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Author: Anabel Prieto

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Anabel stays home during the Coronavirus crisis. She has to entertain herself somehow, right? Hopefully she will entertain other people too!
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This episode goes on about endings, about wanting the confinement to end - it potentially doing it some time soon, about endings in literature or fiction, and about the end of this series of podcast.I also talk about sharing creative content and/or oversharing on the internet.Clips used from the following songs:Mari Carmen, by La pegatinaHello... I'm Jonnhy Cash, by Alabama 3It always ends in tears with a ginger, by Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5In the end, by Linkin ParkThe end, by The DoorsOther references: The Guardian FriendsHarry Potter, by J.K.Rowling, Charles DickensVictor HugoFiódor DostoyevskiThe Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, by Michael Chabon
In today's podcast I talk about time! Yes, such a big concept... So I have lots to say: about how we try to constrain it, about how it worries me and I also think about some time idioms that call my attenton.Ah! and about wasting time - it may be a good thing to do after all!Like and share!!And thanks for listening! :)
In today's podcast I talk about culture consumption and creativity in the lockdown, as well as the importance of community for creative purposes.I also wonder about counterproductivity of having so much time in the confinement.Like and share!!And thanks for listening! :)References: - Irvine Welsh's opening event at WoWFest in lockdown- Kevin P Gilday's Scribbler's Union- Cat Hepburn and Kevin P Gilday's Sonnet Youth Social Club- My wee Scottish FamilySeries mentioned: Ozark, Peaky Blinders, HouseOther stuff mentioned: Edinburgh's Helping Hands, Glasgow's The Space, Eventbrite website, God.
Today's topic is In vino veritas, or about drinking and the truth.I also talk about stereotypes about Scottish people and Spanish people, types of drunk people.Like and share!!And thanks for listening! :)Refereces: Britannica online encyclopediaWikipediaIn vino veritas (The Banquet) by Soren KierkegaardArt by Yasmina RezaGod of Carnage by Yasmina RezaHouse, TV series Songs:- Preludio, by Chambao (from Flamenco Chill, 2002)- Meryton Townhall, by Dario Marinelli (from Pride and Prejudice OST, 2005)- Golden Brown, by The Stranglers (1982)- Shotgun Mouthwash, by High Contrast (2017)- The House of the Rising Sun by The Animals(1964)
Today I talk about pushing boundaries.I don't know if we all are pushing boundaries with this confinement thing or if the Coronavirus crisis has passed and I didn't know!Also about pushing boundaries on a personal level and what that can mean... My first thought was that humans are like Pokemons.Like and share!!And thanks for listening! :)
Today I talk about moving about, by foot, by car of by public transport.By doing that I will also talk about important issues, such as the misterious ability of children of not caring about who they play with, the way buses can be a joyful source of entertainment and about the strangeness of things!Like and share!!And thanks for listening! :)
This week Anabel is a bit nostalgic and explains why. I guess I could have used this opportunity to get deep again, but I didn't... Instead I talk about types of people in the morning and about wasting time, in particular in the morning, and in your life in general!! Next week more and even better! Hit Like and Share if you like it. If you don't like it, do it too so you can waste your enemy's time!
This week I discover video calls, and the joys of staying home for that long a period of time. Not all is bad. I will also share with you some of the stuff I have watched or read. But nothing crazy, eh? More next week!
Although I sneak out of home (for very valid reasons and short periods of time!). Truth is I am enjoying my forced time home - I am getting to do lots of things.
When my future life plans are smashed by a cosmic joke (aka Coronavirus / covid-19) I find a new project that will keep me positive!
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