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Author: Dan Alger & Shawn McCain

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Podcast by Dan Alger & Shawn McCain
39 Episodes
The Always Forward Podcast is back! We kick off Season 4 of the show with Dan and Shawn updating what's been going on in their worlds before talking about promising changes that are coming to the show. They spend the bulk of the episode tackling an intriguing question that Shawn proposed to Dan in a recent conversation. Enjoy!
S3E4 The Minster Model

S3E4 The Minster Model


Justin Reed-Smith joins Dan and Shawn once more on the Always Forward Podcast. This time tackling the idea of hospitality and its place in evangelism. Justin also explains the Minster Model of church planting and how it is impacting the work of the Diocese of Western Anglicans. And don't worry, Shawn didn't know what "Minster" was either.
From Willy Wonka to purpose statements to community vision - Dan and Shawn talk about these oft-criticized foundational elements. How can they be of use? And where do some of the pitfalls within them lie?
S3E2 Beauty

S3E2 Beauty


What role does beauty play in forming and creating your church community? Should it play a role?! If so, how? We talk with Gary Ball, church planter in Asheville, NC about the idea that beauty is not just decorative, it is formative.
Dan and Shawn talk through some common pitfalls that we experience as Anglicans as well as how we can address these blindspots to better relate to one another and our calling to be disciples of Christ.
Sessions from the Always Forward 2018 Conference. Pastor Kris McDaniel provides a template for our own formation with God as well as how we can form and mentor young men and women who are coming up after us.
Sessions from the Always Forward 2018 Conference. Daniel Yang, Director of the Send Institute, provided a global perspective on our approach to church planting.
Sessions from The Always Forward 2018 Conference. Bp. Stewart Ruch, shared his passion for church multiplication and cautioned attendees with the need to resist cultural pressures.
Sessions from The Always Forward 2018 Conference. Canon Dan Alger, welcomed attendees to the conference, reminding them of both why and how we plant churches within our Anglican context.
Dan and Shawn talk through their top theology and practical books for use when planting an Anglican church.
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