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In this episode we discuss the ties and the differences between the elements of Faith and Religion. Some see them as the same, tied together, or even miles apart. We talk with Rabbi Jana De Benedetti, two founders of a church Josh Johnson and Michael Popham, and a religion historian Dr. Bryan Rigg. We also folded in two slices of Americana Celeste Oakland and Chet Manchester for some added color and balance with their own experiences. I am curious to see where you stand after you watch the show.
Divorce During COVID

Divorce During COVID


On this episode of America Connects, we discuss the issues and difficulties with navigating thru a divorce during the pandemic. I was shocked myself to learn that so many people are going thru a divorce while still living together, among other things. We spoke with Dr. John Schinnere‪r a specialist with men's behavior, Nikki Bruno and empowerment coach, Stacy Phillips a divorce lawyer. We also spoke with a slice of Americana, Bryan Rigg, who has some insights and experience as a husband and father post-divorce.
No matter how any of us feels about it, social media is here to stay. Most of us are reliant onit. In many respects, social media has supplanted other forms of business and interpersonalcommunication in the 21st century, and especially now in the Covid-era—for better or worse.In this episode we explore different aspects of social media with a group of guests, all savvyonline experts and social media practitioners: Brehnen Knight of Engage Youth; Raha Lewis, ajournalist and Influencer; Jude Mikal, a specialist in Social Media Studies; and Dev Patel, asocial marketer in North Dallas. We ask: Can social media activity replace face-to-faceinteraction? And is it healthy to do so? Is there a downside to needing to be accepted and“liked” online? Do we, as a society, spend too much time on or put too much emphasis onsocial media as a means of connecting? How do we balance participation in social media withother aspects of our lives, and is it even possible to do so?
On this episode we take a deep dive into what changes there are in place and how losing a loved one is so different now with social distancing in place. The funeral process and all elements or mourning have shifted for safety, at the expense of getting the physical comforts and condolences from those who care. Our panel speaks openly about what they know and their experiences in caring for others. Dr. Walter Simmons, an E.R. Doctor, Scott VanCamp, a grief counselor, Tony Adkins, Funeral Director and Channing Humphry, a friend who has lost 5 family members in the past year. And myself, having lost my oldest son 6 weeks ago in a car accident. Learn from us on what we have learned and be ready to help each other get thru the tough times of losing someone.Guest List: Dr. Walter Simmons, Scott VanCamp, Tony Adkins, and Channing Humphry
This episode is more fun and tongue in cheek as we talk about how maybe just owning a pet or pets, and taking them out into the public, service animal or not, faux E.S.A or not, that maybe we've gone a bit too far allowing our so many of our pets into so many places with full access to public and retail outlets. We have a few stories, a few tall tales, as well as the discussion need for the real need for E.S.A's in some peoples' lives. Don't be too hard on our guests, if we don't laugh at ourselves, we'll just all get mad at each other.
In this episode we talk with Ed Begley Jr, his wife, and others about how to better use our natural resources to generate our electricity. This isn't just how to save energy, but how to change the ways we generate our power. The stats are NOT balanced: roughly 60% Fossil Fuels, 20% nuclear, and 20% Renewable Resources. We talked with Brelon May who works at the National Renewable Energy Lab, Patrick Byington a conservation and energy expert, as well as Stuart Cooley with U.S. Green Building Council - Los Angeles ( We hope that you learn more and understand that there is still time to make the shift to more renewable sources, but the clock is ticking.
In this episode we talk with several people who have taken the dive into cryptocurrencies. We talk about the growth of bitcoin and other digital currencies, and we take it a step further asking our specialists about the future of currency and the way money is utilized and exchanged. Larry LaBorde, CEO of Silver Trading Company with the history of currency. We then talked with Dawn Melosh, a self-taught investor with what she has learned and expects to happen over time. Then two vibrant investors Chris Fornof and Sam Cheatham about ‘mining’ cryptocurrency. Be ready for a few surprises, and don't worry, it isn't thick with complex verbiage; we work to keep it simple for everyone to learn.
In this episode we spend some time learning about and understanding the bullies we have in our lives; our everyday, everywhere life. We have them around us, influencing us, and we may not even be aware that they are bullies. We may have one in our family, in our circle of close friends, likely in our work environment and doesn’t necessarily have to be the boss. This episode, we spend time talking with Tim Hart, an executive trainer about people in powerful professional positions. We also spoke with Dr Jane Adams PhD, a writer and family counselor who talks about the dynamics of family roles and bullies at all levels of our growth in life. We spoke with other guests who have an awareness of bullies in their lives and how they handle them and learn to do more than simply accept their actions. I enjoyed the show, I learned a lot about the habits and patterns of bullies and now have a much better understanding and how to handle them. I am sure you will as well; I found myself taking notes and think you may as well.
On this episode we talk with people about what they did or experienced this first summer of Covid-19 to get away, vacation, and “escape it all” for a few days. We started with Ryan Grace Lane, a renowned World travel agent out of New Orleans and what many of her clients did this year. Then we talk with Author and Entrepreneur Stephanie Neurohr, Mother of 9, and what she was able to do with her family during recent travel. Then Jordan Simkovic about his amended trip and family focus, then Tim and Heather, frequent travelers and how they prepare. We close the show with Heidi Wasserstein and traveling with her pre-existing condition. It was very insightful show, many things came up with I had not thought of and once again, many notes were taken. We hope you enjoy the show.
In this episode we talk to mental health experts about the signs and symptoms of depression or a myriad of mental health issues as a result of being stuck at home during this pandemic; both adults and our kids. And not just for ourselves, but what to look for in friends, family, and coworkers we care about.
This episode goes into detail and invites you to participate in the largest online virtual concert #IVoted featuring over 600 artists. It's a way to celebrate the conclusion of the election and YOU participating in the voting process. We talked to the innovator of the event, as well as one of the bands, a well-known promoter, as well as a couple other guests.
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