DiscoverAmerican Fashion Podcast — exploring innovation and sustainability across the industry
American Fashion Podcast — exploring innovation and sustainability across the industry

American Fashion Podcast — exploring innovation and sustainability across the industry

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Exploring fashion as an art and a business. American Fashion Podcast is the fashion show for fashion people, diving deep into the designing, making, and selling of garments and accessories through long-form interviews with people at all levels and in all corners of the business, with an emphasis on sustainability and innovation, since 2014. Hosted by Charles Beckwith and Cathy Schepis.
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John David Ridge

John David Ridge


John David Ridge is a celebrated American fashion and costume designer, through whose stories we hear firsthand what it was like to be just about everywhere in those worlds over the past fifty years.See for privacy information.
Gerber invented the technology that has underpinned the fashion industry for roughly the last five decades. Few people in the industry know the landscape of product development and manufacturing technology better than our guests in this episode, Karsten Newbury, Chief Strategy & Digital Officer, and Mary McFadden, Vice President for CAD Product Management, at Gerber Technology. We discuss what they do, where they think everything is going, and the new Innovation Center they've set up in midtown Manhattan. Gerber: Also Gerber: Karsten: Mary: AFP: for privacy information.
Recorded in May 2020, the story of a collaboration between Lucky Brand, New Fashion Products, and Brother International Corporation to use what they had and start making masks as quickly as possible. — Guests: Peter Holland, Vice President, Industrial Products Division, Brother International Corporation — Allison Charalambous, Senior Manager of Sustainability and Social Responsibility, Lucky Brand — Bobby Ahn, President & CEO, New Fashion Products — — To learn more about American Fashion Podcast, visit If you'd like to be a guest, please use the submission form here: Listen to over 250 previous episodes in our Archive: for privacy information.
Hi, this is Charles.  So... a weird couple of months there, for various reasons. Not sure if you noticed some of them.  Anyway, dropping 6 episodes as quickly as I can get them edited. A few of them are actually from last year and just never got out the door. Then... fresh new stuff... weekly stuff... the stuff your ears and fashion nerd brain crave. There is a new feature on our website, where you can leave us a message. We would love to hear from you... SAY SOMETHING: I just rebuilt our network's website. How's it look? See for privacy information.
Gabriella Santaniello is the Founder of the retail consulting firm A Line Partners.  "With over 15 years working in the fashion industry and 12 in finance, Gabriella brings a unique blend of experience to discuss what is happening with fashion specifically at the retail level – she provides the color behind the numbers. Her company, A-Line Partners, is an independent retail research firm providing the investment community with research from a stable of retail specialists who visit malls across the country on a weekly basis to identify fashion and retail trends.  Gabriella then uses the data to identify inflection points, recognize what is popular in fashion from a grassroots level, and better understand the psychology of the consumer and consumer spending." For more episodes, subscribe to our Archives: See for privacy information.
Maxine Bédat is Executive Director at New Standard Institute and the author of the new book, "Unraveled: The Life and Death of a Garment." The book: for privacy information.
Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder


Designer and executive Todd Snyder is credited with changing the landscape of the global menswear industry on more than one occasion. From his time at J Crew, Old Navy, and Ralph Lauren, to running his own label, his career and aesthetic continue to set a special standard in the business. Visit us online at to access over 250 previous episodes in our archive: See for privacy information.
A repost of our episode #197, featuring costume designers Ann Roth and Giovanni Lipari. On April 25th, Ann Roth received the Academy Award for her work on the film Ma Rainey's Black Bottom.See for privacy information.
Listen to new episodes for free and find all 250+ episodes in our archive: for privacy information.
In this, our 250th episode, we welcome one of the true original champions of the slow fashion movement, Natalie Chanin, designer and founder of the Florence, Alabama-based and globally recognized leading ethical fashion brand Alabama Chanin. See for privacy information.
Our guest in the studio, Lisa Morales-Hellebo, is the Co-founder and GP at REFASHIOND Ventures, the Co-founder of The New York Supply Chain Meetup, and the Co-founder of The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation. She also happened to start the New York Fashion Tech Lab and was a pioneer in visual search. So, obviously, we're talking to her about astrology. Just kidding. This is a fashiontech and supply chain investment deep dive. Brace yourself. References: Evrnu N.A.bld Savitude New York Fashion Tech Lab See for privacy information.
Lafayette 148 New York CEO Deirdre Quinn discusses the brand's recent move to the Brooklyn Navy Yard innovation hub, their still thriving print catalog business, their next-generation vertically-integrated factory in China, and the brand's long fiscally conservative journey from a little shop in pre-chic Soho. See for privacy information.
Behind Mark and James are three dynamic partners who helped them buy the brand back from Iconix Group, and lead the iconic brand behind the scenes. Our guest are President Christine Currence, Executive Vice President of Sales Lara Piropato, and Executive Vice-President of Production Kimberly Lee-Sui, and they discuss their path to reclaiming the Badgley Mischka brand and their new journey forward through a mix of legacy and mass licensing. See for privacy information.
Prince Federico Pignatelli della Leonessa is the Owner and President of Art and Fashion Group, the parent company of Pier 59 Studios. He involves himself in fashion, photography, art, cinema, virtual reality, and numerous other interests and enterprises. As the owner of Industry Model Management, he has been responsible for the creation and promotion of the Model's Bill of Rights, which is discussed in more detail in our previous interview with its Co-Founder, model Simone Aptekman. He is also quite vocal about the Studio Safety Report, which revealed most photo studios in New York City to be operating outside the law and without proper insurance. Find many more episodes in our Archives --> See for privacy information.
The world is in crisis and the fashion industry is in trouble. Time to put our heads together. Join us Tuesday March 31st at 2pm EST the American Fashion Town Hall, a live stream event with experts talking about the impact of COVID-19 on our industry and what we can all do to help each other and our communities. To find the live stream on Tuesday go to <-- BOOKMARK THIS NOW For comments, questions, or to get involved, email, leave a voicemail at 646-979-8709, or tag us on twitter at @AFPOD with #FASHIONTOGETHER .
Models' Bill of Rights Co-Founder Simone Aptekman talks about the movement for transparency and accountability in the world of models, agencies, and their contracts. - - -  For access to hundreds of additional episodes going back to 2014, visit and subscribe to our Archives. See for privacy information.
The future of the industry is being decided in a metaphorical crucible where labor and automation are currently burning. To understand what's coming in this wild and unpredictable reaction, we invited a panel of experts in the field of Workforce Development to discuss their initiatives and the general state of labor and automation in the American fashion business. Lee Wellington is Executive Director of The Urban Manufacturing Alliance Sarah Krasley is Founder and CEO at Shimmy Technologies, Inc Lisa Futterman is the Regional Director in New York City for The Workforce Development Institute Libby Mattern is the Founder of Course of Trade CFDA resources: Sewist, noun, a craftsperson who cannot be replaced by automation. - - -  To access our older episodes, go to and click on "Archives" in the main menu to subscribe to the archives and support the show. See for privacy information.
Deb Waterman Johns is Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder at Scout. A former Vogue editor with a fine arts background, she turned a Chinatown discount store find into an upgraded staple. - Find more episodes of America Fashion Podcast by clicking "Archives" in the main menu at  See for privacy information.
The Mighty Company

The Mighty Company


Jessie Willner was an artist with a dream of wild wonderful ethically-produced leather statement jackets. Together with her best friend Hanover Savas and the occasional "Hadidas" moment, they're making it happen in Los Angeles, and now around the world, with The Mighty Company. -- Follow The Mighty Company on Instagram:  To subscribe to American Fashion Podcast's Archives and support the show, visit and click "Archives" on the main menu. See for privacy information.
To label Amaio as a swimwear company is to miss the much larger picture of their "après swim" approach, which is more of a total resort approach, as described in detail by founder and designer Samantha Khoury in this interview about her French couture-inspired Made In Los Angeles brand. Amaio: References: Drip By Drip - NGO tacking water issues related tot he fashion and textile industries: Women’s Global Empowerment Fund: Help support American Fashion Podcast by subscribing to our Archives at See for privacy information.
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