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Aletta Rochat is passionate about helping you speak like a professional. At a young age, she discovered the power of speaking and connecting.At a young age, she discovered the power of speaking and connecting. As a Certified World Class Speaking Coach, she has the expertise to get you results. She has vast experience, having trained and spoken in 22 countries.Aletta has published two books on public speaking.  Her professional background in Marketing Management gives her great insights into the dynamics of the workplace. As an International Director for Toastmasters International, she works to refine best practices in the world of communication and leadership.Support the show (
In this episode, we interview Dries Lombaard, an executive Strengths coach. You can visit his website at or reach out to him at Dries Lombaard has always been a keen observer of trends and changes within a fast-pacing society. An entrepreneur by nature, he has ventured into numerous fields of interest, always keen to learn more about, and analyzing critically, what makes things tick underneath the surface. This kindled his interest in leadership development early in his life.Dries was trained by the Gallup University (Faith Practice) in Omaha, Nebraska as a Strengths Performance Coach (SPC III) in 2006, and also studied at the Universities of Stellenbosch and Pretoria where he majored in psychology, theology, history and philosophy.He holds Certifications from Strengths Strategy (USA), the International Coach Academy (ICA), and is also a certified coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF).He was invited to be part of the Gallup Strengths Advisory Forum (2013) – then being the only member outside of the USA on the forum. Dries is personally acknowledged for “taking StrengthsFinder into Southern Africa” and for establishing one of the strongest Strengths Coach networks globally.With more than 7000 hours of active Strengths Coaching experience with individuals and teams under his belt Dries has coached individuals and teams in countries like Russia, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Turkey, Thailand, China, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Libya, Dubai, Thailand, South America, Canada, Nigeria, Kenia, Botswana, Namibia, Morocco and South Africa.Dries has done Coach Training, Team Facilitation or Executive Coaching for employees and leaders in corporate companies like Aurecon, BASF, First National Bank, Aveng, MTN, Alan Gray, AVBOB, Discovery, MMI, ABSA, Momentum, Old Mutual, VISA, and Volkswagen and Nissan. He has personally trained more than 1200 Strengths Coaches globally.Dries about himself: "I am a committed husband, proud father of 4 lovely daughters, who loves my country, my city, my home and my private space…. I love to watch rugby and cricket and don’t understand football (soccer) at all. I only do real coffee from beans (the only thing God created to be in powder form is the Sahara desert), and I regard meat as being food, and the rest on my plate I eat only not to be rude to the cook. I am at my best when I train, coach or mentor people who reflect the need and willingness to become the best they can be".Support the show (
Sophie Yotova is a Bulgarian food artist, TEDx speaker, certified Eating Psychology coach, and the founder and CEO of Foodie Boulevard – a global social enterprise that teaches kids and grown-ups to become real-life superheroes by using food as a superpower on and off the dining table.Sophie has bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and Business Administration and has worked in graphic design, PR, and technical communication before starting her own business.After experiencing a series of traumatic personal events, which led to her suffering a painful miscarriage and burning out, in 2017, Sophie left her flourishing corporate career in IT and jumped into social entrepreneurship.Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Sophie and her team used to lead in-person courses, training sessions, and workshops at schools and for corporate clients, teaching people to discover food outside the box and helping them build sustainable healthy eating habits while having fun.After the quarantine wiped out her practice, Sophie focused on reinventing her business and recently moved her work to the online space. Sophie has struggled with an eating disorder since she was a teenager and has never had a sense of smell in her life. These two peculiar features make up a unique lens, which empowers her to view and explore food beyond the trivial and mundane, and to inspire people from all ages and walks of life to use food as a playground, a stimulating learning environment, and a language of self-expression.To learn more about her work, go to www.foodieboulevard.comFacebook: sophie@foodieboulevard.comSupport the show (
Writer and entrepreneur, Petr Ludwig @petrludwig, discusses his path to beating procrastination and the story behind his #masks4all initiative. Petr breaks down the reasons behind procrastination and shares his favourite brain hacks. Episode 8 show links: Website: www.procrastination.comLinkedin: video: the show (
Our guest today is Piotr Nabielec, an all-star productivity instructor. We ask him what makes his courses so successful and what it takes to be a great online learner. We also ask him for personal productivity advice. Enjoy!Piotr's Bio: Since 2015 Piotr leads courses that help people organise chaos and build good habits around time management - „slow productivity” with the balance between goals, rest, relationships and creative time. Before that, he spent over ten years in IT as a software developer and manager. In his spare time, he enjoys music and movement.You can find Piotr's "Practical Time Management" course here: and connect with him on Linkedin at you are a Polish speaker, do not miss out on Piotr's other productivity courses at www.produktywni.plSupport the show (
We published this episode ahead of schedule because we believe it contains ideas on how small businesses and entrepreneurs can survive the current crisis.About Douglas:Douglas Kruger is a business author and an international speaker on topics of breakthrough thinking and outstanding insights into the levers behind real business innovation. He just released his 9th book, Virus Proof you Small Business which provides 50 ways to survive the current COVID-19 crisis. Tough times call for smart ideas, and we are privilege to have Douglas with us today to share some of these insights.Connect with Douglas: Website: the show (
If you are an expert, coach or consultant who wants to expand their business into the online space, Brandon Hofer and his team can help you navigate the digital realm without stress to get your first ten online coaching clients. Brandon is the Founder and Senior Coach at Online Coach Creator. They have helped general contractors, management consultants, psychologists, business coaches, health coaches and life coaches who wanted to add a new stream of revenue serving others using online channels to help them. With more than 26 years of experience in facilitation, personal health & fitness coaching and entrepreneurship, Brandon has the physical & business muscles to pull you through.  He is joining us today from his online home office in Oregon, USA. You can connect with Brandon on LinkedIn or visit his website here: the show (
Bartosz and Louis interview Yoke van Dam who is a professional speaker and an avid NLP practitioner. Yoke shares how to be aware of your own state an how to choose it! In our interview Yoke talks about techniques how to deal with feeling overwhelmed, how to centre yourself and understand your emotional status.She unpacks what can a shift in physiology mean for a facilitator in the room and offers advice how to  relate to your audience to make them loosen up. Yoke describes the importance of storytelling and questioning your inner negative voice. In this take-away rich session she also hints how to make your clients use you more often. Yoke's Bio: Yoke van Dam is  a mindset disruptor of leaders and teams. At Y-Connect she specializes in NLP, Emotional Intelligence and in Presentation skills.She has trained more than 1700 specialists, and provides thought leadership on, Radio Today and MixFM,If she’s not training, speaking or coaching you can find her having a glass of red wine with her husband Etienne, hiking up a mountain,Or jumping into a waterfall.Yoke offer’s inhouse Emotional intelligence training and Presentation skillsShe also does executive coaching for leaders and presenters.Visit to see her latest offerings for February.You can connect with her on linkedin at: the show (
In this episode we answer the question of one of our Listeners - What are some easy activities you can use as a beginner facilitator? We explore our favourite tips and hacks and share how to use 4 simple techniques: Loui's Meeting Clock and Triads and Bartosz's Sticks and Marshmallows. Resources: Marshmallow Challenge: can ask us anything at ask@amazingmeetings.orgSupport the show (
Louis and Bartosz interview Mark Chivere, a DISC expert who shares how to spot and work with different personality types in the room, for example high dominance people without compromising the session. Mark's bio:Mark is dedicated to making organizations better through the design, learning and implementation of assessment-based talent management solutions. TTI Success Insights maximizes the performance and satisfaction of employees, while increasing business results for corporations around the world. With its validated, EEOC compliant assessment tools that are free from adverse impact, TTI Success Insights operates through a global distribution network of independent consultants, coaches, speakers, trainers and strategic partners. Serving a global client base of Fortune 1000 companies, its international clientele exist in 90 countries worldwide.You can find Mark on Twitter @MarkChivere or at LinkedIn: You can reach out to us at ask@amazingmeetings.orgSupport the show (
In this episode Bartosz and Louis ask Craig Howe, a professional coach how to ask the right question at the right moment. Craig gives us insight into his philosophy of questioning and shares some of his tips and tricks. Craig's bio: Craig G. Howe is a leadership coach, specialising in working with emerging leaders. He holds CPCC and PCC credentials from CTI and the ICF respectively. Based in the UK, he works as an associate for Lever Learning in Australia, Sounding Board Inc in the USA and Eluminas in the UK. Craig has worked with over 400 clients in more than 40 countries around the world, amassing over 680 coaching hours to date.You can find Craig at: LinkedIn: me@craigghowe.comInstagram: @himageryAsk us anything at: Support the show (
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