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This podcast is a journey to discover, explain, and share answers to humanity’s deepest questions. Topics include: reality, existence, and the origin of the universe. The nature and potentiality of consciousness. Time, freewill, and subjective illusions. God, afterlives, and commonality between religions. The distant past, far future, and ultimate limits of technology. Join us in our search for answers to the life's mysteries! We strictly use logic, rationality, evidence, and the latest tools and theories of science to wrestle from nature answers to age-old questions.
9 Episodes
Why does anything exist? Why is there something rather than nothing? Wouldn’t nothing have been so much easier?Every society in every time has wrestled with this dilemma. It’s our most enduring question. For we all seek to know: why we are here?In today's episode we will review the latest answers and use the best available evidence in an attempt to settle this ageless question. With an answer to this question we can orientate ourselves in reality, and understand the reason behind it all.An answer to this question would tell us not only why we exist, but also what else exists, both within the universe we see and beyond.Original article: episode part 1: episode part 2: the show
What is the meaning of life? It’s a question everyone has wondered about at some point in their life. Is there even an answer?Each of us has somehow found our way into this world. But for what purpose or reason are we here? What’s the point of it all? Is there inherent significance or value to life and existence?In today's episode we will review the answers and use the best available evidence in an attempt to settle this timeless question. An answer to this question will enable us to better understand each other, to know the direction and aim of humanity and technology, and to know what is truly valuable so we can get the most out of life.Original article: episode: the show
Was the universe made for life? In other words, were physical laws and constants of nature somehow chosen to allow for complex life?Over the last century, physicists and cosmologists made a series of disturbing discoveries: cosmic coincidences. They found that parameters of nature and physical law seen specially crafted to make life possible. What are the implications?Are we just very lucky? Was the universe designed for us. Or, might it imply the existence of other unseen universes. In this episode we review the latest data and theories to find answers to these questions.Original article: episode: the show
Is there an afterlife or is this the only life we get? Most believe science says there is no afterlife. But this view, while common, is wrong.In today's episode, we will consider the question of what we experience after death. Is there an afterlife? Do we resurrect to heaven, reincarnate as another being, unite with god, or might we experience nothing at all? Modern scientific theories have shed mew light on this age-old question and the answers will amaze you.Original article: episode: the show
What is time? Few things are so familiar and mysterious. Time is the most common noun in the English language. Our lives are governed by time, and yet we have so little understanding of it.In today's episode, we will consider what science has to tell us about time. We find that it is stranger than anyone could have imagined, at least, anyone before Einstein.Original article: episode: the show
Can aging be cured? Eternal youth has long been a dream. Now, through modern science, humanity is on the verge of curing aging and achieving immortality.We’ve extended lifespans of organisms ten-fold, used drugs to shave years off people’s age, reprogrammed cells to become youthful, and we are developing tools that could one day enable digital immortality.Is it possible to live forever, should we even try? This episode explores those questions.Original article: episode: the show
Artificial Intelligence has achieved extraordinary feats. Given the current state and trajectory of AI, for how much longer can humans remain the most intelligent creature on Earth?This episode explores that question. We review the areas where AI has already achieved superhuman abilities, and cover the dwindling areas where humans still hold an edge.It is a most-pressing question. Though we have held the title of “most intelligent species” for a hundred thousand years, we could be relieved of this title in a few decades.Original article: episode: the show
Are we alone? Might Earth be the sole exception to an otherwise dead universe? We shouldn’t be. The ingredients for life are everywhere — life should be common. But then, where is everyone?In this episode we explore the three possible answers to this question. By the time you finish listening, you will have a firm grasp of the relevant science, enough to form an opinion on which answer is probably right.Original article: episode: the show
How big is the universe? While it is generally known that the universe is very big, the latest science reveals that its true size defies all comprehension.In this episode we tackle the question of how big the universe is, whether or not it is infinite, and what the consequence are for us all if it is.Original article: episode: the show
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