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Ants Podcast: The Best Stop for All Things DMB
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Ants Podcast: The Best Stop for All Things DMB

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The podcast is a show dedicated to the Dave Matthews Band and its premier online community, Site and band news, along with in-depth analysis on songs, shows, and tours make up just part of this wide-ranging show. Tour and show reviews, site features, forum topics, rumors and other things DMB. All from the largest music fansite on the Internet.
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The very unfortunate news mere hours before the start of Labor Dave Weekend at the Gorge sends the DMB community on a roller coaster of major lows to major highs. We call an emergency podcast to recap and discuss all the implications. Unique barely describes it. Long time friend, Ant and contributor Mark T joins the pod (from the pool) and provides perspective from on the scene.
The band is back! (In more ways than one.) Dave Matthews Band is back with new songs, album recording sessions, and are six shows into a long-awaited summer tour. So it's only fitting that the Ants Podcast with Matt and Joe is also back. We dust off the cobwebs and get right into all the details. We recap where we left off, what's happened over the last year, and the latest developments. There's a lot to be excited about, and as usual, we take the discussion and the debate off the beaten path. We're so glad to be back!
The current extreme heat may or may not be a result of DMB's recent run of form. It’s been a month of shows and news and we're here to recap all the highlights and do some deeper examination, from Camden, the Northeast, Deer Creek, Alpine and SPAC and everything in between. There have been over 20 new tour debuts, including a song last played in 2012. Plus we get a new behind the scenes glimpse into a tool Dave uses for selecting songs for each show, ie the "Yellow and Red Songs". We explain and break it down.
We must discuss the current hot topic right now: the recent Dave comments made on SiriusXM. "Kiss my a**." The guys offer their reaction to the comments, plus Boyd lawsuit news and implications. We touch on all the latest DMB happenings including a new show download and new Come Tomorrow single. And we end with a discussion on your listener comments and questions.
It's that time of year, DMB are out on tour with the first 10 shows and it gives us a lot to talk about. Let's discuss the setlists so far. Is there justification for pitchforks or praise? Then we quickly recap and discuss all the latest DMB news like the return of DMB Radio on SiriusXM and new vinyl coming.  Plus an update on the Setlist Game and what it tells us about the sets so far.
Now that the European Tour is complete and our schedules have aligned, there’s a lot to discuss. We cover the latest DMB news, plus we dive into the current heated topics among the community. Including discussion of the song selection during the European show and implications (or not) for the upcoming Summer Tour. And a look at how the band’s sound and setlists have changed over the years. Plus we take your questions!
Lot of DMB stuff to cover over the last two months and we have a whole episode devoted to it!  We wrap up the Gorge and give our final thoughts on the Summer Tour, plus a number of one-off Dave shows, and finally get deep into the upcoming Fall Tour.  A look into the good/bad of how the Fall Tour ticketing, including pricing, floorplans, upgrades, premium, and scalper prevalence. Plus the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame snub. (And yes, we skipped episode 100, we are saving that milestone for an Ants History episode coming soon.)
Two discs that contain genuine unreleased studio recordings from the Mark Batson era are making their rounds on the Internet. And so we had to call an emergency podcast session to talk about this latest development. In this pod we talk about the history of these sessions dating back to 2006 and what we know up to this point. Also high-level feelings about the recordings, but a much deeper look into why there is a stark difference between the amount of music the band creates vs how much it releases.
Gorge Night 2 gets blessed with a new guest, and an amazing performance of Last Stop. Where did that come from, and will they sustain this momentum for night 3?
Matt and Joe have arrived in George, WA and are ready to get down to business! They broadcast live from poolside at Sunserra resort and offer their thoughts on the upcoming three night stand at the Gorge. Matt drops an interesting theory about how you are introduced to the band ultimately affects your perspective and taste in DMB (or any band). We're psyched for an amazing weekend!
We try not to let the loss of an Ants staple get us down, so we remember the great times it created. We say goodbye to Mono Loco, the Ants HQ of Charlottesville, VA and a place where so many Ants met and celebrated together. But back on tour, four new shows are in the books and we discuss if there is such a thing as a SPAC hangover. Plus, the tour takes on a new ‘guests’ theme, and one particular show gets some unwanted attention. Also, Dave makes new comments about Boyd’s exit, drama in the setlist game standings, and we take on your #AntsPodcast questions.
Man, has the band put in some extra work recently. Days after the Creekend, DMB plays the first two Canada shows, followed by the tour staple 2-night stand at SPAC, immediately capped by the final Canada show. The run produces the most interesting week of shows we've had all tour, so we must Dive In. Also, live show streams become more frequent than shows attended by Matt, but some exciting news on that front. And it wouldn’t be an Ants Podcast if we didn’t go on a bunch of tangents throughout. Plus we announce some new DMB Hub Stubs coming out!
Following the holiday week, the band visited Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center, known to everyone else in the world as Deer Creek. Both night 1 and night 2 gave us a lot to discuss, including some interesting tour debuts, and setlists that are very relevant following last week's podcast on variety. We take a look if song debuts are a net-add to shows or just tokens. Also, DMB Radio on Sirius XM is now up and running which included live streaming of Friday's Night 1 concert. Plus we make time for your listener questions!
It's been a couple weeks since our last podcast, and before you know it DMB has played 10 new shows and a Dave and Tim show. Too much to go in depth on each one of the shows, but we are now about halfway through the Summer Tour (22 of the 47) so we can make some tour generalizations. We explain what a song's Tour Rarity is, what it highlights, and brainstorm theories on the 2018 rarity. Also, a look into the new SiriusXM DMB Radio, and a quick Setlist Game standings review with some surprises.
We've now had three days to marinate in the release of Come Tomorrow, and Matt and Joe break it down track by track in an epic episode of the Ants Podcast. It's not actually our longest podcast ever, but it sure is close, tipping the scales at two hours and thirteen minutes. And we tried to be brief! Catch up on the latest four shows on the DMB Summer Tour, and shout your vocal cords sore agreeing and/or disagreeing with our opinions on the album. Opinions, we all got em, eh?
In our new album penultimate podcast, we discuss the latest song drop of Again and Again (ed: Bob Law), along with the album track times and the last 5 live shows. We take a data driven look at each of the topics and in each case it tells us something different than the general feel. Do you agree with the data or the feel? Plus a lightning-round recap of the setlist game results. Give it a listen and then join us this Sunday night for a LIVE podcast discussion on the new album.
We need to crack open some white-wine-with-fizz-in-a-can to celebrate all the good stuff in this episode! We dream during the offseason of weeks like these jammed with DMB happenings. We have to recap and review the first 3 shows of the summer tour. New song debuts: 3 live, 1 early album release. Plus we discuss the latest band member changes and interviews. Did your username get highlighted during setlist game recap? And a major DMB Hub release. Whew!
Episode 89 - Come Tomorrow

Episode 89 - Come Tomorrow


Matt and Joe come together to breakdown these latest announcements and discuss very early analysis. Thoughts on the recording work, changes from live versions, multiple producer albums, and music industry trends in general. Plus DJ Yette bumpers in the world premier of Samurai Cop.
Matt and Joe mix it up over "The Night Before" performance, and just how ominous that designation was. Joe went to the show (of course he did), so we have first-hand intel on how the band sounded, and what the reception to the Boyd-less Dave Matthews Band was. We try our hand at broadcasting this one on Facebook Live, but don't worry Periscopers, we haven't forgotten about you. We take your questions as we head into this anxiety-inducing break before the summer tour.
On the eve of Dave Matthews Band's performance the night before the Super Bowl, violinist Boyd Tinsley took to Twitter to announce that he will be stepping away from the band for a break. Joe's in Minneapolis for the show (of course), so he and Matt jump on an emergency Skype call to talk this over and try to analyze what this means for Boyd, and the band as a whole, going forward. You won't want to miss this one.
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