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Author: Endeavor Audio

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American Jihadi is the incredible story of a secret friendship between journalist Christof Putzel and Omar Hammami, the American-born Christian who became one of the FBI’s most wanted Islamic extremists. Follow the evolution of their risky relationship, dodging government surveillance to confide in one other—until it all came to an abrupt end.

American Jihadi is hosted and Executive Produced by Christof Putzel in partnership with Endeavor Audio. Executive Produced by Adam Levine, Josh Gummershall, and Adam Harrison at 222 Productions.

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Introducing American Jihadi

Introducing American Jihadi


How does an American become one of the FBI’s most wanted terrorists? Journalist Christof Putzel investigates the true story of Omar Hammami, the Alabama-born terrorist who joined Al-Shabab in Somalia, in this serialized audio documentary podcast premiering December 2nd.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Comments (5)

Gabriela Pedroso

so... How long will this take to drop? seriously. if you're not ready to release real content within a reasonable time frame, then hold back on the trailer...

Nov 19th

Mark Lafhameyer

There is no American Jihadi, just leftist stupidity.

Nov 10th

Ryan Carmona

This seems like it’s going to romanticize jihad, terribly dangerous

Nov 5th



Nov 5th

Ashok Bijoy

waiting for the very 1st episode..

Nov 4th
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