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Author: Barbara Allen and Dave Brown

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Stories to inspire America. Listen to real American stories that will inspire you to be a better person, role model, and leader for your family, community, and country.

American Snippets is a patriotic podcast and entrepreneurial mindset driven interview show that is hosted by Barbara Allen and Dave Brown.

Barbara Allen is a military widow turned entrepreneur, award-winning author, and speaker. Dave Brown is a real estate investor, serial entrepreneur, and business coach.

Together, Barb and Dave use the "power of story" to make America a better and more free place. Draw inspiration from a powerful network of genuine guests from across the country who are influential Americans, veteran entrepreneurs, military heroes, celebrities, business leaders, and selfless citizens who exemplify the core values and principals our country was founded on.

It’s time to come together, united by our love of country, to celebrate all things that makes America great.

Don’t just be inspired. Be Exceptional.
164 Episodes
Don Bramer grew up on a Kentucky ranch, riding rodeo before joining college and joining a fraternity. A newly elected State Senator was a member of the same fraternity. He suggested Don come intern for him, which led Don into the political arena working for several top politicians. Don’s decision of pursuing that political path or returning to his Kentucky roots disappeared on 9/11. That’s when his military bloodline and his sense of patriotism called him into military service. He spent years as an Intelligence Officer on repeated deployments before returning home and reentering the world of politics. Today Don Bramer is among the most influential Lobbyists in the country. His company, the Bramer Group, is at the forefront of advocating for veterans, American manufacturing, and Defense. Frequently asked to appear on national news network, Don is a familiar presence to those who stay up to date on current events. In this episode Don Bramer shares who that newly elected Senator- now one of the most powerful politicians in the country - was. He talks about how 9/11 changed his life’s trajectory, what a lobbyist really does and why it matters, and the insight gained from global travel and service to our country.Watch this interview with Don Bramer on YouTubeFollow us on Instagram:@americansnippets@barballenspeaks@davebrownliveVisit us online, shop apparel, and join the Great American Syndicate! 
The story of SEAL Team 10 was widely publicized through the book and movie, Lone Survivor. Because of that, many of us know about the extraordinary courage and tragic deaths of the men on that Afghanistan mountain with Marcus Luttrell. We also know that a Chinook helicopter with a force consisting of SEALS and 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment “Nightstalkers” was shot down during a rescue attempt, killing all 16 men on board. What is lesser known is the story of the men on that Chinook, or the ones who were left to grieve for the husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, and friends. In this episode of American Snippets, Charissa Fontan Westfall, author  of Beautiful Tragedy and widow of Chief Petty Officer Jacques Fontan, shares her story of love, loss, and triumph she’s experienced since the death of her husband and the new love that came into her life.
Travis Chappell is an expert on building networks and relationships. His own network is massive and the multi-tiered relationships he’s built are the result of the value he’s brought to those relationships as well as the value he’s gained. His success as a top podcast creator, a real estate investor, and relationship expert can appear to be all about fun and luck, but in reality, it’s a world away from where he started.In this episode of American Snippets, Travis shares his story of how his life went from one extreme to another. He talks about what led him to step out of the isolated community and a path to the seminary, and into a national arena. He also offers hard-earned insight into what it takes to build and grow the kind of relationships and expertise that will help you achieve your own vision of success.Watch this interview with Travis Chappell on YouTubeFollow us on Instagram:@americansnippets@barballenspeaks@davebrownliveVisit us online, shop apparel, and join the Great American Syndicate!
Army veteran Erik Shaw is the founder of Tactical 16 publishing company. Tactical 16 works primarily with authors in the Armed Forces, Police, Fire, and Rescue communities in a hybrid publishing model designed to be an affordable yet powerful outlet to write and publish their books. Having recently stepped away from running that company, Erik moved into the same work for professional athletes. He’s also a member of the United States Space and continues to offer brand and marketing support to the company he founded. example of someone who's maintained.In this episode of American Snippets, Erik shares some ins-and-outs of the publishing world and offers a peek at his work with the Space Force. He talks about his experiences working with professional athletes and how politics has entered their athletic profession as well as how it can impact their personal branding. Finally, Erik explains why he’s fast becoming a beacon of humor and positivity on social media, and why that matters in today’s climate. Watch this interview with Erik Shaw on YouTubeFollow us on Instagram:@americansnippets@barballenspeaks@davebrownliveVisit us online, shop apparel, and join our community!
Police Officer Gregory Parker captured the country’s eye when a news crew caught him on video running down and capturing a suspect. That video led to a call from the hit TV show, Ultra Tag, and from there Officer Parker’s public platform exploded.Today, even as he continues to serve in law enforcement, he is a well known Social Media Influencer who uses his platform to inspire, encourage, and lead others through challenges. He is passionate about representing the humanity behind the badge a police officer wears and in today’s volatile climate, with so much anger and violence being directed at police officers, he is a much-needed voice of reason.In this episode of American Snippets, Officer Parker opens up about his own tumultuous childhood, the mentor that helped him overcome his past, and how he really feels about his career as a police officer.Watch this interview with Officer Parker on YouTubeFollow us on Instagram:@americansnippets@barballenspeaks@davebrownliveVisit us online, shop apparel, and join our community!
For over a decade, our country’s military has been bearing the brunt of seemingly endless wars. Many of those who honorably serve are returning home with physical injuries that impact their lives, or emotional wounds that make it difficult for them to move forward. Too many do not return at all, leaving grieving families behind to carry that loss forever. America is stepping forward to serve our veterans. Over 46,000 military-focused nonprofits exist today. So when Oakley, Inc, decided to do its part to give back, it took another path. Most people know of Oakley as a company that produces elite sports performance equipment and lifestyle pieces. But what Oakley is just as committed to is supporting the military community. In this episode. Oakley’s Director of its Military/Government program, Erick Poston, talks about Oakley’s Infinite Hero Foundation.The Infinite Hero Foundation combats the most difficult front-line issues – mental and physical – facing military heroes and their families. It connects our military, veterans and military family members with innovative and effective treatment programs for service related injuries by supporting existing nonprofits doing that work. To date, the Infinite Hero Foundation has raised well over 4 million dollars to donate towards approved nonprofits. Listen in as Erick shares the mission and story of the Infinite Hero Foundation. 
Christa Cairus is a two-time author. She’s a speaker, a teacher, a mom of 3, and a Special Olympics coach. Her first book,” Beautiful Survivor, overcoming the statistics” shares in depth detail on her life as a young girl who was preyed upon and sexually trafficked. Her story of horrific abuse and then a tragic accident that left her paralyzed just months after having a baby could have ended right there, but her new book, “Turning Adversity Into Glitter” shares the lessons in resilience, strength, and grace that she used to rebuild her life. In this episode of American Snippets, Christa talks about her life as a victim and a survivor. She also shares some of the lessons she’s learned in the course of finding triumph after trauma, and offers insight into how to escape and overcome abuse.Watch our interview with Christa CairusFollow us on
Major James Capers, Jr. is the son of a Sharecropper who was falsely convicted for a crime and fled to another state. Capers grew up in a time that racism ran rampant and the Jim Crow era was in full swing, but that did not stop him from achieving one extraordinary accomplishment after another throughout a storied career in the United States Marine Corps. His memoir, Faith Through the Storm, offers an in-depth journey of Major Capers’ life as a young Black American before, during, and after his service. From trauma, to triumph, to tragedy and heroism on the streets of America and the jungles of Vietnam, Major Capers’ story is the kind that legends are made of. Major Capers became the first African-American Marine to receive a battlefield commission while in 3rd Force Recon. He was the first African- American Marine Officer featured on a Marine Recruitment Poster. His incredible courage and leadership led to being inducted into the Commando Hall of Honor for special forces, receiving the Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Purple Heart (with 4 gold stars). His nomination for the Medal of Honor has been renewed. But above all his achievements, Major Capers is most of all a loving husband and father who now lives with the memory of a son who died in his arms and the love of his life who died shortly after. His nonprofit, The Gary Capers Foundation, was launched in their honor.In this episode of American Snippets, Major Capers shares raw and real stories of love, loss, and sacrifice both in and out of service. He talks freely about what the flag means to him, the men he lost in Vietnam, and the woman who stood by his side through all of it.Watch our interview with Major James Capers Jr.Follow us on
Gary Linfoot was on his 21st combat deployment when his helicopter experienced mechanical failures, and crashed. Gary suffered a spinal injury that left him paralyzed from the waist down. Together, Gary and his wife Mari worked to adjust to their own new normal. Along the way they have been supported by incredible people and organizations like the Gary Sinise Foundation, which gifted them with a customized home, and the Infinite Hero Foundation, which gifted Gary with an iBot powered wheelchair.The Linfoots are now paying it forward with their own organization, The American Mobility Project. They recently gifted custom iBots to two young women, and have also been able to gift various adaptive equipment to others.In this episode, Gary and Mari share their story of service, sacrifice, and finding purpose in their own pain.Watch our interview with Mary and Gary LinfootFollow us on
Jeff Lambert is a Veteran and Drag car racer with two track championships to his name. He is the President of Armed Forces Racing and founder of Jeff’s passion is to grow the sport of sportsman drag racing by helping grass roots racers improve their race programs through sponsorships. He also gives back to fellow veterans by introducing them to the sport of drag racing as recreational therapy. In this episode Jeff shares his story of how he built a business out of something he is passionate about, and offers insight into how Americans today can do the same, even in the midst of the Coronavirus restrictions and challenges.Watch our interview with Jeff LambertFollow us on
In this episode of American Snippets, co-founder Barb Allen responds to the ever-increasing assertion that the divisiveness in this country is directly attributed to President Trump.  We stand by everyone's right to express their beliefs and opinions but this complete BS and most Americans know it.This episode represents our own views on the true roots of divisiveness and serves as a counter to a particular article written by John Pavlovitz titled, This Presidency is Killing Relationships - and we're All Grieving.
Mike Rouse is an accomplished endurance athlete with hundreds of high-profile races and several world championships to his name. He has trained and competed alongside some of this country’s most elite athletes in Ironmans, Ultra Marathons, and 24 hour runs to raise money for families of the fallen. He’s also spent 14 months in a United States prison, and been locked up in a Turkish prison. He built and ran a nonprofit to support former inmates and smuggled bibles into Iraq. Today he is in his 60’s and still running circles around people half his age, literally and figuratively, with his athleticism and his own inner strength. He is committed to using his life to serve others, and in this episode of American Snippets he opens up about the difficult turns his life took, his own accountability for those turns, and how he found the biggest blessings by giving back. Watch our interview with Mike RouseFollow us on 
Chad Felderhoff and his brother Mitch run the multigenerational animal food manufacturer company, Muenster Milling. While Chad knew one day he'd be a part of carrying on the family business, he never imagined it would entail such difficult moves as firing his own parents, or such wild marketing campaigns like watching his brother eat nothing but dog food for 30 days, but that's exactly what happened. In this episode Chad shares his own robust family history while applying the lessons they carry to the challenges of today's business climate. He also talks about the intricacies of working closely with family members, and offers advice for anyone doing the same. Chad's story is yet another example of how the American Dream is built and passed on to generations, and how each generation makes it their own.Watch our interview with Chad Felderhoff from Muenster Milling on YouTubeFollow us on
Marine Corps veteran Ozzie Martinez Jr. was 20 years old on 9/11. He immediately called a recruiter and initiated the process of becoming a Marine. After two back-to-back deployments, Ozzie had been through experiences that lead to him becoming declared 100% disabled due to PTSD. The diagnosis shattered his hopes of becoming a law enforcement officer and sent Ozzie into a deep depression. After years of turmoil, Ozzie found the strength to rebuild his life. Today he is leading other veterans through their own post traumatic survival paths through a podcast and his organization, Operation Wet Vet, where camaraderie and recreation allow combat veterans to recover and grow from their own trauma.Listen in as Ozzie shares his family's story of their lives in Cuba, how they came to this country, his story of service and his openness about his struggles, as well as the extraordinary way he is  continuing to serve through his work today. Watch our interview with Ozzie Martinez Jr. on YouTubeFollow us on
Molly Trotter thought she’d landed her dream job as an anchor for a news station, only to quickly discover that dream was just an illusion. What she'd believed would be a platform to champion the underdog was instead a factory for producing fear and anger. Then she was fired without warning, and faced a pivotal moment in her life. Today, she is leading a surging community of new entrepreneurs through the gauntlets of online branding and marketing. Her work is critical for the wave of Americans facing the Covid crisis as they lose their jobs or their businesses struggle to survive. Molly is also an eloquently outspoken presence on social media, as she encourages people to focus on meaningful conversations without buying into the fear and anger being nurtured in the media. In this episode, Molly talks about how she began and ended her news career, navigated the struggles of being unemployed, and how a leap of faith she took led her to a new career and the love of her life. Watch our interview with Molly Trotter on YouTubeFollow us on
Sean Whalen is at the forefront of the entrepreneurial and the personal development worlds. His reputation as a hard-charging, patriotic, no bullshit kind of personality is not for the easily offended individual, but millions of people around the world follow Sean to learn from and connect with others who share an appreciation for his approach to life.Raised in a single parent home, Sean worked his way out of the underdog position to achieve wealth and success, only to lose his family and business in a catastrophic fall that lead to a depression that almost claimed his life. But Sean pulled himself back together, repaired the wounds in his life, and turned his pain into purpose by creating the kind of success only the most driven people achieve.He is CEO and an investor in several massively successful companies but the one he's most widely known for is his role as founder and CEO of the global movement, Lions Not Sheep. Listen in as Sean gets real about building success, who his hero is, how he's approaching love this time around, and what his version of the American Dream is all about. Watch our interview with Sean Whalen on YouTubeFollow us on
There is not much about failure and success that Billy Alvaro has not experienced. His story is packed with extremes in both. First, there's the part about how he went from tending bar to building a career in which he handled over a billion dollars of transactions, and what impact a coke dealer had on that path. Next, he crashed right down to the bottom. He was 14 million dollars in debt with no clear path out, and his world caved in around him. Faced with total destruction, Billy tapped into his will and made a bold move that turned the tide. Today he is back on top of his game, working with real estate investors and homeowners across the country as he solves problems and leads clients to major returns on their investments. He's made a stunning comeback that is packed with lessons on resilience and business expertise. Billy talks about it all in this episode of American Snippets.Watch our interview with Bill Alvaro on YouTubeFollow us on
Stephen Miller Sr. is a martial arts expert, a former MMA fighter, and strength athlete with 5 still standing world records to his credit. He’s a high-impact motivational/inspirational speaker, trainer and mentor to some of America’s top sports and entertainment people. Stephen and his son Steven Miller II have become a leading father/son motivational team in America.In this episode, Stephen shares his story of discovering his own strength and turns his own experiences into lessons anyone can apply to doing the same.Watch our interview with Stephen MillerFollow us on
Long before Mary Sarah turned four chairs on the hit TV show The Voice, she was tuning in to the hearts of audiences from the Grand Ole Opry, to touring with Kidz Bop, and performing with country legends like Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard, among others.Mary Sarah has learned some tough lessons about human nature and the music industry, and credits her family and her faith with guiding her to the right places and people at the right time. In this episode, Mary Sarah shares some of those stories, Including how she came to be a National Ambassador for the non-profit, Caiden's Hope, what it was like to sing with Dolly Parton, why she declined two opportunities to compete on The Voice before she appeared in Season 10. She also offers advice for any young artist hoping to build their own success in the industry. Watch our interview with Mary Sarah on YouTubeFollow us on
John Vincent loves to sing. It's his gift, and it's what brings him the most joy. He's been dubbed as a "Crooner" for his signature throwback covers of the late, great, Frank Sinatra and others of that era.And if you're a Cubs fan there is a good chance you've heard John singing the anthem prior to each home game.During the current COVID-19 lockdowns, John is taking his talent to the streets of his hometown. At the request of local law enforcement, John is popping up all over town for impromptu performances  that are bringing joy and light into stressful lives.In this episode we talk with John about his own path to success and how each of us has the ability to inspire others.
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