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American English Grammar Review

Author: Bill Green

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Billgreen54 has created this refresher podcast just for you. American English Grammar Review is all about studying English again. Do you remember what verbs do? What about nouns? Do you remember all of your pronouns? What is an interjection? Billgreen54 is an ESL teacher. He has taught over 15,000 hours of English. In this podcast, he shares English in an understandable way. Have fun learning English again!
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To prohibit is a verb. There are just a few words you need to know in English. Have fun with this simple to understand lesson.
Obligation words are not difficult with this lesson. Have fun as Billgreen54 explains English!
How do we ask for permission? How do we know we have permission without asking? Bill explains English in simple to understand English!
I enjoy travel, traveling or to travel? Which is correct and why? Bill helps explain a few common word combinations.
Adverbs and conjunctions are used in all tenses. Why and how we do that is explained in this episode!
So, neither and too come from different parts of English. It is important to understand how they are used. Bill explains in simple to understand English!
What are quantifiers? What are adjectives? How do we talk about things understandably? English is a step by step, day by day adventure! Let Bill help you understand and speak great English!
Adjectives describe nouns and feelings. Comparatives are all about two! Comparing two objects with as & as is another way to do it!
Study your adverbs and participle two if you want to communicate in English! The perfect tenses are usually a challenge for most students. Bill explains English in simple English.
Listen again and again to this second in a two part lesson. Present perfect is not difficult if you have studied third form and adverbs!
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Bill Green

Microlearning is the best!

Nov 10th
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