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Welcome to Another Kind of Mind: A Different Kind of Beatles Podcast. We’re a collective of artists, musicians, and professionals across a spectrum of fields who dissect and challenge established narratives about the band with irreverent, fearless, and thought-provoking analysis.
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Paul and Linda McCartney’s RAM, now often referred to by many as the “first indie pop album” had its 50th birthday on May 17, 2021!  To commemorate this important milestone anniversary, join Thalia as she gives “An AKOM Toast!” to RAM at 50!  Happy #RAMiversary!  Playlist:  Part 1: RAM by Paul and Linda McCartney Too Many People 3 Legs Ram On Dear Boy Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey Smile Away Heart Of The Country Monkberry Moon Delight Eat At Home Long Haired Lady Ram On The Back Seat Of My Car   Part 2: "Indie Pop Medley" “Prairie Fire the Wanders About” by Sufjan Stevens  "Home Again" by Michael Kiwanuka “Will Do” by TV on the Radio  “Where Gravity is Dead,” by Laura Veirs  “The Infanta” by the Decemberists  “Soul Meets Body by Death Cab for Cutie”  "Eugene" by Arlo Parks “Suddenly Everything Has Changed” by the Flaming Lips "Stella Brown" by Jelani Aryeh “The Breeze” by Dr. Dog  “Golden Days” by Whitney  "Sunrise" by Kenny Elrod ”Let’s Get Lost” by Elliot Smith  "Pass the Hours" by MorMor "Lord Only Knows" by Beck Part 3: Covers of RAM by various artists “Dear Boy” cover by Death Cab for Cutie "Too Many People" cover by Dave Depper  "The Back Seat of My Car" cover by the Damn Crystals “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey” cover by Novelty Island "Ram On" cover by Found Wandering "Zpívám si jen tak" (Heart of the Country) cover by Martha & Tena “Ram On" instrumental cover by They Might Be Giants “Monkberry Moon Delight” cover by Robbers on High Street "Ram On" cover by R. Stevie Moore Links for RAM covers (not found on Spotify):  “Dear Boy” cover by Death Cab for Cutie:  “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey” cover by Novelty Island: and  “Ram On" instrumental cover by They Might Be Giants  "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" cover by Holly Henderson: "Monkberry Moon Delight" cover by Club Helmbreker Spotify Playlist:  Instrumental covers: Ryohei Kanayama on YouTube:  Marcel Lichter on YouTube: joehlers on YouTube:  Recommendations and mentions: Understanding McCartney Documentary Series by Breathless345 on YouTube:  Why Paul McCartney’s RAM is the first Indie Pop Album by Elliot Roberts on YouTube: Interview with RAM & Wings drummer Denny Seiwell celebrating Ram On! by Elliot Roberts:  Paul McCartney - Ram (full album) REACTION by Welp Here We Are On YouTube: 1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything by Apple TV+:  Other Sources:  Sticky Fingers: The Life and Times of Jann Wenner and Rolling Stone Magazine by Joe Hagan, pg 169, and "Book Review: Sticky Fingers" by Dr. Erin Torkelson Weber,   Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie: May 7, 2020 quarantine livestream: Dave Depper of Death Cab for Cutie, The Ram Project: The Damn Crystals on their Pure McCartney project: “The Eternal Sunshine of Harry Styles.” Rolling Stone Magazine.  Rob Sheffield.  August 26, 2019. “My Favorite Album: Fred Armisen on Paul and Linda McCartney’s ‘RAM.’”  Under the Radar Magazine. Joshua M. Miller. Jun 22, 2020. “Another Day: Paul McCartney’s Once-Maligned, Now-Adored ‘Ram’ at 50.”  The Ringer.  Ben Lindbergh.  May 14, 2021. The All McCartney Podcast.  Interview with Eirik Wangberg.   Paul McCartney quotes on working with Linda McCartney as a vocalist. RAM Deluxe reissue liner notes.  Released May 2012. 
What can we learn about Paul McCartney from the female protagonists in his songbook? Phoebe and Thalia discuss several McCartney compositions featuring prominent female characters and identify their central themes. Sources: “Many Years From Now” by Barry Miles (1997) Interview w/ Allison Anders, Bomb Magazine (1997) Paul McCartney interview w/ Jonathan Wingate Record Collector (2008) “Chaos and Creation at Abbey Road” (2006) "Still I Rise" by Maya Angelou (1978) “The Oprah Winfrey Show” (1984) Interview w/ Paul McCartney for Billboard Magazine (2001) Paul McCartney Interview w/ Susan Goldberg for National Geographic (2017) PLAYLIST: She’s Leaving Home (1967) Jet (1973) Blackbird (1968) Jenny Wren (2005) Working Women at the Top (1991) It’s Not On (1982) Temporary Secretary (1980) Another Day (1971) Penny Lane (1967) Eleanor Rigby (1966) Eleanor’s Dream (1984) Treat Her Gently/Lonely Old People (1975) English Tea (2005) Let it Be (1970) Imprisonment, Ocean’s Kingdom (2011) Daytime Nighttime Suffering (1979) Mama’s Little Girl (1973) The World You’re Coming Into (1991) Lady Madonna (1968) For No One (1966) Extended Spotify Playlist: Click Here
Was Jealous Guy written for Paul McCartney? Listen to our essay and decide for yourself. — SOURCES: John Lennon Interview w/ David Sheff for Playboy. (September, 1980)  Interview with John Lennon & Yoko Ono, (May 28th, 1971) “The Beatles” by Hunter Davies (1968) “The Beatles and the Historians” Erin Torkelson (2016) Neil McCormick for Telegraph UK (1998) “John, Paul, George, Ringo & Me: The Real Beatles Story” by Tony Barrow (2005) The Best of the Beatles Book (ed. Johnny Dean). (2005) JL Interview w/ Peter McCabe and Robert Schonfeld at St. Regis Hotel (September, 1971) “What’s It All About” Cilla Black (2003) “Q: Paul McCartney: An Innocent Man?” By Chris Salewicz (October, 1986) Robert Rosen interview w/ Maria Spain (2010) Lunchtime dialogue, Twickenham Film Studios, London (January 13th, 1969) Paul McCartney, interview w/ Ray Connolly, Evening Standard: Paul on 'why the Beatles broke up' (April 21st, 1970) “Meet Paul Saltzman, the Canadian who hung out with The Beatles at the Rishikesh Ashram” Nikhila Natarajan for FirstPost (December 14, 2015) Paul McCartney, interview w/ Diane de Dubovay for Playgirl (February, 1985) “Later with Bob Costas” (1991) Derek Taylor, interview w/ Peter Doggett for Record Collector. (August, 1988) “With the Beatles: A Stunning Insight by The Man who was with the Band Every Step of the Way” Alistair Taylor (2011) PLAYLIST: Jealous Guy by John Lennon (1971) Cayenne by the Beatles (1960) Besame Mucho by the Beatles (1962) It’s For You Cilla Black (1965) Let it Be by the Beatles (1969) All Together Now by the Beatles (1967) Child of Nature (Esher Demo) by the Beatles (1968) Say Say Say by Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson (1983) Jealous Guy by YouTube user pablohoneymp3 (2016)
In this episode of our series Thru the AKOM Lens, Phoebe and Thalia discuss and unpack the documentary Going Underground: Paul McCartney, The Beatles, and the UK Counter-Culture. This fascinating and thought-provoking film covers an extremely important yet often uncelebrated period of not only McCartney and the Beatles, but also pop culture history!   When you're done listening, be sure to listen to the Spotify playlist we've curated as a companion to this episode: Check It Out Here
In this episode of our new series examining the Beatles on film, Phoebe and Kristen discuss fantasy, reality and the creation of the Beatles myth with two landmark films from the start of Beatlemania: A Hard Day’s Night and The Beatles First US Visit
Hello dear listeners!  If you are looking for the Breakup Series, it has moved to our sister podcast, One Sweet Dream!   Now you have double the amazing Beatles podcasts to subscribe to - Another Kind of Mind, and One Sweet Dream.  Be sure to subscribe to One Sweet Dream on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts! 
In this episode, Diana and Thalia have a conversation with Chris O’Dell, the author of the book Miss O’Dell: My Hard Days And Long Nights With The Beatles, The Stones, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton And The Women They Loved. Chris O'Dell has led an extraordinary life as a close friend of the Beatles, Pattie Boyd and Maureen Starkey.   She was an early Apple employee, worked for Peter Asher and was among the world’s first female tour managers.  She worked on many legendary tours, including the iconic 70's tours of Bob Dylan, George Harrison, The Rolling Stones, and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.  She was the subject of George Harrison’s song "Miss O’Dell" as well as Leon Russell’s songs "Pisces Apple Lady" and "Hummingbird."  We dig into hot topics like Apple in the early days, the day John quit the Beatles, the Maureen/Ringo/George triangle; Paul in 1968, Paul and Linda as a couple. John Lennon during the "lost weekend," the day Paul quit the Beatles and George's reaction. the Beatles vs. the Stones, and much more.
An interesting artist in popular music and a controversial figure in Beatledom, Yoko Ono has played an outsized role in crafting many of the tropes and narratives that still predominate Beatles history. Phoebe and Thalia discuss Yoko's music, art and mastery of publicity and media.
This episode is dedicated entirely to the one and only Ringo Starr! His musicianship, his chemistry with the other Beatles, and how interesting he is as a human being are often overshadowed in the fandom, but Paul continues into present day to refer to Ringo as "the best drummer in the world," and Dave Grohl calls him, "the king of feel." Like Paul, Dave, and most of the music world, we feel Ringo deserves more accolades!  Join us as we celebrate his uniqueness, creativity, and innovation as a musician, as well as his interesting life story.
In Part 2 of our deep dive into "How Do You Sleep?", we attempt to dissect George's role in the creation of the song, his perspective on Lennon-McCartney as a unit, and the impact his participation may have had on George's relationships with both John and Paul.
In Part 1 of this series, Thalia and Phoebe dive deep into the undercurrents of Lennon's "How Do You Sleep,” exploring John's state of mind, how he processed the dissolution of his partnership with Paul, and the climate in which the song was written.
Phoebe and Thalia unpack how the topic of leadership between John and Paul is discussed by authors and fans, and some of the hows and whys behind the various narratives.
Welcome to our introductory episode, where we will walk you through who we are, why we wanted to do a podcast, and how we will approach the topics we plan to tackle in the future. Thanks for joining us! "We hope you will enjoy the show!"
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ha! 11 seconds gap to the His Majesty segment if the show. love it. was Paul cut off at the end there?

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