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Every week Bethany and Kathleen get together to chat about their lives and what's weird in the world, and they're inviting you to join them! Pull up a chair. Pour yourself something warm or strong or bubbly. There's room at the Tastebud Table for everyone.
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We hope some story writing execs from the Hallmark Channel are listening to this gem! Bethany has a very serious theory about Ryan Gosling's fists. Is he -or- isn't he about to go HAM on someone during every single red carpet photo op? Also, Ryan Reynolds stops by to stay hi (sorta). Then, Kathleen is blowing our minds with her 'work backwards' idea about creating your ideal life. PLUS, she's sharing the top 6 signs you are giving too much of yourself to your job! Welcome to Wednesday, Buds... it's time to breakdance!Please support the companies that support us!thredUP – thredUP is the world’s largest online resale store where you can buy and sell secondhand clothing! For a limited time, they’re offering An Acquired Taste listeners up to 50% off your first order when you go to! That’s on top of the already low prices so hurry and take advantage! Terms apply. AUrate – Aurate is fine jewelry ethically made in New York City, founded by women for women! For 15% off your first Aurate purchase, go to and use promo code TASTE! OPENFIT – Change the way you work out with OPENFIT! Right now, during the OPENFIT 30-day challenge, our listeners get a special extended 30-day free trial membership to OPENFIT when you text Taste to 303030. You’ll get full access to OPENFIT – all the workouts and nutrition information – TOTALLY FREE! (Standard Message and Data Rates May Apply) Uqora - Try Uqora risk-free for 30 days and say goodbye to UTIs. Right now, Uqora isoffering 30% off when you text TASTE to 48-48-48. But hurry! This is a limitedtime offer!"Happy Dreams" Royalty free music from
HAPPY SEASON 3! This episode, Bethany and Kathleen share what this new season will focus on. Then, tearing up at work? At the bank? In front of your crush, Andrew Keegan? Bethany is giving tips on how to trick your body into stopping crying. And Kathleen shares a fascinating article from Cosmo on the woman who is working undercover to catch dangerous men before they hurt others. It’s a mixed-bag episode on this week’s Acquired Taste Podcast, and there’s a seat saved for you!Please support the companies that support us!Rothy’s - Go to ( taste to get your new favorite flats! Comfort, style, and sustainability – these are the shoes you’ve been waiting for!Away - For $20 off a suitcase, visit and use promo code TASTE during checkout!Zola - Build your free wedding website on Zola and get $50 toward your registry. Go to ( get started today!Noom - Noom is a habit-changing solution that helps users learn to develop a new relationship with food through personalized courses. Small steps make big progress. Sign up for your trial today at!
Welp, Bethany’s put on her witch hat and her buckle shoes, so you know what time it (almost) is! The ladies read two of your spooky emails leftover from last year. Then, Kathleen reads an email from a Tastebud who used 23&Me and had her entire world rocked.Please support the companies that support us!Brooklinen - Get 10% off AND free shipping when you use our promo code TASTE at ( ! “The Witch Are Going Magical” and “The graveyard” by Loyalty Freak Music ( are licensed by Creative Commons (
Kathleen’s had an eventful week, so she’s teaching you how to clear your mind. (The tips come from an “ultra-endurance athlete” so you know they’re legit because this dude ran for DAYS.) Plus, Bethany’s concerned that her reaction to Stranger Things is abnormal. The ladies also give advice to a shy listener who wants to put their best foot forward at a new job.Pre-order Bethany’s sister’s new book “Unscripted” here! (  Please support the companies that support us!Bombas - Send your kids back to school with the socks that keep them comfy, colorful, and ready to take on the school year. And since Bombas donates a pair of socks for every pair purchased, you should get yourself some, too! Visit ( and get 20% off your first purchase!Care/of - Care/of is a subscription service that delivers vitamins and supplements customized for your specific health needs. For 25% off your first Care/of order, go to ( and enter TASTE!Lola - LOLA is a female-founded company offering a line of organic cotton tampons, pads, liners and all-natural cleansing wipes. For 40% off your first month’s subscription, visit ( and enter TASTE when you subscribe!BioClarity - Get healthier, more radiant skin by going to ( Save 40% on skincare routines PLUS an additional 15% off EVERYTHING on their website by entering our code ACQUIRED at checkout!
Everyone is hanging out for a special Saturday episode of the pod. Bethany, Kathleen, Dennis, and the cats are all here! On the table today: Step Mullets, Forever 21 and Macy's made a sizeism faux pas, Bethany says vacations make you stupid... but the joke is on her. Andrew Keegan and his defunct cult get stirred in with a touch of DIY wedding cake advice, teenage romance fantasies and the pasta that gives Bethany the poops. Grab some toilet tissue. It's getting muddy in Kitchen Studio NYC. Please support the companies that support us!ThirdLove - ThirdLove knows there's a perfect bra for everyone, so right now they're offering our listeners 15% off your first order! Just visit now!FIGS - Whether you're in the healthcare field or you just like comfy clothes, FIGS is for you! And right now they're offering Acquired Taste listeners 15% OFF your first purchase! Visit and enter our code REGULAR at checkout.LegacyBox - There's never been a better time to digitally preserve your memories. Plus, for a limited time, they're offering Acquired Taste listeners 40% off your first order! Go to to get started!Instacart - Try Instacart and get $10 off your first order! To get this limited time offer, visit or download their mobile app, and use our code TASTE at checkout!
Hello from our new recording home... Audioboom studios! We're so happy to have some really fancy microphones to get our mittens on, but Kitchen Studio NYC will forever live in all of our hearts. Bethany and Kathleen take a second to do a happy dance about their news, but first things first. A new studio means the ladies have to come up with a new escape plan in case zombies attack! Zak Bagans gets thrown into the mix (again) as the freshly announced owner of the Charles Manson Murder House. (Yay?) In honor of his ghost museum, the ladies dream up their own fake museum ideas that will ultimately fail. And, they revisit Hannah's letter about not being able to orgasm with some really solid advice via fellow Tastebud, Brittany  (errr... um.... Snow, perhaps). Get your vibrators out... it's time to rumble.Please support the companies that support us!Joybird - See how Joybird is revolutionizing online furniture shopping. Create the furniture that brings you Joy today! Go to and receive an exclusive offer for 25% off your first order by using the code TASTE.
Can you describe the plot to a movie you’ve never seen? Bethany brings back her favorite game and forces Kathleen to run down the plots of classics such as Gosford Park and John Wick, films Kathleen has never watched. Then Kathleen reads some of the best questions that middle school kids have asked during sex ed. CAN you get pregnant from grinding during a dance? Does true love block STIs? What’s a poultice? Plus, more voicemails from you! Please support the companies that support us!Scary Mommy Speaks podcast - Download and subscribe to the Scary Mommy Speaks podcast from Apple Podcasts (   Spotify, or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts! Purple - Get a FREE Purple pillow with the purchase of a mattress! That’s in addition to the great free gifts they’re offering site wide. Just text TASTE to 84-888! (Message and data rates may apply.)OpenFit - During the OpenFit 30 Day Challenge, Acquired Taste listeners get a special extended 30 day free trial membership to OpenFit when you text TASTE to 303030! (Standard message and data rates may apply.)MVMT Sunglasses - Get your own stylish, high-quality sunglasses that are never more than $95! And get 15% off today - with FREE shipping and FREE returns - by going to (
Last week’s episode was pretty serious, so Bethany and Kathleen lighten things up a bit this week! Bethany is fully traumatized by something her boyfriend is doing in the bathroom…with her cat’s mini-sofa. Kathleen’s been creeping on Reddit to find answers to your biggest beauty questions, and Bethany’s gassin’ up the Airstream to meet 1 million of the internet’s closest friends to STORM AREA 51! Will you be there? Can you Naruto run? Do aliens like lemonade?Please support the companies that support us! Noom - You don’t have to change your eating and health habits all in one day. Small steps make big progress. Sign up for your trial today at’s - Who knew shoes made from recycled water bottles could be so comfortable? Check out all the amazing styles available right now at ( taste to get your new favorite flats.Instacart - Instacart is making shopping for groceries easy! To get $10 off your first order, go to ( or download the mobile app and enter our promo code TASTE at checkout!
Our listener Hannah is feeling alone and, well, just broken. Why? She’s 26 and has never had an orgasm, not even by herself! Can Kathleen and Bethany put their minds together and help brainstorm some ideas to help Hannah get her groove started? Please support the companies that support us!thredUP - The world’s largest online consignment and thrift store is giving An Acquired Taste listeners a limited time offer of an EXTRA 30% off your first order! Just visit (
Listener Ted has fallen in love - hard - with the wrong dude, and Bethany has some theories on what may be going on. Kathleen had an ice cream run-in with a stranger that made her take a deep dive into how to spot potential serial killers. (Is there one in your office? Is your boss one?? ARE YOU ONE?!) Plus, both women have some thoughts on how to curate your Instagram feed to help you stop hatin’ your body already! Please support the companies that support us!bioClarity - Get healthier, more radiant skin by going to ( . Save 40% on skincare routines PLUS an additional 15% off EVERYTHING on their website by using the code ACQUIRED at checkout!Never Thought I’d Say This - Listen to “Fuller House” star Jodie Sweetin and her BFF Celia Behar’s new parenting podcast! It premieres Wednesday July 10th, with new episodes every week. Click here ( for more info and listening links!Lola - LOLA is a female-founded company offering a line of organic cotton tampons, pads, liners, and all naturalcleansing wipes. For 40% off all subscriptions, visit ( and enter TASTE when you subscribe!
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Nicole Stephan

Really didn't sound like Kathleen was going to say the only thing she likes to put in her mouth when she's drunk was Pizza...🤣

Feb 26th

Christina Lease

I love this podcast!!! By far my most favorite podcast I have ever listened to!! These ladies fricken rock!

Jan 9th

Yasmine Bidzilya-Harmon

By far my favorite podcast!

Dec 12th

melvin garcia

Bethany sounded like skeery interviewing Wierd Al 😂😂

Sep 19th

Mac Phillips

I love these girls!!!

Sep 13th
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