year-old Tilly Webb—and her father Mark—to discuss Tilly's sensational start to the 2020–21 fantasy season. After GW9, Tilly was ranked second in the Always Cheating Super League and 183 overall in the world. So what's her secret? Mark assures us that he has nothing to do with his daughter's success and talks to us about Making Fantasy Fun Again through sharing the game with your family. Hail Cheaters!Join the Always Cheating Super League with code 5g18et or click here:
With some impressive scores amongst some highly-owned players, was GW9 a big bounce-back week for FPL managers? Josh and Brandon take a look at how their squads are doing, and then discuss the most pressing fantasy dilemmas ahead of GW10: Is it possible to consider selling Spurs assets, even when their amazing form continues? If Spurs are that good, are Fulham really that bad? Is it time to hop aboard the Diogo Jota bandwagon? And will Manchester City ever get its mojo back? Plus, we review next weekend's fixtures and captaincy favorites. Hail Cheaters!
He was an American prodigy. The next Pelé. The savior of U.S. soccer. But he wasn’t even old enough to drive. In 2004, Freddy Adu joined MLS at 14 years old becoming the youngest pro athlete in America in 100 years. His story is a tale of talent, money, fame and futbol. Soccer journalist Grant Wahl retraces the legend of Freddy as he went from superstar to one of the biggest "what ifs," asking, what determines who "makes it," who "doesn't," and what does all of it say about us?American Prodigy is now available. Listen here.
This recent international break is wreaking havoc on fantasy managers with so many key FPL assets suffering injuries and COVID-19 infections. Do these events make GW9 a good moment to start fresh and reinvigorate our squads with new names and new strategies? Is a player like Mo Salah worth selling, even if he could miss just one gameweek? We consider a number of recently-overlooked players whom we can call upon as reinforcements and we also debate the usefulness of multiple transfer hits when faced with a sea of yellow and red flags. Plus, we discuss De Bruyne, Vardy, Kane, and Bruno Fernandes, as well as our top picks for GW9 transfers and captaincy. Hail Cheaters!
The Early-Season FPL Awards

The Early-Season FPL Awards


Another international break is upon us, so we're taking this pause in fantasy action to present our first-ever Early-Season FPL Awards. First, we check in on scores and highlights from GW8, and then it's on to the presentation of FPL's most (and least) valuable players and teams, along with the best newcomers and most improved players during the start of this 2020–21 Premier League season. We'll return next week with news from the international break and a preview of GW9. Hail Cheaters!
Some recent Premier League results have been harder to predict than Graham Potter's next starting eleven. Speaking of, is Brighton actually going to sputter into relegation while still be one of the sharpest teams in the division? And, how can we explain the anemic attack of typically high-flying teams like Liverpool, Manchester City, and Manchester United? Are we being impatient? As FPL managers, we're still waiting for massive fantasy points from the game's premium players—but it looks like the wait might soon be over with Chelsea's new recruits, who put in one of the surest displays of GW7. Hosts Josh and Brandon consider these fantasy dilemmas and look ahead to next weekend's GW8 with transfer targets and captaincy favorites. Hail Cheaters!
While normal service threatens to resume with this weekend's relatively (and that's a heavily qualified "relatively") predictable score-lines, fantasy managers are seeing some shockingly low points tallies. Is GW6 just another one of those flukey weeks? Or is there something we can learn? Josh and Brandon look at the increasing FPL influence of the forward slot and discuss some key questions ahead of GW7: Can Bamford or Zaha actually be trusted? Which players are in our ideal defensive line? Will Chelsea turn the corner soon? And is a Salah/Mané double-up worth the price? Plus, we dig into some macro fantasy strategy before focusing on transfer targets and captaincy picks for the upcoming game week. Hail Cheaters!
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