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Andrew Schulz's Flagrant with Akaash Singh

Author: Andrew Schulz's Flagrant with Akaash Singh

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Flagrant is a comedy podcast that delivers unfiltered, unapologetic, and unruly hot takes directly to your dome piece. In an era dictated by political correctness, hosts Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh, along with AlexxMedia and Mark Gagnon, could care less about sensitivities. If it’s funny and flagrant it flies. If you are sensitive this podcast is not for you. But if you miss the days of comedians actually being funny instead of preaching to a choir then welcome to The Flagrancy.
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Yerrrr, we're back - got some Flagrant takes on Diddy, Giddey, Napoleon, and much much more! 00:00 P Diddy's Grapes & Wrath + Alexx nervous 01:58 Pretending to be gay to distract? 02:55 Kid Cudi or Lupe? 08:46 LA Announcement + Dov kills it! 12:00 Ma$e & Cam'Ron come on + Freaking Off 13:27 50 Cent's loving this + Puffy Paranoia 18:15 We're apolitical on the toilet 20:36 Schulz can't relax on vacation 29:28 Schulz teaches Australians how to make iced coffee 33:56 Australia LOVES stimulants 37:15 Akaash watched India's World Cup Cricket collapse + Shubh's dad is that guy 52:45 Flexing on Poors + Beggars need to beg + Bougie Alexx 1:02:43 Alexx thinks NYC Pigeons are getting smarter? 1:11:55 Crazy turbulence and who gets the first class upgrade, you or your wife? 1:21:29 Josh Giddey allegations 1:33:43 JFK doc + Padel IS Mexican 1:37:28 Napoleon is a MID 1:41:19 Might be over for Ye? 1:44:25 Middle East becoming THE destination + Russian exports to Dubai 2:01:05 Arabs love Falcons + Medieval Times salt 2:04:54 Irish Riots + extreme right is becoming mainstream 2:08:56 Can't trust politicians with those haircuts 2:11:41 NBA making LaMelo cover up his tattoo 2:15:12 Dua Lipa asking the tough questions 2:17:44 Ian Garry allegations + Strickland is buckwild 2:23:52 50 Cent is the GOAT + Akaash got GOT
Yerrrrrr, we had to get the CHAMP on Flagrant to discuss how life has been since winning, if he wants to be an actor, what life is like as a father, his next fights and how he is going to beat Chito! 00:00 Kill Tony appearance 02:01 Feeling bad for knocking out Aljo 09:21 Being UFC Champ 13:59 Aspirations after UFC - acting? 14:47 Predictions, perennial nerve + Henry Cejudo 22:41 Women different now after being champ? 24:38 Suga can sing now 31:11 Suga Sean is a BIG DEAL 39:42 Selling out MSG + TD Garden is aight 47:00 Grammar ****s, appropriation + Middle East news 51:26 Lil Baby is Sean's favourite rapper 57:25 Wanting to be a Billionaire 1:01:10 Barely sparring, Knicks workout + AI danger 1:05:05 UFC rigging results for Suga + Paddy 1:09:02 Fatherhood + supporting your child's passion 1:15:50 Sean will KO Chito + most exhausted 1:19:51 Injuries, preparation + breath work 1:25:40 Tyson Fury won + Ngannou IQ is insane 1:27:34 Strickland v Izzy + Sean v Tank one day 1:31:47 UFC offers so much value v Boxing 1:33:59 Losses in UFC aren't fatal 1:38:26 Navigating UFC + Predictions UFC 296 1:41:23 UFO obsession + Bob Lazar 1:49:16 Visiting One World Trade Center
THE LIFE TOUR IS COMING HOME MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 🗽 Exclusive presale kicks off on November 7th. Use Code: ANDREW Get your tickets at THEANDREWSCHULZ.COM ------ Yerrrr, had to have WHITE CHOCOLATE on the Flagrant to talk about some of his insane stories on and off the basketball court. INDULGE. 00:00 Andrew's MSG presale tickets are LIVE, code ANDREW 10:02 Intro to White Chocolate 11:01 Jason's old paintball drive-bys? 14:02 Code Blue Explanation in Basketball Games 17:55 Best QB Randy Moss played with + forgetting plays 22:12 "I didn't get paid to play D" 37:13 Lack of imagination in today's game 38:03 Assists kept him playing + NBA being easier 48:17 Draft Night at a BBQ spot + making grandma happy 50:50 Starting at Sacramento + Euros can't wash 52:43 Wild hazing stories 57:30 Handling fame/pressure 59:45 Impacting the game = AI, Jason and Steph 1:02:54 John Stockton was dirty + Karl Malone is a bad boy 1:06:07 Miami Heat Championship mentality 1:11:00 Pat Riley is that guy + "Heat Culture" 1:16:47 Shaquille O'Neal 1:18:20 Speedy Claxton + the underrated 1:21:08 NBA Finals + "F them referees" + Rec. league War Stories 1:31:46 Orlando Magic is the worst 1:37:15 People weren't playing like White Chocolate 1:41:54 Return from retirement + $43m contract 1:47:34 Gay players in the NBA + Dwight Howard is dominant 1:56:15 Gary Payton + no real vices 2:03:14 Rookie contracts + looking after your money 2:04:32 Nike shoe deal + best sneaker now 2:06:11 Kyrie Irving = best ball handler ever 2:08:23 Kobe Bryant 2:10:00 Michael Jordan 2:16:32 Best Arena 2:22:11 Transitioning from superstars to roleplayers 2:23:53 LeBron James is the greatest ever 2:26:02 Post-career comedown + going back to Belle 2:33:14 Jason treats us to a magic show 2:47:15 Penny Hardaway + Speedy Claxton 2:49:10 Kicked out of a Chinese charity game 2:54:05 Weirdest place = India + Meeting Larry Bird 3:02:00 Indonesia was different + biggest bag 3:02:52 China loves basketball + playing there 3:06:24 Edibles in China 3:11:35 Final magic trick bamboozles EVERYONE
Yerrrrrr it's ANDREW'S 40th BIRTHDAY and we had to get a boys ep out to reflect on that and talk about some hot topics like Hasan Minhaj, last week's big boxing match, Kai Cenat, Andrew's birthday dinner and much much more. Happy Halloween, Happy Birthday and INDULGE. 0:00 Intro 0:36 Vala bombing HARD 1:23 Happy Birthday Andrew you old fart 3:41 Hangovers are light work 4:13 Matthew Perry conspiracy theories 9:07 Skinny Akaash not having fun 15:21 Andrew's paparazzi dinner exit 19:17 Reflecting on being 40 + 39 felt harder 30:07 Ice Spice in the Halloween Costume 32:02 FREE Hasan Minhaj 42:30 Hypotheticals + teaching BJ + faking nuts + All Due Respect 52:07 Dov needs a wife 53:56 Being afraid of Black & Dagestani D 1:00:43 Congress woman got got + Charla hosting Daily Show 1:04:10 Why is Andrew playing dress-up? 1:06:36 Ngannou v Fury - Francis’ IQ is insane 1:22:24 Akaash is coming through with the picks 1:23:27 Kisha Chavis’ legendary OnlyFans promo 1:25:32 Kai Cenat’s is leading livestreaming content 1:28:46 DeSantis lifts + Maher’s & Dutch politics 1:36:46 Amouranth’s pum pum beer + Yogurt pipeline + Mark’s mum love milkfat 1:42:11 Andrew’s mum’s heavies are AMERICAN 1:42:51 Free Dwight Howard + Ma$e is FUNNY 1:44:53 Burning Man Dwight + swapping spliffs with Superman
yerrrr, the boys are back from Europe and Abu Dhabi and have some fun stories from The Life Tour! INDULGE 00:00 Intro 00:49 Abu Dhabi show - no edits needed & fluency in American culture 06:05 Royal Family in attendance + invited to play Fifa 13:15 UFC - Volk needing constant goals + Kamaru was impressive 16:09 Meeting Zlatan Ibrahimovic 19:29 Tommy Fury can’t box 21:08 Dillon flopped + Logan was landing 25:02 Dillon Narrative shift & is influencer boxing still interesting? 30:40 Logan v Jake ain’t happening 32:40 Logan lawsuit + insane potential MMA event 37:31 Royal Albert Hall + wife’s family in attendance 39:26 Amsterdam = too literal + Mark bombs on stage 42:31 Window shopping in Amsterdam's District 49:08 Irish venue was incredible + drink to open up 58:13 Fight culture in Europe v US + Royal Family necessary 01:01:31 Andrew farts it up + No to deodorant 01:14:52 Akaash “partying” with Fateh + miserable weight loss journey 01:20:31 Jon Stewart cancelled by Apple + Daily Show needs a host… 01:24:21 Michael Irvin calling out his “hood” son 01:25:23 Britney excerpts about Justin + “Lock Her Up” 01:28:32 Kim K hires Manny + poorest role model? 01:32:27 Oldest woman skydiving 01:36:30 Retirement villages in FL = everyone is smashing 01:37:40 No rules after 65 + no voting or driving 01:41:51 Israel-Palestine
Yerrr, Akaash had Trevor Wallace and Michael Blaustein AKA the Stiff Socks Pod on to discuss their love of Amsterdam's districts, Trevor Wallace's beef with Whiteclaw, Michael Blaustein pranking a Kardashian & we reveal the meanest prank Akaash has EVER pulled off. INDULGE 00:00 Intro 01:05 Smashing the guests 03:48 Single Blau is an animal 05:18 Blau got GOT in Amsterdam 17:33 Blau’s inconsistent libido + new strange 18:57 Jada Pinkett-Smith is a baddie + Will Smith is broken 26:51 Hustling hard + Punk’d prank w/ Khloe Kardashian 33:43 Ashton Kutcher is HARSH but we respect it 37:40 Trevor spotting the wave + White Claws success 44:47 Starting at All Def Digital 46:32 Trevor’s business sense + KevOnStage is brilliant 55:45 Trevor getting punched + Karen response 58:40 The time Akaash punk’d Blau 01:20:26 Getting lit + d-game is still trash 01:26:00 Our Moms are STACKED 01:26:46 Blau LOVES feet + sometimes they’re too heavy 01:31:15 Trevor’s mom’s his type + Blau brings passion 01:44:00 “Hiring” security + getting confronted on stage 01:59:59 Hannah Berner sends her regards + we love our Moms 02:05:05 Eskimo bros with Johnny Sins + Blau LOVES his mom 02:18:40 Little separation on stage & Creativity + RIP OG Four Loco 02:25:52 Blau's VIRAL “How to Kiss” VIDEO 02:30:01 Bobby Lee’s D, going down + NYC vs LA women 02:40:21 Blau was POOR, but now just cheap 02:49:49 $1 tipping is INSANE 02:53:00 NYC tipping begrudgingly
Yerrrr, the boys had to discuss someone selling out Toronto, Drake's new album's reception, NYC's accent problem, some wild stories involving family and much much more. INDULGE. 00:00 Well done Drake + new album 03:34 Green light to get Andrew Tate 05:42 Akaash is loving petty Drake 07:13 Drake is male Kim K 09:44 Kanye’s “Yews” + talking yourself out of trouble 14:44 Drake’s shots at Ri-Ri 16:21 NY v Toronto accent 19:51 Alexx wanted more from Drake 20:33 Best American accent for MEN 22:37 Miles LOVES dumb girls & rizzing Mark’s sister 32:50 Mark’s “traditional” family 33:35 Raptors couldn’t get in + Dov’s in love w/ his COUSIN 39:39 Alexx’s cousin loving + Dov’s hot family 42:22 Mark’s sisters hanging out in their undies 52:47 Taylor Swift Jet conspiracy + freezing bodies 55:27 Disney fighting for the Mouse + Naked Family Chronicles 01:07:53 Cowboys got RINSED by 49ers 01:10:49 Dame to Bucks + Knicks need Jimmy Butler + signatures shoes 01:17:12 Beckham doc, hotter than Ronaldo + Posh Spice is cool 01:27:27 Will Ferrell DJing + everyone loves him 01:29:21 PSY’s entrance is crazy + Puerto Ricans keeping Mark up 01:33:24 Dillon’s gonna fight - predictions 01:40:21 Pressure is all on Logan
Yerrrrr, we had to get Dillon Danis to come on and explain what's going on with his lawsuit with Nina Agdal, see if he's actually going to fight Logan Paul, and to check in with the world's greatest UFC journalist. INDULGE 00:00 Intro 00:33 Dillon’s 300lb lover + last Flagrant appearance 05:45 Dillon bought Andrew a beautiful gift 08:13 Ronaldo Goofing Around 11:56 Andrew v Dillon Round 1 19:17 Sponsoring Dillon's corner 24:32 What actually happened with that bouncer? 28:20 Nina’s Lawsuit is CORNY 35:31 Logan is egotistical 37:57 Sparring with Alex “Poatan” Pereira + Bushido code 41:55 Conor McGregor = unbelievable under immense pressure 46:44 Dillon doesn’t target family 48:32 Logan can’t promote + doesn’t feel bad for Nina 51:06 Dillon Danis is now A-List 57:10 Who do we want to win? 59:16 Andrew v Dillon Round 2 01:02:00 Dillon choking out the boys 01:04:33 Why Dillon Accepted a bad Fight deal 01:07:45 Jake Paul + KSI are fighting to face Dillon next 01:12:51 Trash talking + Marcel suspending him 01:18:17 Rest in Peace Leandro Lo 01:22:00 Hitting rock bottom 01:33:12 Children, legacy + not trolling? 01:43:11 Drake taught Dillon how not to drink 01:48:09 The Rock is Dillon’s hero, Leo DiCaprio + nicest celebrities 01:54:16 Joe Rogan on Dillon Danis 01:56:16 Dillon’s Fight Promo 02:02:20 Acting is hard + Scarface reenactment 02:22:32 ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? 02:32:55 Dillon won’t go without his boys 02:34:19 Andrew v Dillon Round 3 + Dillon ran away from Andrew 02:39:12 Andrew v Dillon Round 4 + Jiu Jitsu is easy 02:45:35 Full Nelson into SLEEP SLEEP 02:57:10 Andrew is built like a skeleton 03:03:18 Majlak wasn’t involved, Dillon is outside + stuttering 03:06:20 Albanians built different + Action Bronson is the man 03:08:49 Crohn’s in my throat + Who was funnier? Dillon v Logan 03:12:50 We love you Dillon Danis + so much funnier sober
Yerrrrr Dave Portnoy came to talk some Flagrancy with the boys and discuss him buying back Barstool, handling PizzaFest hit pieces, Bobbi Althoff fallout, and much much more. INDULGE 00:00 Intro 01:33 Dave is RICH 05:31 Taylor & Kelce don’t look normal… 12:15 Daniel Jones for Taylor???? 13:30 Taylor is MOTHER 17:02 Taylor deserves MORE + is this about Gronk? 18:56 Dave met Obama’s “boyfriend” + both sides are toxic 25:10 Washington Post Hit Piece about One Bite Pizza Festival 35:12 Maintaining integrity + “Off the Record” Bobbi Althoff Drake drama 45:27 Coming back to Barstool, buying a sports team, handling layoffs 56:01 Fallon Toxic Workplace Accusations 01:02:16 Russell Brand, publishing rebuttals & Louis ceded too much ground 01:05:58 Harvey Weinstein had some hits 01:07:04 How would Dave handle Logan v Dillon? 01:13:00 Dave's only joy is eating now 01:20:40 How Dave spots talent + Cam’ron & Ma$e might have joined Barstool 01:22:20 Deion Sanders is the BEST, star power + Bo Jackson was that guy 01:29:16 Pick what Akaash isn’t picking 01:30:54 The Patriots, Belichick’s legacy & Tom Brady 01:33:14 What motivates Dave Portnoy? 01:33:51 Dave used to HATE Kyrie but they’re gonna play 1 v 1 basketball now
What’s good people today we discuss the assault allegations brought against Russel brand, we discuss if stories can be made up for political gain, and Deion sanders effect on college ball INDULGE! 00:44 Hasan's real life is INSANE 02:14 Comedians make up stories? Prom "date" had to marry Indian 05:02 Hasan told Akaash the Prom story YEARS ago 07:59 White House Correspondents off lies + Khashoggi & Kushner 09:40 Victimization separate from the comedy 16:17 New podcast - Hasan, Jussie, Santos, LeBron 20:13 Hasan Minhaj loses the Daily Show gig? 28:18 Hasan co-opting emotional truth - that's a part of comedy 35:56 The Russell Brand Story 39:57 How will it effect Russell? Might become bigger 43:07 Comedians are the real victims here 43:50 Deric Poston's wedding - GET MARRIED 45:02 Andrew CRIED + write your own vows yo 51:25 Renew your vows is the next move 54:58 Flagrant Padel tournament incoming 56:40 Fan almost gets Andrew Schulz with unreal joke 01:07:03 Deion Sanders is a Victor - immense magnetism + tough games incoming 01:16:36 Picks for the NFL 01:17:59 Halle Berry Slimed + Drake holding attention & timing fo release 01:30:23 Missing F-35 + Why would US admit it? 01:36:15 Hunter Biden, gun control + Trump somehow has normal kids 01:49:35 Is Joe Biden less stressed? George Bush is the GOAT
yerrr had to get Netflix's top dog on the pod - Shane Gillis came on to talk about his wrestling career, his drinking habits, how he's more athletic than anyone else and who is the greatest general in war history. INDULGE! 00:00 Intro 00:30 Shane’s fav. painting + Catholicism didn’t save Nagasaki 03:44 Napoleon = GOAT? Stonewall is autistic 06:04 The right cause, ready to die and women help win a war? 08:51 It was about States’ Rights! 09:39 India was England’s Walmart + Ancient History is made up 13:03 Bobs and vagene must have worked 15:34 “To let” Saga + US better than Guyana 23:32 Catholicism is RIGHT + Who likes Islam? Pope Francis ain’t it 35:37 Chris O’Connor would smoke Shane athletically 40:36 Nutting from bobs? Aussies get the best programmes 49:11 Poker beef w/ Pull it up, Jamie 53:13 Napoeleon, Total War + Dov is destroying out here 57:15 We need Ecstasy + Molly Chronicles 01:02:10 Is Andrew a meth head? What’s up with Putin? 01:05:00 CKY, Gilly and Keeves new show + Andrew can act! 01:08:27 Shane fighting a Bar Stool producer 01:11:51 Mark ALMOST beat up a woman + cry fighting 01:17:03 Joe Rogan tapped Shane constantly 01:18:30 Izzy losing, Strickland’s entertaining & Nate being Nate 01:26:27 ****Fear about assplay + Sugon 01:29:18 Flagrant singing time 01:32:08 Shane’s new song + Dov is SMRT 01:34:23 We love Ye + Free Palestine + Obama’s Chef 01:36:50 Candies v Meats + Boogie taste 01:40:25 Most famous person Shane too scared to talk to 01:41:57 Best Comedy Show? 01:46:31 Real Black angst culture + Schulz Epiphanies 01:53:26 Importance of alcohol & drugs 02:03:27 Teaching Shane to be a person 02:08:00 Alex the Great wasn’t gay, Oliver Stone’s JFK & CIA conspiracies 02:24:28 This is a sports podcast - NFL time 02:30:57 Who is best actor ever & Top Gun Maverick SUCKED 02:39:35 The Deer Hunter is an outrage 02:43:43 Shane likes some superhero movies + Spielberg Trumpets 02:50:10 Greatest films of all time - Armageddon or Independence Day? 02:55:39 National Service - yay or nay? NYC isn’t accepting
WHATS UP PEOPLE, we got a chill lil boys eppy for you. We get into this burning man debacle, is Fousey having a mental health crisis or just playing an act, and have the fans taken the Logan Paul/ Dillon Danis beef too far? 00:00 Start 00:27 Perfect Burning Man for Akaash + Missing out 04:43 Akaash’s Special recording: “better than my Wedding” 08:27 How does Akaash dress himself? 16:21 Akaash happy Flagrant wasn’t there 18:56 Andrew ruined Chifftie + no-one can get sick 24:55 The Hamptons + Tennis is better than Padelball 33:23 AirBnB’s value + Alexx’s Jewish settler 45:26 Deion Sanders Colorado’s impressive win 57:52 NFL kicking off - IT’S COWBOYS’ YEAR 01:05:54 McConnell Mannequin World Champion 01:08:21 Too smart to cop + profiling and intelligence 01:18:17 Fake Agdal video + Crypto Brokies 01:30:51 Andrew’s Armageddon Tears + Autism competition 01:40:30 Fousey’s arrest + comfortable being shameless 01:50:30 NYC’s full of Fouseys + Mace it up + 9/11 repercussions 01:58:14 Gender Reveal Parties designed by Fousey 02:00:46 Brown Snakes on a Plane 02:02:48 Whites like to poo on themselves
Yerrrr, Logan Paul came through to the studio to talk about Dillon Danis's trash talking, Conor McGregor's betting, alien space technology, Prime's massive market share and much much more. ENJOY THIS SURPRISE MONDAY FLAGRANCY 00:00 start 01:28 Home life has been GREAT + Andrew was right 03:13 Logan admits Dillon is a top tier troll 06:25 0 stress between Logan and Nina 09:50 Has Dillon gone too far? 14:42 Stop the beef with Jake + who's better at boxing? 18:50 Logan's message to Jake 19:56 Dillon's nuke pic 23:03 Nina knowing Logan's past work 24:57 WWE respects Logan + why come back to boxing? 26:44 Connor Mcgregor is a flop 28:31 Logan message to Conor McGregor - $2m BET 32:28 How would Logan deal with losing? 33:27 Nina was hilarious on Guy Code 35:16 Logan's alien footage + Sailing on sunrays 45:49 Prime's SECRET ingredient 46:17 Big Soda is coming for Prime 50:07 Prime has no investors 52:06 Genius marketing strategy = being biggest influencers in the world 54:44 Jake was right about Logan bringing Prime to fight 58:31 Dillon Danis constantly lies 59:08 Logan ain't on the juice 01:00:32 Logan's pecs sponsored by Barbie 01:03:25 Oppenheimer was MID + Logan's favourite Nolan films 01:05:43 Logan checks Andrew's haircut 01:12:20 Why bother with going into politics? Motivation now 01:14:38 Logan on art & 99 Originals + car crash entertainment 01:17:46 Media = oversaturation & negativity + dedication to a craft 01:23:26 Why risk the cost of boxing? Logan wants to fight McGregor 01:25:43 JiDion went too far 01:31:37 Press Conference review + Logan crossed a line 01:34:01 Logan apologises to Nikki Danis 01:38:45 Logan Questions Flagrant Viewer's Intelligence 01:40:46 Dillon bodied Logan at Press Conference + Logan just getting started 01:42:28 Logan saving stories only for Joe Rogan 01:44:59 Ever been cancelled? 01:47:29 No-one cares about KSI v Tommy + we love the Furies 01:49:58 Logan addresses "disappointment" when Jake beat Nate
What up people, today we got the UFC legend Max Holloway in the building. Today he shares what Conor told him while they were fighting, why he DC I’d a fraud, and how he feels about his fight this weekend with Korean Zombie. **NOTE: This episode was filmed before the tragic wildfires fires in Maui. If you’re interested in contributing to the relief effort, you can support the people of Maui by clicking the link below. -- 00:00 Intro 00:49 Waianae can throw down 03:17 Most stars will leave their home 05:30 Matt finding out he could fight 06:55 Hawaiians are kind, sweet and fisty 09:30 Rather fight than pay $35 12:54 The one time Max got ROCKED 16:40 Assessing in the fight 19:04 "Keep fighting, mate" - hurting Conor McGregor 20:47 Teaching Ortega, MID-FIGHT 21:38 Daniel Cormier is a sell-out! 25:25 Commission stopped Max-Khabib due to weight cut 27:21 Max would fight DC in an alley + fighting friends 30:52 Not sparring anymore + Zoom training + LOUDEST Tesla 34:30 Video Games is training + Hawaii is home 38:56 The world doesn't owe you a thing 41:58 Bum friends + Iowa SUCKS + Thiccies 46:35 Filipino gambling + c0ckf1ghting + clout chasers 49:26 Iam Tongi is phenomenal 54:39 Max fighting Korean Zombie + Motivation 58:26 Fighting Volk again + mental strength makes you elite 01:04:02 Pre-fight rituals + venue makes no difference 01:07:29 Hawaii Tourism Authority refusing UFC 01:12:26 Hawaiian v Local + Pidgin Bible 01:15:54 Surfing is MORE dangerous + d1ckdragg3r 01:21:04 Max's true love + Greece & Japan
What’s good people! Today we have long time friend friend Jelly Roll. He explains how he got Little Ron, what lead him to his biggest song ever “Save Me”, and why Taylor Swift is the Michael Jackson of country. INDULGE! 00:00 Flagrant nearly ended Jelly Roll + “Open Er’ up” 04:49 Publicist quit after 72 hours 07:34 Jelly Roll = C0v1d’s dream + Mask Politics 08:34 Trajectory’s been insane + dealing with success 12:36 Jelly Roll’s criminal past 17:49 Trying to buy childhood home 18:55 Mom was special but troubled + power of music 20:43 Importance of the Rose 23:18 “Save Me” 32:25 Our favourite country singer = Lainey Wilson 35:18 Moment it took off 36:49 Success exposes you to yourself 37:56 Chase the cool not money 39:48 Bunnie Xo is a G + meeting for 1st time 50:35 Marrying Bunnie brought BENEFITS 55:52 Be fully open and honest about everything 59:11 Women know what they’re doing + fugged up credit 01:01:19 Taking everything seriously 01:06:27 Lil Ron adoption + lil people MEAT 01:16:56 Hard to fire people + Bunnie has her own bus 01:18:52 Scary Larry 01:21:25 Letting go creatively, insane venues & production 01:24:40 Taylor Swift is genuinely brilliant 01:31:46 Curating a Churchlike experience 01:33:58 Real connection with fans 01:37:22 Being lucky + dreaming BIG 01:40:51 Dreaming unrealistically 01:45:01 Dream collaborations + That Mexican OT 01:49:31 The Weeknd & maintaining mystery 01:53:25 Travis Scott + Lil Yachty are elite 01:57:37 Shrooms to create + constantly uncomfortable 02:00:55 Feeling like you’ve said everything 02:04:54 Time to decompress properly + cycle writing 02:09:41 Jelly Roll able to vocalise what we feel 02:10:14 Genius of Willie Nelson + creating authentically 02:14:05 Being rich makes you political 02:16:33 Jelly’s relationship with God & Church 02:22:16 The Church will die by weaponising Jesus 02:26:49 The feeling that DMX created 02:28:58 Abusing power + bringing people to God 02:34:47 All boats are floating 02:35:53 RAPID CITY BUY DEM TICKETS
What up people, we got That Mexican OT in the studio today to talk about growing up in prison, the real meaning of Johnny Dang, & hutting hogs from his helicopter. This is a wild one. INDULGE! 00:00 Intro 00:40 MexicanOT loves trampolines 02:06 Cali paranoia 10:32 Prison taught OT’s father to politic 13:38 Whites are AMAZING + fatties can gobble 16:40 Percs + grillz 19:13 OT loves Coke & fishing 21:53 Helicopter hunting + lunatics & gators 24:36 Wild c0k3 story 26:54 Stopped drinking + girl slutted OT out 29:59 Gnarly internet videos + Post Nut Clarity 33:38 Beating that meat + getting tricked 39:16 OT mani-pedis + slutted out 42:46 Seeing crazy stuff + mom was a G 45:08 Father is his biggest fan 46:30 Musicality to rapping + early raps 49:30 Making notes of ideas 50:03 Loving Hopsin, Big L, Nas 52:42 Growing up with cowboys 55:01 Genuinely loving hip hop 57:23 Collabs in the future + Jelly Roll? 58:24 Dream feature 59:28 New Song Exclusive 01:01:36 Musicality, rhythm of the lyrics + teaming up 01:06:19 OT doesn’t belong to one genre 01:07:34 Comfortable with success + family asking for money 01:10:55 People looking at you + Haters 01:13:13 Russ + being too famous for groupies 01:15:34 OT doesn’t wanna travel 01:16:17 Aliens + scared of the water 01:20:11 Voodoo, NOLA is Canadian 01:22:00 Disconnection + chip on his shoulder 01:23:57 Connection w/ father + backflip + sports 01:32:45 What is OT doing at 50? 01:34:14 Trying to look like a rapper + authenticity 01:36:36 Learning to like yourself 01:39:18 Closest family + spending time 01:43:46 Having kids + intuition + game 01:50:20 Next song + Lucha Libre + skateboarding 01:54:54 Escaping the police pissing himself 02:00:34 Been arrested + pooing on the road
WHATS GOOD PEOPLE, its tuesday so we gotta get into it. Are aliens confirmed? Is Yeonmi embellishing her story? Is boxing officially saved? INDULGE! 00:00 Aliens only gonna visit the best 04:08 Aliens created the BBL 08:02 How can you question Yeonmi Park??? 11:18 Let’s start a Refugee Think Tank 16:28 Sam Smith copied Andrew’s sharp swag 19:00 Mark is a bit of a singer 24:30 Alien believers never seen one + Chinese drones 27:00 Aliens mated with us all 33:19 Grusch is a patsy + Crash landing + British royalty are all German 36:31 RFK Jr joins us in the studio 41:37 Obama’s Chef + Southerners mispronounce everything 49:34 How’d you take out someone? Chef taste tested Obama’s food 57:31 SPORTS PODCAST: Incredible weekend for fights 01:01:00 UFC delivers constant, engaging fights 01:03:31 Casual White fans shifted to UFC 01:05:02 Bud Crawford’s balance is ELITE 01:10:51 Eminem co-sign is rare 01:12:25 Incredible UFC Card - Poirier’s Louisiana Shell 01:15:26 Poatan’s wrestling defense was impressive 01:26:08 Mbappe Saudi deal + Feelings No Facts Champs League 01:38:08 Flagrant pulling up to KSI v Tommy Fury 01:40:02 Jake Paul v AlexxMedia incoming 01:42:40 Mark would go to Saudi 01:45:05 Ariana Grande = Wicked Witch + Mark HATING 01:54:19 Straight guy in Ballet + Theater is cleaning up 01:57:38 Manspreading + Alpha male + Do your thang, boy 02:00:39 Cardi B temporary insanity + positive feedback for throwing stuff 02:03:55 Drake’s show production is INCREDIBLE + rap along 02:09:45 Alexx at Beyonce’s show + we’re all Swifties
JiDion stopped by for some Flagrancy where he talked about getting banned from all basketball games for his sleepy WNBA stunt, getting pulled up on during his pranks, exposing child preds, & much much more. INDULGE 00:00 How to catch a DEPREDAROR 04:28 JiDion is a big scary teddy bear 07:51 Pranking Dr Umar + give JiDion his $500 10:32 WNBA prank + became POLITICAL 12:29 JiDion prank he couldn’t release 14:49 Uber prank + not revealing its a prank 17:19 Andrew got pranked 20:25 Best people to prank + Black people believe 21:47 Beefing then collaborating 22:56 Too famous to prank 24:18 Paris pranks & Rollerblade Police 27:49 How does a sweet guy terrorise people? 28:29 Childhood - bullied, insecurity & self-confidence 31:53 JiDion rawdogs, new hairline + UK girls 34:46 JiDion is a Virgin + guys create w***** 39:21 Cancel culture is over 40:56 JiDion wants to do stand-up 47:03 The Office changed comedy 53:05 Parents watch his content 54:32 Internet cliques + Judge a book by its cover 01:00:12 Beefing + Pokimane + Jake Paul 01:07:00 Rumble deal + streaming is most authentic 01:12:54 JiDion isn’t scared + which one’s the murderer? 01:16:11 Andrew moustache & “fade” 01:17:22 Turkish hairlines don’t work? 01:19:11 Establishing lore - Tyrone really is the opps 01:21:45 “Why you doing this to my wife?” 01:23:59 Knife + OnlyF*** + Mom’s a Trumper 01:29:24 Meeting Pressie Trump 01:32:30 JiDion’s wants to chill + loving the grind 01:37:38 Inspiration from other disciplines 01:39:21 Not chasing the algorithm 01:45:43 Eviction + s3x t0y5 pranks 01:48:05 “Why you filming me?” 01:52:58 JiDion’s homeboy got shot + hates hidden pranks 01:59:41 JiDion’s wildest idea - couldn’t do it 02:01:39 Speaking to Mizzy + other pranksters 02:04:03 James Charles, Colleen Ballinger, EDP - keep the same energy 02:06:21 Sound of Freedom final prank idea 02:07:47 Jason Aldean + Whites ain’t that bad 02:11:30 Hating Liberal racism + jumping to conclusions 02:16:44 Black Revolution + Segregation + Progress 02:29:15 Diversity + Supporting your own 02:42:53 JiDion loves history + fav. President 02:45:48 Banking + Conspiracies + Haitian Revolution 02:55:48 Rare race combinations + Black women get attacked 02:59:33 Black serial killers don’t really exist 03:00:46 JiDion loves anime + Black people love HI-YA 03:04:21 Barbie movie HATES men 03:06:04 Oppenheimer was AIGHT + Barbie is an event 03:14:37 Commie P***y is AMAZING 03:15:39 Older people can’t pronounce stuff 03:16:25 Black baldies + NBA Haircut prank 03:18:36 JiDion in his prime + Old White Racism 03:22:01 JiDon Adams Football Highlights 03:25:50 Covid killed college + Hersey coming onboard
yerrr welcome back to Flagrant - the boys are talking about all the summer blockbusters: Nelk, LenaThePlug, Barbie, Oppenheimer, The Island Boyz & much much more. INDULGE 00:00 RELEASE THE NELK POD 16:27 Island Boys - identical twins make it less haram? 18:05 Christians, Jews & maybe Muslims are OK with incest 21:56 If you cloned your wife - cheating? 23:17 Environment changes people + Mark is cooking 24:23 Island Boy’s Buoy + they need Ballard 26:17 Who took backshots better? Tom or Schulzy? 29:48 Everything was mid? Lena & Margot 33:10 Akademiks play by play was INCREDIBLE 33:34 Flagrant normalised feet 33:50 How much Lena make? Holiday confusion 41:20 Price to smash your wives? Kiss? Toes? 45:44 Mark found a cheating loophole 47:05 Andrew got MeTooed + Hollywood Diversity 55:04 Hollywood really messes up kids 01:03:52 Sound of Freedom politicised 01:09:02 Catholics - phoney, powerful & politics 01:23:41 Tamagotchi Girlfriends + Free the Feet 01:31:47 Why are actors/writers striking? 01:54:38 Tom Hanks + new movie diversity 02:02:22 Oppenheimer banned in Japan + Revitalising past IP 02:07:16 Andrew breaking down Nyack Club Rug Pull 02:18:44 Napoleon gonna be FIRE + rebrand the Complex 02:26:06 You can line up JFK in Dallas 02:30:03 Sofia is an unreal 51 divorcee 02:35:45 Leo Messi is Florida Man Find Tickets at:
Yerrrr we're back and the boys are talking about Andrew's irritable bowels, Alexx's big news, Adam22 & Lena the Plug, Jonah Hill's text messages & boundaries, Keke Palmer's Usher serenade, Elon suing Zuck's Threads app, and much much more. INDULGE 00:00 Alexx commits to the thing he loves most 02:38 Power-washing pooing + Hot Hole Action 13:24 Pilot Pooing Prevention + Andrew is really American 16:19 Who understands food? Where you ranking Indian? 20:44 Akaash LOVED Greece 22:33 Tour guides love being racist 24:03 Worshipping nature + go where the rich people go 27:34 You need the mandem at St. Tropez 28:35 Robin Hood for info - Bernie Schulzers 31:55 Dov is connected + Not taking no for an answer 37:03 Alexx smuggles mom INTO Mexico 41:03 Dov really is Jewish 45:24 Mark prefers upstate NY to St. Tropez 48:43 Zelensky will love this segment 50:13 Mark, Mushrooms, Pink Floyd & FEAR 57:23 Free Jonah from these whales + NOT ABUSE 01:07:12 Andrew jealous + sl*t buckets are haram 01:12:20 Why you playing a man’s sport? 01:13:03 Backflipping trendsetting 01:14:09 Jason Luv’s meat ain’t that big 01:18:18 Destiny radicalised Adam22 + kill a story with a story 01:24:13 Alexx’s HOT TAKE 01:29:36 Musk suing + end goals for Threads & Twitter? 01:41:32 Do you wanna see the Musk + Zuck fight? 01:45:58 Colleen Ballinger got BARS 01:50:58 Ain’t no women on To Catch a Predator 01:54:11 Women allowed boundaries 01:57:49 Respect Black QUEENS + Usher Revival 02:02:50 Africa is a continent + new Usher lyrics 02:04:58 Jay-Z built like a Boogie Board 02:05:39 Roc Nation v Illuminati? Rubin’s White Party 02:17:47 Tom Brady is smashing the brakes out of Kim K? 02:18:49 Thank you Allah for Salma Hayek 02:24:13 Alexx’s Mom fed Mexico + Mmm-ing Middle-Agers 02:26:41 50+ can still get this meat 02:27:32 Gay Voice Defence 02:30:35 Love you WeezyWTF
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Daniel Stout

Someone at Castbox is hating on Flagrant. it wont let you download the episodes for months now, forcing you to stream it. Look into it bros. Peace

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oyyyyyyy soooo I work in places that don't have service so il have to download pods every day I wanna listen to but yours will NEVER WORK fix it my guy

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Is it just me or after a certain podcast last year, they disabled downloading for Flagrant2?

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Best episode yet

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Why tf do u bleep tlthe curse words? U can't fkn bleep Joey. Wtf it makes the show suck.

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trying to hard to be like Rogan.. bring back the flagrant

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Andre Wills

trying to hard to be like Rogan.. bring back the flagrant

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boring af

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i can't seem to download this episode, can anyone help

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Uncle Joey!

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Andrew acting really weird in this

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turned it off at the Bert crying intro

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unable to download any episode.

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The worst take on Scott Adams. They clearly know nothing about him, and couldn't be bothered to understand the context. Some funny burns, though

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New Dave chappel

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heard a lot of cuck talk in this one

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Hector Garcia is the boxer guys

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Promoting dates super annoying but I understand. It's totally fine to be serious when you have a serious guest. It feels forced so much of the time.

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ak speak the truth

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