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Join Gator, Spooky, and friends as they blast around the cosmos, reminiscing on the good ole days of anime.
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The Dark Wizard Magog of Morskar of the Wicked Guild drops in to the Anime Boomers Podcast. What Side Quests will the Boomers get involved in? Featuring Lofti Pixels co-hosting. Magog: Lofti: Spooky: --- Send in a voice message:
Michael Alberto makes his return fresh off of being declared Jim Metokur's successor to laugh with us about the awful Crunchy Roll anime awards and reveals the civil war that almost began over the Japanese anime show K-On! Spooky: Michael Alberto: --- Send in a voice message:
It's been a while. We're kicking off spooky season right, with spooky of course, but also a discussion of scary things with Mark After Dark and Aydin Paladin  Spooky: Mark After Dark: Aydin Paladin: --- Send in a voice message:
The Boomer Crew return from a fantastic weekend down in Houston for Anime Matsuri and are excited to talk about the convention. With special guest and fellow Anime Matsuri guest Lofti Pixels. Spooky: Lofti Pixels: --- Send in a voice message:
The Boomers convene a pre-Matsuri episode to talk about the convention and build hype. Jon Del Arroz joins to talk comics, the history of ComicsGate, movies and his latest Kickstarter project, Overmind. Spooky Weebtrash: Jon Del Arroz: --- Send in a voice message:
Anime BoomE;Rs

Anime BoomE;Rs


E;R emerged from his long hiatus to dunk on the disastrous Paramount Halo series and joins us for a live edition of the Anime Boomers Podcast. Was Turning Red an inside job? Just how mad is the Steven Universe fandom years later? How is Pewds doing? Has the collapse of Netflix's subscriber base prevented the dark worldline of Netflix Steins;Gate from happening? E;R: Spooky Weebtrash: Flamenco: --- Send in a voice message:
Spooky had this great idea: get a bunch of people together to talk about the second Sonic the Hedgehog movie and the comedy surrounding the Sonic community, but then it turns out like two people on the panel had seen the movie and neither of them were Gator! Join Technicals, Dimitri Monroe, and Cody Baier from Anime Outsiders for a wild ride, as we discuss the best of the worst Sonic OCs, bizarre kigurumi cosplays, maid robots, Chris-chan, the best and worst Sonic characters, games, and maybe some anime. Wait, isn't this supposed to be an anime podcast!? Technicals: Dimitri Monroe: Cody Baier: --- Send in a voice message:
Michael Alberto makes his debut appearance on the podcast to talk about how he is literally Shinji while Spooky bullies him into either maxing gains and putting on some muscle or wearing the cat ears. This one was recorded before all of the Nick VS Metokur drama so it makes it twice as funny in retrospect! Also Flamenco makes his return following the expose of his cowboy coomin' habits. Yee-haw partner saddle up on that wooden horse and check out this episode. Spooky Weebtrash: Flamenco: Michael Alberto: --- Send in a voice message:
YA YO YAAAA YOOOO DREAMIN' DON'T GIVE IT UP GATOR, DREAMIN, DON'T GIVE IT UP SPOOKY, DREAMIN, DON'T GIVE IT UP FLAMENCO, DREAMIN, DON'T GIVE IT GIVE IT UP GIVE IT UP, Here's how the story goes we find out, the legendary Mumkey D. Jones joins the Anime Boomer crew, there's no doubt. To talk about all things One Piece, with a little bit of extra anime discussion on the side. So come aboard and bring along all your hopes and dreams, and set sail for One Piece. Spooky Weebtrash:   FlamencoTV: Simian Jimmy: --- Send in a voice message:
It's been a pretty eventful week for Gator, but the good news is that this episode was recorded before all the cringe drama, so sit back and enjoy a visit from EZPZ, who brings tidings of terrible anime and possible middle eastern war crimes to the Anime Boomer Podcast. This is one that's hard to describe in words, so you'll just have to experience it. EZPZ: Spooky Weebtrash: --- Send in a voice message:
Grab your pill bottles and get ready to shake them like maracas, because the leader of the Sweetie Squad drops by the Anime Boomer Podcast to talk about all those crazy Japanese cartoons and mangoes. Featuring special guest Mister Metokur, with Spooky Weebtrash, Flamenco, Cody Baier from Anime Outsiders, and Gator. Jim talks about some of his favorite anime, Spooky reveals some deep, dark personal problems, Cody drops some recommendations, Flamenco reveals his favorite genre of the non-consensual variety, Gator answers the "Gunt Question," the Boomers watch two nerds fighting in trip pants while quoting Kingdom Hearts, Vic's case continues in limbo, Tuna Melt-chan's stinky nether bits get the stream restricted, Susan extorts Gator for more Franzia, the based takes of Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Pipkin Pippa gets a shout out, Mount Cringemore and Gaming Gaters, and more! Also where in the world is Dame Pesos? Mister Metokur: Spooky: Flamenco: Cody: & --- Send in a voice message:
The Boomers are back once again, this time as the patron saints of AniTuber bullying with the OG AniTuber bullies, Spooky Weebtrash and Necro XIII co-hosting. Mother's Basement decides that Subaru is literally him and uses his father's dead as a Twitter shield, Netflix is back again to ruin yet another beloved franchise, Oda's One Piece, White Spooky Loves Big Red Dogs, AniTubers discover that LoveLab contains a Trudeau moment and get big mad, Nezuko boxes are a massive seller at Universal Studios Japan, Quinton Reviews has the most depressing vacation imaginable, Rankin-Bass Cartoons are Japanese anime, Enrico Pucci is about to start the worst of all woke anime nerd flame wars, Spooky & Necro battle Videogamedunkey's annoying fans, AniTubers help each other finish on each other, Gigguk's Wife is a coomer and possibly a psychopath, Gator and Spooky battle Mother's Basement simps on Twitter, Pedantic Romantic wants to bone Titans, WhatTheWhat battles NuxTaku Big Chungus, NFTs are a deep state conspiracy to launder money using furries, and more! Necro XIII: SpookyWeebtrash: --- Send in a voice message:
Hey Vern! It's your old pal Gator! Instead of watching Ernest Scared Stupid for the 1000th time this Halloween (a classic in my opinion! RIP the legend Jim Varney) you should listen to myself, Spooky, and special guest Mark After Dark talk about our favorite scary things. Here is just a quick rundown of the things we talked about: Suzy Lu, Female Turkey Tom, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a horror anime, Junji Ito, the Dune Remake, the tactile nature of horror books, OneyPlays, PewDiePie, Marble Hornets and Slenderman, Trick R' Treat, Silent Hill, Thai film "The Promise", The Eternals, Dunkey, MatPat's slow descent into complete insanity, and the scariest thing of all: the YouTube Algorithm. Listener beware, you're in for a scare. Follow the GatorTime media twitter: and sign up for our Patreon ( or sign up for a YouTube membership ( to watch live video episodes and get them early.  MarkAfterDark:  SpookyWeebtrash: --- Send in a voice message:
Anime BOO!mers the Movie

Anime BOO!mers the Movie


Cody Baier of Cloudscratcher and Anime Outsiders makes his long awaited return and things immediately fly off the rails. Hope you've got 4 hours to sit down and listen to this feature length presentation. We highlight the attempt cancellation of Chuck Huber and Quinton Flynn by the usual suspects, Anime's answers to the NEET question, Shinji's VA being cringe, Spooky getting into a twitter gang fight with Nicholas DeOrio and his followers over anime tiddies, Kosperry's incredible Don Bluth inspired works, Suspiciously wealthy furries and Lindsay Lohan NFTs, and that time Cody stared so hard into the abyss so that he couldn't even bring himself to write an Anime Outsiders article about it. Featuring co-host Spooky Weebtrash. Follow the GatorTime media twitter: and sign up for our Patreon ( or sign up for a YouTube membership ( to watch live video episodes and get them early. --- Send in a voice message:
We're getting back into the robot to bring you another episode of the Anime Boomer Podcast, featuring special guests Flamenco and The Kino Corner. We discuss the Rebuild of Evangelion movies after the release of the final installment: Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time, including the penultimate Evangelion question: Who is best girl? Also, shameless fujoshing from Spooky, Cruel Kino's Thesis, sleepy Flamenco, Gator explains how Mari and Zero-Two are literally the same character, and Alex Jones explains the entire plot to Evangelion. With co-host Spooky Weebtrash. Follow the GatorTime media twitter: and sign up for our Patreon ( or sign up for a YouTube membership ( to watch live video episodes and get them early. --- Send in a voice message:
The Boomers return courtesy of Gator getting a bit of a break from the horrors of academia, featuring special guest Dimitri Monroe. On today's episode we talk about the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and the Endless Eight, Mineta's newfound undying love for Midoriya, why stinky Fujoshis are ruining anime and the internet, the Digi-destined battling the evil forces of Cancel Culture, cringe weebs from 2000's anime conventions and Lucky Star dancing, DaftPina's attempt to cancel Aether, Arin Hanson apologizing for existing, complete with terrible Arin and Dan impression, the unfortunate saga of Chris-chan and the guilty people that enabled Chris for far too long, the BBC's inability to tell the difference between giant robots, Spooky trying to bang your dad, the disaster that is High Guardian Spice and Crunchyroll not paying their employees, how the Patreon is changing (You should sign up here), Anime conventions, and dunking on Mother's Basement, Gigguk, and their girlfriends. With co-host Spooky Weebtrash. Also follow the GatorTime media twitter: --- Send in a voice message:
Kept you waiting huh? The Anime Boomers return with special guest YellowFlash, whom just got back from a fantastic weekend at Anime Matsuri. On today's episode we discuss MarzGurl's craigslist couch fundraiser, the rise and fall of Channel Awesome and the Channel Awesome to Breadtube pipeline, Quinton Reviews' destruction by Lindsay Ellis, Gundam and Super Robot Wars, why women are huge fans of Redo of Healer, the origins of PULL, ancient YouTube lore including hbomberguy and Mister Metokur, RedLetterMedia's trolling on the Black Widow review episode, the Olympics in Japan, the original Xbox game Steel Battalion, Sony's video games censorship, Ethan Klein's hatred of The Quartering and Keemstar, and how Disney Animation saved the company in the 90's. Featuring co-host Spooky Weebtrash. --- Send in a voice message:
The Anime Boomers are back for another episode, with special guest Nick Rekieta of Rekieta Law, fresh off his interview with legendary anime voice actor Vic Mignogna. On today's episode we talk about the disaster that is Record of Ragnarok's anime adaptation, how VTubers have taken over YouTube, why Nick is not a fan of VTube and why Cody is, shady internet preachers grifting people with superchats for prayers, Nick's Vic Mignogna interview, how Toei Japan wanted a new actor for Broly (which had nothing to do with Vic,) Chris Sabat's backstabbing, Sean Schemmel's daddy issues, Nick and Vic's upcoming trip to Anime Matsuri, and a small discussion about blue voters fleeing California for Texas. Featuring co-hosts Spooky Weebtrash and Anime Outsiders' own Cody Baier (pronounced BAI-UR, not BAY-ER), author of Cloudscratcher. --- Send in a voice message:
Anime Boomer Express 999

Anime Boomer Express 999


It's the first flight of the Anime Boomer Express 999, what could possibly go wrong? Time to Grip 'N Sip! Rather than talk about Toonami, we cover a little bit of everything. We cover the legendary Anime Outsiders Dating Thread and the general awkwardness of the anime community, why you should relentlessly bully lolicons, why furries get more tail than weebs, and why every American comic publisher combined is being crushed by the unstoppable kaiju of Japanese manga. Featuring Spooky Weebtrash and Anime Outsiders' own Cody Baier, author of Cloudscratcher. --- Send in a voice message:
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