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Amy's Aviation: Kids Guide to Airplanes & Airports
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Amy's Aviation: Kids Guide to Airplanes & Airports

Author: Fun Kids

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Join Amy as she explores the world of planes and teaches us how they work!

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Planes landing on beaches isn't your ordinary sight but in some rural communities around the UK, they do just that! On the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands and the Isles of Scilly, planes land on beaches when the tide is out!  See for privacy information.
Airbus makes a massive variety of aircraft, using the very latest and newest technology and materials to create the most efficient craft possible. In fact, in Stevenage they’re aiming just about as high as you can get… See for privacy information.
The National Air Traffic Service use the latest tech like radar and satellites to track the positions of all the planes flying in the UK airspace. Controllers also talk to pilots on the radio! See for privacy information.
RAF Cardington, an air force base with a long and varied history associated with airships and balloons, is based in Bedford.  They used to build barrage balloons. Today, Cardington is home to a type of aircraft that you might not see that often in the skies… See for privacy information.
Helicopters (Yeovil)

Helicopters (Yeovil)


Yeovil is home to Royal Naval Air Station, Yeovilton. That's where the Fleet Air Arm – the aircraft that belong to the Royal Navy - live! See for privacy information.
RAF Jets  (Lossiemouth)

RAF Jets (Lossiemouth)


RAF Lossiemouth can be found on the eastern coast of Scotland. It’s been home to aircraft for nearly 80 years! See for privacy information.
Rolls Royce (Derby)

Rolls Royce (Derby)


Rolls-Royce isn't just a luxury car! Actually, there are two Rolls-Royce companies – one makes cars, the other has something to do with planes! Today, Amy Aviation visits Derby, home to Rolls Royce! See for privacy information.
Bombardier (Belfast)

Bombardier (Belfast)


Bombardier is an enormous international aerospace business that designs and manufactures innovative aviation products! Amy Aviation is in Belfast, the UK home of the company.  See for privacy information.
Concorde (Bristol)

Concorde (Bristol)


Concorde, the world famous aircraft made in Bristol. That's what Amy is finding out about today! See for privacy information.
Satellites (Guildford)

Satellites (Guildford)


Surrey Satellite Technology Limited are experts in satellite technology! Aeronautics isn’t just about planes – it’s about anything in the air and that includes space!   See for privacy information.
BAE Systems (Preston)

BAE Systems (Preston)


Red Arrows, the Eurofighter Typhoon, and the Hawk. BAE Systems design and manufactures aircraft for customers around the world.  See for privacy information.
De Havilland’s Comet is the world's first commercial airliner. When it took to the air in 1952, it helped thousands of people experience air travel for the first time. See for privacy information.
Farnborough is home to one of the biggest air events in the world – the famous Farnborough Air show! Maybe you’ve been to it yourself? See for privacy information.
Hull is home to Amy Johnson, the world's most famous female flier!  See for privacy information.
London's been at the heart of aviation for well over a hundred years. Even before powered aeroplanes, London played host to hot air balloons and airships. Find out how it all began... See for privacy information.
In this episode Zoom takes us to the baggage carousel. He teaches us all about how the carousel works. See for privacy information.
In this episode Zoom checks out the gates in the Airport. He tells us what they are like and what we have to do when we go to them. He then looks at the Airbridges and tells us what they are and how they work.  See for privacy information.
In this episode Zoom tells us what the big screens in the terminals show us. See for privacy information.
In this episode Zoom takes us to the security gate and tells us what to expect when we go there.  See for privacy information.
In this episode Zoom tells all you need to know about your passport. See for privacy information.
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