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Actor Ethan Suplee was an aspiring plus size model long before it became trendy and now sets out to examine our current obesity crisis. On American Glutton, he’ll talk to everyone from experts to the average Joe, exploring all the diets he has been on over the last two decades, taking us on his journey from obese to svelte and back again, examining what worked and what made him gain everything back plus 50 pounds. Sharing his ever-lasting search for the next quick fix, we’ll delve into the joys of suffering, relativism, dogged determination, and the proper way to braise a pork belly.
63 Episodes
Justin Garcia AKA Master Chim shares his journey of recovery from a back injury, and his experience with fasting. Ethan and Master Chim discuss challenging yourself, internal self-worth and Justin’s core principal of "Pressure to Power." For daily emails, go to
The Carnivore Diet stems from the controversial belief that human ancestral populations ate mostly meat and fish, and that high-carb diets are to blame for today's high rates of chronic disease. Ethan is joined by leading expert Dr. Paul Saladino, for a conversation on the science behind the Carnivore Diet and dives deep into what it really is, and the benefits it might have.
Ethan talks with Kenny Schachter about the habits we form as children and how to change those in adult life. They discuss the idea of taking a negative and turning it into a positive, body dysmorphia, binge eating, and trying to have control over the food that surrounds us every day. Kenny shares his journey from being an introverted child with a number of challenges, and how he has gone about trying to find peace within both body and soul.
Ethan is joined by actor and comedian Rick Glassman, for a spirited conversation on life. Ethan and Rick discuss communicating and working with friends, compromise, diet, exercise, and everything else in between. Parental Advisory for language and content.
Join Ethan and premiere Plastic Surgeon Dr. Rady Rahban, for an open and honest conversation about loose skin surgery. Who should do it and when? What are the questions you need to ask your surgeon if you are considering this surgery? Is “vanity” reason enough? Join Ethan and Dr. Rahban for a real talk answering all of these questions and more.
Ethan welcomes back Dr. Spencer Nadolsky, board certified family and obesity physician. Dr. Nadolsky and Ethan take a deep dive into what exactly Macros are, what you really need to know about them, and how that knowledge can help you achieve your personal goals. In addition, they discuss elements of our current diet culture, what information is important, and what can be dismissed.
Listen in for a lively conversation covering a variety of topics, when Ethan welcomes Henry Zebrowski to American Glutton. From diet and exercise to combatting inertia and kicking in your routine, this is one you don’t want to miss. Parental Advisory for adult language and subject matter.
Join Ethan and Chris for a conversation on personal exploration and growth. How do you define what is valuable in your life? How do you make decisions and then reinforce them every day? What is happiness derived from? Listen in to hear Ethan and Chris exchange their ideas on these subjects and more.Chris WilliamsonInstagram: @chriswillxHost of the Modern Wisdom Podcast:
Ethan is joined by the incomparable Lewis Howes, for an in-depth conversation on charging at your fears. Hear Lewis issue a 30-day challenge to Ethan and see how he reacts.
Nema Vand joins Ethan to share his diet and exercise journey and the steps he took to get healthy after a challenging life event. Ethan and Nema talk about short and long term gains, tools that help you to reach your goals, and reinforce the idea that everyone’s path is their own.
Ethan welcomes "My Name is Earl” Show Runner, Greg Garcia, for a conversation on all things health, wellness, and fat shaming.
Ethan welcomes Hardcore Frontman Toby Morse, for a conversation on Positive Mental Attitude and the Straight Edge lifestyle. Toby and Ethan discuss where our food comes from and Toby’s reasons for being Vegan, as well as how to stay positive during the challenging times we are in.
Bryon Rodger joins Ethan on American Glutton for a conversation on what drives us to achieve our goals, our infinite potential and how to unlock it. How do you implement what works for you? How do you see a new reality? Listen to Ethan and Byron discuss this and so much more.
Ethan brings back an American Glutton favorite, John Glaude. John’s own transformation has been such a success that he has inspired thousands of people to change. Join Ethan and John for a conversation on how to make sustainable changes and pick what is right for you. They discuss the "Healthy at Any Size" movement as well as something they are both asked about all the time… Loose Skin.
Ethan is joined by the truly inspiring Mark Bell, for a discussion on personal change, creating value, and constructive ideas towards bettering yourself that everyone can relate to.
Ethan speaks with Anna Victoria, an entrepreneur and fitness coach, who focuses on helping people achieve success in their health journeys. On this episode, Ethan and Anna talk about how to empower someone to make the changes they want to make, diet culture as a whole, and the marketing involved.
Ethan welcomes YouTuber Bart Kwan to American Glutton. Bart shares when he got interested in exercise, powerlifting, and how he later came to open Barbell Brigade. Ethan and Bart discuss their experiences at various gyms, the recipes that work for them, calories, muscle retention, cutting, and so many other things health and fitness.
TV personality Jayme Foxx joins Ethan to share her experience with Hashimoto's disease. Hear the changes she made in her life to feel better, including becoming gluten-free. Jayme also talks about not eating meat for over a year and why she made that choice. Ethan and Jayme talk about really listening to your body and paying attention to signals it gives you, so you can feel your best.
Ethan welcomes back Tom Kier for a continued discussion on the mindset techniques that can help you achieve your goals. What does it mean to "Kill Your Clone?" What are the three components of Readiness? How can your Tribe help you? Listen in for the answers on these questions and so much more.
Ethan welcomes Ilaria Urbinati, Hollywood stylist and mother of three, for a conversation on losing baby weight, her love of boxing, and overall health and well-being.
Comments (40)

Scott Roskos

Love the podcast Ethan! Any possibilty of having Jason Lee or Jaime Pressly on as guests? Excellent podcast!

Sep 19th


Loved the little insights Kevin brought into the podcast this episode. thank you for being so candid with us.

Sep 1st

Gabriel Romo

I heard the Dr. say it was impossible for the guy Joe Rogan talked about who fasted not having loose skin but what about the effect of autophagy on the skin due to fasting?

Aug 29th

Alex Scheurer

Thank you for this. This hit me so hard and has motivated me so much.

Aug 8th
Reply (1)


Weed=no pain lol

Jul 29th

Matty Wenner

Bro, your podcast changed my life. Made me comfortable talking about body dysmorphia and eating disorders. I started at 600lb, I'm over 200 down and am now a strength athlete. Your show inspires my work daily🙏

Jul 28th


I've often thought about how I wish that we didn't need to eat food to survive, yet I often refer to myself as someone who likes food. I like that food is brought up as a utility and would like to switch more to that mindset. However I have to trick my brain into thinking that way more often and get used to eating leftovers and similar items more regularly.

Jul 26th


it's gotta be a lifestyle 💜

Jul 6th

Casey Brown

this is legitimately the least interesting person I've ever heard interviewed on a podcast. I bet Jamie Kilstein's podcast is straight dogshit.

May 11th


I really want to love this podcast because I feel like Ethan has a lot to offer to those of us who struggle with weight and eating disorders. I like Ethan and respect all that he has been through. But, unfortunately, I just can't get past how much foul language there is. Will not continue listening. :(

Apr 24th

Brian Walsh

I really shocked to hear Ethan eats a banana every morning!! at 28 grams of sugar at once!

Apr 17th

Tim Stinson

Another great episode. Thank you

Apr 2nd

Tim Stinson

This was the most informative one so far. Thank you

Mar 23rd

Eric Cunningham

very motivational! love listening and learning!

Feb 21st


Sayoc Kali is the most neckbeard shit ever. Went to a local class to see what's what and it was like I'd stepped into a reunion for all the fedora wearing, m'lady incels in my town.

Feb 5th
Reply (2)

Chad Blaha

Awesome pod cast Ethan! I was hoping you would have Tom on as a guest to share his extensive life knowledge. Kill your own clone is the way we all should live! I'm glad to see what a positive impact the Sayoc Kali community has had on you. It changed the way I go about my day and how I deal with situations in such a positive way. I would love to hear more guests like Harley Elmore.. Bill Rapier and Kevin Estella. I'm glad you are in the podcast game and I look forward to every episode. Keep it up brother and remember to always be the feeder!

Feb 5th

Jeremy Sheldon

Can't wait to meet you at HorrorHound Weekend in March!

Feb 1st

Ben Johns

love this show

Jan 23rd

Josh Johnson

brother I learned more in 5 mins about the struggles of true weight loss then I have in the last 25 years thank you

Jan 21st

Sam Adams

I appreciate your true transparency. I feel you are an inspiration to me and many that struggle with much of what you speak about. You are the first person I have listen to that is not selling thier way of losing weight, that it takes all different ways. Thanks to you I have now taken a look at me, my health and my future being here for years to come. Bless you and work your doing.

Jan 20th
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